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“I’m so bored.” Her text had said.

“Me too.” I answered. I was bored. Not just with my morning. It was boring to be sure, but I was bored in that deep existential way that middle aged men get bored. It leads to bad things like golf, sports cars, and younger women. I had already tried golf, I preferred oversized luxury cars to the harsh ride of a two-passenger sports coupe and I didn’t have the patience for younger woman.

“Lets play a game.” She offered. Deanna wasn’t younger. I guessed we were about the same age, if she wasn’t a little older. I could see her office from mine. I hadn’t had a full on office for long. I had gotten the promotion about six months ago and moved from a cubicle a week later. I had been in the office for about an hour when she started texting me. I thought I was unusual. I asked her why she didn’t instant message me. We both sat with laptops in front of us all day. They watched the instant messages she explained. I found that interesting. I asked if she thought we needed to be worried about someone reading something inappropriate. She replied she hoped so.

“What’s the game?”

“I will give you two words, you make a sentence.”

“Got it. Go.”

“Deferred Preferential.” She was our company controller.

“It was only for customers marked preferential that the firm could offer specialized deferred billing options.”


“You gave me the words. Your turn.” I thought for a moment scanning my office. Seeing a picture my son had draw I thumbed “Pig” into my phone. Seeing my dry-cleaning hanging on the back of my door I typed “Suit.”

“Knowing what a pig he was didn’t keep me from ripping his suit jacket off his broad muscular shoulders.” She had been fairly coy for the first few months they had taken to exchanging texts but had gotten bolder. “Breast Mouth.” She teased.

“His mouth watered as he thought of her breast, grilled to perfection served in a light citrus and white wine sauce.” He replied, he felt badly, he wanted to play along better but he had been burned before by women from the office who’s ulus escort flirtations had ended up n a conference room with HR. He had to pause from the game to read an email.

Their new CEO was a prick. He liked to play games too. One of his favorites was the weekly corporate update. In each update he would bury personal questions. They were ridiculous. “Robert Reed, what is your favorite football team?” If thirty minutes went by without a response he would chastise the poor person in front of the whole company. We were one of those companies that liked to play games with the Taxman and our corporate offices were in Dubai. Our officers were all in the bay area. Somewhat anachronistically, the bay area office was called the Head Office. The email at the top of my inbox had come from the sender “Head Office.” I thumbed it into my phone.

“He sat stunned in his office as the beautiful woman slipped in, closed the door, and gave him the greatest blowjob of his life.”

He sat stunned staring at his phone. She had never gone so far before. He had typed a response of “WOW.” But hadn’t sent it yet.

She smiled when she poked her head through the door. He coughed a little, sitting up straighter in his chair and moving closer to his desk to hide an obvious bulge in his pants. When she stepped inside and pulled the door closed he struggled to speak managing only a small cough. She twisted the lock on the doorknob and walked towards him. He pushed away from his desk, the bulge suddenly even more pronounced.

She didn’t say a word. He too was silent. He felt sure it was better not to encourage her but at the same time didn’t want to say anything that might stop her. She was tall with short brown hair. She was dressed, as always, in a professional and conservative manner. As she grew closer he turned to her. She slipped off her heels; her legs and feet were bare. Hose were not required and she wasn’t going to suffer them if she didn’t have to. She assumed a position on her knees and he moved his legs apart for her.

Her style was not to watch yenimahalle escort him. Rather than struggle to make eye contact, she instead seemed to consciously avoid it. She moved her hands up his pant legs. She was confident and smooth in the way she undid his belt and lowered his fly. Fully erect, she had no problem redirecting his cock though the fly of his boxer shorts. Still mute, as if afraid anything she said would be overheard she took him in her mouth.

He watched her at first, observing her gentle ministrations. He studied how she place her hand flat, holding his cock out and available to her mouth. She licked at him at first, as If sampling an ice cream cone, then, with a flick of her head that tossed her short hair up and out of her face, she took him fully into her mouth. The refined and gentile woman sucked cock as if she was a born star, skillfully working him into the back of her throat. She suppressed her gag reflex, clearly well practiced and moved her hand in time with her head suck that his entire shaft was continually either massaged or sucked. He stifled the moans he so desperately wanted to utter. He gripped at the arms of his desk chair. She toyed with him for a while, and then when she was ready, created sensations upon his manhood he had never in his life experienced. As he came, her hand worked at the base of his shaft like a valve allowing him to come but controlling it, delaying it, prolonging it until he was gasping for breath struggling to remain silent. She held her mouth over him, containing every last drop of his pleasure. As she released him her heard the pop of her lips and the sensation over the very tip of his cock was suddenly so powerful he thought he might slide from his chair to the floor. He held firmly and looked down at her. She was looking at him now, her large round eyes a deep blue color. She held his look she wanted him to watch. She swallowed; he watched the muscles of her neck flex as she swallowed down what he knew to be a prodigious lode.

She pulled herself to standing with his tie. He found himself staring, only inches away from what was clearly sizable and he hoped would be welcoming chest. She looked down on him, he up at her and her face closed in on his until their lips met. There was nothing romantic about the kiss. She pressed a salty tongue between his lips and he could taste more of himself than he would have preferred to ever be exposed to. She held him in place, pressing the taste of him into his mouth. His hand moved from the chair to her breast, even within an overly structured brassier he felt the fullness of it and he squeezed firmly, accepting that whatever was to come of this relationship was not going to be delicate. She finally let him free and stood to her full height. She still said nothing. She took the end of his can of soda from his desk, unlocked his door, and without looking back walked out of his office. It was a full minute or two before he realized he still sat dumfounded, a now spent cock openly peering from his undone trousers.

He was in the men’s room refitting his pants and shirt and whatnot to be presentable. It was not even lunch hour when his phone buzzed.

“Dinner Tonight.” It said

“It will be torture spending all day thinking of what I am going to do to you after dinner tonight.”

“That’s good. I wasn’t really playing the game anymore though. I found a more interesting game to play instead.”

“I liked your game.” He responded.

“Really? All of it?”

“Well, that end part. That was a little different.”

“I thought it was important that you know, I can be deviant when I want to be.”

“I will try to stay open minded.”

“Want to skip dinner?” she asked.

“Want to leave now?” he countered.

“If you call the Hyatt, They will probably have a room available by 1:00. I can stop off at home and get some things.”

“Some things? Should I be scared?” He chose not to ask how she knew about the finer points of getting a room at the Hyatt for an afternoon with little notice.

“You don’t need to be scared but if you choose to on your own, I can work with it.”

“I will keep an open mind.” He replied, tucking his computer into his bag.

“Text me the room number when you get there.”

He pulled his office door closed behind him. He was a little scared. He liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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