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It was getting to be late afternoon and I was waiting for you to come home from work. I know you’d had a long day, and stressful too, but I couldn’t wait to see you. My parents were gone for the weekend, and I knew you also had a house to yourself. With our sex drives, going out to dinner was not what was on my mind.

I had been thinking about tonight all day, and was incredibly anxious for you to show up so we could get together for some ‘cooperative play’. I’d been looking forward to it all day, and then after what seemed like infinity, you pulled in the driveway with the music blaring as usual, and a huge smile on your face. At least you were in a good mood, or maybe you’d been thinking about the same thing I had all day.

“Hi hon,” I said as I hopped into the seat next to you and gave you a quick kiss. “How was your day?”

Smiling, you answered “Hey sexy. Day went fine after lunch. Luckily. By the way, you look great.” You couldn’t seem to keep your eyes off of me as we pulled out of the driveway to go to your place. I had to turn your head towards the road a couple of times, but this didn’t really bother me much, the attention. You knew I liked to be watched and were taking full advantage of it; well as best you could while driving.

We got to your place, and just like I thought, your family wasn’t home. Awesome, I thought – no interruptions. After we walked in I wasted no time and planted a hard passionate kiss on your lips, playing with your tongue as much as I could. At the same time I was pulling at your pants to get to the growing bulge, and let it free. Seeing as you were quite dirty from work, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we took a shower.

“Babe, why don’t we take a shower and take our time?” I asked you. You nodded eagerly in reply, and smiled. “Good, I’ll lock the door while bonus veren siteler you go start the water.” As you turned to walk away from me I pulled you close to me for another kiss and placed your hands between my legs so you could see how turned on I already was. There was no doubt my juices were already running down my legs, and I knew it’d only get worse. I hadn’t bothered to wear underwear.

“My god girl! You’re so wet!” you exclaim. Of course, this isn’t news to me as I walk towards the door to insure NO interruptions. You are now rock hard and hurry off to the bathroom to start our shower and are undressing on your way there. I have locked the door and walk into the bathroom to join you, naked. You’re already in the shower and the water running over your body makes you seem even more irresistible to me. You are so beautiful, and I love your body.

I feel my fingers make their way down to my slit and I push one inside and let out a soft moan. This catches your attention and you look over at me in the doorway, slowly diddling myself to a short coming orgasm. I take my finger out and lick it dry. “Tastes sweet,” I tell you and smile. “But not as sweet as this will.”

I walk over to you and sit down on the toilet and take your beautiful cock in my hands. I start stroking it and kneading your balls, before I decide to take you into my mouth. I start to lick and suck on your balls and I hear you moan with pleasure. My hands are still working your cock, while I try and take your balls into my mouth. I am not successful so I go ahead and start at the base of your cock and lick up to your tip. There is some pre cum oozing from your tip and I lap it up hungrily. It tastes even sweeter than I do, almost fruity. I start sucking on your hard cock like there is nothing else in the world, all the bahis while jerking you off as hard as I can. I take my hand off your cock and start to knead your balls again, I want as much of you in my mouth that can fit.

Because you’re bigger than 9 inches, that won’t be possible, but I need my other finger to finger my clit because my pussy needs some serious attention after all my cocksucking. I can feel you are close to cumming and I bring my hand up from my clit to your cock, and am now using both hands along with my mouth on you. You cum with a loud, very audible moan and I can feel your cock spasm in my hands and mouth, as your cum shoots down my throat, and you have to grip the shower wall so that you don’t fall over. Luckily you didn’t have the water too hot.

You go away from the water to let me get in and rinse off. I am not too concerned about getting clean, as I am about getting myself off. You start to cup my breasts in your hands and tweak my nipples, and I let you. It isn’t too much effort, and you’ll still be able to recuperate. Like I said, I love to be watched and begin to lay back to let you watch me play with my clit. I know you like to watch, and that makes me very happy. I begin to finger myself with my other hand, while working my clit ferociously. I am very close to cumming and my hands start to work faster, while the water flow is not doing much to drown out my moans. Finally I cum hard all over my hands, and we each lick them clean. I’m still wet and now you’re hard after having watched me bring myself to my own orgasm.

We get out of the shower and dry off but don’t bother keeping the towels around or putting any clothes on. We go into your room and lay down on the floor. You want to fuck, but Im not quite ready for that yet, and we go into hot 69. I just can’t get enough deneme bonusu of your sweet cock, but the sensations you’re giving me are so incredible that I have to stop working you and just let you have your way with me. You’re fucking me with your tongue and one finger, and it is amazing. I pull your mouth up to my clit and you know what to do. You finger~fuck me with two fingers now, and you begin to circle my clit oh-so-lightly with your tongue. I moan loudly and wither around on the floor, my legs jerking with every direct contact of your tongue and my clit. I am so overcome with lust and desire for you and can feel my orgasm begin to build. I start to grind myself against your face, trying to get more from you and all of a sudden my orgasm overcomes me and I collapse on the floor.

Your hard-on is very rigid and touching your bellybutton. My god, what an awesome sight, to know I turn you on this much. My eyes are unable to really focus, so I relax and stare up at the ceiling, so I don’t see you reaching into the drawer for some lube. You lube up two fingers and slowly insert them into my ass. The feeling is amazing and I can’t wait now for what I know is coming next; you fucking me up the ass. I turn over onto my stomach and arch my back, exposing my ass to you well, and I know you’re enjoying the view.

You remove your fingers and slowly replace them with your cock. Since I am already so relaxed, it doesn’t hurt to go in, only brings mass amounts of pleasure, as you also go around with your hand to finger my clit. ‘Oh my god! You are so fucking amazing!!!’ I manage go say in between moans and screams of pleasure. You’re close to coming and I feel you pull out and shoot your load all over my ass. It feels cool in comparison to my body temperature and you lay on the floor to relax. I crawl over and lean up against you and give you a kiss. My lips and tongue are cold from all my orgasms, and my kiss sends chills down your spine. Kinda goes along with the mad shaking my legs are doing. I cuddle with you and jokingly ask, ‘I guess now would be a good time for that shower, huh?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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