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Double Penetration

Mike and I had only been dating for about a month. He was nice, but overly educated and almost boring. He had a great job and a nice house, which he shared with one of his frat buddies from college. At 6’8″, he was a compliment to my own height of nearly six foot. We had a lot of fun together as long as alcohol was involved. Otherwise, Mike was pretty dull.

One Friday night, Mike and I attended a happy hour hosted by a vendor from my work. Drinks flowed freely as we drank as much as we could stand within the two-hour window. Needless to say, we were both feeling pretty good as we left that bar and headed straight to a different bar with my fellow employees in tow. It was about 8 o’clock as we pulled into our favorite watering hole, located dead smack in the center of our small state’s college town. Mike and I selected a small table and sat back to watch the other bar patrons dance, converse, flirt, and fight.

Mike and I laughed and had a wonderful time as we continued to drink and chat. The DJ started to play a fairly romantic song, and Mike asked me to dance. We moved to the dance floor. I wrapped my arms around his waist and placed my head against his chest. He slid his arms over my shoulders and hugged me to him. We swayed gently to the music, both enjoying the rare moment of shared romance. The song ended and he kissed me tenderly on the forehead.

Another song started up, and we moved to a darkened corner of the room. He moved behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back against him. He rested his head on top of mine as we watched the other drunk couples make complete asses of themselves on the dance floor.

Mike whispered into my ear that he was pretty turned on. He pressed his hips against me, and I could feel him hard against my back. I was pretty surprised. Mike was not the type of person who would normally show any sign of affection or arousal in public. He was a fairly straight-cut kind of person. Minimal foreplay, missionary position, and a shower together afterwards. Yes, sex was boring.

I pushed back against him, offering some pressure to the hard-on he was sporting. He gasped softly and moved his hands to my hips. I teased him, gyrating against him in tune to the song playing. Mike yanked me back to him and pushed his pelvis against my ass. I was fairly surprised but utterly delighted by his alcohol-fueled display of affection.

“We have to go NOW,” he urgently whispered in my ear.

Grabbing my hand in his, he practically dragged me to the door. Unfortunately for him, the bouncer, Gary, was an old friend of mine who wanted to chat for a moment before I left. I exchanged pleasantries with Gary as Mike stood fidgeting like a little kid loaded on sugar. I know that Gary noticed Mike’s jeans, which were tented in the front. Giving me a wink, Gary told me to enjoy the rest of my night and turned to let us leave.

The cold night barely phased us as we rushed to the car. Once in the parking lot, Mike shoved me against his car and pushed his knee between my legs, spreading them. He pinned my hands over my head onto the hood of the car. Covering my body with his own, he kissed down my neck and across my collar-bone before he put his mouth over mine. He delivered a delicious kiss, darting his tongue in and out of my mouth, stopping only when I captured his tongue and sucked softly on it. With a groan, he let go of my hands and moved back, panting like a dog in heat. He yanked open the car-door, pushed me in, and hurried to the other side. We drove the two-mile distance back to his house in a strained sexual silence.

I made a beeline for the bathroom the minute we got home. I could hear Mike moving in the kitchen, opening cabinets and doors. I stood in the hallway at the top of the stairs. Mike came up the stairs to me. He had a wild look in his eyes and he had shed his clothes. He stood in front of me in all of his male beauty.

“Meet me back here in five minutes,” he instructed. “Be naked.”

I started to protest. “Your roommate… is he home?”

Mike stared escort bayan at me like I was a madwoman. “Shawn left for the weekend. He went skiing. Do you think I would be here naked and ask you to do the same if I expected him to come home?”

Feeling silly, I turned to Mike’s bedroom to disrobe. I felt a little awkward standing completely naked in the middle of the hallway, so I grabbed one of Mike’s over-sized shirts to use a cover. I met Mike out in the hallway, and he immediately instructed me to take the shirt off and put it back in his room. After doing so, Mike led me down the stairs and into the kitchen. Two martini glasses sat on the counter top. Mike asked me to grab them as he tossed two towels over his shoulder and led me outside.

Few people have shared the joy of sitting naked in a hot tub in the middle of January during an ice storm at midnight. The freezing air assaulted my body the moment I stepped outside. I contemplated dropping everything and running back into the heated comfort of his house. Mike grabbed my arm and led me to the tub, which was already heated and bubbling away despite the below-freezing temperature. Mike set the towels on a chair and stepped into the tub, sinking down and sighing in pleasure. He glanced at me, standing on the icy deck, trying to cover myself as my hands shook dangerously, splashing vodka onto the surface below.

“You may heat up if you actually get in the tub,” Mike suggested.

Handing the glasses to him, I slid one leg over the side of the tub and into the hot water. I was straddling the edge of the hot tub, my naked pussy resting on the icy rim of the tub as I tried to allow my body the time to adjust to the rapid temperature change. Mike stroked his cock under the water and watched as I maneuvered my way into the seat across from him. I was sure that the cold air had certainly caused some shrinkage for him and he was trying to make himself hard again.

I swam over to him and pressed my hard nipples against him as I reached for the drinks. He brought a hand up to gently rub one of my breasts, running his thumb softly over the tips. My nipples were so hard from the cold that his soft touch actually caused pain. I whimpered softly.

I kneeled with one leg on each side of his body and fed him the olives from my martini. I sipped the drink as I felt the fluid motion of his hand sliding up and down his shaft, his head only inches from my pussy.

Mike closed his eyes and leaned his head back. I placed the glass back behind him. I kissed him lightly on the mouth and brought my hands to cup his cheeks. I kissed him again, this time a little harder and a little deeper. He kissed me back, shivering as the hand stroking his cock increased its rhythm and took on a quicker stroke. The tip of his thumb brushed against my clit, causing me moan softly into his mouth.

My tongue danced with his. I sucked on his upper lip, stroked the tip of my tongue against his. He stopped masturbating and pressed both hands against my sides, urging me onto his waiting dick. I positioned myself over him. As I was ready to slide down onto him, I heard a car door slam.

I froze, panic rising. A house door opened and slammed. I knelt, posed above him, heart pounding fast. I looked at Mike, pale against the moonlight.

“Shawn?” I whispered against Mike’s ear.

The look in Mike’s eyes was slightly confused. He lifted his shoulders slightly in a shrug that suggested that he did not know. We both waited for what seemed like hours. After a few moments went by, Mike pressed his face against my neck.

“We are okay, I promise. We are okay,” he sighed.

Whispering words of encouragement, the hands on my hips guided me to the top of his head. I lifted my body slightly and pressed his head against my clit, teasing him with my body. Bracing my hands against his shoulders, I pressed myself onto him, letting him penetrate me fully, the tip of him pushing against my core. We stayed like that for a moment, him inside me, not moving. I looked deep bayan escort into his eyes and saw they were dark with desire. I kissed the tip of his nose and moved my lower body slightly into him. I pushed off of him slowly and rammed my snatch back on top of him. His hands on my hips guided me up his pole again and he thrust his own hips, pushing himself back into me. We developed a lovely rhythm, sliding up and down, bodies rubbing against each other as the water splashed around us.

I have heard that sex under water is difficult and will dry a woman out. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the fright of being caught, but I was so wet that Mike had no problems gliding in and out of me.

“Turn around,” Mike demanded gruffly, “ride me backwards”. I happily obliged.

Standing in the hot tub, I was completely uncovered from my thighs up. My mound, belly, and breasts were completed exposed to the frigid air, turning my nipples once again into rock-solid points that would have cut glass. My gaze drifted to the kitchen window. I could barely make out the lone silhouette. Shawn. Great. His roommate had returned. I debated saying something to Mike. I decided I was too drunk to care. Let him watch.

Immediately turned on by the prospect of an audience, I raised my arms above my head in a fake stretch. My tits thrust out against the cold, giving Shawn an amazing view. My body shielded Shawn and the window from Mike’s view. I was afraid that Mike would want to stop if he knew we were being watched. Shawn leaned a little closer against the window. The lights on the deck and kitchen were off but the soft moonlight bounced off the water and illuminated the hot tub.

Mike gave an impatient slap to my ass and I whipped around to him. I leaned in to kiss him, baring my ass to Shawn and giving him a teasing view of my slit. I ran my tongue over Mike’s jawline, nipping softly as I spread my legs further apart. Goosebumps exploded onto my skin, but I did not care. The ice and wind whipped around me, but I was determined to give Shawn as much as I could before submerging my body back into the water.

Locking lips with Mike, I felt his hand lift out of the water as he inserted a single finger into my hairless pussy. I was aching with need and his finger felt great as it explored inside, stopping briefly to run his fingernail over my clit. He stuck two fingers inside me and pumped them in and out, slowly at first, but with a building intensity. He stopped and spread my lips wide, letting the freezing air blow into my hole, causing me to cry out softly. I turned back around and lowered myself backwards onto him. I was so aroused by the fingering and the attention. My pussy was slippery wet from its own juices and Mike slid easily into me. He groaned loudly.

I positioned his hands once again on my hips as I assaulted his cock with my hot cunt. I rose and fell onto him, each time allowing my bare body to rise temporarily out the water to show Shawn. The constant temperature change was almost painful, but I continued pumping Mike in and out of me. He cried out my name. I locked eyes with Shawn through the window. The rapid movement of his shoulder suggested to me that he was hand-fucking himself as he watched.

I felt Mike’s dick tense inside me. I arched my back and strained to grind my pelvis against his. Mike’s hands reached out of the water and cupped my tits, yanking me back against him and holding me in place as he thrust up hard into me. The sudden change in tempo caused a fire to start in my belly spreading through my body as the first wave of orgasm hit. I cried out as my cum flowed onto Mike’s cock. The pleasure of release numbed my senses. Mike’s fingers pinched at my swollen nipples and he bit into my shoulder. Pulsing and throbbing, I felt Mike’s orgasm, his hot cum searing deep inside me. He strained up into me as he moaned in happiness.

Crashing back against the side of the hot tub, Mike brought me with him against his chest. My eyes never left Shawn’s. I was so afraid that now the heat escort of the moment was over, Mike would see what was happening in the window. The exhibitionist display and voyeuristic interest was like a sexy, dirty little secret between Shawn and I, and I was not ready to share that with Mike. I felt Mike bury his face against my shoulder blades and relief washed through me.

I was still slightly sore and tingly from the previous orgasm, but delighted in watching Shawn. I could only see his face, but the movement of his upper body suggested to me that he was having a time with his lower body. I could feel deep breathing against my back and figured that Mike was incredibly comfortable, not willing to move anytime soon. I nudged Mike.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I whispered.

Mike grunted an okay and I stood up, completely showing myself to Shawn. As I stepped out of the tub, I saw that Shawn quickly disappeared from the window.

“Come back,” Mike urged me. “I am not ready to get out yet. Maybe we can have a round two.”

I wrapped myself in a towel and walked to kiss Mike on the forehead. “Be right back,” I promised.

Letting myself into the warm house, I locked the back door with a quiet click. I dropped my towel and walked naked through the kitchen. I found Shawn sitting on the stairs, fully clothed with his jeans unbuttoned. He was not wearing underwear and his raging hard-on peeked out. I leaned in and pressed a hard kiss against his mouth. I kissed him with tenderness and need. I wanted to entice him and make him want me.

He snaked his hand down my belly, searching for my clit. I rubbed my naked body against his bulge, enjoying the rough fabric of his jeans mixed with the soft flesh of his dick’s head. I moaned against his mouth.

Without a word, I dropped to my knees, yanked his jeans from his hips, exposed his cock completely, and took him into my mouth. Shawn grabbed at my wet hair, which had turned to ice from the freezing temperatures. He held my head hard against the base of his shaft, rubbing his cock’s head against the back of my throat. With him still fully in my mouth, I let my tongue trail up and down his shaft, swirling and licking. Shawn gave a deep growl and released the pressure from my head. He lifted his hips up and I slid his jeans down his thighs. I released him from my mouth, moved my hand to cup his balls, and proceeded to suck hard on only his head.

“Fuck, yes, fuck … I know you want this in you. I know you want me. Suck it harder. Drink it, bitch. I know you want it fucking every hole…” Shawn growled words of needy encouragement.

Massaging his nuts in my hand, I continued to fuck Shawn with my mouth, sometimes licking softly and gently, other times taking him into my mouth and sucking hard and fast. Shawn put his hands on either side of my head to hold me still as he lifted his hips off the stairs and into my mouth. My lips soared up and down his pulsing cock and finally he pushed deep in my mouth and came down my throat. He held my face mashed against the base of this cock as I sucked hungrily, licking every drop off of him. He sank back against the stairs, spent.

I walked past him to use the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth on my way out. Shawn’s limp body was still spread against the steps. I dropped the washcloth onto his chest as I walked by him.

I let myself out the back door and gasped as I was once again assaulted by the icy weather. Mike had recovered, and was stroking his hard cock in the water.

“Ready for round two?” He asked with a wicked grin.

I grinned back. I was definitely ready. Giving head to Shawn had renewed my desire. We fucked in the hot tub. We dried off, moved to the bedroom, and fucked again. Mike had no clue Shawn had even come home.

We ran into Shawn the next morning in the kitchen making coffee. Mike was surprised to see his roommate home. Apparently, Shawn and his girlfriend had a fight and he left. Mike made comment that despite the fight he seemed to be in a fairly good mood.

Shawn grinned. “Women,” Shawn said with a shrug, “what can you do?”

Mike laughed, I blushed. My pussy ached from the wild night.

Shawn and I never said a word about what happened. Call it instinct. It is just a dirty secret between friends.

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