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Dana: My Incestuous Life With Daddy Chapter 1

My name is Dana Jackson. I’m twenty-three years old, petite with an hourglass figure, and long red hair. I’ve been my Daddy Joe’s sex slave, “wife”, for twelve blazingly marvelous years, ever since I was eighteen. As well as, mother of our four year old twins, Alexander and Alexandria, born of our incestuous relationship and I’ve loved every minute of being his slutty little whore. This is my story.

We lost Mom when I was nine, in a freak accident. Ever since then, Daddy has been very possessive and domineering, because by the time I turned eleven, I looked eighteen, and he desired to keep me for himself. Not that I minded. As far as I’m concerned, Daddy is the only man in the world and I’d do anything – and I do mean anything – for him. Anyway….

One night, about six months after I turned eighteen, Daddy came home from a late meeting and found me making out on the couch with a boy who was nineteen. Boy, did he hit the ceiling, he was furious. He kicked the boy, who’s name I don’t even remember out of the house. Then he stalked back into the living room and hauled me against his hard muscular body. I shuddered in fear – and a little bit of passion, as his hips knowingly stroked against mine and he crushed my chest to his. “What were you doing with that boy, young lady?” he growled. “If you want to know what it’s like to be kissed, I’ll teach you what its like to be kissed by a real man!”

With a low sensual growl, he knotted the fingers of one hand in my waist length red hair and wrenched my head back, his lips crushed to mine, his tongue assaulting my mouth, forcing my mouth open. Powerlessly, I dissolved against him, whimpering in fear and bliss, my arms wrapped around his neck as I arched into him instinctively, my blood turning molten hot fire. I felt his hand move between us, unbuttoning my blouse, and then I felt him unclipping my bra, freeing my large breasts so that my 40 DDs spilled out. No! This isn’t right, I screamed in my mind, even as I moaned unconsciously.

I gasped in terror as Daddy’s mouth traveled slowly, but savagely down my throat to my breasts, his teeth clamping on one hard nipple biting it brutally, making me shudder weakly in pain and fear – and pleasure, while his other hand released my hair and traveled down my body slowly, savagely forcing my legs Etiler Escort apart. “Does your boyfriend kiss you like this? Touch you like this?”

My only reply was a moan of fear as my fingers tangled in his hair, my body responding against my will, my pussy hot and wet, holding his head against my heaving breasts, weak with desire. “Daddy – Noo – don’t!” I whimpered in shock as I felt his hand move up my thigh and rip my panties free, baring my pussy and ass. I felt one of the fingers of his left hand slide into my pussy, and a finger of his right hand slide into my ass, making me so weak with surprise and pleasure all I could do is cling to his shoulders as he kissed me again on my parted, now eager lips. “Stop! Oh God! Stop! No! Don’t stop!”

He finger fucked my ass and pussy, masochistically, whispering against my lips, “Hmm – my slut is so hot and tight and wet for Daddy, and still a virgin! I’m surprised at that, the way you were going at it with that boy.”

Licentiously, I swayed my hips back and forth between his hands, fear conquered by lust, as my own hands traveled uninhibitedly to the zipper on his jeans, opening them. Suddenly, – roughly, – he thrust me away from him, making me cry out in surprise as I stumbled. “No! Not yet, bitch! I am Master in this relationship, what I say goes, understood?” I nodded with a moan of desire. “Now, strip!”

Quickly, I stripped off my clothes, letting them fall in a pile on the floor and stood in front of him, trembling in terror, even though I craved his touch. Slowly, he circled me, assessing my body. I trembled in fear and desire as I felt one hand reach around and finger my clit painfully, while he wrenched my head back with his other and kissed me deeply. My God, I thought, we shouldn’t be doing this, but – oh, it feels so good – how can something so good be wrong?

As he kissed me and fingered my clit, his cock rocked back and forth teasingly against my asshole, making me sob with desire. After about ten minutes of this, when I was on the brink of cumming hard, he lifted his lips to my ear and whispered menacingly, “Rule

, I am Master here, what I say, goes. You will not cum, unless you have my permission.”

Yanking my head back even farther for emphasis, he continued, “When we are alone, at home – and at times when we are somewhere else or someone Etiler Escort Bayan is here, too – you will be naked, and call me Master”. I moaned and nodded almost fainting with pleasure/pain as he shoved three fingers deep in my pussy sadistically, his cock grinding my ass. Oh God, I don’t care if this is wrong… It feels so good…! I want to fuck my Daddy!

He continued, “Rule

, no more boys. You will see whom I want you to see, when I want you to see them, otherwise, you will fuck only me, unless I say otherwise. You are my property from this moment on.”

In helpless pain and fear, I whimpered, understanding. I was his, only his. It was what I had always wanted, I suddenly realized. I shuddered, my body hungering for him, even though I was terrified. Pinching my clit, he said, “Rule
. Every day, you will wear what I pick out for you, no exceptions. Now, go upstairs, and get in bed, – in my bed – naked!”

I ran upstairs and slid naked into the bed. I lay there trembling, my body burning with longing, waiting to see what would happen next. I heard the door close and Daddy drive away, but I dared not move, I just lay there, waiting, trembling, hot, and terrified. What would he do now? Is he going to fuck me, even though I’m his daughter? I shuddered in terror and desire, afraid of what he would do yet craving his enormous cock fucking me. Where had he gone?

Forty-five minutes later, he was back. He came into my room and said, while he was stripping, “I hope you behaved while I was shopping, my luscious slut…” Off came his shirt, and then his pants, revealing a well-muscled body and a huge cock. I shoved myself back against the pillows in terror, my eyes bulging as I gawked at his cock, as he climbed on the bed, saying, “I went shopping to buy you some appropriate clothes. Can’t have my slut dressing like everyone else, can I?”

“No, Master”, I said. I watched as he stretched out next to me, his six foot six inch body dwarfing his bed. He pulled me next to his body, his enormous, erect cock brushing my thigh. Suddenly, stunning me with his ferocious brutality his mouth descended on mine; mercilessly, he assaulted my mouth with his tongue. I gasped and shivered lustfully, rubbing against him.

I felt him force open my legs, and three fingers slam sadistically into my pussy as his mouth Escort Etiler moved marvelously along my neck, biting, leaving marks, sending mind-boggling tremors through my pulsating flesh, to my heaving tits and bucking hips as I quivered underneath him, weeping in terror and excruciating pain. My body was responding with out of control longing as I felt my pussy growing increasingly sopping by the minute. After a slow assault on my tits, leaving my breathless from the pain of his bites, yet more in excited than before, he slid down my body and clamped his mouth over my pussy, after saying, “Cum, whore.”

As he chewed at my pussy lips and clit with tormenting slowness, I heaved my hips off the bed, aroused by his sadomasochism, regardless of the excruciating pain or maybe because of it. I didn’t know, and I didn’t care. All I knew was he had me writhing in tremendous yearning, my orgasm mounting swiftly, until I exploded copiously, cumming three times and fainting. Moreover, I really didn’t think about the fact that the act we were performing was morally wrong, it felt so wonderful.

When I woke up, I found myself propped up on my hands and knees, pillows under me, my succulent cunt dripping onto his cock, which rested between my parted thighs. Seeing me awake, he leaned over and kissed me passionately, spreading my ass cheeks wide. He callously raped my ass in one stroke with his massive sixteen-inch cock. As I screamed in agony, struggling against him, my head thrown back, he grabbed my hands and tied them quickly behind my back. “You are my slut, and I am teaching you what it is to fuck a man. Specifically, me! Not so enthusiastic now are you bitch?”

As he spoke he bestially slammed his throbbing cock into me repeatedly, stretching and splitting my ass wide open, never missing a stroke as he mercilessly slammed my asshole over my screams of pain. “I bet you thought sex only consisted of kissing and groping … well, you were wrong, my little bitch.”

So saying, he spurted his hot cum into my ass, as I shuddered in rapture, even as I screamed in pain and fainted again.

He woke me several times that night, fucking my ass many times. After the first time I become aware of the fact that I adored the bestiality of his rape. I coveted his sadomasochistic behavior, moreover would return his savage thrusts with thrusts of my own, making him howl in pleasure as I learned instinctively how to move on his cock, gripping his throbbing dick strongly in my ass and milking it for his cum. As I drifted off to sleep, finally overcome completely, I heard him say, “When you please me, I will fuck your pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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