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Roberta sucked in her breath. She held up the red vinyl bustier, riding crop and looked at it incredulously. Roberta could hardly believe the things that she had discovered. She sat on the floor next to the gray plastic bin stunned. She sat looking at the various articles of lingerie, sex toys and bondage items tucked and folded inside the bin.

“My roommate’s a freak,” she said to herself.

She held up a pair of nipple clamps and eyed them suspiciously. Roberta wondered who had last worn the shiny metal clamps. She thought about Mika, her roommate. This did not seem like Mika. Mika was quiet. She rarely went out to the club, although when she did, Mika was stunning. Mika was beautiful, her skin the color of Jamaican sand with long black hair that flowed down her back and nice full breasts that did not sag. She was the kind of girl that made men trip over themselves to get her number in the club. Mika made grown men forget what they wanted to say and made other girls wish they were her. Much to Roberta’s surprise Mika was not cocky. She didn’t flaunt her long hair or her D cup breasts like some other pretty girls did. Mika, even smiled and talked to most guys that approached her. However she turned down most of them, because she had a boyfriend, Lloyd, who she was loyal to. Mika talked about Lloyd a little too much at times, Roberta thought, but she wasn’t going to say anything.

The ringing of her cellphone woke Roberta from her daydream. She reached over to answer it, but the phone slid from her grasp and skid across the end-table. Roberta leapt up trying not to damage the items, while grabbing for the phone.

“Hello,” Roberta said answering the phone, her voice flustered.

“Wassup girl,” came a deep rumbling voice.

“Hey babe,” Roberta said recognizing Taylor, her boyfriend.

“What are you up to?” Taylor asked.

“Studying,” Roberta lied. She thought he sounded happy.


Roberta heard the disappointment in his voice. She felt bad about lying to him. However she couldn’t tell him that she was snooping her roommate’s things.

“Hey baby, ” she cooed. “Let me get this studying done and I’ll call you back later. Maybe we can go out to IHOP or something.”

“Alright,” Taylor said.

Roberta closed the phone ending the call and smiled. Sometimes Taylor could be so easy to deal with.

She looked down at the items assembled before him. She picked up a pink latex choker with a small “D” shaped ring attached to the front of it. The choker easily slid around her neck. It felt good against her skin. Roberta stood up and went to the full-length mirror mounted on the door to the bathroom. Roberta modeled the collar. It looked good on her. However something in the back of her mind screamed out for her to take the collar off.

“I wonder if she has plans for anyone to wear this? I’ve got a few things that I could wear with this.”

She looked over to the clock and saw the time. The clock read 9:30 pm. Roberta knew she didn’t have a lot of time to play with before she had to get ready for Taylor. She started replacing the things back in the bin carefully laying them back in the bin. Roberta then went into the bathroom and began preparing for her shower. It wasn’t until she had gotten into the shower that Roberta realized that the collar was still around her neck. Oh well she thought. I’ll wear it on my date tonight with Taylor.

Roberta felt her nipples stiffen when she thought about wearing the collar. They did that when she was excited, scared or aroused, much like she was now. Roberta had big nipples, something she had grown proud of. She loved to have a man suck on them and play with them. Roberta knew that she was cute. She doubted that she was on Mika’s level, but she got her fair share of admirers and chasers. Roberta’s 38-26-40 dimensions made her an object of attention around campus. Roberta walked out of the steam-filled bathroom, with her towel wrapped around her body. Roberta was absorbed in her thoughts about what she was going to wear for Taylor. She hardly noticed Mika sitting on her bed.

“Hey,” Mika said casually.

Roberta jumped, she hadn’t noticed Mika sitting on her bed. Her heart thudded in her chest. Instinctively her hand went up to the collar.

“Keep it on,” Mika said waving her hand. Mika looked at Roberta with a smirk. “So I see you went through my things. Wanted to know more about me?”

“No, well yes,” Roberta stammered. “I just got bored.”

Mika stared back at Roberta. Her gun-metal grey eyes, scanning Roberta for any hint of untruthfulness, as she stood there, then Mika shifted her stance.

“That’s ok,” came a voice behind Roberta’s ear. Before she could react; an arm slipped around her throat and one grabbed her right arm and twisted it violently behind her. Roberta squealed in pain. The arm around her throat tightened, cutting off her air supply.

“She’s pretty mistress.”

Roberta tried to turn to see who was talking. However her right arm was twisted again, forcing her to stop. Roberta bursa otele gelen escort recognized the voice of one of Mika’s friends LaToya. Roberta ha seen LaToya on more than one occasion and the girl could best be described as tomboyish. LaToya played forward on the university’s basketball team. She was tall for a girl about 5′ 11, athletic with an old school “Toni Braxton” haircut. LaToya’s arms were muscled and several tattoos decorated her biceps and shoulder. LaToya most of the time wore shorts and a t-shirt. She however, always had her fingernails done and painted some shade of red.

Roberta could feel LaToya’s breasts pressed against her bare back. LaToya’s breath on her neck, was hot and annoying. The towel Roberta was wearing started to slide down her body, baring her breasts. She felt the towel continue to slide.

“Let me go,” Roberta demanded. She struggled to free herself. Roberta wasn’t used to being treated like this. She hadn’t been in a fight since middle school. Her heart pounded harder in her chest. One-on-one Roberta figured that she might be able to hold her own against Mika, but two-on-one with this “female gorilla” holding her, Roberta thought her chances bleak. She struggled to breathe.

“Why,” Mika shouted, rising from the bed. Her face showing hints of her anger. “You’ve been rummaging through my stuff. We’ve been roommates for almost a year, now and I’ve never gone through your things!”

Roberta noticed her nipples were hard and standing at attention. She wondered why, especially with what was going on. She watched as Mika advanced toward her.

“Look I’m sorry I got bored,” pleaded Roberta. She noticed that a paddle appeared in Mika’s hand. The long, thick piece of polished wood had the word “LOVE” spelled out in pink leather down its face.

“You know I could call campus security and have you arrested. Which would probably lead to your expulsion, Mika said indifferently. “Or you could do something else for me. No one has to know about this.”

“What “Roberta asked.

“You could become my slave,” Mika said turning her back on Roberta.

“Your slave! That’s some bull-“

“Shut up,” said LaToya, cutting her off. She tightened her arm around Roberta’s neck.

Roberta knew she’d have no way of explaining that she’d gotten expelled from school for stealing. Her mother would kill her. Not to mention her scholarships would be revoked.

Mika stood in front of Roberta and LaToya.

“Looks like your body’s already made up your mind for you,” Mika said reaching out tweaking one of Roberta’s erect nipples. “What are these- Ds?”

Roberta whimpered from the pinch. She was scared. One Roberta didn’t know what the two girls had planned and tow she had never been with a woman. Roberta also knew that she couldn’t allow Mika to call campus security.

“So what’s it gonna be,” Mika asked tweaking Roberta’s other nipple.

“Yes,” Roberta said weakly. Mika’s tweaking of her nipples was making her wet. Not to mention that she was scared as hell of getting suspended from school. Roberta could feel her pussy getting moist. Roberta wondered if she should tell her that her nipples were one of her spots.

“Good move, bitch,” LaToya growled. She loosened her grip on Roberta’s neck.

Roberta eyes flashed angrily at being called a bitch. She struggled to free herself

Mika smacked LaToya.

“I never told you to speak to her,” Mika growled at LaToya. She held up her hand ready to strike again, if necessary.

LaToya placed a hand on the spot where Mika had slapped her.

“She doesn’t like being called a bitch,” Mika stated flatly. A menacing smile spread across her face. “She’s mine.”

Mika turned and walked away from the two girls.

Roberta watched her turn her back on the two, bending over to pick up something.

“You’ve always had a nice ass,” Mika said over her shoulder. Mika glided back over to where LaToya was still holding Roberta. She pinch Roberta’s right nipple again, squeezing it until Roberta gasped in pain. “You tits are nice too. I remember looking at you one time thinking how nice it would be to play with then. I love a nice rack. Show her yours LaToya.”

LaToya released Roberta. She kicked Roberta in the heel. Roberta stumbled forward into Mika’s grasp. LaToya lifted up her halter top exposing her breasts to Roberta.

Roberta looked back at LaToya’s breasts. She figured that they were about a C cup.

“Oh what fun, we’re going to have with you,” Mika whispered into Roberta’s ear. She held Roberta’s arms. Mika reached around, tweaking Roberta’s nipples again.

LaToya walked over to Mika’s bed and pulled the familiar gray plastic bin from under the bed. She removed a pair of shiny handcuffs from the bin and then turned on her small stereo. Missy Elliot boomed from the speakers. Mika pushed Roberta back into LaToya’s arms.

Roberta tried to struggle, but the two girls managed to put the handcuffs on her wrists and then gagged her. Roberta escort bayan continued to struggled. She was actually scared of what the two girls would do to her now.

“Oh you can struggle, ” Mika laughed. “It’ll only make the punishment more severe.”

With Roberta’s arms restrained it was easier for LaToya to control her. The towel fell to the ground leaving Roberta completely nude

LaToya leered at her. Her eyes roving Roberta’s nude body, with lust.

“Oh and you’re shaved,” Mika said surprised. “I like that.”

She spun Roberta around quickly and put her in a modified headlock. Then she sat down on Mika’s bed, Roberta was bent over, somewhat uncomfortably, her ass exposed to the air.

Roberta felt vulnerable. She felt humiliated, but also aroused at the same time. She felt a hand caress her buttcheeks. Suddenly she felt her buttcheeks been spread open and her asshole being massaged. It felt like a liquid was being applied to her asshole. Then she felt what she thought was a finger being inserted into her ass. The finger was worked in and out. Roberta gasping aloud each time.

“You like that huh, bitch?” Mika laughed.

Roberta didn’t respond. She didn’t want to give Mika the satisfaction of knowing, she had gotten to her.

“I was talking to you,” Mika stated flatly. “So you’re going to be rude? Oh, I’m going to have fun breaking you tonight.”

Mika bent down and picked up a pink jelly dildo. She shoved it into Roberta’s lubricated ass.

Roberta gasped and her eyes rolled up into her head, from the pain and shock. She had never been fucked in the ass.

“Oh this is just a small sample of the pain, that I’m going to visit on you tonight,” Mika teased. “First I’m going to let LaToya have a little fun with you.

LaToya smiled. “Thank you mistress,” she said.

LaToya slowly stood up. She released Roberta from the headlock and shoved her onto the bed.

Roberta lay face down on the bed, struggling. Her pussy was getting wetter by the moment and that scared her more than the two girls. Mika’s remark about hurting her, unnerved Roberta. Roberta began to wonder if she should have taken her chances with campus security.

LaToya hovered over her. She enjoyed seeing the pretty girl- Roberta helpless. LaToya wanted to do to her what her mistress had done to her and to also please her mistress. Latoya was also determined to have a little fun with Roberta as well. She could not allow Roberta to take her place. Latoya could recall several statements Mika had made about Roberta in the past. LaToya bent down over the prone body of Roberta.

“You like that bitch,” she whispered into Roberta’s ear. “I’m going fuck you and make my mistress happy.” LaToya jammed two fingers into Roberta’s pussy and then pulled them out.

“I see you’re already wet,” LaToya teased. “Now you’ve got to pay, because mistress didn’t tell you to get wet.”

LaToya began to roughly pump her fingers into Roberta’s pussy. Roberta began to cry out louder. However the gag muffled her cries. She wanted to get away.

LaToya took her two fingers out and placed three in the girl’s pussy. She smiled as she saw the look on Roberta’s face.

Roberta’s pussy gripped LaToya’s fingers tightly. It treated LaToya’s fingers like a dick, holding onto her fingers like they were vital to its survival.

LaToya was amazed how tight Roberta’s pussy was. She wondered if the girl’s pussy was always so tight and wet. She noticed tears rolling down Roberta’s face.

“Scream all you want. No one will hear you, nor will they come.”

As much as Roberta hated to admit it, LaToya’s fingers felt good. No one had fingered her in a long time, not even Taylor.

LaToya began to find a rhythm, working her fingers in and out of Roberta’s pussy. Roberta began to push back on LaToya’s fingers. The two struggled to achieve a rhythm.

LaToya smiled.

“So you like that huh bitch,” she asked. “I’m not finished with you yet. You will not cum until I say so.”

LaToya pulled her fingers out of Roberta’s pussy and rolled her over on her back.

Roberta gasped at the sudden loss of LaToya’s fingers from her pussy. She lay on her back for a minute wondering whether “this” would be over.

“So do you think you are ready?”

Roberta struggled to raise herself up to see, who was talking to her. However with her arms being secured, she could not raise herself up enough to see who was talking to her. Suddenly her legs were grabbed and pulled over her head, effectively folding her up. She barely had time to react before she felt a searing pain across her buttcheeks. Roberta screamed out in pain.

“Did I tell you to scream,” Mika questioned her.

Roberta could barely squeak out an answer before she was hit across her exposed ass. The hit caught the dildo flush, pushing it further into her ass. The shock of being hit across her ass and the dildo being pushed into her asshole was both pleasurable and painful. Roberta didn’t know if she could mudanya escort deal with both. Mika hit her again.

“No,” Roberta stuttered, trying to answer even with the gag in her mouth.

“Well then shut up,” Mika shouted, delivering another blow.

The hit brought tears to Roberta’s eyes. Roberta sucked up the cry that threatened to erupt from her throat.

“Oh, I like it when they act tough, but eventually they all break.” Mika rubbed Roberta’s buttcheeks where her paddle had struck her.

“Ahh tender,” Mika soothed. “What do you think, LaToya?”

“I don’t think that she’s ready.” Latoya smiled.

Roberta wanted to say something, but she was still in a state of shock. She wanted to dispute LaToya’s teasing. Mika hit her again, causing Roberta to flinch and squirm..

LaToya pinched one of Roberta’s nipples. Roberta’s nipples were still pert and standing at attention. LaToya began pinching and twisting each nipple in an alternating fashion. Still holding onto Roberta’s legs, she bent over and started sucking on her nipples. LaToya’s breasts hung tantalizingly over Roberta’s face. LaToya even made it a point to crush them on Roberta’s face. She removed the gag from Roberta’s mouth.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, a little voice was telling Roberta that she shouldn’t be enjoying this. I should be angry with them, she thought to herself. They are essentially raping me. However I couldn’t get thrown out of school for “theft,” she thought to herself. Roberta felt an orgasm rising up from the depths. She remembered that Mika had said that she could only cum, when she had told her, but she didn’t know if she could hold this one back. Her pussy was already way past moist. So she would have to endure this and whatever else Mika had planned for her. Roberta felt something being inserted into her eager pussy.

“Your pussy is sloppy wet,” Mika said as she inserted her index finger into Roberta’s pussy. Mika began to work her finger in and out of Roberta’s pussy, watching Roberta squirm and thrash under her administration. “Bitch you’d better not cum, till I say so!”

LaToya continued to suck on Roberta’s breasts. She flicked her tongue across the nipples and drew circles around the areolas. LaToya raised her head up and looked Roberta, directly in her eyes.

“Like that, huh?” LaToya said, with a grin on her face.

Roberta moaned. She had to admit, LaToya was treating her nipples better than any man had ever treated them and was sucking them a little better as well. This was becoming pleasurable, Roberta thought to herself. LaToya alternated between sucking on Roberta’s nipples and lightly blowing on them. The “hot and cold” treatment was arousing. She didn’t know if she could hold back this on-rushing orgasm.

“Hold her, ” Mika commanded LaToya. “I don’t want her moving around trying to escape.” Mika looked intently at Roberta’s bare pussy. She began to lightly flick her tongue across Roberta’s labia. She continued until, Roberta’s pearl began to emerge. Then Mika smiled. She smiled because she knew she had another one. Mika knew that she could get Roberta whenever she wanted from this point on. Mika attacked Roberta’s pearl, sucking it, licking; all the while watching Roberta squirm and attempt to hold back an on-rushing orgasm.

LaToya did as she was commanded and held onto Roberta’s legs. Mika slithered up to Mika. She held something in her hands. Roberta tried to get a better view of what Mika was holding.

“See I know you’ve never been fucked like this and its not over. Marlin here hasn’t been fed.” Roberta patted a life-like brown colored strap-on that was at least 9 inches long and think as hell. Roberta shook her head no, trying to avoid the inevitable. She had never had a dick that big. She didn’t know if she could take all of that.

“You scared,” LaToya taunted. “Oh don’t worry cuz Mistress is gonna bust that cherry on your pussy.”

Roberta shifted her gaze and saw Mika looming over her, the dildo poised right near the entrance of her exposed pussy. Mika smiled evilly at Roberta. Roberta wasn’t a virgin, but the strap-on that jutted from Mika’s waist was scary.

Mika slid it up and down the length of Roberta’s pussy lips, coasting the huge strap-on with her Roberta’s own lubrication. With more force than Roberta thought Mika could muster, the dildo was stuffed into her pussy. Roberta cried out at the forceful invasion.

Mika looked down at Roberta and smiled. She knew she had the girl. She knew that she could do whatever she wanted to do to Roberta now. Mika was determined to fuck Roberta like she had never been fucked. Mika enjoyed looking into the eyes of a girl that she was “breaking in.” And for certain, she was enjoying “breaking in” a girl as beautiful as Roberta. “This’ll be another notch in my belt,” Mika thought to herself. She grabbed Roberta’s breasts roughly and began to squeeze them. She stopped long enough to twist the nipple on Roberta’s right breast. Roberta cried out. Mika did the same to the left breast.

Roberta recovered from her initial shock and began to buck back against Mika. She was determined not to give up. Roberta tried to buck back, but with LaToya holding her legs, she had little leverage to do anything. Plus Mika knew an orgasm was coming. Roberta knew, she couldn’t continue to hold it back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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