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Heading home from a hectic day at work, all I could think about was making it home to my comfortable bed. Traffic was a mess & it was pouring down raining. I knew my fiance wouldn’t be home for a few days, so the full body massage that I’m accustomed to was out of the question. I arrived home safely, threw my bags to the side, ran a tub of water & soaked for about a half hour or so.

“Damn it feels so good to be in my bed.” I mumbled to myself, as I laid there completely naked.

My body was extremely tired from working so hard, I fell asleep in the middle of the movie I was watching.

“Jay. Are you asleep?” my fiance’s 20 year old daughter Karen mumbled, as she leaned over top of me.

“Damn. Jay has a big ass donkey dick.” Karen whispered, as she glanced at my huge dick standing straight up in the air.

“His dick is way bigger than any of the dudes I fuck with. I wonder what it’d feel like to run my tongue all over his balls feeling his cum dribble down my hungry throat?” Karen quietly pulled her panties off & comfortably positioned herself beside me. Her wondering eyes grew even bigger when she saw my dick lengthen & fatten, as I continued to dream.

“I’m going to play with his long ass dick while he’s dreaming. That way he won’t know the difference,unless he happens to wake up.” Karen whispered.

With Karen’s thick ass planted firmly against İstanbul Escort my rock hard dick,ropy strands of my cum splashed against her thighs & oozed down the crack of her ass.

“I wonder who Jay is dreaming about?” Karen uttered, as she continued to pull on my long pole.

“My mom just don’t know. I’m about to make Jay my Daddy real soon.” Karen whispered, as she slowly dozed off to sleep.

“Karen, wake up! What are you doing in my bed baby?” I replied, as I gently strugged Karen’s shoulder.

“Jay. I had the worse nightmare last night. So I took it upon myself to cuddle up next to you. Plus, I knew my mom was away for the weekend allowing my silk sheets to slide below her full grown tits.

“Besides, me being in your bed will be our little secret Daddy.” Karen replied, as she leaned over toward me; allowing her hard nipples to brush up against my chest.

“But Karen, your mom would kill both of us if she came home & found you in my bed.”

“Daddy. Do you want to hear about the nightmare I had, or are we going to keep talking about my mom?”

“Go ahead Karen. Tell Daddy what happened.” I replied, as Karen laid her head on my chest & played with my over grown dick.

“Well. I was away for the weekend, over my girlfriend’s house & her cousin kept sneaking into the bedroom. I told him to leave me alone, but he wouldn’t İstanbul Escort Bayan stop Daddy! He made me pull his pants down & suck his dick until he came in my mouth. His little ass dick is nothing compared to your anaconda Daddy.”

“It was just a dream baby. Everything is alright now. Your Daddy is here to protect you now.” I mumbled, as Karen enthusiastically swallowed a good portion of my over-sized dick.

Without releasing my hard shaft from her moist mouth, Karen slowly turned over on her knees; allowing her chocolate ass to stare me straight in the face. I could feel my load of cum that has been simmering in my balls for about 2 weeks now, streaming up to explode in Karen’s mouth.

“You like how pretty watch how many times it jiggles in your face.”

“Damn Karen. As good as this shit feels, I think we better stop before your mom comes home & catches us.

“Awwww stay in bed a little while longer Daddy. My mom won’t be home for hours.” Karen mumbled, as she turned over on her back.

With one knee raised in the air, Karen’s pink; dripping wet pussy was inches away from my soft lips. Seeing the temptation written all over my face, Karen glanced into my eyes & whispered, “I know how bad your body wants me Daddy. Now what do you plan to do about it?”

Too weak to fight temptations any longer,I slowly began to kiss the Escort İstanbul sole of Karen’s pretty feet; working my way up the inner part of her thick thighs.

“You like how that feels baby?” I questioned, as Karen began to arch her back & clinch my dreads.

I passionately tongue kissed Karen’s pussy lips; causing her to moan, squirm & talk dirty to me.

“Suck my pussy Daddy. I’m being a very naughty girl & I deserve every thing I get from you tonight!” Karen replied, as she gently pulled on her hard nipples.

Knowing exactly what it takes to drive a woman crazy, I slowly parted Karen’s pussy lips & sucked her clit until she called on the Lord himself.

“Daddy please give your baby some dick. I’ve never had a cock as long & thick as yours in me before. I want to find out for myself why my mom screams so loud at night.

“Turn your ass over & get on all 4’s.” I demanded, as I reached down & slid my long pipe into Karen’s tight pussy.

“Oh my god Daddy. Your dick feels even bigger in me than I imagined! Throw all of your donkey dick up in me Daddy!”

Karen’s phat ass slapped against my legs so hard, you could hear it echoing throughout the room. I reached over, grabbed Karen by her hair & went even deeper into her pussy. My eyes were closed & teeth were clenched, as my warm cum streamed up to explode in Karen’s stomach.

“Daddyyyyyyy… I’m cummin’. Please keep hitting that spot!”

After nuttin’ all up in Karen & feeling her cum run down my long dick, I pulled her closer to me so she could lay on my chest for awhile. Karen kissed me on my neck & replied,

“I hope we can do this again when my mom is away.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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