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Chad dialed mom’s number and hoped she wasn’t doing anything today. They hadn’t seen each other or been out in weeks and he missed her. This new job was killing him, but the pay was out of this world and he wanted to share his good fortune with her. Plus, mom was a great looking woman and she turned him on. He knew it was wrong to get horny for your own mother, but she was a beautiful, sexy woman and he was a man.

Eve was lying in bed, looking out her massive window and watching the humming birds drinking from her seven bird feeders. Her small vibrator was in her left hand, humming, slowly circling about her clit and her right hand toyed with her nipples. She closed her eyes, thinking of someone she could never have and it made her sad. She circled the small toy lower and towards her very, very wet opening and moved the vibrator against her panties. “Oh god, yes…yes!” Eve cried out, as she pushed more and if it hadn’t been for the panties, it would be inside her. “I wish we could…do it! Oh god, I want him, I want him!” she moaned, Eve’s back arched high into air and a fire started burning. She reached down, pulled her panties over and took a deep breath, thinking of the vibrating toy deep in her lonely body, when her phone rang and she jumped.

“Who in the hell is calling me this early, on a Saturday morning?” she said moaned, thinking of letting the machine answering it and continuing with her ‘play’ time. “Fuck it!” she giggled and looked down, dreaming of a handsome, young man she knew being there and not a plastic toy. The machine picked up the phone.

“Good morning and I’m sorry for waking you up, but I wanted to be the first person to ask you out and to ask what you’re wearing!” Chad said with a laugh and hoped mom wouldn’t be mad, not only for calling so early that day, but not for calling or going to see her in weeks and hanging out with her.

“Hello and who is this?” Eve whispered and acted as if she had been sleeping.

“Mom, it’s me!” he laughed again and hoped she would go out with him today.

“Oh my long, lost son, Chad, how nice of you to call.” Eve teased, as if she was mad, but she wasn’t and hoped he wanted to come over.

“I know and I’m sorry. This new job is hard as hell and I’ve been dragging ass, but I took the weekend off and was hoping to spend it with you!”

“What if I’m busy?”

“I guess I’ll stay home, watch dirty movies and sleep all day.” Chad laughed and heard mom giggle. “Do you think that’s funny?”

“The dirty movie part is. I know what you’d rather be looking at. This will teach you to come and see me more often.”

“Oh mom, come on…please! I’ve been dying to see you and your…gorgeous body! I’ll take you anyplace and anywhere you want to go. We’ll go to breakfast, lunch and to dinner! You can’t beat that.”

She smiled and thought of Chad. He was six foot two and just under two hundred pounds. His hair was dark brown and cut short. His face was square and he had a firm jaw. His eyes were brown, dark and sexy. His body was muscular, trim and covered with fine hair. She knew one other thing about her son and it drove her crazy. Chad’s cock was near nine inches long and as thick as her wrist.

Eve was lying there thinking of his body and the way he could turn her on, when she remembered something and asked him. “What did you ask me when I picked up the phone?” she laughed and could feel her nipples swelling up.

“What you were wearing.”

“Chad, how dare you ask your mother such a thing and shame on you!” she laughed and reached to rub her left nipple.

“Well, if I know you, it’s not much!”

She thought for a second and gave the nipple a pinch. “I’m wearing a flannel gown that goes from my neck, to my feet.” Eve laughed and slowly kicked the sheet from her tall body. She was only wearing a very small pair of blue, bikini panties and they covered very little.

“Bull crap!”

She laughed and looked at her large, bare D cup breasts and loved that they were still so firm. Her nipples were fat, long and when hard, they would grow up to an inch. “I swear!” Eve giggled and continued to look down her body and to her firm stomach.

“Bull crap!”

“Would you like to guess and see if you can figure it out?”

“What do I get if I win?” he asked and Chad’s cock grew hard.

“I don’t know? What do you want?” Eve asked with a soft and very sexy purr, thinking of something that she’d like from him, but she was his mom and it couldn’t be.

He thought for a second and quickly knew. “If I guess right…I get to see you in whatever it is!” Chad said and he grew more.

She laughed and ran her right hand down to her stomach, slowly circled it and rubbed lower. Her long fingers traced the top of her blue panties. “I don’t know…that’s asking a lot and what if I’m…naked…what then?” Eve whispered and ran her index finger over her clit, thinking of his thick shaft buried in her body and how nice it was sure to feel.

He thought and his cock was hard, throbbing and knew today would Avrupa Yakası Escort be great. “I’ll only look with one eye open. How’s that?” Chad laughed and heard mom giggling.

“You are sooo bad, but I’ll think about it and you only get one guess, so make it count.”

“Let me think…it’s spring, sunny out and I bet you’re horny…panties, nothing more!”

“Chad!” Eve yelled and she tried not to laugh. “You cheated!” Eve loved playing this game with Chad and she never had to worry about him getting out of line with her. Since he turned into a young man and started to grow, he started teasing her and keeping her from a lonely life.

“How did I cheat?”

“You know me too darn good and Ohhh you cheater!” Eve laughed and she loved him so much, but sometimes wished he wasn’t her son and from her body. She wanted him as her lover and husband.

“I didn’t cheat and now that I won, when do you plan on paying up?”

“I’m not sure, you cheated and you know me too darn well!” she smiled and wasn’t sure if Chad would see her dressed like this, but he would get her ‘full’ attention today and lots of flirting as usual.

“What color are they?” he asked with a deep voice and heard mom suck in a breath of air.

“Chad, I should wash your mouth out with soap!” she laughed and ran her finger down the front of her panties. “Guess,” she whispered and gently pressed against her throbbing clit.

He thought of mom’s pretty, blonde/brown hair and he knew that she loved the color yellow. She told him that it made her think of spring and all the flowers blooming. “Well, it’s spring time…yellow!”

“Shit! I’m not playing with you anymore!” Eve laughed, squeezed her pussy and she was burning. She had yellow panties when she went to bed, but woke in the night to go relieve herself and changed into the blue ones.

“Don’t mess with the Chad-Man, woman! You will never beat me!” he laughed and could not believe that his cock was standing straight up. He hadn’t been this hard in months and it was for his mom.

Eve heard him and laughed. “You are so silly and my baby!” she laughed, spread her legs and rubbed harder. “Where are you taking me?” she asked and ran two fingers over her clit.

“Anywhere you want, remember?” he replied and could hear mom’s breathing. ‘I wonder if she’s…’ he thought and wondered if mom was masturbating herself. She loved doing that on a Saturday morning and would always be in a great mood afterwards.

Eve thought and knew where. “I want breakfast at IHOP and then we can go to the swap meet. I haven’t been there in ages!”

“Oh mom, I wanted to take you to somewhere nice, maybe the mall and spend some of my ‘hard’ earned money on you.” Chad said, but heard mom sigh and he gave in. He knew mom loved simple things and this was one of them. “Ok mom, I asked you where, so we’ll go,” he quickly added and wanted mom in a good mood. She loved being with him and Chad did know a lot about mom, so much in fact, he was going to try to seduce her and move back home.

Eve smiled and loved that Chad knew her. “Good boy, you know how to charm mom and keep her happy,” she smiled and pulled her hand from between her legs, slowly moving it to her mouth and Eve lightly licked her fingers. “Hey, want to play double or nothing?” she asked with a soft whisper and knew he would.

“I don’t know…what do you have in mind, lady?” he asked with a laugh and hoped he wasn’t being set up. Mom was a smart one and she might fool him. There was a time she got him and Chad was horrified. He won ten games of rummy in a row and mom promised to let him take pictures of her. Well, pictures of her in ‘anything’ Chad wanted, for an hour and she wanted to play double or nothing then.

She smiled, sat up and stretched. “If you can guess what style they are…” she paused and heard him laugh. “What?” Eve said, trying not to laugh and she had him.

“Sometimes, you make this too easy mom, but when I win, I always get cheated and…and!”

“I wonder about you sometimes.” Eve replied and walked to bathroom. “Baby, I can’t just give in and show you, so it’s your duty as a gentleman, to give a lady chance to win back her dignity and keep her happy.”

He tried not to sound disappointed, but Chad was and he was going to lose the game. That was the same shit she always said and Chad sat up. ‘Shit!’ he thought and went on. “So, how are you going to beat me?” he asked and walked to the bathroom.

“If you win, I’ll show you one time, but I have to cover my breasts. I can’t show you them, but when I win and I will!” she laughed and turned on the shower. “I’ll give the panties to you and that’s all. What do you say?” Eve asked with softness and a sexy purr.

“Dang it, you and that duty crap!” he laughed and wondered if mom would ever go for giving him a look at her body. She was a babe and any guy in his right mind would go out with her. He teased her about seeing mom naked and stuff, but not time in his life did Chad ever get out of Avrupa Yakası Bayan line and he would swear to on a bible.

“That’s the deal, take it or um…”

“Yeah, yeah! You’re on my Lady and I say that you are wearing…” he stopped to think and knew mom loved the bikini kind, but she may have switched them today and trying to fool him. “I’m looking outside and the sun is bright today. I say that you’re wearing…the French cut kind, to tan your beautiful, long legs and tease me with them!” he said, thinking of mom’s tanned body and how great her legs always looked.

“You are sooo bad! How do you always know” she growled, slid the blue, bikini panties down her slender hips and lay them on the counter.

He smiled and gave his massive cock-shaft a squeeze. “I know you won’t pay up so…I’d like an extra long hug. Deal?”

“Yes, it’s a deal. Chad, today while we’re out, we’re going talk about something that I should have brought up a long time ago, but…”

Chad hoped mom wasn’t going to scold him for teasing her and ruin his plans of seduction. “I’ll be at your place in about an hour. Is that enough time?” he asked and lifted the toilet seat. “You better hurry and tell me, because I’m about to start peeing!”

“You are sooo bad! Be here in thirty minutes and don’t be late! I’m starving!” she giggled and hung up the phone. There was no way she wanted to hear Chad pissing and thinking about its enormous size. She knew he was big and long. His father was, but he didn’t know how to use it worth a damn and Eve knew Chad did very well. She came home early one afternoon and found out why he went from an F to an A+, overnight.

Chad and his math teacher, Mrs. Stevens, were in his room, screwing like wild animals and the woman was going crazy under him. Chad was on top of her mature, full body and sucking her large breasts, while slowly moving in and out of her. Miss Stevens was forty-years-old and had a son that was older than Chad, but she was pretty and Eve gave Chad credit for that too. She listened and that was the first time she saw him fully erect.

He laughed and started peeing. His cock burned and pee shot on the back of the john. “Oh well, she always does this shit to me!” Chad laughed and couldn’t wait to see her.


Chad knocked on the door and heard mom yell for him to come in. “Hello, where are you?” he yelled back and heard water running in the kitchen. He walked that way and stopped dead in his tracks. Chad looked at mom, she was at the sink with her back towards him and she had on a pair of low-cut, form-fitting jeans and her size eight ass looked great. “Holy crap mom, are trying to kill me or torture me all day?” he laughed and walked towards her five foot, ten inch body and he moved behind her to hug. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered in her ear, as he pressed himself against her body and her gorgeous behind.

She felt Chad and leaned into his embrace. “Mmmm, I’ve missed you too.” Eve said with softness and slowly turned to face him. He was so damn handsome, with his hard, manly look and his bedroom eyes, but something took her mind from his face and it was so hard today.

He pulled away and could swear he heard mom sigh. “You look beautiful today.” Chad said with a smile and loved it when mom let her hair down. Mom brushed it straight down, parted it in the middle and it went to the middle of her back. She looked younger and when the sun hit it a curtain way, it made her look as if she was an angel and all his. “Let me rephrase that, you always look beautiful and today…you look extra beautiful!” he added with a teasing wink, brushed a strand of mom’s silky hair from her right eye and he looked down to admire her purple, silk blouse and the tops of her gorgeous breasts.

She heard Chad and smiled. “Always the charmer.” Eve said as she pulled him in for a long hug and quickly felt Chad’s dick. It felt wonderful on her left thigh, very close to her excited pussy and Eve knew that they would be hugging a lot today. She could feel the blood pulsing through him and the heat too. Her poor baby was horny as hell and it was because of her.

“For you, hell yes!” he laughed, knowing mom could feel his cock and she wasn’t saying anything. This was also the first and only time this had happened. “Are you ready?” he asked with a low voice, while looking into her blue eyes and Chad ran his hand over the left side of her face.

She stayed against him and Eve couldn’t think. This had never happened before and she was lost. Sure he teased her and while playing around, she felt him for a second, maybe two and that was all. “You make me glad I’m a woman.” Eve said, giving him a good squeeze and she pulled away. “So, are you still seeing that little tramp I hated so much or did you dump her?” Eve asked, referring to a girl he was dating and Eve hated her.

“Nah, she got tired of me working so much and the one night when I did come home early…I caught her fucking that black guy next door,” he said and watched mom’s Escort Avrupa Yakası jaw drop.

“Are you kidding me?” she asked with shook and hoped he used condoms. “Please tell me you’re still using…”

He heard mom and smiled. “Mom, I would wear a condom on my honeymoon! Yes, I used them and she would get so pissed off, but I didn’t care. She was there to use me and I used her. I didn’t know shit about her, other than her love for a big, hard co…”

“Chad please, I get the picture!” Eve said and tried not to think about his cock, but it was a hard task and one she always lost.

“Sorry, but you asked and I told you,” he replied and watched mom’s ass wiggling in her snug jeans. “Those jeans should be against the law.” Chad added with a smile and mom wiggled her butt at him.

“Oh bull, can’t you handle it, big boy!” she laughed and turned towards him. “Are you ready handsome?” Eve asked as she walked up to him and hugged again. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted to feel her son’s massive cock on her body again and it felt nice.

“I’m always ready for you,” he said, leaning towards her and lightly kissed her thin, sexy lips. “You’re so beautiful.” Chad whispered and kissed her again.

“Let’s go Romeo!” Eve giggled as they left her house and walked to his car.


After breakfast and a short drive, they were walking through a crowd of people and arm in arm. “Now that you’re single again, do you have any hot woman lined up?” Eve asked and hoped Chad would say no, but he was handsome as hell and he had a giant dick that women would kill for.

“Nah, I’m just being cool and keeping my mind on work.”

“Don’t work too much. You’re only twenty-two and don’t forget the good things in life. I know you and your love for um…women!” Eve said with a smile and pulled him towards a women’s clothing booth. “Oh how nice!” she cooed, holding up a sheer, white blouse and knew it would look awesome on her.

He looked at the small blouse and the tiny shoulder straps. “Damn, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination…does it?” Chad said with a grin and knew he had to buy one for mom. “Do you want one of them? I’ll buy it for you,” he added and watched her face turning red.

“I couldn’t wear it anyplace…other than around the house or for a nightie.” Eve replied and had an idea that he’d love seeing her in it.

“You could wear it when I come…over.”

“I could, huh?” she replied and turned to face him. Eve held it up to her chest, looked down and it was beautiful. “Wouldn’t that be a little…odd? Seeing me like that and half…naked.” Eve whispered as they peered into each other’s eyes and she could feel the moisture building deep in her lonely pussy.

“I think it would be great and…hot. You’re beautiful mom and very…sexy too.” Chad said, as he brushed a strand of hair from her face.

She smiled; felt his cock stir and Eve stayed against him. “I’ll let you buy it for and thank you for those wonderful comments! You’re always trying to butter me up and charm me!” she said and felt him flex again.

“I can’t help myself.”

“It’s not normal, you know.” Eve whispered, as they watched each other’s eyes and she could feel the blood racing through him.

“Who cares and we’re both over twenty-one.” Chad said and for the first time ever, he slid his arms around her, rested his hands on mom’s ass and Chad squeezed.

Eve couldn’t move and she was shocked. “What are you doing with your hands on my butt?” she asked with a little smile and her arms slid around his waist. “You shouldn’t do that.” Eve added with another smile and she felt Chad pulling her into his hard cock-shaft, but it felt so good and she was so lonely.

“I’m just hugging my beautiful mom and um…my hands accidently found your ass.”

“Accidently?” she asked with a grin and knew they needed to stop.

“Yes and I must say…it feels awesome!” Chad said, as he slowly caressed mom’s toned cheeks and he wondered what it looked like naked.

She smiled and wanted to crawl inside him, but he was her fucking son and she couldn’t. “In all the years you’ve been flirting with and teasing me, this is the first time you’ve ever touched me in a…sexual way and um…” Eve said and was dying to say how good it felt, but she couldn’t and it hurt.

“And what?” he asked, caressing every inch of mom’s ass, going slow and making sure that he teased the shit out of her.

She heard him and didn’t know what to say. “It’s um…kind of odd, but…um…nice too.” Eve replied and he hugged her tighter. “Mmmm, ok…time to stop!” she laughed, gave him a quick kiss on the lips and pulled away. “I want this in a medium and blue, not white.” Eve said, handing him the flimsy blouse and she felt her nipples growing. ‘Oh great, now he’ll know I’m fucking horny!’ she thought and knew her damn nipples would be on display.

“I’m getting both and do I get to see you in them?” he asked with a wink, pay the sales person and they walked away. “Well, do I or not?” Chad asked again and as they walked, he slid his left hand back to mom’s wiggling ass.

She laughed and his hand felt good on her butt. “I don’t know, you might, if you’re a good boy today.” Eve smiled and she was on fire. Her pussy was burning with need, but the need was for her son and that wasn’t normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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