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I arrived to the hotel room exactly at 8:00 pm as instructed by Bob. He immediately hugged me for longer than a moment and kissed me right on the lips..deep and passionate. We chatted a bit…the usual small talk.

I was wound up from the day and had some difficulty getting my mind into what was about to happen for the evening. I knew we would fuck…fuck hard and fuck for a long time. My thoughts raced to what my Master had instructed: He could fuck me and come as much as he wanted but I was not allowed to come until I returned home. That thought raced through my mind and I immediately put my clit on lock down.

I have asked permission from my Master earlier in the week before he left for his trip. He asked me details-does he eat you out? Will he cum inside of you? Do you suck his cock? When I told my master

I can get wet at a drop of a hat. I’ve never had an issue with getting wet. As someone who can squirt on command, it was going to be a fun challenge this evening. I can control my orgasms better than most people that I knew. Since I wasn’t allowed to cum, I had already put my mind at rest that cumming would not be happening this evening until later tonight. He could sense my hesitation at first and asked me if I wanted to be there. I assured him that I did, but little did he know what was in the back of my mind.

I stripped down to my bra and panties to get comfortable and spread out on the bed to relax for a bit while we chatted for a little longer. As soon as he saw me in my purple bra and panties, he was ready to go. He came over next to me on the bed and began to kiss me deeply, passionately, with fervor. I could feel his cock getting hard against my thigh. He got on top of me to look down at me in my purple bra and panties and poked his cock against the silkiness between my legs, teasing me and letting me know that he was ready to fuck me whenever I was ready to have him. He rolled me over and unhooked my bra and rolled me back so that he could admire my big soft tits and my large, hard, gumdrop nipples.

I looked straight into his eyes and told him I was ready for him to fuck me. He jumped off the bed eagerly and immediately put on a condom. His dick was rock hard, standing at attention, eager to please. He hovered over me while I giggled, waiting for him to pound his cock into me. He looked into my eyes, and within seconds, he thrust into me. I let out a loud moan, feeling his member fill me up.

He began slowly at first, pushing in and out, but sped up as I began to moan and groan, feeling his rock hard cock plunge in and out. He enjoys looking into my eyes while fucking me. I would look at him, then begin to squeeze his cock with my cunt muscles, milking him as hard as I could. His noises of excitement told me he could cum at any moment, but he was fighting the urge by slowing down. I grabbed the back of his head, wrapped his casino siteleri legs around me, looked into his eyes and told him to cum for me NOW!

Hearing the demand caused him to push in and out quickly, eagerly, knowing that he needed this now, even though he may not have wanted it to happen so quickly. He came hard, screaming and moaning with intense pleasure. I laughed at how easily I could make him do what I want. It was a gift.

His body collapsed on top of me, his breathing hard in my ear while I sat there with a big, Cheshire cat smile on my face. He said he wasn’t expecting to cum so fast, but feeling my pussy grab and milk his cock did not leave him any choice.

We lay there, chatting about how much we enjoyed round one. He removed his condom and brought over another, ready for round two. He asked me how I wanted him. I immediately turned around and presented my ample ass to his eager cock, knowing he would fuck me from behind at any moment. His deep and forceful thrusts filled me up instantly. I could feel my pussy squirt and squeeze all at once. I began to rub my clit, eager for relief. The moment I felt my fingers on my clit, combined with his hard thrusts, all while grabbing eagerly at my hip, I knew I had to stop. My Master told me not to cum…and I listened. Part of me wanted to continue, but I knew that the punishment from my Master would be worse. One denied orgasm now meant intense and exciting pleasure with my Master. The wait was worth it.

I immediately stopped rubbing and grabbed the bed sheets to hold on. I pushed my ass against his thrusts and felt my pussy fill up with cock. It was an amazing sensation for me…just the right amount of pushing and girth from his cock created waves of pleasure throughout my cunt that extended to the rest of my body. This is what I enjoy most-being pumped and fucked in a fashion that makes me feel used yet powerful.

He fucked me from behind for a bit, then rolled me over and began missionary again. He continued to fuck me hard, alternating fast and slow thrusts. He then arranged his body perpendicular so that it was if his cock felt like my dildo was fucking me, with my legs over his hips. I moaned and groaned with each push, squeezing my cunt muscles as hard as I could, all the while screaming in pleasure and squirting all over his cock and balls. We definitely gave the people in the room next door a stellar vocal performance!

The juices from my cunt had soaked multiple parts of the bed. He loved it! Each time I squeezed his cock and squirted, he would moan and holler, unable to control his orgasm much longer. He began fucking me while on top again, staring into my eyes. I told him to cum for me once more all the while squeezing as hard as I could with my strong pussy muscles, squirting intensely. His yelps, moans, and body shakes told me all I needed to know…second güvenilir casino one down. He had two on the board, yet I had not cum at all. It was at first frustrating, but then I thought about what I could have if I listened to my Master and obeyed his orders. My Master had told me that denial of cum with this older man would mean intense orgasms when I went home, cozy in my own bed, with my husband sleeping next to me.

Oh yes..I am a married woman. I love cheating and getting away with it. I love that my Master enjoys providing me with daily sexual tasks, knowing he is in charge of my body. My Master excites me. He knows what I need and exactly what I want. I too get great pleasure knowing I can satisfy and serve my Master with my slutty ways.

This 65-year-old man collapsed on me once more, giggling that he could not believe how hard he had cum for the second time. As he rolled off the bed to throw away the evidence, I rolled into a puddle on the bed. I laughed out loud, realizing how utterly destroyed the bed would be once we were done. I knew that I would have to leave a nice tip for the cleaning staff.

We lay there, talking about what happened so far, chatting about life. He would be traveling again soon. I wouldn’t be able to fuck him for at least a few months. He told me he would call the moment he was back in town so that we would get together. He was kissing me again, with the feeling that perhaps a third time was in store. I wasn’t sure since I was in a relaxed state by now, lying beside him, feeling his skin against mine.

We began to kiss..lightly at first, but then with more strength. I could feel his cock throbbing against my leg, begging for one more chance to pound me properly. He asked me if I had any condoms. Lucky for him, I always keep a couple in my purse. I immediately jumped up and ran to my purse to find one for our last session. I knew he was tired, but he definitely had it in him for one last round. Once he was ready, he jumped on top of me, pushing, pounding, eagerly seeking the resolve his cock desperately wanted and needed. I could see it in his eyes that he wasn’t sure if his body would allow one last orgasm. When I saw the hesitation, I began to speak in between his hard fucking: “You will cum for me again, Bob. You don’t have a choice. You are going to cum and give me your orgasm.”

With those words, I squeezed as hard as I could, squirted immensely, and felt his body tighten around my legs. He moaned in ecstasy, grunting and cumming with all the strength he had left. His eyes looked at me with amazement and excitement, knowing I had given him the last orgasm of the night.

As he finished, he rolled over on the juice-soaked bed, and I laughed a bellowing, jubilant sound. I did it! Three times. A 65-year-old man cumming three times? That made me feel excited and proud that I had the power canlı casino to perform such a feat.

I was exhausted and spent. He was more so and had a grin on his face that made me feel powerful and happy. I knew if I stayed longer, I would fall asleep in that hotel room. He was thoroughly exhausted and mentioned that he was not sure three would be the magic number for the night. I told him I could see him question himself in his eyes while he was fucking me. The smile on his face told me that I was the one in charge of his body.

I got up to get dressed. We hugged and kissed, promising to keep in touch while he was away on his travels. My body felt thoroughly fucked…but the relief I sought was yet to be done.

When I arrived home, I felt excited and on fire. My pussy was still dripping from all the squirting and fucking stimulation. I stripped down and climbed into bed, pulling out all my toys: the lipstick vibrator (a recent gift from my Master), my purple dildo, and a bit of lube for my clit. I dabbed a bit of lube on my clit to wake her up. She was ready for action…finally! I found a BDSM porn to watch, one I knew my Master would enjoy as well. He had instructed me to find a porn I liked when I got home, cum for him, and share the video so that he could cum to it as well.

As I watched the video of a young woman being tortured and bound, the excitement grew and grew, knowing that in one week, I would see my Master for some training. If he allowed it, I would get all of my holes fucked by him. It was not my choice, you see. He is in charge of my body. Every time I want to cum, I must ask permission. Permission to suck my husband’s cock; permission to fuck other men; permission to cum for him. I used the lipstick vibrator on low to get things started slowly, but my body had something else in mind.

The moment I put the vibrator on my clit, electric shocks went through my body. It was seeking the relief it needed from earlier in the evening. My body betrayed me when all of a sudden, I felt a huge wave of pleasure move from my cunt to every other part of my body. I had to be quiet…to not wake my husband. He was not to know what was happening. This orgasm belonged to my Master, and only my Master. I shoved the purple dildo into my pussy, feeling it slip in easily due to all the wetness from the last few hours of playtime. Another wave of pleasure spread across my body. I could feel my muscles tighten and a small squeal slipped out of my mouth. Luckily, my husband didn’t flinch when he heard it. He was sound asleep.

I whispered my Master’s name under my breath, thinking about how his beard rubs against my face when he licks my pussy; when he kisses my lips; when he nibbles on my gumdrop nipples. I squeezed the dildo completely out of my pussy when my second orgasm surfaced, feeling it slip onto the bed with a thump. I sighed a deep breath, feeling my body completely relax from the release of tension.

I couldn’t wait to see my Master. One week…one week to serving him properly and feeling his body against mine again. One week until I could taste his sweet cum and kiss his lips. One week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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