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I opened the deposit receipt envelope after going through the drive up and with the receipt was a note. “Loved your stories CoyoteGirl69. Give me a call. Kelli” I couldn’t believe what I had just read. It appeared that someone recognized my picture in my bio. Even though I was sitting in the SUV alone, I blushed. That was the last thing I ever thought would happen.

When I finally composed myself, I left the parking lot and drove to the store for groceries. I had seen Kelli at the bank many times but had never really had more than just a conversation at the teller window. All the while I was shopping, my thoughts went back to the note. From the brief request she had made, I couldn’t help but think she was interested. She could not have been older than twenty-five, but then again, what difference would that make. By the time I was done shopping, I was soaked, just thinking about the possibility. I decided I would call her then and there.

I dialed her number at the bank with shaky fingers. She answered on the second ring.

“This is Kelli. Is this the CoyoteGirl?”

“It’s me. Glad you liked my stories!”

“They’re true, aren’t they?”

“How did you know?”

“Saw you and your friends last month and put two and two together!”

“Call me when you get home tonight. We’ll talk!”

“Talk to you soon. By the way, you’ve got a really nice body!”

I drove home and unloaded the groceries in a hurry. As soon as everything was put away, I went out on the back deck and took off my jeans. The crotch of my panties were a mess. I stuck my hand inside and felt the wetness that was leaking from my vagina. I rubbed some of it around on my clit and then plunged two fingers inside and fucked myself to a very rapid orgasm within minutes. I just sat there for a few minutes, fingers in my throbbing hole and let the warm afternoon sun start me up all over again. This time I went slowly, imagining what it would be like if Kelli were fingering me. I was very tentative in my stoking this time. I explored every part of my sex, rubbing the wetness all over it. I reached a hand to my breast and began gently squeezing them one at a time, paying close attention to my rock hard nipples. I switched hands and circled my nipples with two fingers, spreading the wetness from my vagina around each one. The wetness made them glisten in the sun. I bent over and took one in my mouth, licking my juices off and then moving on to the other. After licking them clean, I took both ands to my sopping crotch and began rubbing my lips between them, forcing more fluid to flow from me. I stuck a finer inside and brought it back up to my lips, sucking the juice from it. I could feel another big orgasm building and did not want to wait any longer. I plunged two fingers inside and furiously rubbed my clit with my other hand until I quickly came in a shuddering climax.

I collapsed back in the chair and when I was calmed down a bit, pulled my panties back up and put my jeans on again. I had to get my mind on something else until Kelli called or I would just fuck myself silly.

I dozed off for a while in the chair and was awakened by the phone ringing. It was Kelli.

“How are you?”

“Fine, now!”

“I couldn’t talk long while I was working so I’m glad you suggested I call you at home. I couldn’t wait to get off!”

“I couldn’t either!”

There was a long pause on her end while she digested what I had just said. I think she read between the lines.

“I was just wondering if you might be interested in another friend?”

What did you have in mind?” I quizzed.

“Well……to be honest, someone who would like to experience another woman. I’ve never been with one, but you certainly keçiören escort kız made me more than curious.”

“I can always use another friend.” I said. “Would you like to have lunch Saturday so we can talk about it?”

“I’d love to. Where?”

“How about out here? It’s easier to talk….”

“I know where you guys are at. What time?”

“Shall we say noonish?”

“It’s a date. See you Saturday.”

“Bring your swimsuit. We’ll get in the hot tub.”

“Think I’ll need it?”

“Up to you.”

“I really don’t think I will!”

I hung up the phone and was really excited about Saturday.

When Carl got home that evening, I told him about getting caught. He just laughed and said, “That’s what happens when you think no one will figure it out.”

“Kelli is coming over to have lunch with me Saturday. I hope that’s all right.”

“Whatever trips your trigger!”

“She is awfully cute!”

“Dave and I will be over at the tackle show all day. We probably won’t get back until late. You girls have fun. You can tell me about it later.” he said with a grin. “Hope you won’t miss me.”

Don’t worry. It’s just lunch.”

“And I know what you’ll be having!”

I must have blushed a deep shade of purple. He had figured it out that I really did appreciate pussy. Not that there is anything wrong with cock, but my new found pleasure was certainly making me wet.

I got up Saturday morning and quickly tidied up the house. I decided to make some fresh bread and chicken salad for our lunch. After getting all my chores done, I grabbed a quick shower. Looking through the closet after drying off, I couldn’t decide what to wear. I didn’t want to be too obvious, but then, why not, I didn’t think she just wanted lunch and conversation. I decided to wear a pair of very short shorts and a crop top. I went to the kitchen and put the bread in the oven and finished the salad. I no sooner had it prepared than Kelli drove up. She got out of the car and was immediately greeted by Ranger.

“He’s just a big teddy bear, but he loves the ladies! I warned her.

She walked up the path, or should I say rode up, with Ranger nearly taking her off her feet by walking between her legs.

“Big teddy bear indeed,” she said as I opened the porch door for her.

She was wearing a pair of very tight jeans and a little spaghetti strap tank. Glancing at her breast, she was no more than an A cup, but had significant areola and pointy nipples. I quickly looked away from them so as not to be conspicuous.



“Let’s eat out here on the porch. Wine?”

“Love some.”

I brought everything out on a big tray and poured us each a glass of white burgundy. She sat across from me in the chair and I could feel her eyes moving over me as I handed her a glass.

“Here’s to a Saturday afternoon,” I toasted.

“And to new friends,” she added.

During lunch and several glasses of wine our conversation was pretty general. We talked about her job, my job, and what was going on around town.

She finally changed the subject to why she sent the note.

“I read your stories, and, they really made me hot. When I went to your bio, I recognized the picture. That got me even hotter.”

“I take that as a complement.”

“When I read your last story, I remembered seeing you and your two friends in town one Saturday, and put two and two together.”

“We did have fun that weekend, that’s for sure.”

“Obviously, you husband doesn’t mind.”

“Not as long as he knows about it. I wouldn’t even dream of doing anything like that without his approval.”

She had a little keçiören escort bayan sad look on her face that quickly disappeared when I said, “Don’t worry, he knows you were coming over today. He and his buddy are at the tackle show in Tulsa and won’t be back until late.

Kelli spoke up, “I don’t mean to be forward, but I would like to be your friend. …………..I can’t believe I saying this, but I’ve always wanted to experiment with another woman, but didn’t know how to approach someone. I was always afraid I’d pick the wrong one and it would not be pleasant. Does that sound corny?”

“Not at all. Like you read, my first time was totally an unplanned event.”

“I do have some issues that I hate to bring up, but……I’ve never been able to cum with anyone!”

“What about alone?”

“Difficult, but I can usually get off, just takes forever.”

With all of that out of the way, I decided to take the initiative to see what would happen. I took her by the hand and led her back to the bedroom. I could feel her trembling a little, part from excitement and part from nervousness. As we stood by the bed, I put my arms around her waist and softly kissed her lips. She slowly responded by parting them a little and I began easing my tongue between them, not forcing myself inside to quickly. I began to slowly caress her ass through her jeans, squeezing her checks a little and running my hands up her back. She was moaning softly into my mouth and I began to French her more aggressively, entwining my tongue with hers and licking around her lips.

He hand had now found my backside and were gently squeezing my cheeks and massaging my lower back. We continued our gentle embrace for quite some time before I broke away from her and slowly began rolling up her top. I rolled it over her breast as she raised her arms above her head. I removed it completely at that point and brought my hands down to her small breasts. I massaged them both, gently squeezing her areola and nipples which were already fully distended and hard as rocks.

I began kissing my way down her throat and on to her breasts, leaving a wet trail of saliva as I made my way to each nipple. There were constant moans escaping her lips as I suckle each one and then began making my way lower, dropping now to my knees I licked her navel and gently unsnapped the button on her jeans. I could feel her trembling more as I slowly unzipped her, noticing she was not wearing any panties. The other thing I noticed was a lack of pubic hair.

“Did you shave for me?” I asked as I slid her jeans down to her knees.

“Uh huh,” she quietly moaned.

I got quite a shock when I notice her mound as it came back into my view. Her clit was huge. It was nearly as big around as my thumb and nearly an inch long. I had seen pictures of big ones before, but this was up close and personal. I slowly took it into my mouth and gave it a little suck. She moaned louder and ground against my face. The musky aroma of her vagina was intoxicating. I slid a finger into her, feeling the slickness of her already drenched canal. I released her clit and sucked her juices of my finger.

“Big, huh?”


“Why don’t we get on the bed and be comfortable,” I suggested.

She got on the bed and I slowly stripped off my shorts and top, her eyes watching me the whole time.

For a moment the mood was slightly broken as she blurted out, “Do you think my clit is too big?”

“No way! Why would you think that?”

“Well, the men I’ve made love to seem to shy away from it, no one has ever sucked it like you just did.”

“Their loss! Well, probably yours too!”

I pushed her back on the bed sincan ukraynalı escort again, and made my way down to her mound. The juices were flowing from her as I spread her legs and nestled my head between them. He vagina was wide open and her clit looked like a small penis at the top of her slit. I slowly inserted two fingers into her and place my mouth over her clit again, giving it gently suction and swirling my tongue up and down the shaft. She began to grind her hips against me and I increased my suction on her along with slowly pumping my fingers in and out of her vagina. I continued giving her a “blowjob” and began sliding my fingers out of her and squeezing her lips between my thumb and index finger. She humped harder against my face and I could feel her began to tense up. She went rigid against me, but I could tell she hadn’t orgasmed. It appeared she had stopped herself just short. I became a woman on a mission. This girl was going to cum in my mouth if I had to stay here all afternoon. I increase my suction on her clit, which was absolutely rock hard. I began to bob up and down on it while maintaining suction. She forced her pelvis up against my face in rhythm to my bobbing. Once more she stopped just short of orgasm. I knew she had developed a mental block about it, but I was determined. I sucked harder and faster and she continued to arched her back off the bed and trust into my face.

When I felt her stiffen again, I rammed two fingers into her and felt her spasm deep within her vagina. I knew she was cumming. I quickly pulled my fingers from her vagina and stuck them in her mouth as she began to scream.

“I’m cummmm……………!” she gurgled. Her words distorted from my fingers in her mouth. Her back was almost completely off the bed and her mound stuck to my mouth as she came over and over. Her orgasms lasted for I’m sure thirty seconds before she collapsed back to the bed.

I gently licked her labia, being careful not to touch her purple clit as she came back down.

Minutes passed before she regained a semblance of composure and could speak. He body was still trembling from the shock of her orgasms.

“Oh my God! That was absolutely incredible! I think that was the first time I ever really had an orgasm! Oh Jesus……….nothing like that, ever!” Then she started giggling. It was that post orgasmic giggle that you can’t control.

I just lay there between her legs and listened to her. I had a big smile on my face when she raised up on her elbows and looked down at me.

“I can honestly say, that if that was cumming, I never have!”

“Glad I could help!”

“I would like to help you, now!” she grinned.

I got up and moved up her body until my mound was over her face. I lowered myself to her mouth and made her taste my sopping vagina. I could feel juices squish out around her mouth as I ground myself into her mouth. I thought to myself, “Might as well give her a good taste of woman since she asked for it!”

I could feel her tongue stabbing deep inside me as I continued to grind against her mouth. She licked the walls of my vagina and then I pulled back a little, allowing her to reach my clit. She sucked it and ran her tongue up and down my lips. “This girl leans fast,’ I thought.

I now began a rocking motion against her face and soon increased the pace as I rapidly approached a climax. As I came, I ground back down onto her mouth, feeling her tongue go deep in me as my contractions held it there. When I stopped spasming, I slid back down and looked at her.

“That was wonderful, Kelli. Are you sure you’ve never done it before?”

“Only in fantasies!”

We both lay down on the bed and just cuddled a little, not really wanting to start anything else.

After a while Kelli asked “Can we do this again sometime?”

“I don’t know why not!”

It was now almost five o’clock and she had to leave. I watched her dress and thought to myself “I wonder if she would like to join our “Girls Weekend Club”.

Maybe next visit I’ll ask her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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