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[Author’s note: All characters in this story are more than 18 years old.]


Daddy and Mommy are very excited! Their daughter has come home from college to celebrate her 19th birthday. It’s also spring break, so she will be visiting friends while she’s home, but for now she is spending all her time with her parents. She is their baby, the younger of two sisters. She’s also much smaller…she’s very petite and little-girl like…the antithesis of her mother and sister, who are much larger and very voluptuous.

Her parents threw a birthday party for her today. Many of her friends from the neighborhood were there and a good time was had by all. Daddy was particularly pleased that it went so well. He loves his little girl more than anything. There is a very special place in his heart for her. And he has missed her dearly while she’s been away.

As the party concludes and the guests depart, Daddy’s thoughts begin to turn toward memories of things he has done with his little girl in the past. Things that they both have kept totally secret. Her sister doesn’t know about them. Not even Mommy has the slightest clue.

It’s been a long and fun day, but Daddy is looking forward to tonight. His special feelings for his daughter have been building all day. He can’t wait to get alone with her. He can’t wait for Mommy to go to bed so he can sneak into his little girl’s room. Daddy loves his little girl so much he wants to give her a special treat.

Finally, Mommy bids good night and trundles upstairs. Daddy waits for a while then tiptoes up to his daughter’s room. He sees light from under her door. He very quietly opens it to find her fast asleep with the nightstand lamp on. He closes the door very easily so Mommy won’t hear, and sits on his daughter’s fluffy bed. He kisses Ataköy Escort her softly on the forehead, then on the lips. His little girl stirs, then opens her pretty eyes. Daddy loves his little girl’s eyes.

“I have a surprise for you,” Daddy says.

“Oh good”, she says, wiping some sleep from her eyes. “Will Daddy be hopping into bed with me?”

“Oh yes,” he replies. “But we’ll have to be very quiet, okay?”

Mommy is in her bedroom snoring away, as Daddy pulls his little girl’s nightie over her head. She is so lovely. Long dark tresses flow over her slender shoulders, and she has such perky nipples and a pouty little mouth that Daddy’s big cock feels a twitch. He takes off his pajamas and slides into bed with her.

He holds her close and strokes her hair, as his cock steadily grows. She is so soft and sweet, snuggling in his arms. She turns her mouth up to him asking for a kiss. Daddy loves to kiss his little girl, so he nibbles her lips some, then offers her his tongue. She opens her mouth just enough to let him slither in, as she puts her delicate hand on Daddy’s big cock. It is so big and thick that she can barely get her tiny hand around it. Daddy’s breathing quickens when she touches him; he gets very excited whenever his little slut does that. Especially when she’s also putting her wet little tongue in his mouth.

She strokes him up and down just like Daddy taught her.

“Does Daddy like that?” she purrs.

“Oh yes,” he replies.

Soon Daddy is grunting and jerking as his little slut drives him up the wall. She is so cute. She asks Daddy if she can put her pretty little mouth on his great big cock. “Oh yes”, he replies. She puts her lips to the bulbous head to give it a smooch. She runs the underside of her tongue Ataköy Escort Bayan over it, just like Daddy taught her.

She tongues the slit, while looking up at him to ask, “Does that feel good Daddy, am I doing it right”?

“Oh yes,” he replies.

He takes his little girl up in his arms and carries her over to the vanity. She can see his big hard cock in the mirror, waving below her. He sets her down on the floor so she’s standing facing the mirror. He’s standing behind her drinking in the view of her tiny figure in the mirror. His cock and balls are mashed against the small of her back. He reaches around to put his hands on her perky nipples, then tweaks them while they both watch in the mirror. He nibbles her downy neck…her velvet skin has him in a whirl! She turns her head toward him and parts her lips. Their tongues flick in the air, then writhe together. He tells her to spread her legs slightly, which she does with much anticipation in her eyes. He spreads his legs too, but only to lower his rock hard cock relative to her cute little bum, then slips it between her legs so that it sticks out in front of her. In the mirror, it looks like she’s sprouted a cock of her own. Instinctively, she puts her soft hand to it, and gives it a little jerk.

“Daddy, does that feel good?” she whispers.

“Oh yes,” he replies.

She feels the shaft of his stiff prong pushing up against her tight virgin pussy. She slides her cunt lips back and forth over it and quickly discovers that that stimulates her tiny clit as well. She begins to undulate her hips to produce the desired motion, all the while getting hotter and hotter.

“Daddy, am I doing this right?” she inquires.

“Oh yes,” he replies.

Her breathing quickens as her Escort Ataköy little girl juices are oozing all over Daddy’s big cock. Her little girl hips are nearly vibrating. And her tight little bum is bumping up against Daddy’s pubic bone, giving her a big girl thrill!

She asks again, “Daddy, am I doing this right?”

“Oh yes,” he replies.

She pumps and she grinds.

“Oh daddy, oh Daddy, o-o-oh…D-a-a-dee.”

She convulses and lets out a little girl squeak.

“Shush-h-h sweetheart,” Daddy whispers, as he kisses her affectionately on the neck, knowing she got her cookies just right.

She whispers back, “Oh Daddy, that WAS a special treat!”

Just at that moment he hears Mommy flushing the toilet in the hall bathroom. Did she hear anything on her way by his little slut’s door? He tells his little slut to quickly kneel in front of him to do what she’s been taught to do. She obediently complies, opening her pretty little mouth for Daddy’s dripping cock. She licks him all around the head and up and down the shaft. Daddy has taught her well.

He’s too big to fit in her mouth, but she tongues the tip and strokes the thick shaft with her tiny hand. His heavy balls are swinging back and forth. He has a load of cum for her that’s been building all day! Suddenly, he hears Mommy’s footsteps coming out of the bathroom. The blood is rushing to his head, his cock is ready to explode! He hears Mommy’s footsteps stop, then there’s a rap at the door. He heaves and he jerks as his huge load blasts his little slut’s mouth and face! Thick wads of hot cum!

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Mommy asks through the door.

“Oh yes, Mommy,” says her little girl, with Daddy’s hot cum dripping off her chin.

“Go to sleep dear,” Mommy says as she pads on to her room.

With a low sigh, Daddy winks approval to his little slut as she licks and laps at his huge cock. She is such a good little slut!

She looks up with her pretty eyes and asks, “Daddy, did I do that right?”

“Oh yes,” he replies. “Oh yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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