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I woke to Karen shaking me. I stretched and leaned into her. “Dean. DEAN!” her words startled me into a more awake state.

“Oh Karen, I’m sorry, I’m just so sleepy this morning.”

“Get my crutches please Dean, I can’t reach them.”

I slid out of bed, not even trying to hide my morning wood. As I handed the crutches to Karen, she reached out for my cock instead. “Oh my, what have we here?” I smiled at her attentions and looked down at her face. Suddenly, the night before with my mother-in-law flashed back. I looked away sheepishly, startling Karen.

“Dean, kiss me.” She reached to my chin and guided me into a deep warm kiss. Her other hand still gripped my cock through the pajamas.

After she broke the kiss, she spoke quietly. “I know you met with Mom last night. I know what happened. It’s all okay. Don’t be ashamed. She’s going to help us. And I’m going to help you.” She smiled at me, a reassuring and confident smile. “Dean, be naked when I get back.” She wiggled her way out of bed and walked into the bathroom for her morning needs and then came back to bed, crutches announcing her arrival from the moment she left the bathroom. I had done as I was told and was waiting naked in bed, my cock still hard.

“Dean, did you really stay hard all that time while I was away?” she asked as she got back into bed.

“Well, I needed a little help, but I’ve been hard the whole time.”

“Oh Dean, I’m sorry you did that. I really am.”

“Did what? Stayed hard? I thought that’s where we were going with this.” I was confused.

“You touched your cock without me here. Remember, mom said you shouldn’t be selfish. And yet I wasn’t here and you were stroking your cock.”

She said all this while looking directly at me. We had never talked about sex like this before. We may have talked about things in hushed tones in the dark, after fucking, but never like this, in the light of day. And now here was my wife of 6 years, the mother of our children, talking about how I was stroking my cock.

“I appreciate the hard cock Dean, but next time, just wait, I’ll do it. You’ll like it better that way anyway, right?”

“I suppose you’re right, Karen. I just wanted to be… ready.”

“Ready for what?” she smirked. She was far more comfortable talking about this than I was.

“I was hoping… well… if you’re up to it… maybe… ” I just couldn’t come out with it.

“Dean, do you want to fuck?”

“Oh I certainly do. Yes!”

“So do I, Dean, and that’s what we’re going to do.” Her hand reached it’s way to my cock, which was already very hard. I hadn’t been touching it, but our conversation was making me hard, particularly her confident tone in talking about sex. “But Dean, I’m going to ride you.” I looked up at her quizzically knowing that it would be awkward for her ankle. “Don’t worry, I practiced yesterday and I can handle it for a few minutes before my ankle will yell at me.” She pushed the covers back. She kissed the tip of my cock as she held it in hands and then took the first inch into her mouth. She left it very wet. She was just getting the head wet but I would have loved to have had more of that treatment with her mouth. It had been years since I had a good blow job. She straddled me now, my cock pressing against her hole. She started letting my cock slide in just a tiny bit, enough to have the wet head of my cock find the wet inside of her pussy.

“Dean, if we’re going to have a good sex life, you have to be able to talk to me about it. Here we are and you can’t even tell me you want sex.”

“I said I wanted to fuck… ” I sputtered back.

“No Dean, I asked you if you wanted to fuck and you said ‘yes’. That’s hardly saying it. Ask me for what you would like right now.”

“Oh Karen, this…” I turned away. “Karen, I can’t…”

She grabbed my chin and made bursa suriyeli escort escort me look at her. “You can. You will. Or you will get nothing.” Her hips rose us, leaving my cock barely in contact with her.

I closed my eyes. “Karen, can we please fuck”

“Better Dean but open your eyes. Look at me.”

My body felt so tight, so closed up, so awkward. I squeezed my eyes tighter shut, then breathed in deeply and let it all go. I opened my eyes with my exhale and looked up at my beautiful wife. I had not looked at her in this way in a long time. I remembered how we used to be, how we would often fuck and play with each other. I remembered the “us” we used to be. I teared up. “Karen, please, can we make love?”

“Yes Dean, yes.” she said as she slid my cock into her. It felt so wet and warm, she wrapped herself around me and soon she was riding the full length of me. She was very wet. I sobbed with the lovely feeling, not just of being inside her, but being one with her, again, after far too long. It only took her a couple minutes and she sat up on me while I was inside her, she reached down to her clit and rubbed it, something I had rarely seen her do, but she just sort of bounced a little on my cock while she rubbed herself. I saw her hard nipples through her shirt, my hands held her hips. I watched her whole body as she came. It was loud. I worried about the kids hearing. She squeezed me while she came, her hand grabbed mine as her other hand pressed against her clit. I had stopped moving already, letting her guide my cock where she wanted.

Her body started to relax and she almost fell off of me as she lay back on the bed. She landed on the bed with a grunt of pain.

“I may have overdone the ankle a little, but the doctor said to expect some discomfort” she hoarsely spoke.

“Is it okay? You didn’t pull any stitches, did you?”

“Oh no, it’s fine, I’m sure. It’s just sore. She said it would be sore the first few times I rode you.”

“What? You talked to the doctor about fucking me?”

“Well, of course! I wanted to make sure it was safe. I don’t want to go through that surgery again and deal with all that pain. Besides, she’s a doctor! She doesn’t really care if you get laid or not, but she was open and honest. And that’s what I expect of you too when it comes to talking about sex. Do you know that Dean?”

“Yes, love, I do. I want to be honest. But I’m not sure about the open part. I’m a little thrown by all this. Your mother, the doctor, all these others knowing about our sex life. And here I can’t even talk to you about it.”

“Dean, it will get better, I am sure of that. You don’t have much choice in the matter, anyway” she smiled. I looked at her and cocked my head. “Dean, if you want to keep having sex, you’re going to have to talk about having sex. That’s all there is to it.”

“I get it. It makes sense.” I snuggled up to her body. “So, about talking about it. Do… I get to…?”

“Do you get to?” she shot back. Damn it, I was going to have to start talking about it, wasn’t I?

“Do I get to cum now?”

She laughed. “Oh Dean, no, you don’t. We don’t have time for that. And besides, what words did you use to ask me anyway?”

I verbally stumbled. “I asked if I get to cum now.”

“And what words did you use when you came last night, Dean?”

I blushed. I know I blushed. I remembered Judy stroking me and making me ask permission. “I didn’t… ” I paused. I exhaled. “I didn’t ask permission to cum.”

“Right, Dean! You didn’t ask permission, so you definitely do not get to cum”

“But I wasn’t that close before. I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I was watching you and that beautiful orgasm you had.”

“Oh, it was beautiful. And felt great. But Dean, come on, you came how many times yesterday? bursa ucuz escort At least twice, I’m guessing.” I looked down at the bed again. “Eyes up, Dean.”


“Three? Oh my, wow. It’s amazing you’re not chafed. Where were you for those?”

“The shower, the office bathroom and our living room.”

“So I wasn’t anywhere near you when you came those three times?”

“No.” I felt like a scolded child.

“And that, Dean, is the basis of our problem.”

I muttered out a quiet “I’m sorry, Karen” but she insisted I speak up. I said again, a little less muttered. She insisted I look at her face. I looked at her and with tears welling in my eyes, mostly from embarrassment, I said it to her face “I’m sorry, Karen.”

“I’m glad you are. All that jerking off is a problem for us; for me, Dean. I know what you were told last night. I know it will be hard to do, but keep your hand off your cock today. You might get a chance to cum tonight, but you know you’ll have to ask permission, right? “

“Yes, Karen, I know.”

“Good. Now, get some clothes on and see the kids off to the bus. Mom insisted she wrangle the kids this morning, but they should see at least one of us before they head to school. Go!”

I pulled on my pajamas and headed downstairs.

Judy was in the kitchen and the kids were finishing up breakfast and getting their things ready for school. It really was a great gift for her to take care of the kids this morning and let Karen and I have some time together. “Morning, Judy” I smiled.

She smiled right back “Good Morning, Dean. Everything went well this morning with your talk?”

“My… talk?”

“Yes, Dean, I told the kids that Mom and Dad were doing some talking this morning and that I’d take care of breakfast. They didn’t seem to care, just as long as I made my famous pancakes.

I smiled back at her “Yes, the talk went well.” I poured myself coffee. “More coffee, Judy?”

“Why yes Dean, please. My mug is on the table, would you please bring it here for me?”

“Sure.” I did so and returned her refilled mug to her, then headed into the downstairs bathroom for my morning pee. As I heard the door handle rustling, I turned my head and looked down for one of the kids, but it was Judy.

“I’m just checking on you Dean. Go ahead, finish what you started.”

“But, you’re staring at me!”

“And I will until you finish, now finish.”

It took at least ten seconds, perhaps more, but it felt like and eternity, for my stream to start flowing again, but I finally did and breathed a sigh of relief. A sigh that was drowned out by the sound of my piss hitting the water. I finished, tuck myself back in and turned toward the door.

“Um, Dean, you’re forgetting something.”

“What’s that?”

“You didn’t wipe.”

“I don’t need to. I just… “

She cut me off. “Not your penis, Dean, the bowl. I’m tired of the piss splattered bowl here. You need to wipe that each time. And put the seat down too. You really should get into that habit. It’s a good thing to do with women in the house. It will show that you care. And, you should be teaching Robert the same thing.”

“Sure, Judy, I can do that. I didn’t know it bothered you.”

“It does. And it’s bothered Karen for years. And it’s bothered women around the world for centuries. Well, as long as we’ve had toilet seats!” she laughed. I chuckled lightly as if it was a joke made at my expense, but I was not sure. “Thank you Dean, that shows some real respect and unselfish behavior.” She left and closed the door as I wadded up some toilet paper to wipe the bowl with, then I put the seat down and followed her out.

“Oh, there are my crazy morning kids!” I beamed at my children. They ran over and gave me a hug, both with their backpacks bursa üniversiteli escort on. “You two have a GREAT day at school!”

“We will!” they responded in unison. In third and first grades, Katherine and Robert truly were wonderful children and had been so helpful to their mother and their grandmother during Karen’s recovery. They were so easy to wrangle when there was an in-law around. But they were tougher without company in the house. I watched them run out the door to the end of the driveway to wait for the bus and, as was my custom, I waited inside on the comfy chair in front of the window until the bus came by to gather them with the other kids. Away they went and I moved toward the stairs to go up for my shower.

“Dean, can we have a minute?” Judy asked me from the other side of the room.

“Sure, Judy, what’s up?”

“That was a missed opportunity to remind Robert about the toilet seat, I hope you won’t miss such an easy opportunity again.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just didn’t want them to be late and interrupt their routine.”

“Parenting is constant Dean, even when there are routines. Take a good opportunity to remind him tonight, please.”

“I shall, Judy, I shall.”

“So, did you ask permission this morning?”

I started blushing again. I still was not used to this kind of conversation with my wife, never mind her mother. “No, Judy, I didn’t.”

“Please behave today at work. I know you’ll feel urges. Masturbation is a hard habit to break, but you have to break it, for the good of your marriage.”

“It’s not like I’m addicted Judy, I just enjoy it and it feels good.”

“Sounds like what addicts say. Enjoying it and it feeling good.”

“Touché Judy, Touché. I’ll be okay. I’m sure.”

“I really hope so, Dean, I do.”

“I’m going to grab my shower now, I don’t want to be late.”

“Please do, I’ll have some pancakes for you when you get back down here.”

By the time I showered and made ready, Karen was downstairs and seated at the dining room table with her leg up on a chair, a sturdy pillow under her ankle. She sipped coffee with her mother. It was obvious they had just been talking.

Judy engaged me in conversation as I took my first bite of pancakes. “Good job Dean” I stopped eating, then slowly resumed chewing. I looked at her. “Karen said she had one of the best orgasms she can remember. And she owes it all to you. Well done. That’s very unselfish.”

I swallowed as best I could and covered my mouth as I said “thank you” while I tried to prevent pancake from spitting out of my mouth. I’m sure I was blushing again.

“Karen smiled so widely as she talked about it. I think you’ve both turned a corner here.”

“Thank you Judy. Thanks, Karen. I want us to be happy, I do.”

“Then just keep up the good work, Dean.”

“I will.” I shoveled more pancakes and sausage into my mouth and soon had to leave. I got my plate into the dishwasher and one last swallow of coffee before that mug, too, was in the dishwasher.

“Oh, Dean” Judy piped up. “Could you bring some coffee to Karen and I?”

“Sure Judy” I said, though I was feeling pressed for time. “Anything else?”

“Oh, yes, please, the half and half from the fridge?”

“Sure Judy.”

I grabbed my bag from closet, put on my coat and as I headed back to the table to give Karen a kiss, Judy asked me to put the half and half back. “Of course” I said, now feeling pressed for time with all these little tiny requests.

“Thank you Dean, I know you’re pressed for time in the morning. Maybe you can start your day just a tiny bit earlier and not feel so rushed. It might be very helpful.”

“Thanks Judy, I might try that. But I was quite distracted by some important things this morning.” For the first time, I made a joke about my sex life in front of my mother-in-law. She and Karen both chuckled. “Bye!”

The both responded in kind and I headed to the office. My cock swelled on the way there, thinking about sex with Karen. And, oddly enough, thinking about Judy masturbating me the night before. Even Judy peeking in on me peeing came up in my thoughts as I was feeling my cock through my pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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