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I guess the best place to start would be with a little background. First off my name is Tim. I live with my daughter Danelle, the only woman in my life since her mother died when Danni was 14 in a car crash. My wife had a life insurance policy which took care of me and Danni, and once she died I sold our old house and used the money from the sale and the insurance and moved Danni and I into a smaller house. No sense in having a big house with too many memories for just the two of us.

Anyway, my daughter just recently turned 20 and has one more year of college left before she heads off into the world leaving me all alone with the house, a dog and two cats. I always knew there was a bond between the two of us, even before my wife passed away. Danni and I were always very close, she was daddy’s little girl. When she started showing all the tell tale signs of growing up, I was there to help her through the rough spots. After all growing up around four sisters, you find out a few things out about women whether you want to or not. So I helped Danni buy her first training bra, and helped her through her first period.

Since Danni knew that I was lonely she insisted on living at home all through college, this only helped to strengthen our bond. And since I was the one to help her with all her important “growing up” needs, there were no secrets between us. However some modesty did need to be enforced. We’d only caught glimpses of each other naked once or twice, and for the most part would try to stay at least semi-clothed around the house. However having a young well developed teenager running around in skimpy clothing didn’t do much for keeping my libido in check.

I dated here and there, but nothing ever came of my dates. I guess most women didn’t want a middle aged man with a college age daughter who was still living at home. I mean I don’t think I’m a bad looking guy. Granted, I won’t be giving Mel Gibson a run for his money, but I’m not ugly either.

Anyway, I know you’re not reading this for my life story, you probably want me to get to the real reason you’re reading this. How I came to start fucking my daughter. Right? I knew it.

Ok, it all started a couple of weeks ago. I had never really gone into Danni’s room after she turned 16. It was her inner sanctum, and I never went in unless I was invited, and the one time to paint it. So it was the weekend and I was wandering around the house trying to find something to keep myself occupied when I heard the thud of something falling to the floor in her room. I knew she was out somewhere with her friends so I poked my head in to see what was going on after hearing a second thud.

The door was ajar so I poked my head into the room to find Oscar, one of the cats walking on Danni’s dresser knocking stuff off with his big belly. The Tubby Tabby Danni called him. Oscar saw me, jumped off the dresser and ran out of the room when I shooed him away. I chuckled as the fat cat ran from the room and started to pick up the items he knocked down when I noticed one of the items was a vibrator.

Now I knew that Danni was sexually active. Hell, after all she was 20, and I did discuss the birds and the bees with her, and I had seen her diagphram in the bathroom cabinet. I was guessing the vibrator was for those times when her fingers just wouldn’t do. I suppose she’d left it out in plain sight since she knew that I never went into her room without asking permission first, and hopefully I could put everything back so she’d never even know I was in there.


Too late.

“Hey kiddo.” I said, “Look, I know I never come in your room but Oscar was in here knocking stuff over, I just came in to put it back up and…”

I realzied I was still holding the vibrator and put it down on the dresser rather quickly as if it was a snake that would bite me. She too seemed embarassed that I had touched the vibrator.

“Well,” she finally said, “This is embarrassing.”

“For who?” I asked, chuckling.

Again a silence.

“Look, sweetie, you don’t have to embarrassed about it. Everyone masturbates, and some people like to use toys for it. I told you that before.” I said.

I had told her that the first time I had caught her masturbating actually. She seemed more embarrassed that I had caught her more than she was that I had seen her naked sixteen year old body. But after I left the room and she’d gotten dressed I explained that despite what some people might think, none of the myths about masturbation were true. You wouldn’t go blind, you wouldn’t grow hair on your palms, you would still be able to have children and that you weren’t at risk of breaking anything Taksim Escort by masturbating. It was right after that incident that I was no longer allowed in her room without permission.

As I said, I was very open with my daughter and there were no secrets between us.

“Even you?”

“Even me. I told you this before, remember?”

“Yeah, when you caught me.”

She giggled and that broke the tension between us she walked over and hugged me.

“When did you get that thing anyway?” I asked.

“Some of my girlfriends and I went out one night and just for shits and giggles we went to the sex store and we each dared each other to buy one. So I got that one.” she said as we disengaged from the hug. Good thing too cause I was getting hard.

The vibrator in question was about eight inches long, smooth and pink.

“Of course if the Tubby Tabby knocked it over I’ll have to clean it off before I use it again.” she said picking it up and looking at the cat hair on it. “You know what I hate most about this thing though?”


“My arm gets tired.” she said, putting it back down.

“That’s why you have two.” I said, smiling.

She grinned at me and laughed, “It’s like the old pat your head and rub your belly routine. Well I find it hard to use the vibrator and pump at a speed I like and rub my clit at the same time. It just doesn’t really work out, my brain can’t grasp it very well.”

Conversations like this were not unusual in our house, like I said, better to have everything out in the open. And if she’s gonna learn about sex she might as well learn about it from me rather than out in the street. Plus she was a grown woman and I wasn’t going to tell her what she could and couldn’t say.

“That’s why I’m glad I just have one thing to concnetrate on when I masturbate.” I said imitating an up and down motion in midair. She laughed as I mimicked the jerking off movements that I usually found myself doing after a disappointing date.

“Well women can be that easy too.” Danni said. “I just need room to writhe.”

I looked at the bed I had bought her when she graduated from a kiddie bed to a full size bed. It was plenty big enough for her to writhe around in.

“Yeah, but to get the full effect you need your clit taken care of too.” I said, “In fact if there wasn’t something wrong with it I’d say come here and let daddy show you.”

“What’s wrong with it?” she asked, innocence sparkling in her eyes.

“Well first of all you’re my daughter, and that would be considered incest.” I said, “That right there is a whole lot of societal taboos in and of itself.”

“Well it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before. I mean you did catch me masturbating and saw me in all my glory. Besides, you’d just be showing me how to masutrbate. What’s the harm in that?” she said, “And anyway, who’s gonna find out? You really think I’m going to tell my friends that my daddy taght me a better way to masturbate with my dildo? And I doubt you’re gonna tell your freinds.”

I had to admit she had a convincing argument. “Plus,” she added, “You always said that you’d rather have me learn about sex at home than out on the streets.”

My dick was harder than Chineese arithmatic. What the hell, why not? If anything I’d have to change my shorts when I got done and I’d have mastabatory material for a good long while. Danni snatched up the vibrator and headed across the hall to the bathroom, I heard her turn on the faucet to wash the cat hair and any other debris the vibrator may have picked up when it fell on the floor. I stood there as she left thinking about what was about to happen.

She did have a point though. Technically since I wouldn’t be having sex with her it couldn’t really be considered incest. Could it? I also had to admit that I was about to see my daughter, no longer a little girl, but a woman, and the thought excited me as evidenced by the throbbing of my cock in my pants. True I had seen her naked many times as a baby when I changed her diapers, but that was expected. And I had caught her a few years earlier playing with herself, but this was different. Danni came back into the room with the now clean vibrator.

“Are you nervous daddy?” she asked.

“A bit.”

“Well just look at it as clinically as you can. Think of it as a life lesson.”

Everything she said seemed to make perfect sense as she moved to the edge of the bed laid the vibrator down and started to take off her clothes. For the first time I really looked at my daughter, her body was firm and toned and I caught sight of a silver hoop through her right nipple. Her breasts Taksim Escort Bayan were firm and while not huge were by no means small. That I knew well enough from watching her in the tight skimpy t-shirts she wore in the summertime. Her ass was nice and tight and her legs were also well toned and the sight of them make my cock jerk in my pants.

“Okay,” I said trying to keep my voice even. I was after all seeing a naked woman in the flesh for the first time in the six years since her mother died. “I guess it would be best if you laid down on the bed or whatever postion you normally get into for masturbating.”

She laid down on the bed on her back and I noticed that she kept her pussy hair trimmed nicely. It looked like a bikini wax for those flimsly pieces of cloth they passed off as bathing suits these days. As she did the vibrator fell to the floor. I was about to suggest she go clean it off again.

“Just use your fingers daddy. I don’t always use that thing.”

For some reason everything she said made sense to me so I knelt on the bed between her parted legs and controlling the shaking in my hands I reached over to my daughter’s most private place.

“Now first off you need to get a good rhythym going inside your self first.” I said inserting two fingers inside her and slowly working them in and out. If she asked me where I learned this I’d tell her the truth. Her mother and I used to masturbate for each other and she had showed me how she liked to get herself off. If it was good enough for my wife, it was good enough for my daughter.

“Hmmm, ok,” she said raising her knees.

I licked my fingers on the other hand. “Then you need to get a good rhythym going on your clit, like this.” I started gently rubbing her clit in a circular motion. “See?”

She let out a moan. “Mmm yea daddy…like that.”

She was enjoying this as much as I was. I realized that there was no going back, and since she seemed to be ejoying herself I let down my defenses and my inhibitions about what I was doing.

“Then depending on how you like it,” I moved my fingers faster. “You can go fast,” Then I slowed down. “Or slow.” I had moved my fingers in and out of her and on her clit fast and slow alternating showing her how both had their advantages. Again the words of her mother came to my head, “The slow technique helps you to work up to a satifying orgasam, and the faster technique causes a rather intense orgasam.”

She bit her lip and groaned. “Aghh….what else daddy?…gimmie more…” Her body was starting to squirm on the bed, and as she got more and more into what I was doing any inhibitions and reservations I had about what I was doing went out the window. I didn’t just lower them, I tossed them out, stomped on them and set them on fire.

“Well there’s also this.” I wiggled my fingers back and forth inside her and started rubbing up and down on her clit. I felt as if my wife was whipering in my ear telling me how to keep her happy the first time I had masturbated her. “Of course nothing compares to this.” I leaned in and replaced my fingers on her clit with my tounge.

Well this went way beyond any teaching method, it had gone from hands on to mouth on. And I didn’t care at this point. All I knew was I had to make my daughter happy, and I felt I was doing a damn good job of it as I licked her pussy lips and ran my tounge over her engorged clit. Everything I had learned about sex came back to me like the six years since I had last had fucked my wife had only been six minutes.

She arched her back, “Ahhh daddy……Mmmmmm.” she groaned as I slid my tounge into my daughters cunt and started swirling it around. I also remembered the very effective alphabet method. Tracing the letters A-Z over my daughter’s snatch I reached down and started pulling off my sweatpants, my breifs followed them to the floor and my cock was now free of it’s confines. I knew what I was going to do next and I didn’t care what anybody thought.

“Of course if you really want the full effect of pleasure,” I said taking my shirt off. I parted her legs and slid my cock in to my daughters wet pussy. “Nothing beats the real thing.” and for the first time in six years I was having sex, but not with just anybody, with the person who meant the most to me in the world. My daughter, my beautiful Danielle. I had my cock buried balls deep in my daughter and it felt wonderful!

She grabbed onto the bed’s headboard. I started pumping in and out of her with long slow strokes. “And let’s face it a dildo can’t do this either.” I leaned down and started sucking on her tits and playing with the ring in her Escort Taksim nipple. After all the lesson had to continue, but her mother was gone. I was showing her the things I picked up on my own.

She started raking her nails over my shoulders. “Ooh I feel all filled up daddy…deeper daddy, deeper .”

Well I was by no means huge, I was possesed with eight inches of dick, and it was thick enough for me that my fingers barely touched when I grabbed it. But then again, my daughter had been at this point fucking just college boys and probably wasn’t used to having a tool as huge as mine inside her. I started thrusting in as deep as I could go feeling every inch of my cock deep inside her as I kissed my way up her neck my lips meeting hers. After all it’s what she asked for and I had always given my little girl what she wanted.

She nibbled my lip then suckled on my tongue flicking hers over mine. I broke the kiss. “Oh baby girl, you’re so nice and warm for daddy, isn’t this better than a vibrator?”

“Much better daddy, much better, you’re so hot and hard…”

“And daddy loves you, I’m not some emotionless piece of rubber or plastic.” I said. Staying inside her I rolled us over so she was on top, I reached up and tweaked her nipples. “Ride daddy.”

I thrusted my hips up watching her face. She thrusted back and forth grinding her clit into my pubic bone and leaned back holding onto my thighs.

“You feel so hot baby girl, now I know why all the boys are chasing after you, but no one loves you the way that I do!” I said as I continued to thrust my cock into my sweet little girl. She reached back and played with my balls.

“I love you too daddy, and all the boys can’t love me like you can.”

I reached forward and rubbed her clit with my thumb while I continued to thrust my cock up into her.

“Of course not baby, no one is good enough for my little girl. No one can take care of my baby the way I can.”

“Ahh dont stop daddy. I’m gonna cum!” She was bucking back and forth faster and faster working my cock with her wonderful pussy.

“I’m not gonna stop unless you want me to baby, cum for daddy!” I started rubbing her clit faster and was thrusting my cock harder into her. “Cum for me baby!”

She moaned and whimpered. “Yes dadddy, dont stop, I’m cumming daddy…fuck me daddy fuck your baby girl!…hard daddy harder!”

I started fucking her as fast and hard as I could. All I wanted to see was my little angel come for me. “Come for me baby! Let daddy see you cum for him! That’s my baby girl! Come on sweetheart! Come all over your daddy’s hard cock!”

She dug her nails into my chest and humped me hard and fast. I watched her tits bounce up and down on her chest as she pumped my cock inside her tight cunt. “Oh daddy yes, yes! Ughhhhhh fuck meeee….” She came hard and spasmed on my cock her whole body shivering making her perfect tits jiggle. “Cum in me daddy! I wanna feel you cream inside me!”

Once again I was not one to let my little girl down. I grunted “Anything for my baby girl!”

I grunted again as I exploded inside her filling her up with my cum. “I’m cumming baby girl! Daddy’s cumming deep inside you! Just for my baby girl! Anything for you!” My cock jerked with each jet of cum that I shot inside her.

She felt me spraying inside her and came again, “Ooh I’m cumming again daddy!”

And I watched as the last of my come shot from my cock as my daughter’s body shook as she had yet another orgasam seconds after the first one. When it passed she collapsed on me panting into my chest.

I felt her juices running down my cock and felt the final jerk of my cock as my orgasam passed. I hugged her close and kissed her. “I love you baby girl.”

“I love you too daddy.”

“Now you just remember what I taught you the next time you get horny and I’m not around.” My cock was softening and slipped out of her.

“I will daddy,” she gasped, “But you’ll always be around for me right daddy?”

“As much as I can be.” I said.

And I was. Later that night I taught my daughter the joys of sucking my cock. I later introduced her to the pleasures of other sexual positions. For her 21st birthday I introduced her to anal sex.

Of course I found out the next day that she had planned every word she had said to me the day before. She hadn’t planned on the cat knocking over the vibrator however. She was planning on “accidentally” leaving it in the bathroom for me to find, and walk in on me when she “remembered” where it was. And then say everything she had said right before I “taught” her to masturbate.

Turns out Danni had the hots for her daddy for a long time, and was just looking for the right time to tell me. As I fell asleep with my baby girl in my arms I was glad that she had joined the college debate team. She had talked me into having sex with her and making her daddy her lover, and I couldn’t be happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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