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You just get home from your evening out in the city, your lady went back to her place for the evening, leaving you a little frustrated. You were hoping to at least get a good hand job out of the date, but she wasn’t having any of it.

So you head to your room, thinking of all the dirty sluts you can find online to help with your frustration, at least you’ll get some visual stimulation out of it. One dirty little slut to be specific… Kitten, sexy, smart, and sassy, and have been online friends for years at this point, she has always been your favorite go to girl online. Oh yes, you could definitely use her version of visual stimulation at the moment. Thinking of all the possibilities you’re too deep into your thoughts so when you enter your room you don’t notice the two females that have curled up on your bed.

You continue to kick off your shoes and undo your belt. You’re more than ready to get your cock out for some much needed release. You get your belt passed the final loop on your jeans when you realize you’re not alone. You look up, stunned by what you see, you don’t move until the females that are tongue deep in each other’s cunts decide to look up from their meals.

Their faces are the exact same. Their bodies, from what you can see in their positions, are the exact same. You take in a sharp breath because… that face… you know that face… “Kitten?.. wha… how.. there’s two of you? How are you even here right now?”

Blushing like crazy, I crawl away from the other female and kneel at your feet. “Daddy, your roommates let us in when I told them we had a Christmas present for you. As for my friend over there… Well, surprise! She’s my clone. I guess it’s best to think of her as my twin. You can call her Kitty.” As I say this Kitty crawls off the bed to kneel beside me at your feet. You look down at us, a little shell-shocked, but very much intrigued. And damn if you aren’t getting harder than you have ever been from the sight of two adorable slutty kittens kneeling, completely naked, at your feet.

You feel like you’re about to be the punch line in a terrible prank so you ask me in your “Daddy” voice, “Kitten, are you telling me that you and Kitty flew all the way up here from Georgia just so I can use the both of you?”

“Yes Daddy, I swear! I told you Daddy, I’ve always wanted to please you and when I was accidentally cloned in an incident at the experimental science sector at work, I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.” Now feeling a little self conscious, I looked away from you as I finished explaining, “So, I bought some plane tickets… and well, here we are. I hope you’re not Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort upset with me. I know you have a girlfriend but..”

You grabbed my jaw and forced me to look back into your eyes. “Hush Kitten, I could never be upset with you for this.”

You let go of my chin and place your left hand on my cheek and your right hand on Kitty’s cheek. Stroking both of us softly you thought over what the next couple of hours could be.

You knew you wanted to watch the two of us play again. But first, “Up you go kittens. Get on the bed and bend over. I want to see both of those sexy little asses in the air for Daddy.”

Giggling, but doing as told, Kitty and I both rushed back over to your bed and climbed on. Bent over so both our ass and cunt were presented to you. You took your time evaluating both of us.

Comparing and contrasting each curve, mark, and dimple, you decide that we were in fact truly the exact same. Your cock couldn’t be happier or harder. You had to give your self a quick stroke on the outside of your jeans just to keep your self-control leashed.

With a slap on each ass, you arranged us to your liking, “Kitty get in the middle of the bed and lay on your back. Spread those sexy legs. Wider… perfect.” Moving closer, you positioned me right on top of her, “Alright Kitten, climb on top of your lovely little twin. No.. I want your face in her cunt. There you go. Lower your gorgeous little pussy right down to her face. Beautiful. Just fucking beautiful. Now, feast my little kittens. I want to hear and see both of you licking, squirming and moaning until my restraint breaks and I can’t stop myself from ravaging the both of you.”

Undressing in almost a daze like state and climbing on your bed. You reclined against the headboard, the perfect vantage point to witness the erotic scene unfold directly in front of you. With our bodies angled diagonally across the bed, you couldn’t see our faces unless we turned to you but it was a sight to behold regardless.

The sounds of little licks and soft whimpers filled the room, along with the occasional sound of your hand moving up and down your cock. A stroke here and there just to keep the edge off. You wanted this to late as long as possible.

I pulled Kitty’s leg up and bent at the knee so you could have a clear view of her soaked little cunt and my tongue as far in as I could get it as I winked at you.

You let out a groan at the sight, your hands clutching your balls and cock. Such a cheeky little slut, your Kitten.

I sat up and whispered something in Kitty’s ear that you couldn’t hear. While Kurtköy Çıtır Escort grinning at each other, we started kissing. Long, deep kisses while I pinched and pulled her nipples and she rubbed and softly slapped my dripping cunt.

“Excuse me, sluts. I don’t recall telling you to move from your positions… Mind explaining what you two think you’re doing?”

With a conspiratorial grin and a cheeky little wink from both of us, we climbed up your bed and started kissing your toes. Kissing and licking a path up your feet to your legs and higher, stoping only to lick and suckle at the sensitive flesh behind your knee, we made our way up to your cock.

Deciding that this, whatever it plays out to be, is worth relenting the punishment of disobeying, you sat back and relaxed as we started kissing all around your groin.

Having yet to make direct contact with your cock or balls, we both kept looking up to your face to gage your reactions to our playful torture of licking, kissing, and sucking each inch of skin around the places you wanted our mouths the most.

Growling, you grabbed both of us by the hair and yanked us up. Pulling me in for a kiss to show just how badly you wanted me. You pushed your tongue deep into my mouth in search of my own. Loving the the way your tongue felt in my mouth and the tight grip of your hand in my hair, I moaned louder then I had thus far.

Pulling back, satisfied with my reaction, you turned your head to Kitty and gave her mouth the same treatment. Her reaction mirrored that of my own, of course.

Smiling at the two of us, you released your grip. “Now, my sexy little sluts, why don’t you show me how you worship Daddy..”

Looking into your eyes, we both smiled and in unison replied, “Yes Daddy!”

Crawling back down into our spots on either side of your legs we began to worship your cock. My mouth on one side and Kitty’s on the other. We licked you from base to tip completely in sync with one another.

As my tongue circled the head of your cock, Kitty’s tongue worked her way down to your balls.

“Fuck… baby girls. Don’t stop.”

Giggling, I took your dick as deep into my throat as it could go. All the while Kitty was sucking on your balls making sure they were worshiped just as well. Making sure I had just the right amount of suction, I started bobbing my head up and down your thick pole as Kitty rolled her tongue around the base of your balls.

“Shit, shit, shit.. kittens I’m not going to last long. You’re just too fucking good at this. Ugh, fuck.”

Thinking to myself, “Oh, I know exactly what my Daddy Kurtköy Elit Escort needs..” I pulled my mouth off of you with a plop. I moved around so Kitty could take my place. She dove right in with determination to have you cum deep in her throat. While she worked your cock with her mouth, I scooted your legs further apart and kneeled between them. Looking up and locking eyes with you, I lifted your balls and lowered my mouth to your ass. The first swipe of my tongue against your asshole had your eyes rolling back. The second my tongue entered your ass your cock jumped so hard it popped right out of Kitty’s mouth. She couldn’t stifle the giggle that slipped out as she realized what happened.

“Ohhh.. fuck Kitten. Goddamn. You’re the best fucking baby girl there is. Lick me baby. Fucking like my ass like the dirty slut you are while Kitty sucks my dick.”

Smiling to myself at the praise, I continued to worship your ass knowing that’s exactly what you needed to push you over the edge. My tongue constantly licking your asshole while I slip one finger into you. Looking up, I made sure Kitty has you deep in her throat as I start massaging your prostate.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckkkk. Daddy’s gonna cum kittens. Daddy’s going to cum.”

Kitty starts sucking harder and deeper as my tongue and finger work together on your ass and prostate, not relenting until,

“Here I come sluts. Here Daddy comes. Fucking take it. Fuck, take Daddy’s cum baby girls. Don’t fucking stop until you milk me dry.”

As you finish your release of the full load from your once heavy balls into Kitty’s mouth, I slowly lick my way up to her. She pulls off your cock and turns to you, mouth wide open so you get the full view of your entire load just sitting on her tongue.

I sit up and scoot closer to Kitty, “Daddy, wanna see how we share?” Before you can even reply to me, I have my tongue in Kitty’s mouth licking and tasting the cum that you fed her. She pushes me down onto the pillows next to you and straddles me as she spits your load all over my face.

“Mm, Kitty.. you better clean up your mess baby slut… lick Kitten up nice and clean like a good girl.”

Giggling, again, she replies, “Yes Daddy, I’ll clean Kitten up for you.”

Leaning down Kitty slowly licks all the cum off my face that she spit. Once she has it all cleaned up, “Kitten open your mouth for me. I’ve got you a present…” without hesitating, I open my mouth and Kitty spits all of the cleaned up cum right into my mouth. Swallowing like a good girl, I push Kitty over to your other side and we both cuddle up to you.

“Daddy, I hope you liked your Christmas present. I know we’re going to have lots more fun before Kitty and I have to go back home, but for now, can we please take a quick catnap? Just so we can be fully refreshed for next our playtime.”

“Of course baby girls. Sleep. Daddy will be right here when you both wake up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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