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She stood with her back to the jets of warm water streaming over her shoulders, her hands bound to the sides of the shower to the hooks her Master had had installed for the express purpose of holding her immobile to his ministrations. Her ankles were spread wide, to the very edges of the shower stall, per his instruction. Her Master did not speak with words, but with his hands as they roamed over her, slicked with soap, sliding over her body in gentle caresses… she moaned softly under his tender ministrations, knowing that this man, who could be as gentle as a butterfly’s wing could also be as harsh as the sting of a rubber cord flogger. That was only one of the many facets of her Master this slave enjoyed… his ability to take her mind from her… and make it his own.

His hands cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples to hardness with his thumbs, flicking his fingernail over them. She breathed his name on a sigh, “Master..”, pressing her ass back against his hardness. She heard his soft laughter in her ear as he took each nipple in his fingers and squeezed, harder and harder, wringing a gasp from her throat. Her head fell back against his shoulder as he continued his gentle assault on her senses, roaming down her quivering belly to her heated cunt, slipping a single finger to her clit, gently caressing. She moaned louder now, thrusting her hips against that finger. He moved against her, allowing her to feel his body sliding against hers, the shower raining down on both of them, tiny rivulets of sensation cascading over them both. His finger moved faster, carrying her to the cliffs of ecstasy, holding her there at the edge. She could feel his fingers tugging and pulling on her nipples, that exquisite mingled pain and pleasure pushing her closer to the edge… “Please, Master… oh, god, please, may I cum?” she begged desperately for release.

“No, misha, soon…” was his whispered response, as he stepped up the intensity of his fingers on her clit, working it between them roughly. She felt herself sliding, trapped between the demands of her body and the command of her Master. Small whimpers and moans escaped her throat, as she felt him pushing her, testing her resolve to him. He moved to her side, caressing one hand over her ass, wet and warm… His. He spanked her roughly, over and over again, until her ass was glowing… the hot water streaming over it, making it burn, never taking those fingers from her clit.

He took her tortured gasps and moans into him, taking her pleasure and pain into him. When she sagged against the wall, gasping her pleas to be allowed to cum, he pulled her head back by her hair. “You will not cum until I allow it, misha. I own you. I own your pleasure. Do you deny it?”

She shook her head emphatically… “No, Master!” He removed her wrists from her bonds, turning her to face the spray of the shower. The soap sluiced from her body, his hands on her everywhere, her breasts, nipples, her steaming cunt, her cherry red ass.. warmed by his hands. When he was satisfied that the soap was gone, he turned to her, lifting her chin gently with one finger, kissing her lightly on her lips.. soft and parted for him.

“Tonight, my love, you will endure the most exquisite torture I have ever prepared for you. Are you ready to begin?” She nodded yes, not trusting her voice. He took her wrists and placed them back into the manacles. She looked at him questioningly, not voicing her queries. He Kurtköy Olgun Escort saw her confusion and laughed. She watched him as he bent, reaching outside of the shower for something, bringing back a blindfold. Her look of amazement was shuttered by the blindfold. He placed his lips to the side of her ear and whispered, “The most exquisite torture….” gently kissing the racing pulse behind it.

“Place your feet as before, misha.” She obeyed him quickly, leaving her moist cunt open to him, her legs spread wide. The spray of the shower teasing her nipples to stream down her body and over her clit. She felt him place something behind her, directly on her ass. “Press back on this, misha. If it falls, I will know it, and you will be punished for it,” came his quiet command. She pressed back, feeling a thousand prickles pressing into her bottom, reminding her of his spanking just moments ago, wringing a shuddering gasp from her. “Like that, misha?” he asked, laughter in his voice, “You are to stay absolutely still. Do you understand?” She nodded again, feeling his fingers squeezing her nipples. He pinched them hard, then bent to capture one with his teeth, his finger returning to her clit, stroking her. “Masterrrr….” she moaned, quivering under his touch. A small yelp escaped her parted lips as she felt the unmistakable bite of a clamp replacing his teeth, another quickly followed on her other nipple, both of them now encased in clamps, the water running over them and down the chain, her breath coming in heaving gasps as she felt the water dripping from the chain, tugging on it as his fingers tugged on her clit. The words “exquisite torture” drifted through her mind…

The water stopped flowing over her, and she moaned with the loss. But, the sensation that attacked her next was brutal in its assault. Oh, my god! her mind screamed as the water returned, to attack her clit in a steady stream. Pounding into her like waves, her body straining with the urge to stay still, her ass pressing hard into the wall behind her, making her ass scream in protest. His finger slid over her clit, making sure the water was hitting its target. “Now, misha, you will stay like this until I am ready for you,” he moved out of the shower, giving her clamps a final tug, listening with sadistic satisfaction to her moans of agonized ecstasy.

Ahhhh…. Masterrr…. her thoughts whirled. She felt the water pounding her, keeping her teetering on the edge… the pain of the clamps on her nipples and the prickling on her ass bringing her alive. Her entire body was nothing but sensation, burning with desire, the pain and pleasure mingling into one. Her head lolled from side to side… dizzy with desire. He left her this way… allowing sufficient time for the water to cool… still fixed firmly on her clit, her body becoming more frenzied as the water lowered in temperature. Her pleas and cries to him ignored as she struggled not to cum under the onslaught. He returned as the water turned to cold, stroking his hand over her body to lock onto the chain at her nipples. With a single tug he removed them, bringing a scream from her. He locked his lips around one nipple, caressing the other. “Master… Master… oh, God, Master, please, please…..”

He pressed a finger to her lips to silence her… she whimpered. He gently released her, drying her fiery body with a soft, fluffy towel. “I told you. Torture… the most exquisite Kurtköy Sarışın Escort you have ever known.” He laid her gently on the bed, encasing her wrists and ankles in soft leather restraints. Securing her on the bed, face down, with strong chains, he stroked her heated skin. She arched to him like a cat in heat, writhing and calling out to him softly. He dragged a soft fur over her body, watching her writhe, listening to her low moans. He began to work a flogger over her, working her up slowly, dancing across her skin with skill. A soft thud, turning to a harsh sting, stopping occasionally to massage her heated flesh with his fingers, the fur, his mouth. He moved slowly, with the skill of a thousand Masters.

Bringing her to full arousal and keeping her there, teetering on the edge of a glorious orgasm… held back by his word alone.

He moved his hand over her ass, now a dull glow in the dim light, caressing her first with his hand, the bringing it down with force, making her gasp. She arched her bottom to him, begging without words for more of the same, and he smiled, knowing what a little masochist his slave was. He took out an old leather paddle, soft, flexible and very heavy.

He spanked her with it, watching as she writhed in pleasure/pain. She again begged for release, pleading with him for his permission. He smiled again. She was ready.

He looked at the paddle in his hand with a smile in his eyes. It was more like a ruler, but heavier and thicker, coated with plastic dipped sandpaper on the side. It would sting. It would make her scream. He smiled and brought it down on her ass. She screamed, her body arching with the pain, moaning and writhing as it continued again and again. Her pleas became garbled, panted out between gasps as the paddle descended again and again. He stopped to rub a towel soaked in ice water over her fiery ass. Listening with pleasure at her reaction… she moaned, gasped, panted and begged, all in the same breath. He resumed his strokes, bringing them down with seemingly more sting with each descent on her wet bottom. When she was sufficiently incoherent, he stopped, stroking her body to calm and reassure her with his touch, his kiss.

She felt herself gently turned over on the bed, resecured. Her body shuddering as she felt the first of two snake bite suction cups being placed on her nipples… ahhh… the delicious tugging at her nipples seeming to increase in time with her arousal, as she struggled against the bonds that held her securely. Goosebumps broke out on her skin as she felt the soft fur rubbed over her damp skin, his finger dragging against the suction cup on her nipple, bringing it to the forefront of her tormented state. Ahhh…pleaseeee….

In the back of her mind, she heard music begin to play. A slow, steady beating rhythm. Her heart began to beat in time with the music, pulsing through her clit and nipples. She felt the first of many strokes of a soft, thuddy flogger, steadily massaging her… kneading her skin as her Master’s hands would. It moved over her body in studied precision… striking a trembling thigh… caressing her breast… dragging over her nipple. Then, the rhythm changed, and with it came the feather soft touch of the fur. It moved over her, missing nothing, every nuance touched by it. She trembled and shook, her body assaulted with the sensations coursing through her veins. The flogger returned to torment Kurtköy Şişman Escort her again, only this time, it stung her wherever it touched. Biting and clawing her skin as a fingernail would, it moved over her relentlessly. She cried out hoarsely as it struck her spread thighs, her glistening cunt, laid open to him, his pleasure and his torture. Her body arched off the bed, a half scream erupting from her as he struck her breast with it, releasing the nipple from it’s encasement. “Masterrrrr!”

The flogger struck again, at her other nipple, releasing it in quick succession. Pain shot through her body like lightning. He bent, covering it with his mouth, biting and licking, sucking it into his mouth as if he were going to devour her. His hand moved to her dripping cunt, capturing and squeezing her clit, nearly sending her over the edge of the precipice she teetered on. Her body alternately shook and went rigid… straining to obey her Master over the screams of her mind. She begged, sobbing, pleading, “Master, please, oh, god… please Master… ” He removed his fingers, traveling up her neck to kiss her deeply. “No, love. Tonight I am going to have your mind,” he whispered softly into her mouth.

She felt him moving around her. Dear God… what was he doing?? She moaned as she realized he was placing an electrode to her bottom. She had no time to wonder where the other would be attached as she felt him begin to stroke her throbbing clit. She felt the orgasm building inside of her, her back arched off the bed, offering herself to him, begging for his touch. And then it began… the tingling… throbbing… pulsing. The current passed through his fingers and to her clit, traveling through her. Her scream broke loose from her throat as he turned up the TENS unit attached to his hand, rubbing her clit furiously. “Aaahhh, oh, god, pleaseeeee…Masterrr please…” ripped from her as she struggled helplessly in her bonds. Her entire being throbbing in her aching clit, threatening to rip her in two. “What, misha?” came his soft voice through her darkness, “Do you want to cum?”

“PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!! oh, Master… ah, please…” she could get no more past her lips. Her body began to tremble violently, her breathing coming in heaving gasps, and she could speak no more, only moan her pleas. His voice boomed in the darkness, “Cum, misha! Cum now for your Master!” The dam burst, and she screamed, feeling her body shatter into fragments. Her arms and legs jerking erratically, her head turning from side to side, lurching off of the bed. It lasted forever, wave after wave took hold, each cresting higher than the last. She felt her entire body stiffen, arching off of the bed, feeling yet another build inside of her… stronger than any before.

The shocks pulsing through her more intensely, his fingers demanding more, as he commanded again “Now, misha! Cum for me NOW!” she screamed, feeling it take her captive, setting her free. She could do no more than scream between her ragged breaths as the sensation hit her, scattering her senses to the winds. As the storm inside her began to dissipate, she felt his arms come around her, holding her safe and secure. She tried to look at him, her beloved Master. She could not focus her eyes on his face. Her body exhausted, she lay there, her head lolling back and forth on his strong arm, hearing his whispers of his love, his pride in her. She concentrated very hard, bringing his face into focus, as he lay beside her. He looked down at her, love and possession shining from his eyes, telling her how beautiful she looked while struggling, how very sexy. She looked into his eyes, moaning yet again as the aftershocks coursed through her, and whispered softly, “I love you, Master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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