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‘This is crazy.’

‘I know, Emma. I haven’t forgotten. It’s only ten minutes since you last told me.’

I admire your slim figure before you turn around from looking through the window and glare at me. ‘I should be out there with my mates.’

‘I’m not stopping you. Go.’

You slump down on the sofa. ‘No, Mom said I have to stay in and keep you company.’

‘Emma, I’m babysitting you, not you looking after me, apart from which, I’m happy to be alone with my crossword. Go out with your girlfriends.’

‘I’m eighteen! I don’t need a babysitter. It’s crazy.’ You jump up and storm out of the lounge.

I sigh and return my attention to 12 down.

Five minutes later, you return with a coke and collapse next to me. ‘You need any help, Grandad?’

‘Sure, if you want.’

I feel the softness of your long brown hair against my cheek as you move closer to look at the newspaper. ‘Which clue are you working on?’

’12 down, six letters, ‘Dirk from a ragged roundabout.’ I have the third letter. It’s g.’

You take a slurp of coke. ‘Nipple.’

I frown. ‘You spell it with a g?’

You giggle. ‘OK, maybe not. Try vagina.’

‘Emma, if you’re not going to take this serious, do something else.’

‘What’s wrong with vagina, Grandad? Have you forgotten what one is?’

‘It has no connection with the clue.’

You jump up and scowl at me. ‘You’re no fun and I’m stuck with you all weekend. Fuck!’

‘I know you’re angry I’m here, Emma, but I’m simply doing your parents a favour.’

You pull your t-shirt up and flash me. ‘I guess you’ve also forgotten what these are for. Seven letters, B-R-E-A-S-T-S’

I’m tempted to respond to your taunt, but restrain myself. You glare at me for a moment before you rush out and tramp up the stairs. ‘You’re as bad as Mom,’ you scream as the bed room door slams.

I return to my crossword, but it’s difficult to concentrate with the vision of your perfect breasts filling my thoughts. ‘Damn you, Emma,’ I hiss.

It’s 1.00 am and sleep is impossible with lusty thoughts of my brat grand-daughter’s pert breasts. At length, I give up and leave my bed.

I enter your bedroom. You’re asleep, looking so pretty and innocent. Maybe the thought of taking your innocence is why I can’t resist molesting you. As I think of what I’m about to do, my cock escapes the confines of my dressing gown and peeps out, already dribbling pre-cum. Your mouth is part open which is an invitation for Grandad to abuse it. It’s an impulse and I know if I think about it, I won’t do it and I so want to do it. It’s so taboo, my cock is fully erect when I slip the head into your mouth, your lips sliding the foreskin back as it enters. Your tongue licks it, perhaps you’re tasting your first pre-cum. I guess you like it, because you continue to lap all over my glans xnxx as your tender touch produces even more to trickle into your mouth.

I pull back the duvet. You’re wearing a blue shirt, the top two buttons open. Careful not to wake you, I unbutton the rest and open it to expose your breasts. Small, but with sizable nipples to compensate. I slide my thumb over them and they immediately harden. You moan in your sleep as I caress them until they’re standing like pencil rubbers.

With my left hand exploring your breasts, my right hand lifts the hem of your shirt. The gusset of your lace panties is damp. Mmm, you’re excited at Grandad’s abuse of your nipples or could it be my cock which is now slowly moving in and out of your mouth. Only a couple of inches penetration, but more than enough sensation to excite me.

I dare not risk waking you by removing them, so my hand parts your legs before it slides down inside your panties to assault your pussy lips. You moan even louder at my invasion of your secret parts, but you’ve become wetter at the touch of my finger tips on your most sensitive region. I stroke up and down and your hips move against my naughty fingers. It’s obvious you need Grandad inside you, so my middle finger glides into your wet warmth and pushes deep. You start to squirm and I realise you’re close to experiencing your orgasm. I slide my finger in and out as your body reacts with even more trembling. It’s all I can do to stop myself from cumming, so I stop my assault on your mouth and hope your continuous licking doesn’t take me over the edge. When my thumb caresses your tiny clit, you start to cum almost at once. I push my cock into your mouth and know I’m about to explode. I don’t want you to choke, so remove my erection and aim it at your chest. The first splash slams into your nipple just as you start to cum. I slide my cock against the soft flesh of your boob as more semen ejects onto you. You start to gush onto my middle finger which continues to fuck your hole.

Your eyes open and you look startled to see me. My cock is still jetting onto your nakedness, but you only gaze into my eyes as your orgasm takes over your body. I kneel beside you and your arms pull yourself up to me.

‘I came to remind himself of what a vagina is.’

You giggle. ‘Mmm, I’m pleased you did, Grandad.’

‘I shouldn’t have done it, Emma. You angered and frustrated me.’

‘If you come to bed, I’ll forgive you.’ You kiss me on the lips.

We kiss for a while before I remove my gown and slide into bed. Soon, you return to your sleep, comfy in my arms, your nakedness relaxed against mine.

A gentle kiss on my lips awakes me. I open my eyes and look up at you, my beautiful little girl.

‘Good morning, Grandad,’ you coo.

‘Good morning, baby,’ I whisper. ‘Give Grandad another.’

You brazzers smile and lower your mouth to mine. It’s another soft kiss as my hand slides through your long hair and holds your head to mine. My first kiss is also soft, but the next kisses are enthused with ever growing passion. Your body quickly relaxes as you return my kisses, however your breathing is heavier as our lips continue their caress. My tongue pushes and, at once, your lips part. It probes your mouth. You groan and your body collapses to the bed as your passion increases. I sense these are the first such kisses your virgin mouth has experienced. Your fingers are in my hair, a frantic combing through my tangle as the minutes pass by and our tongues play. You’re still naked from a few hours earlier, so I can feel your firm nipples pressed hard against my chest. At last, you pull back and pant for air. Your face is flushed and confused. Your eyes move all over my face, as though it will provide an explanation for the sensations that excite your body. However it’s not long before your bruised, but excited lips, return for more of Grandad’s loving.

Eventually, you pull away and fall back against my arm, your face crushed against my neck. I hold you close. You relax in our cuddle for a few seconds, then gasp, ‘Grandad!’

‘Yes, baby.’

‘Your cock … it’s beautiful.’

I chuckle. ‘Thanks.’

You sit up and scoot down the bed until you’re sitting beside it. You study it for almost a minute and it’s your scrutiny that makes it even stiffer and causes pre-cum to slowly drip down the shaft. ‘Can I touch it Grandad … please Grandad?’ Your voice is so hushed I can only just make out the words.

‘Yes, baby. As much as you want.’

‘Oh, thank you Grandad. I’ve wanted to play with one for so long’

‘You look as though you’ve never seen one before.’

Your face is bright scarlet. ‘I haven’t, not in the flesh’ you hush as you gaze at it. Your right hand touches it, however it’s only your finger tips and you’re hesitant as though it may attack you. At your light touch, it jerks and you giggle.

‘Woah! I find that difficult to believe. You’re a beauty.’

‘Lack of opportunity, Grandad. You see, I’ve never been interested in boys, only maturity.’

‘I see.’

‘Last weekend, I started to see a guy in his forties, until Mom found out. That’s why you’re here this weekend to stop me.’

‘I don’t understand. Your Mom said nothing about this.’

‘I thought she had, which is why I was so mad at you. Hmm, maybe she didn’t tell you because she’s ashamed of me.’ You pause. ‘He’s married and, to be honest, I’m not that keen on him. He’s not my sort … but I’ve been so frustrated and he’s better than nothing. All we’ve managed so far is some groping in his car.’

‘I’m sorry, Emma. Must be very difficult for you.’

‘Shhh, sikiş izle Grandad. Let me play.’

Your fingers move up and down the underside, and each time your fingers stroke the glans, a deep sigh leaves my half open mouth. You look back at me and smile. ‘The skin is so silky and yummy, but you’re so hard.’ Your fingers scoop the pre-cum and use it to smooth your fingers lightly over the shaft. ‘Mmm, I love this Grandad.’ After a while, you decide to use both hands, one each side and the pre-cum flows faster, the slippery current coating your fingers. You cease stroking and grip me with one hand, while the other cups your balls. You start to slowly wank me.

After a few minutes. ‘Grandad, can I rub your penis against my nipples?’

‘Mmm, yes, that would be wonderful.’

You lean over and move my cock until the swollen head is massaging your stiff nipple. You groan as it slides back and forth over the tip while your other hand strokes up and down the underside of my soaking wet cock. Your pleasure moans fill the room with every stroke, as do mine. Can hardly believe the amount of pleasure you’re giving me. There’s no shortage of natural lubrication, so your fingers are busy over every inch of my erection. With such unrelenting caressing, plus the sight of this girl-woman absorbed in pleasuring herself using my cock, I’m within seconds of cumming, despite fighting to hold back to increase the pleasure time.

‘Grandad’s about to shoot out loads of cum, baby.’

‘Oh, yummy. Can I keep playing with it?’

‘Oh, yes, I’ll tell you when to finish.’

‘Mmm, cool,’ you whisper.

‘Aaaaaahhhhh, Emma,’ I cry, as a fountain of sperm splatters over your chest.

‘Oooohhhh, Grandad,’ you groan as you watch my cum cover your nakedness.

‘In your mouth, baby,’ I manage to command, despite my growls of pleasure.

You obey without hesitation and I groan even louder, with even more pleasure, when a second rush leaves my cock and assaults the inside of your mouth. More follows, still your mouth is fixed around my shaft as I slide in deeper. You gag, but your watering eyes never leave mine as you swallow and swallow my seed.

Eventually, my cock softens in your mouth and, even after you remove it, you continue to lick all over it, whispering, ‘Mmm, that was so yummy, Grandad.’

‘Mmm, you’re good to your Grandad. I love you, baby.’

‘I love you, Grandad.’ You look coy. ‘Playing with you made me orgasm. I had two.’

‘That’s a bonus, darling. Grandad will always want to give you pleasure.’

‘Finding and planning to meet an older man when living with parents is near impossible.’ You slide into my arms. ‘Does that mean, you’ll be my secret boyfriend?’

I chuckle. ‘Boyfriend? At my age? Yes, of course.’

‘I’d love that. I can get rid of that tosser now.’ You stroke the tips of your fingers over my cock while you look into my eyes, a sultry expression giving me an amazing thrill. ‘You going to fuck me now, Grandad?’

‘No, instead, we’ll have breakfast, then I’ll make love to you.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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