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The steam rose softly around my body as I lay exhausted in the bath Master had prepared for me following my beating. The morning had been filled with more pain than I had ever endured, Master relentlessly increasing momentum with whip and crop, never breaking to allow me to catch my breath, never denying his pleasure in my pain. Throughout I prayed for him to stop, then caught myself praying just as fervently he wouldn’t. Nothing could replace the delicious pain he delivered out of love, the ecstasy that encompassed my whole being, the knowledge he understood. By the time he had finished, I hung limp in my bonds, unable to do more than whimper softly and wait to be freed.

Crossing to inspect my body, Master had caressed my welts and bruises, softly brushing some with his lips while pressing others with his fingers testing their depth, renewing their ache for both our pleasure. It was always this way after a session, Master would lovingly check his slave’s body, delight in the marks that documented their pleasure, and tell me how much he cherished his slave,loved owning me. I lived for these moments knowing no other that brought such intimate closeness and bonding between Master and slave, such joy to fill our hearts and souls.

Master left me hanging for sometime while he cleaned and put away his instruments of torture. Releasing me from my bonds he caught me in his strong arms as I fell exhausted, weak and unable to support my own weight. Scooping me up as if I were a wounded animal, he carried me to our bathroom where he had prepared the warm bath. Gently lowering my damaged body into the water, he bent to tenderly kiss my lips as the heat soothed my bruised and swollen flesh. As his hands began to stroke and wash me lovingly, the phone rang in the next room.

Too sore to move, I lay where he left me as he went to answer it. I could hear the muffled murmuring of his voice as he spoke softly on the phone, it’s familiar sound lulling me into a light slumber until his hands caressing between my legs awoke me. Looking up into his smiling face I was reminded all over again why I loved him so deeply, why I existed only to serve him. His fingers worked their magic until he whispered to me to cum and my body exploded in passion, my spirit soaring.

Once my breathing returned to normal, I whispered the words I knew he waited to hear. “Thank you Master.”

Rinsing my body over one last time, he drew me up from the cooling water, and standing me on the floor dried me gently before leading me to our bedroom where he told me to lay face down on the bed. Lotion dripped on my back from the bottle he held suspended above me, the coolness of it sending shivers through my beaten body. Lovingly he massaged my back, my butt, legs and arms, rubbing the lotion in, softening my skin and soothing the pain. Rolling me onto my back he repeated the process on my front, his hands lingering a little longer over my breasts, now criss crossed with whip marks, though lighter than my back had borne. I lay motionless letting his touch soothe me, welcoming his love. Master rose from the bed to lean over me, his cock slipping between my lips, thrusting deep into my throat as he gripped both sides of my head. He fucked me harder as his passion mounted, the precum now flooding my mouth with each thrust of his hard shaft. I almost came when I tasted his cum on my tongue, filling me, making me swallow quickly so as to catch every drop. I licked him clean, tenderly caressing him until he withdrew, and pulling a blanket over me, told me to sleep. I drifted into a peaceful slumber marked by dreams of my Master and his perfection.

I was awakened by his kisses and the delicious aroma of one of his favourite dishes cooking in the kitchen.

“Time to wake my love. Thought I would cook for you to bring back your energy after this morning, you have earned a little spoiling. I loved our session this morning, loved the way you reacted, responded to me…..loved watching you sleep afterward so peaceful and relaxed with a smile on your face.”

‘Thank you Master….I loved it too…love you. Did I really have a smile on my face?”

“Yes you did Catalina.”

“Mmmmmm….what can you expect Master. I have the ultimate Master who loves me as much as I love him.”

“Yes I do love you, now and forever. Now time to eat,” Master replied as he stood to go serve our meal.

I rose from the bed, my body still in pain but far less than when I had fallen to sleep after his massage. Following the beautiful aroma, naked as Master always expected, I found myself in the kitchen helping him serve our meal, then sat with him to taste it’s perfection.

“This is delicious Master……as always.”

We chatted and ate, enjoying each other. I could never get enough of Master’s company, just talking, being together, and was fortunate he felt the same way.

“Catalina, we have something on this afternoon but I don’t want to share the details with you before hand. I realise it will not be easy for you, will be a challenge, Pendik Ukraynalı Escort possibly an ongoing one, but I want you to remember I love you and feel you can do this for me.”

My mind raced with the possibilities, but despite my apprehension, I knew from experience Master would not appreciate me questioning him. Once he made a decision like this, he felt I was challenging his control and questioning trust if I tried to glean some information from him no matter how afraid I were.

“Yes Master. I trust you and know you would do nothing you thought would harm me. I will do my best to not disappoint you.”

“I know you will, as always, Catalina. Our love helps both of us through our challenges.”

Standing up from my chair, I gathered our dishes and took them to the kitchen where I began to clean up from the cooking, my mind working at what the afternoon could hold for me. Sometimes I had hints from Master’s behaviour or discussions before such an event, but this time there was nothing I could think of which might give me a clue so as to prepare myself. I moved in a daze, my mind unable to stop thinking. I almost dropped the glass I was putting in the cupboard when the doorbell rang, disturbing my thoughts, renewing my fear. I didn’t know whether to stay hiding in the kitchen, or go out to see if Master wanted me to answer the door….didn’t know if I should run for the bedroom and put on some clothes, or stay naked. I was confused and nervous.

“I’ll get the door Catalina. When I come back I want you in the living room waiting.”

My heart leapt, my stomach knotting in fear, but I could not disobey my Master. I could never shame him that way. I walked quickly to the living room to await his return, trying to hide my fear as best I could. I felt my heart begin to race, my head spin a little, my breathing restricted as I heard voices coming closer, Master’s footsteps unmistakenly walking toward the room. I stood obediently waiting, as usual my nakedness becoming painfully aware to me with the imminent arrival of Master’s guests in the living room.

I looked up as they entered the room. There were two people with him, one a tall woman I had met with him once before. She was clad from neck to toe in black latex which hugged every curve of her perfect, statuesque body. I remembered she was a Domme friend of Master’s whom he had known for sometime. Behind her was a young man, as tall as she was, and naked. Naked as he was and on a leash, I could only presume he was the slave I had heard her speak of when last we met.

“Catalina, you remember Kate…….and this is Ben.”

“Yes Master,” I answered, trying to smile at Master’s guests and hide my fear, knowing I was miserably unsuccessful.

Master came to sit in a chair close to me, as Kate moved to sit in one opposite, unclipping her slave’s leash before being seated. I knelt in submission at Master’s feet, as did Ben at the feet of his Mistress. As Master and Kate spoke about mutual friends and recent events, I remained silent as was expected. From time to time Master’s hand would rest on my shoulder or stroke my hair absent mindedly. I was comforted by his touch, and tried to forget my quandary but found it impossible.

“Catalina, Kate and I have decided we want to try something which involves you and Ben today, which we hope will extend to other occasions as well.”

“Yes Master.”

“For reasons we won’t go into, Kate is looking for a woman she can couple with her slave regularly. She mentioned her idea to me and I have offered you to become his mate when required. I know our rule is no-one regular, but this situation is a little different. Firstly Ben is a slave like yourself, the same status…..secondly it has other possibilities which we find appealing…and thirdly, we think it would be amusing to exercise our power over our slaves to such an extent we couple them on a regular basis, control them sexually more than ever before, play with them like mating animals.”

I was unable to fully comprehend what Master was telling me….how far he expected us to go….what he really meant by ‘coupling’. I dreaded it no matter what he was wanting. I had been taken by other men, but that had been different, never something considered a regular arrangement, no emotion, and nothing like what I was sensing.

“For today, we are going to allow you to begin your relationship as a slave couple by fucking here on the floor for us. Kate and I will help train you both to do it right by whipping you both as you fuck. For you Catalina this will be difficult as you have already had a severe beating today, but I want to whip you as you give yourself to him………Now on the floor Catalina with your legs spread showing your wet cunt and tight arse so he has something to get excited over…..on your hands and knees instead of your back…..quick!!”

I froze, unable to move at such cold and crude directions from my Master. I was terrified at what he asked and yet could not say what made Pendik Üniversiteli Escort it so different from the hundreds of men who had already used me with my Master’s permission and encouragement. I didn’t know how I could submit to his demands. I was afraid of the unkown…what it all meant.

Grabbing my hair, Master dragged me physically to the middle of the room and pushed me to the floor, his body an expression of suppressed, controlled anger at my disobedience. This shamed me far more than any directions he had given me and I felt my face burn with my embarrassment.

“Catalina, this is not negotiable. You will do this and now!! Get on your hands and knees and display what you have to offer, to all of us.”

“Ben!! Get over here with your fuck partner,” Kate demanded, as she joined Master in the middle of the floor.

Turning toward Master she laughed dryly, “You would think they would be more grateful we are giving them the opportunity to have some fun wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, but slaves can be like that I guess…..don’t know when they are well off…..and forget they are here to serve our needs, regardless of their own.”

Ben crawled to the middle of the floor to kneel behind me. He looked as humiliated as I at what was expected of us.

“Catalina, turn around for a moment and suck his cock until he is fully erect and ready to penetrate you.”

Not daring to upset Master more I complied by turning to face Ben. I looked toward Master waiting for him to supply me with a condom as he always did.

“No condoms necessary Catalina. I have decided as you are going to fuck regularly, and I know Kate and Ben well, you will be allowed to forgo the usual precautions. After all, you are both slaves. I am hardly going to worry about him spilling his worthless seed into you.”

I was shocked by the way Master spoke. This was a rule Master had always been very strict about with other men who had used me. He was talking about Ben as he did me when having me play whore, a creature of no worth to anyone. Shakily, I lowered my mouth to Ben’s cock and taking the head of his manhood between my lips, felt him begin to harden immediatly. Emotions raced through me, many so fast I could not define. I had not tasted another since I had committed to be Master’s property, and it was not something I found easy or pleasant to do anymore. It was not long before he was fully erect and Master was dragging me from his cock and into position.

“So the entertainment begins Kate and we see at last how good a couple our slaves make. Begin fucking you two!!”

I felt Ben’s cock enter my dripping cunt, as I silently cursed it’s over enthusiastic response to all situations where I was humiliated and degraded. My thoughts were quickly dispelled as I felt the first lash of Master’s whip across my already bruised back. Seconds after the whip landed on me wrenching a scream from my lips, I heard the sound of Kate’s whip across Ben’s back as he thrust inside me.

“We are going to continue whipping you both as you fuck,” I heard Kate say as her whip once again struck Ben’s back, then Master’s followed suit once again sending fire through my already welted and bruised flesh. How much could I endure of this pain on top of the humiliation? I was already close to tears, some from the pain, some humiliation, and some the hurt and bewilderment I felt.

“Ben, you have well and truly wet your cock, I think it time you fucked her tight arsehole.”

“Yes Mistress,” I heard Ben gasp as he withdrew and pushed his shaft into my tight tunnel.

“They look good together don’t you think? The perfect mated pair. I think your idea of having them publicly entertain as a couple, followed by select offers, is a good one.”

“Yes. I have had Catalina used before, but this is an added dimension I had not thought of previously. I think we could make something from them coupling after all,” I heard Master comment in return. “The possibilities are endless I think.”

Ben was thrusting deep inside my arse, the whips once again landing across our backs, keeping the tempo of his fucking timed to the whiplash. I could feel his excitement mounting but knew as a slave, he would not be permitted to cum without his Mistress’ blessing. For myself, I could not imagine cumming, and knew my Master would never allow it.

Kate’s voice broke into my thoughts. “Cum Ben….over her back and arse to ease her pain.”

I felt his cum splash across my skin, some escaping to dribble down my sides. I felt a mixture of emotions as Ben drew back and I remained in position awaiting Master’s permission to rise, and his directions as to what he expected next.

“Reach around and rub his cum into your skin Catalina, then kneel at my feet and thank me for my generosity…and my once again finding a new challenge for you.”

Rubbing the cum into my back and sides as best I could, I rose and crossed to kneel at Master’s feet, hoping my submissiveness would touch him and make him Pendik Vip Escort decide to drop any future plans for myself and Ben.

“Thank you Master. I welcome your challenges always and seek to serve you to the best of my ability.”

“Yes you do Catalina. You are a good slave, wife, lover, and whore. I am pleased you will now become Ben’s lover also, though not on the same level as with your Master. I know it will lead to many humiliating moments for you, increasing your shame. People who know us will see you mated publicly with Ben, and will be informed you are a slave couple, that you now submit to him sexually when directed or allowed, that you share a bond. You will be degraded even more than before, and though you are both slaves, you are also Ben’s sexual plaything making you appear in the eyes of many beneath even him or any other slave. You will be lower than you ever experienced before, a whore to be used by free man and slave alike.”

I cringed inwardly in shame at the realisation of what he planned for me, wanting to run and hide myself, cover my nakedness, become invisible. I felt everyone’s eyes were burning into me, seeing the wanton whore I was inside, knowing the battle I was fighting inside myself to accept who I was, witnessing the wetness that even now began to flow from between my legs at my Master’s words and his plans to humiliate and have me used more than ever before, and for all time.

Kate’s seductive voice broke the silence. “I think we should sit and relax with a coffee while our slaves get to know each other better.”

“Coffee sounds good, but I’m not sure what you want from our slaves.”

“I think it important they have some time to explore each other sexually, under our watchful eyes of course. I think it would be amusing if they were to make out in front of us, explore each other and fuck, without any direction from us. Of course it would be even better if they explored and fucked until given permission to stop, any rest time taken bringing on a severe punishment from us.”

“That might work Kate. Certainly worth a try..amusing if nothing else. Okay, both of you begin exploring and I will go pour some coffee for Kate and I.”

I could not come to terms with how Master was using me as a pawn in a game for his and Kate’s entertainment. I felt like a performing circus animal…no feelings, no empathy, no consideration for my turmoil. I turned as I felt Ben pull me to the floor and begin caressing me, fondling my breasts, then teasing my clit with his fingers, working to elicit a response from me to him. Inside, all I wanted to do was cry, as it was my Master I wanted to touch me this way. It was not something I was used to accepting on this level from a stranger, nor in front of an audience….especially my Master, my beloved husband and Master. It was far different from being used as a whore. That was difficult, but this was harder, being expected to share an intimacy usually reserved for private times with the one you loved.

Ben took my hand and placed it on his cock, silently telling me I needed to caress him. I felt him begin to grow at my touch, just as Master re-entered the room with coffee, handing one to Kate as he sat down to observe. I turned toward Ben hoping the angle of my body would hide my being touched and opened, but realised it only exposed me more. I knew if I continued feeling this way I would fail and bring punishment upon us both. To earn my own punishment was one thing, but I could not be responsible for another’s. Taking a deep breath I prepared to face the challenge and perform to the best of my ability to save us both, at least for now.

Ben was surprised when I slid down to take his cock in my mouth, massaging his balls, caressing his butt. His hands held my head as I put in my best effort under the circumstances, my butt raised in the air, cunt open and dripping for Master’s eyes, perhaps a sign of defiance, a message to him I would not allow him to give me a challenge I couldn’t meet, nor bring shame upon him. My mouth opened to take Ben’s cock deeper, feeling him slip down my throat, his precum beginning to flow. Gripping my shoulders he pushed me back, and lifting my legs high, plunged his cock deep into my pussy, hot and wet. I was not quite prepared for this move and once again found myself struggling with the view my Master was getting, and the thoughts I pondered might be going through his head.

Ben continued to thrust deep into me, his hands sometimes caressing my breasts, kneading their fullness, flicking my nipples. I felt the whore Master had said I was, submitting to a slave, becoming his lover under the gaze of Master and Mistress, and obviously in time to come, others. For the moment I pretended I no longer cared what happened to me, as long as Master still loved and wanted me forever. I automatically fucked Ben back, using my cunt to pleasure him, playing the slut I had become under Master’s guidance. If this were to be my role, I would have to make sure I made Master proud of me.

Cum flooded my pussy, warm and thick spilling into my softness. As he withdrew, he leant over my face for me to clean him of all fluids. My tongue licked at him, not missing any of the sweet combination of my honey and his cum, suppressing the urge to spit it out. I saw Master rise and come to stand close by.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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