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Mother sobbed uncontrollably, tears streaming down her tanned cheeks. The doctor tried, to no avail, to calm her, grasping her shoulders while speaking softly, attempting to explain that her husband, my father had felt no pain when he died of a massive heart attack while dozing in his favorite chair.

“He was gone in a matter of seconds,” he said. The doctor’s words were useless and my mother continued to wail, rocking back and forth, head now in her hands. I stood nearby, my own tears flowing, not so much for myself, but for her. She had been married to my father for almost thirty years. They had met in college and married shortly after graduation. Now in her fifties, she was facing the prospect of being single and alone.

I had recently turned 21, so I could not begin to understand what she was feeling even though I desperately wanted to.

Shaking his head in frustration, the doctor stood, went to a cabinet in the corner of the room and carefully filled a needle from a vial. He slowly returned to my mother’s side saying softly “Mrs Stone, this will help.”

She continued to cry, failing to acknowledge his presence as he rolled up her sleeve, giving the shot quickly. I watched as in a matter of minutes my mother’s loud cries diminished to a soft moan. Moving to her side I placed my arm around her shoulder. She slumped, her body leaning heavily against mine, burying her tear-soaked face into my chest. “Let’s go home,” I said as I slowly brought her to a standing position.

To my relief she cooperated as I slowly led her out of the hospital and to the car Gaziantep Saatlik Escort for the long trip home. As we pulled into the garage my mother was still crying and softly sobbing, staring straight ahead as if looking at something one thousand miles away.

I assumed the sedative was taking full effect, so I carried her into the house, up the spiral staircase ant to her bed, laying her body softly upon the deep blue cotton sheets. Dimming the lights, I stood by the bedside and watched as my mother stared blankly at the ceiling.

I was exhausted, but felt I’d better stay with he until she fell asleep. Sitting on the bed I wondered if she would ever recover. I knew that I would have to move home, at least temporarily.

After about an hour I glanced over to find my mother still staring with an occasional tear sliding down the side of her face.

I laid next to her and without realizing it, I drifted into a restless sleep. At some point I began to dream of an ex-girlfriend when I was shocked into consciousness by my mother’s touch.

Her thin hand was positioned between my legs, rubbing the crotch of my jeans. Not wanting to embarrass her, I attempted to get out of the situation by turning my body towards the wall, leaving my back to her. Unfortunately, she moved closer, pressing her body to my back and reaching around to once again rub my crotch even more firmly than before. Trying not to panic and just run from the room, I lay there hoping she would stop.

I could feel her breasts pressing softly into my back as she placed her warm mouth at the back of my neck and whispered “Dan” while she slowly took hold of my zipper, lowering it. I now realized that she thought I was my father because even though I had my father’s name, I was always called Danny and never Dan. I concluded that it must be the sedative that was causing her to do this.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a solution to this situation without embarrassing us both. To my relief, my mother moved her body away, but just as I was about to get up, she took hold of my shoulder, turned me upon my back and straddled me at the hip. Once again I was frozen. eyes only slightly open and arms at my sides.

I swallowed hard as she bent and took hold of my cock, stroked it hard and fast until it became rigid, despite my best efforts not to become aroused, and slowly lowered herself upon it. My heart raced as I felt her moist petals open to take me inside. I clenched my teeth, to keep from moaning as her pussy engulfed me. Hands tightened into fists, I willed my body not to move as my mother began to rise and fall on my thick shaft, taking me deeper each time.

She seemed in her own world, looking straight ahead, eyes glazed, mouth slightly open, moaning softly. Her body moved in a rhythmic motion, like a boat riding the ocean’s waves. I began to feel he warm juices flow down my cock and onto my balls, which caused me to shudder. Suddenly, she grabbed her dress with both hands, pulling it over her head with one movement, then released her white bra, allowing it to fall from her shoulders.

Not since I was a child had I seen my mother naked and never had I seen her and my father making love. I couldn’t help but look, noticing how beautiful her body was. She was full-figured, with well-proportioned, soft curves. Her belly was slightly rounded and she had generous hips which flowed into a beautiful round ass. Despite her fifty years, her skin was smooth and her 36D breasts sagged only slightly.

Still riding my cock, she reached down and began to slowly stroke her clithood. My breath came quicker as she moved more intently, throwing her head back and moaning loudly. “Oh Dan, Oh Dan” she began to cry out as she slammed her pussy down hard on my cock, taking every inch of me. I closed my eyes tightly, fighting the urge to cum. Just as I thought I couldn’t hold out another second, my mother’s body tensed, then trembled, followed by a scream which exploded from her small mouth. I too a deep breath as I felt her pussy convulse, then clench my cock as she came, her juices freely flowing.

She went limp and collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, deeply. I lay still, eyes closed, wondering what would happen next. After about ten minutes I opened my eyes and saw that my mother’s was closed. She was very still and I realized she had fallen into a sound sleep.

Very gently I slipped out from under her and headed for the bedroom door, my cock still hard and the scent of our encounter upon me. As I stood in the doorway watching her peaceful slumber I couldn’t help but wonder what she would recall when she awoke.

I wasn’t sure of anything at that moment, except that I now felt a closeness to my mother that I had never felt before and I knew that whatever it took to help her recover, I would be there for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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