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Group Sex

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is total fiction. The characters do not exist nor are they meant to portray anyone who does or ever did. The story is ADULT in nature. That means it’s porn, boys and girls, and therefore not meant to be read by persons under the age of at least 18 years. In fact, 20 would be better. If you don’t fall into this category, GO AWAY! NOW! Go read Dick, Jane and Sally and leave the adult stories to ADULTS! One more thing, if you don’t like descriptions of explicit hard-core nasty sex, you too can go read Dick, Jane and Sally. One reviewer complained about my stories being nasty. To you I say; “NO SHIT?” Just what did you expect to find on a website dedicated to erotica? Mathematical formulae? To the rest of you, please enjoy. Your feedback is welcomed, both positive and negative.

The Wicked Dr. X

Part 3 Of The Davie And Trina Story

Using The Best China For Tea Time

Tom and Hanna Carrington lived down the street from Trina and I, and Haley too by this time. I’m Davie. Trina is my Mom’s adopted sister that I moved in with, and Haley is my All American Cheerleader ex-girlfriend from high school who dumped me but recently came back into my life. They, Tom and Hanna, were a newly married couple that looked like they should have been married to each other. You know the kind. I’m sure you have met at least one couple that you just knew were meant to be together. They always seem to know what the other is going to say during any conversation, they agree about almost everything, they’re just so right for each other you just want to slap them. You know the kind, right?

Tom is a rugged, good looking, blue-eyed, blond haired guy, deep into sports of all kinds, loves sports-cars and owns two as toys, has a great career and an even better personality.

Hanna, his wife, is a stunning redhead with legs up to there, piercing green eyes that could stop a charging rhino, and the most perfect petite body you could imagine. Her voice was the song of six different birds rolled into one voice, all sweet and lilting. She had a satisfying career in a law office, and they were as out-going and nice as a couple could be. All of their neighbors hated them.

Now the normal reader would say, “well no kidding. They’re too perfect not to hate,” but that’s not it at all. The thing is that they were the wife swapping swingers of the neighborhood. Lots of neighborhoods have them but they usually keep to themselves and don’t make an issue of it, much less advertise the fact by sitting in their back yards naked, fucking each other as well as people they invite over for fun and games. Worse yet, they looked good. That’s what pissed everyone off. They looked good. If they had been plump and hairy they would probably have been ignored by everyone, or at least dismissed as weirdoes. They were just too pretty, and their jealous-assed neighbors couldn’t deal with that.

Haley met them a week earlier when she was out for a jog, and got invited to join them for a night of those fun and games sessions I talked about earlier. Sweet girl that she is, she got them to invite Trina and I as well. When she got home and told us about it, Trina hugged her and they went to Hailey’s room to plan the games. I hate it when they don’t invite me. It wasn’t long before the sounds of female giggles and orgasms could be heard from that end of the house and I knew that the games they were planning were going to be fun.

To be fair, the thought of being involved with that evening’s activities was kind of erotic. I had seen Hanna a few times on the street, and even fully dressed she was as desirable a woman as any man could want to fantasize about. I like redheads, especially tight bodied little ones like her. Those eyes of hers just bored into you with a sexuality that was unmistakable, almost palpable. Without meaning to, she had that look that says “I can fuck you into an indefinable dead lump and make you love every second of it,” and you know you will too. I mean really, is there anything sexier than a truly hot green-eyed redhead? They’re few and far between to be sure, but when you find one, damn! They turn heads and harden penises wherever they go. That was Hanna. There was a strange feeling inside of me the first time I had seen her, a feeling that repeated itself the next time I saw her, and the times after as well. It wasn’t something I had ever remembered feeling before, and it kind of scared me a little because I couldn’t define it. I was about to though.

You would think that with all of the sweet pussy I was getting from Aunt Trina and Haley I wouldn’t be so anxious to get next to Hanna. But I was. Oh yes. Quite anxious actually. Odd as it may seem, a man never seems to get enough outside pussy. I would bet that Trina and Haley were feeling the same way about Tom. I could see it in their eyes before they took off for Haley’s room.


Usually Thursdays are kind of slow for social functions, but Haley and Trina got time off from their jobs for Friday and I just crammed my work and told my boss I had personal business that needed taking care of.

Needless to say I didn’t tell him that my business included fucking three of the hottest women he could imagine. I remember the look in his eyes that day Trina showed up to screw the hell out of me. I thought his tongue was going to hit the floor when she smiled at him. I think his heart would have stopped completely if he had known alt yazılı seks she was nude under that long coat she wore.

Anyway, Tom called us on Wednesday and told us not to bother with dinner Thursday night, as he and Hanna were going to cook on the grill. This sounded too good. Steaks and sex.

We dressed nice, Trina and Haley in tight leather mini-skirts and filmy blouses, nothing underneath of course, and I in tight jeans and a decent t-shirt. When we got to Tom and Hanna’s house I had the feeling we had over dressed. They greeted us at the front door with hugs all around. Hanna had on the top of a blue baby-doll nightie, her beautiful breasts showed through as though she wore nothing at all, and Tom wore a tight Speed-o that left little to the imagination of the approving Trina and Haley. There was no doubt what they had in mind for the evening’s festivities. When Hanna got to me I could feel her hips grind into mine as she hugged me. There was that indefinable feeling again.

Trina and Haley did the same to poor Tom, hugging and wriggling into his hips and I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his swim trunks get larger after the greetings were over. I know for sure that mine had expanded by a noticeable amount. Oh yes, this was going to be an interesting cookout.

They invited us to the enclosed patio behind their house with the built-in grill and very nice dining area. The sweet smell of grilling steak and fish wafted from the grill, the table set with fruit and raw veggies. We were invited to sit around the table while the meats cooked and have a glass of wine. I proposed a toast to our host and hostess and everyone drank to their health, the entire glass, and then another, and then one more. When Tom got up to turn the meat over on the grill, Hanna came over and raped me. That sounds a bit harsh I guess, but not too far from the truth. She slid off of the chair she had been sitting on so properly, and disappeared from view as though she had dropped something on the floor and was retrieving it. The next thing I knew was the feel of hands unfastening my jeans. Of course I looked down, and there was Hanna smiling up at me, licking those blood-red lips of hers as she dug my cock out from my pants.

“Some of the best meat is eaten raw,” she said lowering her head into my lap. I could feel my penis being sucked slowly into her mouth while her tongue danced over the shaft. Her hands tugged at my pants and I rose off of the chair to let her pull them away, moving the chair back in order to give her some room to work. She drew the pants off of my legs, her mouth never leaving my rapidly expanding pole, and then straddled one of my outstretched legs and began to rub her very wet pussy on it. Instinctively, I looked over to where Tom was. He was too busy getting his own cock sucked by Haley and Trina to care that his wife was swallowing mine. The smile on his face pretty much mirrored the one on mine. I took Hanna’s head in my hands enjoying the feel of her bobbing mouth on my stiff pole, the sight of that red hair rising and falling onto my lap as my cock slid further into her throat, and the feel of her hands exploring my thighs. Then, suddenly, she stopped as though I had run out of quarters in a peep show.

She looked up at me and smiled but said nothing, and crawled out from under the table. It was as if she knew, somehow, that if she spent one more minute doing what she had been doing, I would have exploded into her mouth. Again I looked over to where Tom had been, but he too had moved away from Trina and Haley and was busy removing the meat from the grill, that “Stepford husband” grin still on his handsome face. He placed a piece of meat, or fish on each plate and sat three of them on a tray, handing the last one to Hanna. She sat the plate of fish on the table near her, urged me to stand, removed my shirt, knelt, and took my still hard prick into her soft mouth again while Trina, Haley and even Tom watched. Hanna’s beautiful head bobbed ever so sensuously back and forth, my aching dick penetrating her throat further and further with every stroke until finally, her nose was crushed by my pubic bone. She held herself there, swallowing again and again, that soft tongue barely touching the shaft of my prick as it moved back and forth. My breathing got hollow, my grip on her pretty head firmer as I rapidly approached that exquisite release her mouth promised.

Suddenly Hanna backed away from me, my cock leaving the incredible warmth of her mouth with an exaggerated slurp. She wrapped her soft hand around me and began to stroke my pole firmly until she heard my groan of impending climax. Quickly she grabbed the plate of fish from the table and held it under my throbbing cock as the waves of orgasm began to wash over me and my legs began to get weak. Releasing her firm grip of my penis, I began to spew ejaculate over the top of the warm fish while a smile spread over her face. Setting the plate back on the table, Hanna returned my still dripping cock to her mouth, sucking me completely dry. Rising to her feet again, she kissed me passionately, rubbing her body against mine.

“You taste very good, David. You have a tasty cock, and your cum is just luscious. You really should try this girls,” she said to Trina and Haley, adding a bit of lemon –pepper to the ejaculate that she had spread over the fish. “It’s quite good. And thank you David, porno 92 your cum is very tasty.”

Hanna handed out the other plates of meat and fish, added vegetables and fruit to her plate and waited for the rest to be seated. Trina and Haley looked at each other, their plates of meat, and then at Tom who merely smiled.

“What the fuck,” exclaimed Haley as she knelt on the floor in front of Tom’s outstretched pecker and took him into her own mouth, stroking his shaft as she sucked him with enthusiasm. It took very little time for Tom to reach his orgasm, and Haley had barely backed away from him before he began to spew her and the plate of meat with his creamy cum. Both girls giggled as they scraped the drops from Haley’s face and added them to Trina’s food. Trina spread the offering over her meat, taking a little from Hailey’s plate as well, added a bit of salt and pepper and began to cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. They both took vegetables and fruit and refilled their wine glasses before tasting Hanna’s cum sauce recipe.

“Yummy!” said Haley.

“Not bad at all,” agreed Trina with a smile.

I looked at Tom who had begun to eat.

“Don’t you have a secret sex recipe?’ I asked.

“Yes, in fact I do,” he replied, “It’s just that I rarely share it since most guys find it rather, well, unappetizing”

“Not to be the master of the obvious,” I said, “but your lovely wife is eating my cum as a fish sauce, how unappetizing could yours be?”

“Hanna?” he said, and his beautiful wife rose to her feet and approached him, spread her lovely legs wide and began urinating into a cup that Tom held under her naked pussy. He lifted a breast and kissed it gently when she had finished, lifted the cup to his lips and drank the warm urine down. A small amount remained in the cup, which he offered to me. I took the cup and drank the golden liquid without hesitation.

In actuality this had not been the first time I had done something like that. Sometimes, when Trina is climaxing hard and it’s due to my tongue being deep inside her cunt, she will pee into my mouth. It’s not a lot, just a little bit, usually. The first time she did it, it startled me, but gradually I began to enjoy it. Now I actually look forward to it, if for no other reason than I know I have pleased her. It’s not an unpleasant taste, although it is an acquired one. Beer is an acquired taste as well, or so I’m told, and frankly, I’d rather taste Trina’s urine, or Hanna’s for that matter, it was quite good. I really don’t care for beer very much. I hadn’t tried Haley’s urine yet, but now I think I’m going to make it a point to try it. Yah, I know, it all sounds a bit disgusting, but there are those who say it is actually good for you to drink a cup of the stuff once a day. No matter, the whole thing was quite erotic at the time. I guess you had to be there.


Surprisingly enough, nothing more of a sexual nature took place during the otherwise pleasant meal. I sort of expected to see Hanna or Tom stretch out on the table and demand to become part of the snack bar or some such thing, but it didn’t happen. Not even the conversation took on sexual overtones, which really surprised me. The conversation tended to center on what we all did for a living and our living arrangements, just the typical small talk that people engage in who don’t know each other very well but want to. Even Trina and Haley found that a little weird, come to find out later. It wasn’t until after the excellent meal was over that things began to heat up rapidly

Trina and Haley offered to help clean up the tableware, an offer that was gratefully accepted by Hanna. As Haley was bent over placing plates in the dishwasher, Tom came up behind her, raised her tight skirt, reached around her waist and slid a wetted finger into her pink slit. He bent over her back and whispered into her ear and I heard her giggle, then he reached around her with the other hand and cupped a firm breast. Within seconds Tom’s Speed-o had hit the floor and his considerable cock was buried deep in Haley’s dripping cunt while she purred like a kitten with a bowl of warm milk. The game was on!

A glance toward the cushy patio chairs confirmed that assessment. Trina was on her knees in front of Hanna, her mouth attached firmly to the redhead’s vagina. Hanna’s head was thrown back, her hands holding Trina’s head lovingly in place, and even from where I was I could see her shudder with pleasure. I was about to throw up my hands and grab the remote control for the TV when I heard Hanna’s voice calling to me.

“Davie, come over and help your sweet Aunt. I think she needs her pussy filled while she eats.”

“I’m good,” mumbled Trina, her mouth parting from its feast with a very sensuous slurp. “Why don’t you show Hanna what a really good ass fuck feels like, Davie? Take her place on the chair.”

I thought Hanna was going to take Trina’s head off with her pelvis she bolted up so quickly.

“Tom doesn’t like doing anal with me very much. He thinks he’s going to hurt me, but to tell you the truth I love it. Do me big boy!” said Hanna breathlessly.

I settled into the chair feeling the still warm dampness of Hanna’s lubricating juices and Trina’s saliva on the padding between my legs. Hanna wiggled her pert ass in front of me and I grabbed the twin globes pulling her closer to me, spreading them apart, and exposing her xvideos porno wrinkled anus. Leaning forward I kissed the smooth skin of that magnificent bottom before extending my tongue to lick at the puckered orifice. Hanna reached back, pulling at her ass cheeks, thrusting her bottom at my face, moaning happily while Trina’s tongue returned to the woman’s moist vagina.

Leaning back, Hanna steadied herself on the arms of the chair forcing me backwards and then lifted both legs onto the arms as well so that her sweet ass was poised over my well-hardened cock. From between Hanna’s legs, Trina grabbed my pole and slobbered over it before fitting the head at the entrance to the redhead’s ass. With a shudder, Hanna lowered herself slowly onto my pole until I thrust upwards, pushing aside the smooth flesh, burying the shaft deep into the buttery soft cavern until my pelvis met her twin globes. I ground my hips into her, pulling out and pushing back in with short, slow strokes, loosening her anus, relaxing her muscles. I didn’t have to worry; Trina was doing her part as well, teasing Hanna’s engorged clit with her very talented tongue, easing a finger and then two into the woman’s vagina.

“I can’t begin to tell you how good that feels, David,” Hanna groaned. “I’ll give you two hours to stop!”

I watched as Hanna gripped the arms of the chair tightly, listened to her breath get quicker and become hollow as her hips ground into mine. One hand shot out and she grabbed Trina’s dark hair, pulling her closer to the quivering quim that she thrust at my beloved Aunt. Trina pulled her fingers out of Hanna’s box and covered the juicy slit with her sucking mouth. Hanna shrieked with pleasure, and I rammed hard into her forcing her off of the chair arms and into Trina’s arms. Trina reached under Hanna’s ass pulling her legs further apart, opening her vagina wide ramming her tongue deep inside the redhead’s body, sucking her distended clit. I held her body close to mine, one hand gripping her left breast, the other encircling her tiny waist, jamming her onto my pulsing cock, thrusting her back and forth. Her cries and groans increased, as did her breathing. I knew we were about to feel Hanna’s orgasm, which pleased me greatly. I love hearing and feeling a woman climax. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment I guess. It means I’ve done what I set out to do, or in this case, we. I have to give Trina’s probing tongue her due.

Anyway, Hanna began to thrash around violently, sweat pouring off of her like a marathon runner at the end of the Boston run. Her grunts and shrieks sounding like nothing I had heard from her lips so far. Suddenly she just sort of, well I guess imploded might not be the right word, but I don’t know how to explain it any better. She let go of the arms of the chair and dropped into my lap, ramming my cock deep into her bowels as I held her tightly. I could see Trina’s head jerk back as Hanna squirted urine and cum juices into her mouth. Her body shook and trembled as the orgasm crashed through her.

From across the room I could hear the unmistakable sounds of Haley having a satisfying orgasm, and I glanced in that direction in time to see her squatting over Tom’s face, dribbling urine into his mouth, her own pretty face covered in a thick coating of sperm laden cum.


How I had avoided climaxing myself, I have no idea, but I knew it was going to happen soon. I could feel the fire building rapidly inside of me. I pushed Hanna away and she fell to her knees on the floor in front of Trina. I grabbed that red hair, and my cock as I rose from the chair, and shoved my pole at Hanna’s mouth.

“Eat it, you beautiful little whore! Eat it all,” I said, poking the tip between her lips. Obediently she opened her mouth wide, sucked in a huge gulp of air and I shoved my cock into her with short, firm strokes, savoring that sweet swirling tongue. I watched with happy satisfaction as Hanna’s beautiful head bobbed back and forth, my wet prick sliding sensuously in and out of her between those blood-red lips. I watched her eyes flutter closed, felt her soft hands caressing my waist as she sucked me. Her legs opened and closed, and every once in a while her hand would disappear between them to flick at her clitoris. Hanna grabbed my ass cheeks and leaned forward, pulling herself onto me and I could feel my cock slide into her throat, could feel her swallow, sucking hard on my slippery meat. As good as her firm ass had been, Hanna’s real talent seemed to be her mouth, and that swirling tongue. That was all it took. I felt her fingers tighten; the long nails digging into my flesh, her mouth sucking hard on my rapidly expanding cock, never once backing away from me. Her head shook back and forth, her thick hair fanning out behind her, sometimes covering her face as it wrapped around her head. The last image I had of her before my orgasm began and my eyes shut tightly was of my cock sliding slowly into her mouth, her hair a red cloud behind her and the perception of a triumphant smile spreading across her face. I could feel the world slip from my mind, replaced by the explosion of orgasm, the red and blue stars flashing inside of my brain as I began pumping wave after wave of ejaculate into that beautiful sucking mouth. I heard loud groans that I think were mine. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, and I held Hanna’s head tightly to my pelvis until the light of reality began to flash on inside of my besotted brain. Quickly I released my grip on the beautiful head that was giving me such pleasure, but instead of backing away, as I expected, she remained where she was, sucking the very last drop of my cum into her belly before slumping to the floor, a smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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