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She’d been sitting there all evening, shuffling the paper on her desk as I had been doing on mine. We’d not said a word in the hours we’d both been there, letting polite smiles suffice. She didn’t know me, of course. Not really. Morning greetings, afternoon partings. We were coworkers.

But she was so very lovely. Tall, nearly as tall as me, and that put her height close to six feet. She was thin, small-breasted, narrow-hipped. She often kept her long dark brown hair pulled back, or pulled up. But it was never loose, never free. And with her open, guileless face, she appeared every inch the hippy chick shrouded in professional garb. Tonight she seemed somber in a black ribbed sweater and short black skirt.

As it was, we were stuck, and she was probably as bored as I. We’d both been trapped in the office since earlier in the evening when a security glitch of some sort had locked all the doors on our floor. Our company’s CEO was reputed to suspect corporate espionage in even minor pilfering of office supplies. We had food, of a sort, in the kitchen, and water and bathroom access. But we were stuck.

I got up to refill my coffee cup, promising myself that I’d find a spot of floor to nap on soon. I smiled and nodded at her as I passed her desk. As I finished pouring my coffee I heard her walk in behind me.

“Hello,” she said.


“I guess we’re Andersen’s prisoners,” she said, referring to our paranoid CEO.

“Yep. Good thing, too,” I said. “I’d just finished copying some very sensitive files to pass on to our biggest competitor.”

She laughed politely. Or maybe she laughed nervously. I couldn’t tell which.

“I really hadn’t planned on being here tonight,” she said.

“Me neither.”

“I mean, I really hadn’t. I mean I can’t be here all night.”

She seemed angry, but also frightened.

“Well, it’s nearly midnight,” I said. “I’ve called security and so have you, probably. I don’t think we’re going anywhere any time soon. I’m sure it’s nothing serious.”

“‘Nearly midnight’. I know. That’s why I– dear god.”

She turned away from me toward the candy vending machine.

“Not great dinner fare,” I said. “I’ve got a sandwich that I–“

“It can’t happen here,” she said, her voice full of fear.

“Well… it’s just a sandwich.”

“No no no this… this can’t happen here.” She lowered her head and seemed to shiver. I thought she might cry.

She rocked gently in front of the machine, her arms crossed tightly over her chest. She suddenly stopped, lurched forward slightly, and groaned.

I moved a little toward her. “Hey… are you okay?”

“Stay… stay back!” she hissed. “No no no no no!”

She suddenly shuffled back against the wall opposite me so that she faced me, her head bent. She shivered again.

“No!” she shouted, suddenly uncrossing her arms and sliding her hands down over her hips, clenching her skirt there into tight fistfulls. In that moment I noticed her breasts. Her nipples, which I had not noticed when she came in, had clearly become erect.

She swept her arms back up over them and held them that way for a moment.

“Are you okay?” I asked again.

She shook her head. She seemed to be lost in a daydream, preoccupied. I could tell that her focus drifted. Her eyelids fluttered softly. Her gaze became distracted, vacant. She lowered her shaking arms. My mouth dropped open as I noticed the now-protruding points in her sweater. Her nipples appeared to be stiffening, even growing, pushing outward from her baseball-sized breasts. Her slender frame shuddered.

I glanced up at her face, wondering if she’d caught me staring. But she stood dazed, half-lidded, twitching softly, her sweet mouth open, gasping as her nipples grew longer, fatter beneath the sweater. The sweater’s fabric tented into points that jutted forward and elongated. An inch… no, it was more that that. My cock stirred.

She shook again with a whimpering gasp. She closed her eyes, clenched her fists and pounded the wall behind her, wincing, grunting. Her sweater’s ribs pulled tightly over her breasts, slowly spreading as her mams filled and stretched the material outward. Her tits grew to the size of cantaloupes, expanding and swelling, beginning to jiggle as her body shook. They bahçelievler escort swelled like fruit ripening in time-lapse. She cried out in a low wail, a sound mixed of pain and… something I couldn’t quite define. She shut her eyes tight. Her sweater started to strain now as her breasts enlarged, bulging it outward. They were fat, jostling shapes, billowing like immense jugs of liquid on her chest as they enlarged.

I could only stand watching. What was happening to her was too rapid for me to process intellectually. At first I wanted to help somehow — call for someone, do something. But very quickly my urge to “help” narrowed, guided by my swelling cock, the ache in my balls — guided by the itch at my palms that had me wanting to grasp her massive tits.

And then her reactions seemed to be changing as well. Still intense, her teeth clenched, she stopped protesting. She seemed now to welcome what was happening to her, seeming to urge her body to continue.

“It’s happening!” she panted. “I’m… becoming… again… unhhh! Fillll… come on… big fat big, BIG!”

Lower, fatter her breasts filled, burgeoning, enlarging to the size of watermelons, but with a teardrop shape like that of balloons held too long at a tap. I could start to see the color of her pale skin through the thin, straining black material of her sweater. She obviously wore no bra. She shook again and her big breasts wobbled, barely restrained by her sweater. She threw her head back and released a harrowing wail.

I watched her tits heave larger in a mighty spurt of growth. They convulsed, shimmying before her, her large confined nipples shifting side to side beneath her sweater’s tightening ribs with a shush-shush sound. With her eyes closed, she lifted her shaking hands and spread her fingers over the vast bulk of her expanding breasts. Her tits reached nearly to her waist!

She squeezed, digging her fingers into her tits through the fabric of her straining sweater. I watched her fingers spread wider as her tits filled. Her sweater began to tear!

“Unnh. Yesss!” she grunted, lost in the senation. “Biggerrr… come ON! Big HUGE fucking udders!”

Her eyes closed, she quickly grasped the hem of her sweater and lifted it up and over her head, throwing it to the floor. My eyes were fixed on her chest, where her breasts hung in massive elephantine glory, swollen to corpulent sacs around which her skin stretched tightly as a drum head. My cock ached as if turned to stone. I watched her explore herself. She slid her trembling hands down the length of her boobs until her fingers found her distended nipples. She encircled each teat-like appendage with long, delicate fingers and she squeezed, tugging outward, as if trying to stretch them longer.

“Ohhh,” she cried with a tone of release. “Dear god… here again at last.”

Her sausage-like nipples filled her fingers as she groped them, stretching them to perhaps four inches. For a moment she seemed lost, groping herself, a soft smile playing over her face as her mouth opened in little gasps. I could only stand watching, my dick harder and larger than it had ever been in my life, straining painfully at my pants. Rousing myself from the trance invoked by her transformation, I slowly moved from the wall to approach her. My hands ached to touch her. I was about to reach out, if only to touch her shoulder to remind her I was there, when she grunted violently. Her hands closed into fists around her nipples and she cried out.

“Unnhhhh… fuck! Yeearrgggghh!”

She thrust her ass back against the wall, hefting her mammoth breasts with her fists. Her immense liquid-filled bags shook. Then I saw her skirt begin to tighten. It strained, pulling into taut folds across her lap. The seams at her hips began to spread and her thighs and panties emerged through the opening slits. She grunted again and again rhythmically, slamming her widening ass against the wall.

“Unnhh! Unhhh!”

She clutched her giant teats, her bloated mammaries heaving, her hips growing wider, fuller, her ass rounding outward. She slammed her full ass against the wall with crashing thumps, grunting loudly. The room shook. As she pounded, her hips expanded further, pushed relentlessly through her skirt and panties, bakırköy escort tearing out of the fabric until the skirt and panties gave way completely and dropped in a heap at her ankles.

Completely naked now, she slapped her wide ass into the wall a moment longer, spreading her legs as she thumped. She held her hands pushed deeply into the flesh of her tits, her body an obscenely exaggerrated hour-glass. Between her spread legs I could see the wall start to glisten, liquid running in rivulets from her crotch to the floor. Her ass-slams became splashes as her pussy streamed, splattering the wall with her juices. Her hips and thighs vibrated heavily. She punctuated her shuddering slaps against the wall with guttural cries.

Her scent filled the room with an invisible but pungent cloud that dizzied me. I felt my body overrun with desire for her. I felt controlled.

My head swam with the smell of her, the sight of her. The nerves controlling my muscles seemed to disconnect from my intellect. Hot, sweating now, I tore my shirt off, buttons flying. I could feel my balls swell, my sac packing tightly with cum.

Her eyes opened suddenly and saw me as if for the first time. She whirled, her massive breasts bouncing and slapping as she turned her wide firm ass to me. She backed into me and pressed her full ass hard to my crotch. She bent over forward so that her pussy lips, now very swollen, pressed directly onto my slacks.

I watched, groaning, as she undulated her ass up and down there, rubbing her sopping pussy over my groin until my slacks were drenched with her juices. I took her hips in my hands and pulled her harder against me, shoving my crotch against her ass, against her pussy. At this she immediately spun around and dropped to her knees before me. With her hands, her lips, her teeth, she unfastened my slacks and lowered them.

Panting, I glanced down at my now-freed, impossibly huge penis. My sac hung swaying beneath it, larger than a softball. She took my rock hard cock in her mouth and plunged down onto it, immersing half of it completely in her mouth and throat. I felt her tongue and throat muscles working inhumanly, wetly at my shaft. She bobbed, swinging her immense tits so that they slapped like ocean waves against my legs. I felt her nipples poke me like fingers.

As she sucked me, my cock ached, elongated, distended into nearly a foot of veiny, ridged flesh. This seemed to delight her, increase her hunger. She forced me impossibly far into her throat. I could see my where my cock’s bulbous head stretched her neck with a descending bulge.

She looked up at me expectantly as she released my cock and brought her lips under to my balls, nuzzling them, lapping them, hefting their weight with her face. My cock stretched past her head, the crown hovering over her back, leaking a rope of clear liquid that stretched lower and lower until its end plopped onto her back, connecting us. She jolted when my precum contacted her skin. Her head jerked back, her face beaming up at me, her mouth open, lips rubbed slightly swollen. She grasped my thick shaft in her hand and angled her body back quickly. The precum string stretched over her shoulder.

Grasping my cock’s base, she squeezed tightly and gripped me as she moved her hand from base to tip, pulling my skin into layered wrinkles. In doing so, she forced a huge spoonful-sized dollop of clear liquid from my cock’s opening. It descended quickly and she managed to catch it on her cupped tongue. She held her mouth open, watching me, and I watched the cum-glob slide back into her throat. She swallowed hard.

“Unnhhh!!” she cried, leaning back so that I could see past her tits to her crotch.

It was as if she needed to show me something. Her fingers spread over her mound and I watched her clit swell between them, poking out until it was the size of my thumb’s end, glistening and red.

Quickly she spun onto all fours, her ass thrust up to me. She lurched and undulated, grunting, whimpering, pushing her firm wide ass into the air. The lips of her pussy were swollen, leaking constantly now. Her clit jutted from her folds like a fleshy beacon. I dropped to my knees, my heavy member slapping down hard against her ass. I moved in behind her balgat escort and put my hands on the backs of her thighs. She began to grunt, flailing the broad globes of her ass upward against my shaft.

Her voluminous tits hung pressed to the floor, her nipples folded beneath them like squashed udders. She spread her legs, angling her ankles apart to allow me access. I grasped my shaft and pulled my hips back to give myself room to enter her. I slid my cock’s head through her crack and wedged it in her sopping slit. The moment my cock’s head pressed her pussy, her gash spat a cupful of hot clear liquid over my shaft, coating it completely. My sac dripped with her juice.

“Fuuuucccckkk!” she wailed as I pushed my cock into her. She immediately started to piston her body back against me. She thrust her ass back, impaling herself, sheathing her cunt tightly over my shaft. The muscles of her thighs and ass rippled as her pussy sought to envelope my cock completely. I felt her lips pull at me.

I thrust hard into her, pushing my shaft deeper than it should have physically been allowed to go. She only grunted her encouragement louder. Her juices streamed over my pole and soon our knees were in a puddle of her liquid. My hips pounded furiously into her, my body beyond my own control, performing automatically, primally.

She grunted in time with my thrusts, jerking her hips back, wanting me deeper. I felt my cock start to throb, a sharp ache building at its base. And yet I found it harder to get into her. Looking down I saw a bulge expanding at the base of my shaft. My need to be all the way inside her seemed to increase tenfold. I gripped my fingers around her thighs, into the crook of her hips, my teeth tight. With violent energy I began to shove my cock into her, trying to force its swollen sphere past her cunt’s lips.

She shrieked, tossing her head, her hair flying. My cock’s knot continue to grow and I rutted into her, stretching her cunt wider. She wailed like a wounded animal. And ever her hip-thrusts pounded against me harder, never ceasing to meet mine.

“Hunh! hunh! hunhh!” she grunted.

Slowly, tightly, my cock-knot passed through her opening and plopped into her body. I continued to thrust with my hips, but rearward movements brought her with me. Finally, I leaned over her and reached around to get big handfuls of her immense breasts. I felt my body start to shake, my cock pulsing. She seemed to sense what was happening.

“D-do it!” she hissed. “Breeed meeeeee!”

I held her body tightly in my arms, bracing myself.

“Yes! Yes! Fill me, you fucker! Fill your bitch with cummmmm!”

I seemed to be growling into her ear, biting her shoulder. My hands gripped hard on her long nipples. A wave swept over me, enclosing me, and suddenly my cock was unloading into the bitch’s body.

“Hhaaaaaah!! Fuck! Do it! God, I feel it…”

She shook in my arms, receiving the pulsing jets of seed that flowed into her. I no longer moved, instead holding fast against the flood of sensation that threatened to sweep me away. She kept a constant urging chant, her bitch-whine.

“So much. So much fucking cummmm! So much! Fucking breed me!”

I must have cum in her for a couple of minutes. I felt the sloshing liquid tight around my cock buried in her belly. Her tummy bulged with it. Slowly the pulsing subsided. I pulled back, but we were still tied together. Mentally I had disconnected — a part of me no longer cared. I wanted just to get the bitch off of my cock. But we were tied.

I waited a few moments, then grew impatient. I began to jerk my hips back and she yelped. Her body jerked with me, but she seemed to understand. She tried to hold her position as I wrenched my cock from her. Finally I slid out of her and fell back onto the floor. Her pussy closed tightly, holding my seed inside her.

As I lay there she crawled around to me, dragging her colossal breasts, and crouched to lick the cum from my still-erect cock. As she cleaned me, working methodically, I watched her body move. I watched her vast udders wobble and slap against one another, watched her wide breeder’s hips sway as she worked.

She looked up at me, her tongue scooping the last bits of cum from my shaft. She swallowed, then smiled a little bashfully.

“I’m going to need to be milked,” she whispered, lifting herself from my cock to show me her breasts hanging freely beneath her. They reached easily to her hips, immense and full, her nipples nearly as long as my fingers.

I nodded.

“At least for tonight,” she sighed. “Tomorrow, of course, I’ll explain everything.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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