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I heard the keys in the door and felt the rush of wetness in my panties. David is home- with Katie. She laughs when the door opens and she sees me kneeling with a ball gag in my mouth and nothing on except a steel chastity belt. David walks over and pulls the gag out of my mouth, and pets my head, caressing my hair.

“Have you been a good girl?” he asks.

“Yes, sir.” I respond.

“Are you excited for your reward?” he asks.

I nod. I was not allowed to cum in a long time so I was hoping this reward would include my orgasm. Usually, I am allowed to cum once every Sunday. Ever since David told Katie about my cuckquean fetish, she wanted to play a role in restricting my orgasms. So I am now only allowed to cum when she was fucking David, my husband. So since she’s over on a Friday night, I am assuming this is one of the nights I get to cum.

David and Katie are laughing in the kitchen. He bends down to get some beer, and Katie spanks his ass. I get turned on just watching. But also at the humiliation of being forced to watch. My horny cunt is dripping, lubricating the chastity belt.

Katie walks over to me and stares at me, laughing. “How long has she been in the chastity belt?” Asking no one in particular.

“1 week” I answer. I get more horny from being treated as subordinate to my husband’s girlfriends.

She walks over to inspect the belt and bursts out laughing when she sees that I have leaked out of the cage I am wearing because I am so incredibly horny from being denied orgasm for a full week. “David- look at how horny your wife is! This is so funny!”

“We’ll let her out of the cage when we’re done fucking.” Kurtköy Anal Escort David yells from the kitchen.

Katie walks back to the kitchen and slowly unbuttons David’s pants. She puts his hard cock in her mouth and turns and looks at me- smiling- with his cock still in her mouth. What a tease. He lifts her tiny body and carries her to the couch. Where he proceeds to fuck her. This is all a blur. My pussy is literally soaked.

“Come here, slave” Katie summons me. I walk there on my hands and knees, feeling how slippery the chastity belt is against my swollen cunt. “Be a footrest” she commands, then giggles.

“she’s very into feet” David says on my behalf. Katie immediately shoves her feet into my mouth, and I graciously lick her feet like the kinky slut wife that I am.

My pussy is throbbing from being treated like a sub wife by my husband and his girlfriend. I can hear the pumping noise of his cock and her superior pussy. Watching his slippery cock pump in and out of her swollen and dripping cunt. David stops and takes her panties off completely, then balls it up and shoves it in my mouth. I loved being gagged so I start salivating and moaning into my husband’s girlfriend’s dirty panties. Katie lifts her feet and shoves it in my face so I can smell the soles of her feet pungently. She starts rocking back and forth faster and faster as David pumps in and out of her, and I can hear her screaming “I’m going to cum!!” into David’s ear and echoing through our loft apartment. David starts pumping faster and faster, grunting, and I can tell he is about to cum. Katie pulls him closer and whispers “Cum inside me, David” Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort and I am horny out of my mind from being denied and forced to watch this. David grunts “I’m cumming, Katie” and spills his load inside her freshly fucked cunt.

Katie laughs and summons me “come clean up after your husband like a good slave” and I start lapping at her fucked cunt because of how horny and desperate I am. I taste the bitter saltiness of his cum and the sourness of her fluids. David comes up behind me and starts to unlock my chastity belt.


He slowly takes off the belt and both him and Katie start laughing at how wet and swollen my cunt is from being denied. “HAHAHAHA” Katie bursts out laughing uncontrollably. “She is so wet!!”

David comes over and puts his hand on my swollen labia and I almost cum immediately. But I try to hold it to the best o my ability. If I cum without permission, it immediately turns into a ruined orgasm, and I will not be given the chance to cum until much later. He takes his fingers off my soaked cunt, and licks my juices from his fingers.

“In which humiliating manner would you like to cum today?” He smiles at me. He knows I am on edge from being denied and humiliated, and anything could make me cum in seconds. I have been told to hump various things in the apartment after being unbelted. These objects range from large to small: coffee tables, couches, the floor, kitchen utensils, or the hottest, other girl’s clothes that they leave or forget at our place after having a good fuck with my husband.

“We should make her hump a stuffed animal until she cums!” Katie screams. Katie is Kurtköy Zenci Escort fond of the idea that I like to be humiliated. But maybe she was feeling generous today, a stuffed animal would feel so plush against my clit. I secretly thank her, but it’s also because I am so horny humping anything sounds good.

“Here, slave.” She hands me a large stuffed bear. “Hump this until you cum and when you start cumming bark like a dog.” She laughs. Her cruelty is such a turn on I can feel myself dripping down my legs like the horny slut that I am.

“Yes, ma’am.” I say with my mouth still gagged with Katie’s dirty panties, so it sounds more like “efff aaa”. She laughs.

I start humping the stuffed bear on the floor, feeling completely humiliated. My cunt juices start dripping all over the stuffed doll and the fur is matted by my wetness. I moan loudly; my cunt is so horny it is on fire. I hump and hump until I feel close to cumming, and it has only been a few seconds. Humiliated, I start barking like a dog but my barks are muffled by the panties.

David and Katie watch me while they are laughing. Their laughter and the humiliation is pushing met to the edge. My cheeks are red, my cunt is dripping so much since I am such a horny slut for this kind of degrading treatment. I feel the pressure in my cunt and know I am about to cum. I bark louder to show them that I am cumming “ARRFF, ARRF, ARFFF” And they come over, laughing, while kicking my pussy. The orgasm is so intense I start convulsing on the floor. When my orgasm subsided, Katie rubs her feet, wet from my cum fluids, on my face. I lay there enjoying all of this.

Then Katie says “Back on with the chastity belt! Now go get some beers for us.”

I feel my face burn as I was forced to orgasm while humping a stuffed animal while my husband’s girl gets to enjoy his delicious cock. But I loved it, and need it to continue. So because of that, I walked up to get them beers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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