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This story will be a slow burn.

From the beginning….

Sam felt suddenly very strange. She was in a very familiar, very comfortable place – she was lying naked in Jack’s muscular arms. He was doing something he had done to her a thousand and more times. She and Jack had been together for six years after all. So there he was, working his routine. Gently kissing her neck, allowing his tongue to ingest subtle tastes of the perfume she had sprayed there many hours before.

And yet despite this level of familiarity for her, Sam wasn’t herself. She couldn’t put her finger on why she felt the way. Typically, Jack knew how to hit all her hot spots and his six-pack abs were enough to get anyone in the mood. Sam let out a frustrated sigh that probably came off as an aroused moan to Jack.

‘What is going on with me?’ Sam thought to herself.

She chalked it up to her feeling tired, put her body in robotic mode, and carried out their lovemaking. Then she slipped into a warm shower to wash away her day.

Hours later, the harsh buzz of the morning alarm woke Sam from sleep. She groggily lifted her head and looked over at the time. 7:20 am. She hit the snooze button; she needed a few more minutes. She re-adjusted her body and found a new cool spot in her white crisp sheets and she immediately nestled herself in. Jack had already left for his early morning meeting. Sam was completely by herself and she was happy to be so and fell quickly back to sleep.

After a brief period of time, Sam became aware of her naked görükle escort bayan body as she danced between being awake and being lost in a dreamscape. Her body was soft to the touch and she liked the way she felt under her own hands. She ran a few fingers slowly down the center of her stomach, feeling her toned muscles. A warm feeling made its way through her as the middle finger on her right hand circled her swollen center.

The sensation caused Sam to release a guttural moan of pure delight. Suddenly she became aware of the fact that she wasn’t alone. Sam slowly opened her eyes to see Eve, the beautiful bartender she had met the night before. Eve stood over her bedside, gave Sam a sensual smile, and slowly pulled back the only sheet covering Sam’s naked body. Eve raised her finger to her own mouth to signal Sam to be quiet.

Sam was startled and didn’t know what was happening but the overwhelming anticipation of what was to come kept her in that sensual morning moment.

‘How did this gorgeous creature I met mere hours before get into my place? Had Jack let her in to come and find me?’ Sam wondered.

Sam’s eyes were still closed. She was slowly rocking her head from side to side on the pillow still in utter disbelief to how incredible she felt. She licked her dry lips, attempting to have a voice. With eyes still shut and her trembling legs still spread, she seductively found the courage and said aloud, “Come here, I need to taste you.”

What Sam heard in reply completely shocked her. altıparmak eskort She bolted upright in bed and grabbed the bed sheet to cover her breasts. ‘How could this be? What the hell was happening?’

Standing there before her at the foot of the bed was Jack. He was looking down at his girlfriend with a grin on his face, and considering her notable distance from him the night before, he was shocked at this sexual greeting that he had just received.

“What’s gotten into you?” Jack questioned.

The look of shock and disappointment that met him in return was less than what he was hoping for but Sam couldn’t mask how she felt and it was written on her face. She fell back to her pillow in frustration after mumbling something dismissive to Jack, as only couples know how to do to take a potentially charged moment and quickly make it go away.

Jack found the file he had mistakenly left behind earlier and walked out with a quick, “Catch you later, bad girl.” He was gone. Again.

Back in the shower, hot water pelted her body and Sam delighted in the feel of heat against her skin. She could not shake her mind clear of Eve. Eve was working the bar last night and Sam was instantly drawn in by her. Not only was she breathtakingly gorgeous, she was so easy to talk to. That is, once Sam found her courage to speak. With a happy sigh, she recalled the fun banter they exchanged at the bar.

* * *

“I’m Eve.”

When Sam remained unusually shy and quiet, Eve encouraged, nilüfer escort “Okay, I think now is the part where you tell me your name.”

“Oh you think so?” Sam teased back, once she found her voice.

Eve leaned into the bar with her smoldering brown orbs gazing directly into Sam’s blue eyes. “If you’re going to keep coming here, then you should probably tell me your name.”

At that point, Sam was so engrossed in Eve that she couldn’t recall her own name! No words were spoken as the intense stare continued. Sam swore she felt a chill shoot up her spine and her body prickled with a giddiness she had not felt in a long time.

Eve finally broke the silence. “Ah, come on. I don’t bite.” The bartender moved away and finished with a playful, “Unless you want me to.”

* * *

Sam’s mind returned to the present and she smiled as the steam from her hot shower engulfed her. She couldn’t wrap her brain around how she could have experienced such an unbelievably powerful dream…. a dream that left her more aroused, more wet and more hungry than she could remember feeling in years, if ever.

Sam ran her soapy soft sponge over her breasts, down her flat stomach and between her legs. She still felt tingly and was amazed as never before had she had such a dream – a dream that she so wished had been reality.

Before she knew it, Sam was dressed for work and in her car on her way to the office. There was a marked difference in her this morning. The warm leather seat seemed to cradle her more sensually; the rear view mirror gave back a more flirtatious countenance. She felt more alive, more on fire, more determined to live fully.

Sam’s introduction to Eve, the stunning bartender had completely turned something on in her mind and body and all of life’s other issues paled in their utter boring normalcy.

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