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Eve sat there watching her dad, mom, and Uncle as they were all fucking, sucking, and kissing. The tape must have been made about 10 years ago. It’s late at night and her parents were up stairs in bed asleep. Undoing her robe she open it to squeeze her tit. Her other hand rub her clit. The next thing she saw on the screen was dad and Uncle Will standing in front of the camera with enormous hard cocks. Slipping a finger in her pussy, she wanted to feel those hard cocks moving inside of her.

He couldn’t sleep, he though maybe a warm glass of milk would help. Getting up he walk down the hall, when he turn the corner he saw the lights now in his Study. Stopping in the doorway he saw his daughter laying on the couch without her clothes. He watch her squeezing her titties, and her fingers fucking her pussy. Looking up at what she was watching he saw it was the pron tape he had made 5 years ago when his wife like having sex. He felt his cock getting hard, holding his cock he stroke it to the movements of her fingers moving in and out of her pussy.

Walking into the room he quietly close and lock the door. “MMMMMMM, baby girl don’t you look wonderful fucking your fingers in your juicy pussy. ” he said as he walk over. “No don’t stop baby I love watching a woman getting off, turns me on even more. ” he says in a rough voice. Looking up she saw her dad’s hard cock within an inch from her mouth. Sticking out her tongue she lick the tip of his cock. “MMMMMMM, yes baby, lick daddy’s cock. Go on now put daddy’s cock in your mouth. MMMMMMMMMMM, yes suck me baby, suck daddy’s cock. ” he groan.

Walking around to stand in front of her, he move his cock back and forth in her mouth. Holding her head in his hands, he watch her fingers moving in and out of etimesgut escort her pussy, keeping his eyes on her he fuck her mouth faster. Moaning and groaning he fuck her mouth moving deeper down her throat, with one last plunge his cum exploded deep in her throat. Pulling out, he sat down next to her, pulling her closer to him. “Oh baby it’s been so long, thank you baby, I love having you suck my cock. ” he told her.

Looking over at him she saw that he was still hard as a rock. “But daddy your still hard. ” she said quietly. {knock, knock] He motion for her to hide somewhere. “Come in. ” he call out after she close the closet door. “What are you doing up this late dear?” his wife ask. “Getting off, sense you don’t like having sex anymore dear. ” he told her. “Okay dear I took some sleeping pills to help me sleep. Good night” she said closing the door. He heard their bedroom door close. “Come on out baby daddy’s all alone now. ” he said. He watch her walk toward him, his cock throb from wanting her. “Daddy I want you to fuck me, and Uncle Will too. ” she told him.

Pulling her down on top of him, he move his fingers down to her pussy finding it wet he put his cock there and push it in. His cock slip in and slide deep inside. Reaching for the phone, he gave it to her after he punch in Will’s number. “Baby I want you to tell him how much you want to feel his cock inside of you and reminder to talk real dirty he loves it. ” he told her. “Hello Uncle Will, I wanted to call and tell you how much I’d love to have your very hot, hard cock right now, I want to hold it, stroke it, lick it, kiss it, suck it, feel it moving inside of me. ” she whisper in the phone before dad took the phone away from her ear.

“Will How otele gelen escort did you like the sound of that? Would you like to come over and have your lovely niece do all that and more to you? Maybe this will help you agree. right now I have my cock up her tight pussy right, I’m fucking my baby girl Will, and you know what, she wants you to fuck her to. okay see you later. ” he said. He grab her hips, pulling her to him in quick strokes. “Oh baby I’m going fill your tight fucking pussy with my hot cum. Here it comes!!” he groan.

“Daddy When can we go camping again, like we did when I was younger?” she ask. “I thought you didn’t like camping honey. ” he said. “I thought we could, you know make each other feel better, and we don’t have the risk of mom finding out. Just think a whole weekend or week of just me and you doing what ever we want to. ” she told him. Slipping his finger up her asshole he thought about it. Will didn’t believe he was really fucking her, good thing he had push the camera, so he could show him when he comes over for poker tomorrow night. “I’ll think about it, and tell you when I make up my mind. ” he told her.

The next evening he told Will to sit down he had something to show him. He push the tape in and turn to him. “Hope you like what you see. ” he told Will. Will saw his niece sucking on her dad’s cock, then she was sitting on his cock and talking on the phone. “You were not kidding, you were fucking her while she was talking to me. ” Will said. “Take next week off and come with me, I’m taking her camping for a week of sucking, and fucking. Just think a week Spent with her in any, and every position we can do. ” he told Will. “I’ll be there, just let me know the time and where we’re going. kızılay escort ” Will said.

He had to wait for his wife to go to bed before he could go to his daughter’s room. He watch as his wife took her nightly sleeping pill. Lately she took them everynight this week. Pretending to be asleep, he thought about getting his daughter really hot, then slipping his cock up her ass, mouth, and in her pussy again. Looking at the clock, it’s been over an hour an half sense she took those pills. Getting up quietly he left the room, tip toeing down the hall to his daughter’s room, closing the door behind him. He found her on the bed wide awake and her legs spread wide. “About time you got here daddy, I’ve been waiting for hours for you to come fuck me. ” she told him. “Come down to my study baby I have some thing to show you. ” he told her.

Once the study door close she wrap her hand around his cock, stroking him he move them to the couch and sat down. “Watch baby. ” he said. Not missing a beat on his cock she turn to see. “See baby Daddy film us last night, would you like to have all our little fucks on tape to watch over and over again?” he ask her. She could talk so she nodded her head yes. “Bend over the coffee table baby daddy’s been wanting to fuck your lovely ass. ” he told her. She bent over the table and felt his cock push in her ass. He push his cock in her asshole, plunging in deep and hard. She knew he was going to cum any second so she push her ass back hard onto him, burying him deep in her asshole, she squeeze holding his cum in her ass while he pull’s out.

He pull out of her ass and push a finger up there to help her hold his cum up her asshole. “Oh baby, We’re going to camping, we’ll leave next Friday right after I get off work, and we’ll be gone for a week. Now carefully climb on daddy’s cock and ride my bull. ” he told her. She slide her pussy down on his still hard cock. “Oh Daddy thank you, now we just have to get Uncle Will to come too. ” she said. “Oh baby he’ll be there waiting for us and for you. ” he told her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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