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Big Dick

Jenna turned her head to me. With a soft raspy voice that I had never heard from her before, she told me that the movie had made her really hot. She said that she felt really close to me at that moment but also embarrassed about admitting that she was excited. I reached out and took her hand and said, “well I guess I can admit something to you to…you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and you are so much better to look at with your clothes on than any of these girls in the movie with their clothes off.”

Jenna started to cry. I didn’t know why. Were they female tears of joy from my comment or had I stepped over the line. I mean, I really didn’t say anything bad.

Jenna told me that she was so touched by my comments. She said that ever since she arrived, she didn’t feel like she was visiting her brother, she felt like she was visiting a boyfriend. Then she dropped the bombshell. She asked me if she could touch herself in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. On the one hand, it might be the hottest thing to happen in my whole life. On the other hand, it’s my sister. I must have only sat there for 5 seconds thinking, but it felt like a year. My cock was stirring in my shorts. I told her that I wanted her to be comfortable to do anything she wanted in front of me.

With that, she repositioned herself, moving slowly and gracefully so that she leaned against the edge of the sofa facing me. She had one leg on the sofa and the other over the edge with her foot flat on the floor. She looked at the TV, which happened to show a scene of a hot girl giving a guy a blowjob. She began to touch her chest over her t-shirt, her eyes never moving from the TV. My cock continued to grow. I sat motionless. I didn’t want to do anything to upset this scene. In the same graceful motion, Jenna leaned forward, grabbed her shirt from the bottom and lifted it up over her head. As she leaned back Şişli Escort again, her tits were in perfect view. They were even better than I had pictured them. Perfectly round with silver dollar size nipple area. They were bigger than I had thought too. She continued to rub them and pinch her hardening nipples as she watched the movie. Her hips began to move very slightly, almost like a small wave. Her face was more gorgeous than ever. She could no longer hide her excitement, as her breathing was shallow and rhythmic.

My cock was so big at this point that I decided I couldn’t hide it anymore. Even in the baggy shorts, my thick foot long + cock needed to be released. I thought about asking her if I could join her. I wasn’t sure what she would say, since she hadn’t removed her shorts. I decided to just take them off and see what happens. Her eyes never left the TV screen as I put my thumbs in the top of my shorts, lifted them over my mammoth cock and lowered them to the floor. I turned against the other edge of the couch so that we were facing each other. My cock stuck straight up and rested on my chest, pulsating with excitement as I watched her continue to massage her tits and move her hips.

Then, it happened. Like a moment frozen in time. Like slow motion, I saw her head slowly turn from the TV and look at me. Every thought went through my mind. I had really hoped that I didn’t spoil this by taking my shorts off.

Jenna’s mouth opened really wide. It was a look of complete surprise and disbelief. As her eyes were locked on my cock, her right hand immediately traveled down to her shorts. She rubbed and pressed the front of her shorts for a few seconds. She then said, “Oh my God,” and reached down with the other hand and pulled off her shorts. As she leaned back, her pussy opened up right before my eyes. It glistened with the light from the TV. She began rubbing her Şişli Escort Bayan clit in slow tight circles. My hand automatically went to my cock and began stroking. We were both in a zone. She did not take her eyes off my huge cock for a second. Her clit became visibly swollen and her circles grew fasters. She began with some light moans as I watched her perfect body move in harmony. I scanned her body from her big bodacious tits down to her tight flat stomach down to her pussy. She had a small amount of hair directly over her clit in the shape of a heart. As she masturbated, I could tell that she was a pro. She definitely knew her body.

Jenna finally took her eyes off my cock and looked directly into my eyes. She said she needed to touch my cock. She wanted to feel it in her hand, in her mouth and in her pussy. She said she had to have it. With that, we moved together on the sofa. I put my arm around her and she looked up into my eyes. We locked into a soft passionate kiss. My right hand cupped her tit as she reached down to take my cock. She said, “Holy shit, I can’t even get my hand around this thing.” She then slipped onto the floor and took my cock with both hands, locking her fingers together as if she had done it a million times before. She stroked it up and down slowly and then began licking the head and underside of my shaft. Her tongue felt like warm silk. She hadn’t even put it in her mouth and I knew I was going to cum in seconds. She could tell and she leaned forward, wrapped her tits around my cock and began pumping my enormous shaft between her big round tits. My cock erupted, as streams of white cum shot up into the air, onto her chin and her hair.

She got up and walked over to my bed. She plopped down and began furiously masturbating again. She said that she wanted my monster inside her pussy as soon as she came. I got up, my cock still half hard Escort Şişli and walked toward the bed. She was hotter than any porn actress I had ever seen. She was rubbing her pussy very fast with her right hand and was pinching her nipple with the left. She started cumming, her hips bucking, her fingers plowing inside her pussy. As she finally calmed, she licked her fingers and then motioned to me with her wet glistening finger to come on the bed to her. She looked up at me, kissed me gently and said “take my pussy, it’s all yours…I’m soaking wet for you and I want you to have me.” My cock instantly hardened fully again and I lowered myself between her legs. I rubbed the huge mushroom head along her soaked lips. She was definitely ready. I lightly began to thrust forward, feeling her lips separate and push open. I could tell that I was way too big for her, as I saw a small tear run down her face as I slowly pushed in. I felt like I was breaking her apart. I stopped and kissed her cheek and asked if I was hurting her or if she wanted me to stop. She said she wanted it all but to go very slowly at first. I thrust some more. Her pussy was amazing. I felt like every time I thrust, her pussy shot more lubricant. Finally I had ¾ of my cock inside and I began to pump her in and out. Her head was turning back and forth really fast against the pillow. I could tell that she was in so much pain but loved it. After 5 minutes of intense pumping her body tightened, every muscle was hard. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her arms were extended out from her body. She screamed, she yelped, she contorted under me. At the same time, my balls churned and I knew I was gonna cum. She begged me to shoot it all inside her. With that, I came even harder than the first time. I filled her warm wet pussy up with my biggest load of cum ever. When I was done, I pulled out and looked down at her. Her hair was a mess, she was drenched with sweat and her entire body was limp.

I said, “Are you OK?” She said, “Am I OK?…I’m more than OK. As soon as I recover, you better be ready. I haven’t even begun to let loose on you yet.”

I thought, “Uh-oh.”

(to be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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