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Gyrating wildly to the music, you miss the first approach. A hand, gently laid upon your naked shoulder holds you…but the volume of the band, the floor full of dancers, and the proximity of so many other people causes you to miss the intent of the touch. But you don’t mistake the two soft hands laid on both sides of your bare mid-riff. You turn…and in the flashing lights of the dance floor, you see a smiling young woman with long brown hair, a black, skin-tight, leotard top, long black slacks, high heels and a wicked look of delight upon her face.

Had you noticed her before? Was she at the bar? Hmmm….you think as you stare into her dark eyes – What should I do now? You smile, and in smiling, confirm what she had already taken for granted…your complete cooperation. She leads you… you dance….following her. Her moves are feminine, yet unmistakably they direct you, and you go where she wants you to go. After the song, a soft command in your ear…”Follow me!”.

She threads her way to the Lady’s room where, upon entering, you notice two women putting on lipstick at the sink. They note the possessive demeanor of your new friend as she steers you into the room. There is still one open spot at the mirror above the sink and she whispers forcefully into your ear….”Take off that lipstick!”. You look quizzically, but her no-nonsense stare tells you that you must, and strangely, you want to comply. You fit between the two girls in their mid twenties bayan esmer escort bursa at the sink, and they perfunctorily check you out as they finish their makeup touchups. One last toss of their heads to test the hairspray and they leave together. This leaves the bathroom to you and the dark-haired stranger you’ve just met.

She strides purposefully to the door and jams a mop handle through the door handle to keep it from being opened from the other side. You raise an eyebrow as you watch her do this. She does not speak. She sits atop the sink and smiles at you as she removes one long patent-leather boot, then the other. The black stretch pants which seem to go on forever on her long legs are the next to come off. You only stare in disbelief as you realize what is likely to unfold here. Beneath the slacks she wears only the leotard which has snaps beneath. She undoes these leaving her pussy open to your gaze.

She has dark, rather straight pubic hair, well trimmed, and you think how nice it looks situated between those long legs! She sits on the counter with both feet up on the sinktops, her back to the mirror, and her legs now spread wide before you! She slips a finger, then two…into her dark cleft while visibly stimulating her clitoris! You cannot believe that within only fifteen minutes of meeting her, you are actually participating in this strange tableau! Your finger creeps beneath your own short bursa ucuz eskort skirt to feel the damp flesh. She grins mischievously and with a single, long finger, she motions you to come forward. You stand between her legs which are still up on the countertop, spread very wide. She pulls your face forward, kisses you fully on the mouth, then sticks the finger that she probed her own cunt with straight into your lips and you suck it gently as you suspected she wanted you to do.

Pulling her stretch leotard down beneath her breasts, she coaxes you forward and your face is soon flush with her breasts…hard nipples in your mouth. Your hands now wander and feel the wet girl-flesh beneath her outstretched legs. You bite the nipples gently and move down to taste her!

Her head goes back against the mirror, fingers entwining your hair as she pulls your face against her mound and you taste her moist cunt….the scent redolent with sex and intrigue. The dark pubic hairs are matted with her juices and you mash your face against her…frantically biting her thighs, licking her pubis….tongue flicking over her erect clit….all the while fingering yourself from behind! You cannot believe this is all actually taking place! Your own finger makes you torturously aware of your need, and you work ever more diligently upon her cunt with your mouth! You are rewarded with the beginning of a long moan now accompanied by some bursa anal yapan escort involuntary movement of her long legs.

She thrusts her pelvis forward and you feel her cunt from inside as your tongue accesses deep into the slit, taking care to keep constant pressure on her clit with the back of your tongue. The tip is dipping into her when she suddenly stiffens and you sense that she is about to hit warp drive! She does! And her hand grabs your head forcefully mashing her wet pussy onto your face as you struggle to keep up. Her legs are now bowing in and out, thighs pressing against your cheeks, then retreating as she spreads her legs again. Your hands reach up, pinch both nipples as she grinds your head against her. Finally, her legs relax…her breathing returns to something close to normal and she releases your head.

She strokes your hair, then pulls your face up. Looking you in the eye, she mouths the words “THANK YOU!” but does not say them audibly! She kisses you on the lips, pulls up her top, puts on her slacks, pulls on her boots …and…with only a cursory glance at the mirror, and a wink to you as you watch her in the mirror, she turns…removes the mop….. and exits! Fortunately, there was no one waiting to enter. You are left, somewhat awestruck by the absurdity of it all, how in only a few minutes you furnished oral gratification to another woman, (a stranger at that!) in the confines of a dance-club bathroom!

Wow! Is this a quirk? Or had you somehow invited her attentions? Would you do something like this again? You muse about the encounter and other sexual thoughts as you fix your own makeup and straighten your clothing.

NOW you are hot! “Where was that guy with the muscular build?” you think. Maybe he has somewhere to take you….NOW!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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