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The next day at school, I practically hummed with excitement thinking about my next encounter with one of my father’s business associates. Daddy took the afternoon off so he could drive me home.

“Hi, Daddy! Thanks for the ride home!” I said as I buckled my seat belt.

“No problem, Sweetie. We have a lot to do to prepare for your guest this evening.” he answered and patted my bare knee.

Just the thought of my new guest made me wiggle in my seat with anticipation and I felt my panties become a damp.

As Daddy drove through our quiet, neighborhood of large, expensive homes, he described what the plan was for this evening.

When we arrived home, the first thing Daddy and I did was take a shower together. He washed my hair and my entire body, paying very close attention to my pussy and butt crack. His finger, coated with bath gel, rubbed my tight, back hole until it began to soften and open. I moaned, I loved this. It was very new for Daddy and me and I hoped it would continue in the future. Daddy gently poked his finger into my tight hole. I gasped at the initial intrusion but Daddy whispered: relax! Enjoy it! I took a deep breath and tried to relax my ass muscles the best I could while Daddy pushed further into my hole. Just as I was starting to like Daddy’s prodding finger, he pulled it out. I whimpered and made a sad face.

“Don’t worry, Baby, you’ll be getting more ass play soon.” he assured me.

Next, Daddy told me my guest wanted a completely smooth, hairless pussy tonight. He lathered my vulva up with shaving foam and carefully shaved my entire pussy. He then told me to turn and bend over so he could shave around my ass as well. When he was finished, he rinsed off the remaining shaving foam off my body and felt all around with his fingers to make sure no spots were missed. He spread my ass cheeks apart as I was bent over and kissed my little star and gave me a few tantalizing licks with his tongue.

I felt so horny and wet, I begged Daddy to lick my clit but he told me I needed to save my energy for my guest.

Daddy rubbed sweet smelling lotion over my entire body including my freshly shaven pussy. It felt strange being hairless down there but I did love the feeling of Daddy’s hands as he spread lotion all Beşiktaş Escort over my body.

I blow dried my long, blond hair and got dressed into my school uniform from two years ago. The plaid skirt was a little too short, hitting a few inches above my knees and the blouse stretched tightly across my chest, it looked like I would pop a button any minute. Daddy told me the only make up I should wear is lip gloss and I should wear my hair in two matching pig tails, one of each side of my head.

Daddy told me my guest this evening wanted to play out a “scene” with me in which I pretend to be very naughty school girl and he’s my mean principal who wants to punish me. Daddy also warned me, my guest wanted to spank my bottom! I had been spanked many times when I was younger but not recently. The thought of being spanked made me feel all tingling and wet.

Finally, the time was here for my guest to arrive. I waited, practically holding my breath as I stood in my bedroom while Daddy opened the front door and led him up the staircase to meet me. When the man walked in, he was older than I expected, still handsome, though. He was not one of the two men Daddy was speaking to yesterday in the dining room.

I asked, “Should we get started?”

Tony said, oh, yeah! He looked at me and told me: just follow my lead.

Tony sat on the edge of my bed. “Well, Miss, you are failing all your classes! You will be expelled!” He said in an overly stern voice. I tried to surpress a smile, he sounded kind of funny pretending to be angry.

In my sweetest voice, I said, “Oh, please, Mr. Principal! Dont expell me! My Daddy will be so mad if I’m expelled!” I cried and put my hands together like I was begging.

“Well, maybe we can come to some form of an agreement…?” Tony suggested.

“Oh, yes, Principal!!! I’ll do whatever you want! Just please dont expell me!!!” I begged.

“First, you must be punished!” Tony exclaimed in his deep, raspy, voice.

“Come here, lay down over my knees!”

I shivered with excitement! Tony was going to spank me now. I carefully laid on his lap, he held onto my waist and I laid my long legs on the bed. Tony lifted my skirt, exposing my white panties. He began to rub my butt in a soft, Beşiktaş Escort Bayan circular motion.

Daddy whispered, “Act like you’re surprised!”

“Oh, No! Mr. Principal! What are you doing? Please don’t lift up my skirt!” I cried.

“Quiet, girl!” Tony barked at me.

He rubbed my ass harder now and then began pulling down my panties. “Oh no, Mr. Principal! Please stop!” I pleaded, again trying not to giggle. This was fun!

When my ass was bare Tony suddenly slapped my cheek—hard! I let out a loud yelp. I thought we were just playing around, and it wasn’t really going to hurt me but that slap meant business! I looked up and made eye contact with Daddy.

“Ok, not too rough, like we discussed!” Daddy said.

Tony paused and must have agreed. The next smack on my bottom was a lot softer and much more enjoyable. I was so glad Daddy was here to protect me. Just a few more gentle swats and Tony was done. I did feel a little sore but mostly just excited and my pussy was practically gushing.

I began to unbutton my blouse. Tony seemed very turned on and I tried to go slow and be seductive. He smiled devilishly, he knew my game. His darkly tanned face and big, brown eyes made him look especially cute when he smiled like that. He wasn’t tall like Eddie so even with his harsh sounding voice, he didnt seem all too intimidating to me.

I slowly removed my bra then pulled down my skirt and finally my dainty panties. Next he stripped out of his clothes and sat down again on my bed. He told me to suck his dick. I started to lick the tip like Daddy taught me but Tony whispered, “Oh, please, just suck me!” Okay, I thought, and I concentrated on hollowing my cheeks to suck him as well as I could. I thought he was getting close to cumming in my mouth which would have been fun, I was curious how other men’s cum tasted, but after awhile, he told me to stop and stand up.

Next, he told me to get on all fours on the floor. I made eye contact with Daddy who smiled encouragingly at me. I smiled back at my Daddy, I loved him so much!

Tony kneeled behind me. He squirted a cold gel betwen my cheeks and immediately began probing my asshole.

It felt okay but then I squeeled a bit as I felt Tony Escort Beşiktaş add a second finger inside of me.

I breathed and tried to get accustomed to this change. He was moving his fingers in and out and pushing my tender asshole all around. He reached around me with his fingers still wedged deeply in my hole and began to play with my breast. He pinched my nipple-hard and rolled it between his thumb and finger. He did the same with my other tit as well. He continued to push and squeeze my tits as his fingers probed my ass.

After playing with my tits, Tony and moved down to finger my pussy. “You are so wet for me, aren’t you?” he moaned near my ear. I quickly agreed, Yes, I was wet for him. So, very wet and ready!

I was so nervous but excited, too as I felt more cold goo squirted on my anus and Tony rubbed it into me. Next, Tony aligned his cock with my asshole. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this but I was willing to try.

He slid his lubed up dick into my asshole. I gasped at the sudden fullness of having a dick in my ass. I was surprised that it burned around my stretched entrance but after a few minutes I felt like I was starting to get used to this new and interesting experience.

Time went by as he pumped himself in and out of me slowly, my knees were starting to feel a little sore from rubbing against the carpeted floor. Just when I was about to speak up, Daddy said, “Okay, I think that’s enough of the butt,”.

Tony immediately pulled his dick out of me and stood up. I stood too.

“How are you, Baby? Doing okay?” Daddy asked.

I giggled, a little embarrassed that it was my knees that bothered me rather than having an older stud fuck my bottom. I told both men I felt good. The good news for me was even though Tony was pretty hot, his dick was no way near as big as either Daddy’s or Eddie’s. I told myself, it’s probably a good thing it was Tony who gave me my very first butt fucking.

Tony guided me to the edge of the bed which I layed over, and he began fucking my pussy from behind. I was able to grind my clit against the edge of the bed in the most delicious way! I came before Tony did, screaming as I did. Tony began to fuck me hard and fast as I clung to my bedspread. He came inside of me with a fury and continued to pump his dick into me until he was completely soft.

I sat up on my bed and smiled and he leaned down to kiss me on my lips in a long, drawn out kiss. He dressed and said good bye and he hoped to see me again real soon. I smiled, thinking yeah, that wouldnt be so bad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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