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This is the true story of one thing leading to another. There was no indication at the start of that summer Friday night drinking session that it would end as it did.

I am straight and verged on being homophobic but people change and life events alter perspectives.

Drinking too much, too fast coupled with mixing a diversity of drinks proved to be a big mistake. Lager, red and white wine and ending with various shots.

The fresh air hit my face immediately as we left. I was reeling and totally out of control. Andrew put his finger down my throat to make me throw up and then offered to take care of me as my last train gone – back to his one bed pad.

I noticed Nathan and Marcus were smirking, commenting something and making a lewd gestures. I knew they’d spread rumours about Andrew’s sexuality and whatever it was must be aimed at me.

I’d recovered my senses somewhat by the time we arrived but was still finding it difficult to keep my eyes open.

I drank the coffee and water I was given to sober up and rehydrate me seated on the Andrew’s Chesterfield. He put on a pair of shorts, returned and sat beside, just as well because his shoulder saved me toppling over.

“Do you want….bed?” I vaguely remembered him ask.

I didn’t hear the whole question but replied “Mmm bed”

I awoke briefly during the night in his bed naked except for my T-shirt. I noticed Andrew asleep next to me and with the sheet not covering him, completely naked – I stared at his cock briefly before drifting back to sleep.

A while later, I sensed movement and stirred again, noticing Andrew’s dangling cock as he went to the toilet.

Despite not being erect, it was definitely much bigger than mine every which way. This was the nearest I’d been to any man, I felt nervous.

I kept my eyes closed enough to peek, because I wanted to see it again when he lay down.

He gave his cock a tug before settling back in and lay sideways onto me. I didn’t reply when he asked if I was awake.

I’d never been a good sleeper but he dropped off to sleep quickly, letting out a snore, I felt confident enough to take a good look and turned away from him into the foetal position.

My thoughts were racing as I caught sight of myself in the mirror – it looked as if he was spooning me and something in me stirred. Instead of sleeping, various scenarios of how this would play out flooded my brain.

I glanced back and edged towards him, I was startled minutes later when I felt contact on my uppermost butt cheek. It was his cock and I realised that he was getting his dawn erection. It lowered and rested in my crack.

I pressed back as it continued to stiffen and it aroused feelings güvenilir bahis in me. Rather than move away, as I should, I held firm and daringly reached back to open my butt cheeks, giving his cock clear access to my hole.

My body was betraying me and I breathed harder now getting excited as it kept growing into my hole until it reached the opening.

Andrew yawned and draped his arm over my side, inadvertently inserting a couple of inches of hard cock to breach my virgin arse.

I didn’t move because I didn’t want to wake him even pushing back to meet his cock.

He must have leaked pre-cum or maybe it was my natural juices but it felt moist.

Moments later, he groaned and raised his head as he assessed our position, his eyes met mine, semi-opened in the mirror and he smiled.

This was my chance to stop it going any further but instead my body continued to betray me, I feigned a yawn and pressed back to encourage him opening my eyes.

Fully awake and with a full erection now, Andrew took a chance and kissed my neck as I felt him insert another inch.

When I didn’t stop him he whispered “Good morning, are you feeling better? you must have been awake a while otherwise we wouldn’t be entwined like this so I’m guessing you are willing and were more conscious than I thought when you chose my bed.

He grabbed my hip and pushed further when I didn’t respond. I submitted to his cock pushing back to help it along.

“I’ve wondered about you but didn’t see it playing out like this. However, looking at the size difference, it would be the only way with any gay man. You’re tiny and probably couldn’t get it into a man’s bum, no wonder you haven’t spoken of girlfriend’s” he added, ridiculing me.

The rumours about him were true, Nathan and Marcus were vindicated and whatever they were saying last night, I’ve succumbed to make prove them right.

“I’m not gay” I finally said.

He laughed and responded with “you would have a problem disproving it, if anybody witnessed your current predicament”.

I still didn’t move so he slowly continued his inward journey into the depths of my anal passage, pulled back and then forcefully back in with one stroke. I felt his pubes and body against my behind.

Surprisingly, he pulled out after stroking it in and out a few times and I turned around. Suddenly empty and to my surprise, disappointed.

“I don’t fancy you or any man but I admit that I have thought about being used by men” I continued.

My penis oozed a little pre-cum. Andrew cupped it before it dropped and offered it to me. I licked his palm dry.

“Do you want to touch a real cock, hold it and tell me how you feel” he suggested.

Surprising güvenilir bahis siteleri myself, I gripped his cock and without any prompting rubbed it up and down. It was rock hard in a way mine never had been. “I wish it was mine” I said.

“It can be” he responded

“Taste it” he said and lay down flat on his back.

I scooted round and still gripping his cock with my head between his thighs, I lowered my head until it was staring at me.

Opening my mouth, I tentatively put it in, running my tongue over the shaft as I went deeper and sucked on it like a baby on its mother’s tit. I then licked the whole 8 and 3/4 inch shaft continuing to alternate with sucking it in and licking until it was wet from my saliva.

“That’s feels good” he said.

I smiled. “Do you want to fuck me” I asked daringly.

“I don’t use condoms but you’ve had it in your mouth and a taster in your bum so hopefully you’re fine with bareback.” He said direct and to the point.

My fear of disease was overcome by the occasion and I said. “Yes, I just want you to fuck me”.

I got on all fours and offered myself to him. He obliged, coming round the back and opening my cheeks, he rubbed his cock up and down my crack and then inserted an inch or two before grabbing my hips.

I surveyed the scene in the mirror and lost my inhibitions. “Fuck me, fuck my arse” I heard myself say.

With a long thrust, he was in to the hilt in a single motion eliciting encouraging pleasurable moans from me.

“Wow, so effortless, you were made to take cock. It can’t be the first thing you’ve had” he said as he made long strokes in and out.

“Self-inflicted and nothing large. A couple of fingers, a banana, one of those mini cucumbers and a carrot imagining the real thing” I admitted.

As he continued, I lost control and urged him on and he reciprocated with a degrading volley of abuse.

“This is wonderful, fuck me please, go on harder, that’s it, use me like a common whore.” I began.

“You slut, I’m going to use your holes. Filling you with my cum, you’re my cock sucking slutty whore. I heard you bad mouthing gays and will make you eat those words now. You are pathetic and I’ll humiliate you. Argh, mmm, take my hard cock, going to breed your sorry arse like a worthless raped whore.”

“Yes, do it. I am your slutty whore, eager to take your cum. Please fill me up.” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth and that I had fallen from a grace so quickly and willingly.

“Cum slut, whore, dirty bitch, going to fill that dirty hole. You won’t be able to resist my advances. Arrgh, here it comes, your first fuck of many, arrgh, I’m cumming, take my creamy iddaa siteleri spunk”.

His assault halted briefly as he braced himself then picked up again. Suddenly he unloaded his baby making cream deep into my anal passage. Spurt after spurt. “Argh, argh, here it comes, take it like a girl would” he screamed loudly.

That was it. He held my pelvis and slowed his sawing in and out after reaching a glorious crescendo.

He’d filled me with his goo and I watched it all in the mirror. I was so ashamed yet so ecstatic at what had happened. Turning round, I bent forward and took his still hard cock into my mouth, cleaning the tip, sucking through the slit and ran my tongue outside drying his slimy sperm.

“Suck me off, give me a blow job you slut” he continued.

I obeyed willingly. A degraded, humiliated specimen of a man, my mouth stayed clasped around his lovely cock as he eased back. I started bobbing up and down, all the time maintaining eye contact with my new master. I caught my reflection in the mirror intermittently. What a whore, I thought.

Andrew must’ve read my mind. He resumed his volley of abusive derogatory insults and dirty talk.

“That’s it whore, lap it up, take it down as far as you can or I’ll force it down your throat, you dirty sslut. You know you’re my bitch now. Mmm, you do that do well, born to suck cock as any common whore. “I’m going to fill your stomach with my cum”.

With his hands on on the back of my head, forcing his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat, he made me gag. I choked and then thanked him.

“I’m your bitch now, use my body however you want. This cum slut is going to serve you whenever you want.”

I resumed blowing and adjusted to his length, no longer gagging, I took it easier and easier until I could see it fully inserted.

I was worshipping his cock now, sucking, licking and giving him a great blow job.

“Aah, that’s it, suck me like the slutty whore you are. You’ve been in denial, enjoy the first cock of many that you are destined to take”.

He started to twitch and his legs trembled as he was being brought to climax.

“It’s coming. Get ready to take my cum. I want you to swallow every drop, he instructed.”

I nodded and moaned on his cock then it came. A huge explosion followed as he erupted, ejaculating into my mouth.

“Swallow, aah, that’s it you slut” I heard.

It was bitterer than pre-cum but I swallowed it all and cleaned his cock spotlessly for a second time.

“You crave more cock, don’t you slut” he asked.

“Yes. Any cock will do for this cock slave now.” I said.

“That’s great to hear because I have many gay friends to introduce you to. They’ll enjoy you as much as I have.” He said triumphantly.

“Thank you. I will gladly take them either one at a time or as a group”. I said.

“Funny you should say that. This will be a weekend you won’t forget! He smiled mischievously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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