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As per Daddy’s rules, I stripped off my clothes as I walked through the house. That was my favorite rule. If the kids and Grandma weren’t around Jessi and I were to be naked. I walked past the room Daddy shared with his wife, Jessica, and opened the next door which was my room. I threw my purse on the chair by the window and walked into the bathroom that separated my room from Daddy’s. The large bathroom had a huge shower with room for three, an enormous whirlpool bathtub and three large vanities. There was a room off the bathroom that was our closet/dressing room with a small washer and dryer. I tossed my clothes on the chair in the corner. Full length mirrors similar to those in department stores were along one wall. I inspected myself in the mirrors. With Daddy’s encouragement I had been able to lose over 50 pounds. I was pretty happy with how I looked. I still wanted a breast reduction though. My 36 H breasts were not nearly as perky as I wanted. But for being ten years older than Daddy and Jessica, I still looked pretty good.

I went back into the bathroom where I removed my anal plug, washed and dried it then put it in my vanity drawer. I pulled out a large plug, lubed it up properly and put it in. This wasn’t easy. I knew Daddy would want to fuck me as soon as he walked in. My ass needed to be ready and this plug was large enough to stretch my insides to easily accommodate Daddy’s cock. I twisted and pushed the larger plug until I felt a pop. The plug was properly seated in my rectum and I could feel the very top deep within my belly. I took a deep breath to help me relax until the plug became less uncomfortable.

After washing up I laid on my massive bed to relax and enjoy the quiet. My mind wandered to thoughts of Jessica and her beautiful body. I could picture her breasts so full of milk and leaking. As I imagined myself suckling on her breast like a newborn I started playing with my own breasts. I rolled my nipples between my fingers while pulling them. Soon they were stiff little nubbins of sensitivity. I could feel dampness forming between my thighs at the thought of tasting her sweet milk. I thought about squeezing her breasts Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort to the milk squirted into my open mouth. I squeezed my own breasts at the image. I pictured myself fingering her wet pussy while I nursed from her. Her wet stickiness covering my hand; just thinking about it made me reach to feel my own. I wanted to shove fingers inside myself, but Daddy would be very angry if I came without permission. I fingered my clit as I thought about burying my face between Jessi’s thighs. My fingers moved faster and faster over my clit. I was building up to a climax when I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Shit! I’d lost track of time! Daddy was home! I scurried across the bathroom to take my place at the foot of his bed. I had just gotten on my knees and taken a deep breath when I heard the door open. Daddy entered the room and my head dropped to gaze at the floor. I was waiting. He stopped right in front of me as usual.

“Hello baby girl.” I could see his feet in front of me. He reached down to lift my chin and his gaze met mine as I looked up. A tired smile crossed his lips. “There is no need to look down at the floor when I enter baby girl. I like to see your eyes light up as I enter the room.” He ran his fingers through my hair and caressed my cheek. This was the signal that he was pleased and that I should proceed.

I reached for the fastener on his belt keepers. I placed each leather strap on the bed. I removed his gear belt with his handcuffs, gun and holster, Asp and Maglite. I carefully laid this on the bed also. Next, I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. His cock was straining against the cotton fabric of his briefs. It was begging to be set free. I looked up at him as I rubbed it through the fabric.

“Yes, baby girl, you may.” I pulled Daddy’s underwear down slowly and watched his magnificent cock appear. When the underwear got down his thighs his cock was finally free. It was pointed directly at my face. There was a glistening drop emerging from the slit at the tip. My tongue flicked out to remove the drop. I leaned into his manhood, breathing deeply Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort to take in the aroma. He smelled of sweat, leather and sex. I knew he had fucked another woman earlier in the day. I wondered who she was and if she had pleased him. I extended my tongue again to lick another drop of his sweet precum from his cock. I took each of his balls into my mouth to gently suck. I licked the smell and taste of that unknown woman from his cock and balls. I sucked each of his balls into my mouth. Daddy liked it when I paid a lot of attention to his balls. After they were properly cleaned with my mouth I turned my attention to his amazing cock once again.

I took the tip of Daddy’s beautiful cock into my mouth, gently sucking on it. I took the whole thing in a little inch at a time and pulling back. I repeated this inch by inch until I had the entire thing in my mouth. I was sucking and teasing the head of his cock with my tongue and could feel it twitching. Daddy grabbed my head and shoved it into his cock and face fucked me for a few minutes. We both knew he wouldn’t cum from this. After all, this was just the cleanup phase.

Daddy took my hand and helped me up from the floor. He stepped out of his shoes that I had already untied, then his pants and underwear. I removed his police badge from his shirt and laid it next to all of the other gear on the bed. Daddy walked into the shower and started the water as I put his clothes in the hamper, his shoes in the closet and properly stored his service weapon and gear.

With everything in its proper place, I quietly entered the bathroom. I stood at the entrance of the shower waiting for the steam to clear. The fan kicked on and when the fog lifted I could see him standing in the powerful jet spray. I watched for a moment. My gaze traveled from his feet up and over his incredible legs. When my eyes reached his round, firm ass I took a deep breath. Finally, my sight traveled up his rippled back to his muscular shoulders. Those strong arms that held and protected me and those big shoulders that carried the weight of my world were mesmerizing to me.

Daddy Kurtköy Ucuz Escort was leaning with his hands against the tile wall letting the water beat against his back and shoulders. I could tell it hadn’t been an easy shift. I reached for the bottle of body wash and the bath sponge. After filling the sponge with soapy bubbles I started washing him. I gently soaped his hair and massaged his scalp. I scrubbed his arms, back, shoulders, chest and every inch of his body saving the best part for last. I soaped up his scrotum and cock while stroking them. I took one of the handheld shower heads and rinsed him off. When my task was complete, I pulled down a fresh towel and dried his body in much the same manner as I had washed it.

His cock was stiff and throbbing again. Before I could finish drying his body he grabbed me by the waist and pushed me back into the shower water’s spray. Daddy forcibly pinned my hands above my head and kissed me hard and deep. I couldn’t catch my breath. He whispered in my ear…”Turn around and grab your ankles baby doll.” Stunned by his sudden moves, I turned slowly. I was a little scared by his forcefulness. I wasn’t sure what was going on. “NOW baby girl,” he growled. I immediately assumed the desired position. He smacked the plug filling my ass. It seemed that the palm of his hand pushed it in even further. “Is your ass ready?” he asked as he removed the plug with a loud pop. He placed the glass toy on the tiled shower seat.

“Grab the seat gorgeous.” I placed my hands on the seat. I could feel the water beating down on my back as he fingered my tight hole. “I like how that plug opens you up for me sweetheart. I’m glad we got that.” I could feel the head of his cock against my asshole and in one quick thrust he was inside me. It felt like I was being ripped apart. He thrust slowly for a couple of strokes then he grabbed my waist and told me to hang on. He was pounding into me as deeply as he could; thrust after thrust as deep as possible and increasing in pace. I could feel his scrotum slapping against my clit. It felt so incredible. His thrusting never relented until I could feel his body stiffen up. He pulled me back by the shoulders and wrapped one arm around my throat cutting off the blood flow. I could still feel his thrusts deep inside me as the shower started spinning and lights appeared before my eyes. I could hear his deep growl and knew he was about to shoot hot cum inside me. The lights faded, then darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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