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My orders were to be at the hotel bar at 7 p.m. wearing that low cut black sexy dress including no bra and thong panties. The dress clung to my breasts in a way that showed every curve. If there was any doubt about my bralessness, my exposed cleavage and my outlined erect nipples removed all doubt. I got out of the car and straightened my dress. I knew every man would be watching and every woman would tsk. My nerves were jittery, so I focused on the fact that I was obeying my master’s orders. I was doing this for him. I steeled my nerves and walked in the hotel towards the bar.

As predicted, every eye was watching my tits bounce. I stayed focused looking around for him. When I saw him, my nerves melted away and my pussy pulsed. Yes, he has that effect on me. When he looked at me, I could see in his eyes he was pleased. I walked over to him with purpose; like he was the only one in the room. Wrapping my arms around him, I kissed him in a way that made every man jealous and every woman sure he was taken. He offered me the chair Kurtköy Fetiş Escort by the drink he had waiting for me.

He ran a hand along my back and whispered, “Every man wants you.”

“But you’re the only one that owns me,” I smirked.

He growled, “MINE,” in my ear before he kissed me. With one arm around my back, his other hand caressed my face, my lips, my neck, and eventually my cleavage. His finger lingered, rubbing between my breasts while we talked. I squirmed. My pussy getting wetter by the second.

We drank and talked, and he continued his teasing of my body. He slid his hand up my thighs and touched my pussy. I spread my legs. He slid a finger in. I closed my eyes.

“Open.” he commanded. I opened my eyes and realized he wanted my mouth

“Taste how wet you are.” He slid his finger in my mouth and I sucked it clean. “Take off your panties.”

“Here? Now?” I nervously questioned. His devilish grin turned into a stern look. The look told me I should do it now or I’ll Kurtköy Gecelik Escort pay for it later. I looked around then slipped my panties over my ass. Moved them down my thighs. I reached above my knees and grabbed them and pulled them down my legs. The embarrassment was growing. I tried to act casual as I leaned over to step out of them and quickly grab them from the floor. I sat up and handed them to him. He knew the humiliation plus the public performance made me wetter. Looking around, I observed several mouths open in shock. I blushed awkwardly.

He kissed my cheek and my neck while at the same time sliding his hand under my dress. I blushed again resisting the urge to protest and stop him. He slid two fingers in my dripping wet pussy. My breath caught in my chest.

I heard the whispers. People talking about me. I smiled a knowing smile. They didn’t know what was going on between us. How he affects me; how he turns me into a puddle of lust and need. How he meets that need. Uses me. Owns me. Kurtköy Genç Escort They don’t know about the day I decided to surrender and submit my body to his control. That moment I gave him the privilege, the right, to touch me, use me anytime it pleases him.

He pushed his fingers in deeper then saw the protest on my face.

“Who do you belong to?” he hissed. I swallowed the words I intended to use to stop him. He whispered in my ear, “your public is watching, be careful what comes out of your mouth my slut.”

I closed my mouth trying to contain my moan. My body trembled. He pumped my pussy with his fingers. His body was so close to me. His mouth whispering things in my ear. When he felt me close to cumming, he removed his fingers. He brought them to his mouth and sucked them. I gasped, confused; not wanting him to stop yet humiliated at what he was doing to me in public.

He stood up took my hand and kissed it. I was breathing hard and dizzy from lust. He helped me stand, put his arm around me and guided me out to the elevator. I was the prize; all men were secretly jealous. As the elevator door was closing, he kissed me like he owned me. As soon as the elevator doors closed, he stuffed his fingers in my pussy. Told me to cum. I came on his hand moaning into his kiss. The night was just beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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