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After waking up late for work, and managing to get showered, Tina and I managed to stumble into work. We each called, she claimed car trouble, I claimed that I over slept. Luckily, there are two different doors, not visible to each other to enter the office. We went through our respective doors, and went about our work. Seeing each other was strange. I am sure that everyone could tell that we were acting strangely.

She managed to not call me at all during the day, and avoided looking in my direction. I sent her an email asking her if we could talk that evening after work. She told me that she was going to work late to make up for lost time, but after that we could. She was walking by when my boss asked me to stay to finish up a project that he could not get done. I did not question it. I considered it punishment for being late. At least I did not have to tell her I was working late, and have her think I was making it up.

When everyone had left, I walked to her desk. She looked a little agitate, but I just told her to let me know when she was done, and we could talk. She nodded, and said OK, and I let her get to her work.

Walking back to my desk, I realized that I had gone from seeing her as a little off looking that very first time I saw her, to underlying sexuality, to beautiful. This is dangerous territory. Just let her set the pace, if there is a pace to be set. I needed to not push anything on her.

After a couple of hours, she shyly walked towards my desk. I watched her the entire way, and I could tell that it embarrassed her. She started blushing. I did not want to make her uncomfortable, so I finished what I was working on quick, and shut my computer down.

She pulled up a chair, and sat down. She tiredly rubbed her hands over her face, and looked at me. I saw a resolve there, and I expected that nothing would happen between us, and I felt saddened by that feeling.

Right away, she starts explaining that she has a son that she is raising on her own. She is not sure where a man fits in her life, and on and on. It started to sound like she was trying to create excuses, but I let her finish. When she was done, I took her hands in mine, and I looked at her. I told her that she was absolutely beautiful. My brain was screaming at me to not say it, but I did anyhow. She tried to interrupt me, but I asked that she wait to let me finish. I told her that I understood how it was. I had dated single mothers before, and ultimately I left because there was no room for me.

I told her that I expected nothing from her. I could not just walk into their lives, and everything work. I would like to be friends, or at least not ruin our professional relationship. If she had room for a lover that she could kick to the curb, I would take that. In my brain, that sounded desperate and chauvinistic. Yeah, let’s be fuck buddies.

I rallied quickly, and told her that I felt that she deserved the physical love that we shared, and that it seemed like she needed it. Oddly enough, she started letting her guard down, sensing I was attempting humor. She started a grin, so I went forward, and told her that she was fabulous last night. She laughed at that.

I sat back, and said that I would like to see if there is anything here at all. We do not have to date, or move in together, or even be lovers, but I did feel an attraction to her, and had for some time. I even told her that though she carried herself in a proper way, that there was an underlying sexual presence there that drew me to her.

I stopped, as I was afraid I was digging a hole. I asked her when she had to pick up her son. She said anytime really, but she had ataköy escort to call her parents to let them know. I asked her if we could get a bite to eat, going Dutch, and see if we can ease the strain. She agreed, and called her mom to let her know when she would pick up her son.

Dinner went well. We managed to avoid talk of last night, and sex in general. I told some old stories that humored her and a joke a two that made her laugh outright. When we left, I gave her a peck on the cheek, and told her I would see her tomorrow. She thanked me for a nice evening, and we both went our own ways.

The next day was like any other. I managed to leer at her when she was not looking. It was Friday, so she had jeans on. When no one was looking when she was nearby, I would give her a smile. This is how things went for a couple of weeks.

It was a Friday afternoon, and she sent me an email to meet her in the break room. I went there, and she was waiting for me. She took a deep breath, and told me that she was pregnant. Not sure how much time passed, but she chuckled, and said she was sorry for doing that, but was kidding. I laughed as if relieved. She apologized again, and then said that she wanted to know if I would come to her house for dinner that night. Her son was with the ex-husband for the weekend. I wondered if the joke was an opening to resume where we were, or just a jab at me in general. I accepted, and she said to come over at 8:00. She said she was making a homemade pizza, and we would have wine with it.

I asked what I should bring, and she said to just show up. She hesitated, and said to get a movie to watch if I wanted. She did not specify what movie, or even what kind, leaving that up to me. I went to the store after work, and looked around. I picked up a recent action movie that neither of us has said we seen, as well as an old cult comedy that we both liked. I found a chick flick as well, just in case. I stopped and wondered if the getting a movie was another signal from the party, as that was our main topic.

I get to her place a few minutes early. She answers the door wearing the same clothes from work. She ushers me in, and says it will be about another 20 minutes before it is ready, and asks me to sit down. As soon as we sit down, she asks me point blank if I could handle being occasional lovers. I had to understand that things could end, or change in a moment. I had to be willing to accept that, and not become attached. She said the same of her, that if I wanted to end it, she had to be willing to let it end. I felt myself stirring, and I told her that I could do that. She looked at me to confirm what I said. I told her that we both were not sure what we wanted or needed as far as relationships go, but if she wanted a lover, I would be her lover. She smiled, and I asked her if she wanted to make out while we waited for dinner. She chuckled, and then leaned to me, and we started kissing.

Her tongue found its way to mine, and I was instantly erect. I managed to restrain myself to just kissing until dinner was ready. When the kitchen timer went off, she went into the kitchen to finish preparing our dinner. After a couple of minutes, I followed her. She was just starting to cut the pizza when I walked up behind her, nuzzled her neck, and told her that I had a wonderful idea. She giggled, and asked me what it was. I moved my hands to her jeans, and unfastened them. I whispered that I wanted to share dinner naked. I wanted to look at her, and continue to be hungry.

She told me I was so bad, but did not stop me as I slid her jeans down her hips, taking her panties with them. She stepped out of them. bakırköy escort I slid my hands up her legs and thighs, moved them to the front and slipped one hand between her legs for a quick caress. She gasped, and I moved higher and took off her shirt and bra. She spun around, and exclaimed that there was always a clothing disparity between us, and had me just a naked in a heartbeat. Without even touching my erection, she gathered up the pizza, and headed to the table. We sat and feasted on the pizza and wine, while my eyes feasted on her body. This was the first time I was able to get a really good look at her.

Her breasts had a wonderful form to them. Not overly large, just enough to allow them to hang a little, especially when she is on top of me. Her nipples were dark in color. She was fit, but had the slightest of bulges on her stomach that made her even more seductive. Her pubic hair was brown. It did not look like she shaved, but the hair was sparse, and maybe she trimmed the length down. Either way, she had to look of a sexual woman.

After eating the pizza, we sat and drank some wine, and I continued to let me eyes wonder over her body. She seemed to like the attention even though it embarrassed her. Several times she would see me looking at her, and blush as she asked me what I was looking at. She was a beautiful site. I stood up, and walked behind her. I let my breath caress her ear as I reached past her to get her plate. I told her I would take these to the kitchen for her. It was a tease that had an immediate result. While leaning over her, I saw that her nipples became erect.

I carried the dishes to the kitchen, and was stunned when I was coming back. She was still sitting in her chair, but she was facing me, slightly slouched down, with her legs spread invitingly. She gave me the come here motion with her finger. I walked to her, and stood in front of her, fully erect. She lightly stroked my cock a couple of times, and then gestured for me to kneel. I decided to let her lead the way. I kneeled before her, and looked at her pussy that was so inviting. I wanted to lean right in, and taste her. I held back, and she put a hand to me head, and pulled me to her. I started by kissing her inner thigh, working higher. When I got to her pussy, I blew over it, and moved to her other leg. I felt her start to pull my head back up again, and once I was in position, she used both hands to pull me into her. I nuzzled her lips, lightly licked her. She did not want the light touch tonight.

As she pulled me harder into her, I worked my tongue inside of her as far as I could go. She purred when I did that, so I wiggled my tongue around, making her squirm. I then found her clit, and moved my tongue over it as fast as I could. As I did this, I pulled her closer to the edge of the chair. I saw that she had already taken to pulling on her nipples while I devoured her. I started moving my tongue between her opening, pushing it in as far as I could, to her clit. I finally focused it there, and took two fingers and slid them inside of her. She clamped down of them tightly, and started bucking on the chair.

It was at this time that her phone rang. She sat up after her small orgasm, and looked at the caller ID. She said it was her ex, and she should take the call quick. I remained on the floor, occasionally kissing her thighs while she spoke. From what I gathered, it sounded like he wanted to get approval from her to take their son somewhere for the weekend. When I realized there was nothing serious going on, I moved my face between her thighs and snaked my tongue back inside of her. I looked up, and saw her eyes go wide. She looked down at me, and started shaking her head. She pulled the handset away, and said she was talking to her ex. I slid a hand up and began rolling her nipple between my fingers while I licked her pussy. She did not stop me, and her eyes started to roll up slightly.

She gathered herself to speak again, saying it was fine for him to go wherever, just be careful, etc, etc. I moved my other hand up, and took her other nipple between my fingers. I could feel her shudder as I worked on her body, trying to force the pleasure from her. I wanted to chuckle when she let out an “Oh God!” and the said that there was a problem in the kitchen she needed to deal with, and that she would talk to them later. She hung up the phone and pulled my face tightly to her as she began to shake. I pinched a little harder on her nipples, and redoubled the efforts of my tongue, causing her to begin grunting as she came. Deciding that she was in charge again, I continued my efforts until she finally pushed me away.

Short of breath, she told me that I would pay for that, and then hugged me to her. I stood up, and took her hand, and led her into the living room. We sat on the couch, and I nonchalantly asked her which movie she wanted to watch. She decided on the comedy. She went to the TV and put the DVD into the player. I was given a nice view of her behind while she was bent over. She glanced back, and blushed again when she saw me leering at her. When she came back to the couch, she noticed me glancing around. She asked what was wrong, and I told her nothing. I was just wondering if I should try to make her cum on every piece of furniture she had, or just limit to every room.

“OH MY GOD!” she exclaimed with a smile. “You are so bad.” She then leaned to me and gave me a deep kiss. She reached for the remote after breaking the kiss.

“Let’s make a bet.” she said. “When I press play on the remote, if I can make you cum before the movie starts, I win. If you do not cum, you win.”

Intrigued, I asked her what the stakes were.

“If I win, you have to give me orgasms anytime I want, where ever we are at.” She was an exhibitionist waiting to get out.

I asked her, “For how long?”

“For an entire month.” she replied.

“What if I win? What are you willing to put up?” I asked her.

“Since mine is a little demanding, you can press the limits a little. How about if you win, you can have this for an entire month.” she said as she took my hand and pressed my finger against her ass. “Just imagine being the first guy to ever fuck me there. I cannot wait to feel you shoot your cum in my ass, as I cum.” She took notice that her talk was having an obvious effect on me. I agreed to her terms, and then I realized that she had just baited me. After what she said, I felt like I would not last long.

She pressed play on the remote, and took me into her mouth. Her fingers played over my ass and my balls as her mouth was magical on my cock. I looked at the TV, and noticed that the previews were just starting, and I was so close already. I decided that losing this bet would not be a bad deal for me at all, so I just went with it. I started imaging what it would be like to slide my cock into her ass, and before I had a moment to realize it, I started cumming in her mouth. I could not believe the intensity of it. I started with my eyes pinched shut, then looked down at her to see her beautiful face finish me off. She continued to work her mouth on me, taking everything I had to give. Once I was done, and shriveled, she sat up triumphantly.

“That was not fair.” I accused her. “You knew all that talk would do this to me.”

“Somehow, I do not think you minded,” she said as she ran a finger over her bottom lip, and sucked it into her mouth. “Wow, a full month of orgasms on demand. I cannot wait to try this out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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