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I spent the next hour seamlessly editing the video I bought at the store to add the video I shot on my phone of Lauren sucking my cock. By the time I got done burning it onto a disk, Lauren called.


“Yes, Baby?”

“I just wanted to let you know I’m on my way home. I figured after last night, I would call instead of just walking in.”

“I appreciate that. See you when you get home.”

“Bye, Dad.”

Good. I had time to initiate my plan. I took the disk down to the living room and put it in the DVD player and skipped it ahead far enough that her scenes would start after she walked in. I sat and watched, enjoying the movie playing out. Soon I heard her car pull in the drive and the door close. I turned the volume up so she would hear the guy moaning his approval.

“Hi Daddy! I’m… Oh my god! What are you watching?”

“Oh hey, I ended up not going to Bill’s for dinner. I went to the porn store out on the edge of town and they had this really nice gloryhole movie.”

“That is kinda hot. Wow, is she swallowing his whole cock?”

“Oh yeah, sit and watch, unless it’s too weird to watch this with your old man.”

“It is kinda weird,” she answered, “but what the heck. We can bond.”

So she sat down across the living room from me and laid back in the chair. As the scene progressed, I saw her starting to rub herself, seemingly oblivious to the background of the film. This is gonna be good. The next scene was her, and she didn’t know it was coming up next.

“This is hot, Daddy. I didn’t know you were into this.”

“I think the next scene will be hotter,” I told her.

The scene got to the cumshot at the end, she acted shocked.

“Did he just cum in her mouth? Oh my god, she swallowed it! Eww!”

“Part of the sex act, Princess. Some girls just love it,” I said feigning being engrossed in the movie.

Then the coup de gras, her scene starting! When her little interview started I sat up and looked at her, and her jaw was just hanging there. As the scene went on and the cock came through the hole and she started sucking it, the look on her face was priceless!

“What the hell is this, Lauren?”

“I, uh, uh…” she stammered completely speechless. “Turn it off, Daddy!”

“No, I think I have a right to know what my daughter is up to.”

“Turn it off!” she yelled.

“NO! You want to be a little slut, you can let the scene play out! Let’s see how slutty you are!” I yelled back.

Put back in her place she sat there and watched the whole scene, as tears welled up in her eyes. She was still glued to the scene as the camera caught her with her mouth wide open as the cock shot its load in her mouth. She showed the semen to the camera, and swallowed it with a big grin and said, “I love the taste of cum. I could drink it all the Esenyurt Escort time.” I paused the movie and turned to her.

“Did he just cum in her mouth? Oh my god, she swallowed it! Eww!” I said to her in a mocking tone. She just hung her head, silent, her face red with anger and embarrassment. “Let’s keep going with the movie shall we?”

“Please, no. You proved your point,” she said sullenly.

“No. No, I don’t think I have,” I said hitting the play button.

Sure enough, the next scene was the one from my cell phone. The look on her face showed confusion. She could tell it wasn’t the same cock from the video before. But she also knew there shouldn’t have been a camera on the other side of the hole.

“I watched this earlier. I love the ending,” I told her.

We watched through the ending, where I had pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot my load all over her face. My load looked like something from a bukakke film: thick, and lots of it. Her face was coated.

“Who gave you this?!” she demanded. “Who the fuck gave you this?!”

“Why, when was this filmed?”

“Tonight,” she said haughtily. “That asshole ruined my makeup.”

The video kept playing and went to the next scene. But we were locked on to each other. I decided to drop the hammer on her.

“Do you know it is illegal to lie about your age to be in porn? In fact, you are just as legally responsible for making it as the guy with the camera, and the people who put the edited product on disk?”

“No,” she said, visibly shaken.

Lauren started bawling. I was pretty sure I had her dead to rights, and she knew it.

“Please, Daddy. Don’t turn it in. Everyone will know! Not even my friends know about it! I’ll do anything to keep it secret!”

“Define ‘anything’…”

“Please, I’ll do whatever you want. If you want me to be your slut, I will! I will fuck you till I’m worn out and nobody wants me, just don’t turn that disk into the cops! PLEASE!”

“Prove it to me. If you will do anything prove it.”

Lauren sniffled and shook as she reached for my zipper. After some fumbling around, she finally got it down, and fished my hard cock out of my pants. She pulled the skin of my uncut cock back. She spit on the head, to lube it up and started stroking it. Then, for the second time tonight, she wrapped her lips around my cock. Again, it was heaven in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around my sensitive head. I finished undoing my pants and pushed them down. She never missed a lick, staying right on my cock, even as I maneuvered out of the jeans I had been wearing.

“That’s right, Baby Girl, just keep sucking Daddy’s big cock. You like being a daddy’s slut don’t you?”

Breaking her contact for the first time, she looked up and said, “Yes, Daddy. Use me how you want. Esenyurt Escort Bayan Whatever it takes to not get in trouble.”

With that she really started sucking hard. Pushing her mouth all the way down my fat cock, then pulling back to my head, then back down again.

“Daddy, will you fuck my pussy? I will let you if that will make you happy.”

“Yes, I will. Stand up and take your clothes off.”

She stood up, and pulled her shirt off, revealing her braless, creamy tits. For 18, she had full, firm tits. They were crowned with chocolatey areoles, with thick brown nipples, ripe for the sucking. Then she pushed her pants down, revealing skimpy pair of underwear that seemed to split her cleft in half, and barely covered her ass cheeks.

As she started to take the panties off I stopped her. I wanted this to be my unwrapping of my gift. I got down on my knees before her, and sniffed the musket aroma coming off of her cunt. She smelled divine. I pushed her legs apart, and I could see the juices she was leaking had soaked her underwear.

“Lauren, does being treated like a slut, and being told what to do turn you on?”

“Yes, sir.” she replied.

Taking a note of that, I locked my lips onto the crotch of her panties where her clit should be, and started sucking. Her moans and grinding of her covered pussy against my mouth told me I found the right spot. I continued to suck the juices from her panties, and she grabbed a hold of my hair, and pulled me into her crotch. I immediately stopped sucking and slapped her ass hard.

“Lauren, a good slut will wait for her master to give her pleasure. Consider this your warning. Do it again, and I will have to punish you. That means you wait till I let you cum. I will either tell you, or I will make it clear that you are to do just that.”

“Yes, Daddy. I will only cum when you let me,” she moaned, half aroused, half disappointed.

“Now take your panties off for me.”

She pushed her damp panties to the ground, then spread her legs instinctively so I could inspect her little beaver. Her mound was clean shaven, revealing a cute bald pussy. Her pussy lips were red and swollen with her arousal, parting to reveal just a glimpse of her inner lips.

“Go sit and spread your pussy lips. If you are a good little slut, I will let you cum.”

She immediately sat on the couch throwing one leg over the arm rest, and putting her foot on the couch where her pussy was pulling apart. She then reached under her ass and spread her lips revealing the inside of her cunt. I bent down and licked her from asshole to clit, savor ing the taste of her young pussy. I probed her depths with my tongue, tasting the nectar from deep in her well.

“Slut, I am going to fuck your now. You have permission to cum.”

“Please, Escort Esenyurt Daddy, make your slut cum,” she begged.

I placed my ten inch cock at here entrance and slowly pushed it into her channel. She was moaning uncontrollably as I started thrusting slowly into her amazingly tight hole. Slowly I pushed into her a little at a time, till I had my balls nestled against her ass.

“Is this what you want, slut?” I asked her

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck your slut daughter, make me cum with you giant cock. Fill me with your cum.”

I started to fuck her hard, pulling out till just my head was in her then driving it in hard. I kept this rhythm going, and she would grunt hard with every thrust, fucking back just as hard as I was thrusting into her.

“Uh…uh…uh… Like…that..Daddy. So…close…gonna…gonna…cum… Gonna…cum…gonna…Cumming!”

Her body shook as her orgasm rocked her. Her pussy gripped my cock, milking it as the muscles rippled from the entrance of her vagina up to her womb, it was too much for me, and I came spraying her walls with my hot seed.

“Feel… Your cum… Filling me… So hot… In my… Pussy,” she panted.

Once my orgasm high wore off, I pulled out and walked to her purse. I looked inside and saw the wad of cash Bill saw her take from the store. I peeled off $50 and tossed it on her.

“Clean yourself up slut, and from now on, your body belongs to me. If I allow you to go back to that shitty glory hole, I will choose how much you get to keep.”

“Yes daddy,” she answered still in a state of bliss.

I went and laid down, too tired to think about what happened. I heard the shower run and was about asleep when she came to my door.


“Yes, Lauren?”

“As soon as I saw your cock, I knew it was you at the booth. Your cock is amazing. I will gladly surrender myself to you.”

“Do you know what you’re saying?”

“Yes, Daddy. And I want you to know something.”

“What’s that?”

“I always thought you were attractive. I wanted you. After Mom died, I pushed you away because I was scared you wouldn’t want me. Every time I was in the booth, I was imagining it was you. And when you started threatening me, I was scared, then when you told me to prove that I would do anything, I knew it was my chance to be with you.”

“So, about this whole ‘your body belongs to me now’,” I said as I sat up, “I’m willing to ditch that if all this time, I am what you wanted.”

“No, it makes me horny just thinking that I am yours to do as you please. You can do what you want with me: fuck me, eat me, whore me out. I am yours. I want to be used as a fuck toy. I didn’t really know that that is what I was doing this whole time. Being a fuck toy. And if you want me as that, I will be just that.”

“Well, slut, come get in our bed. I have one more thing I want to use you for tonight.”

She willingly came and got in my bed and pressed her naked body to mine. I wrapped my arms around Jane and held her close, and whispered “Lay with me. In the morning, I will lay out the rules for your new life as my slut toy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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