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Autumn Falls

Marshall and Lee’s sexual relationship didn’t begin until Marshall turned eighteen. Lee’s choice, not Marshall’s. He wanted to be with Lee sooner, but Lee refused.

“Gotta crawl before you can walk,” he’d said in his laconic way. Marshall didn’t even understand what that meant, but his objections got him nowhere. He considered himself lucky Lee didn’t punish him for his smart mouth, not to mention some of the comments he’d let loose with. But he’d been allowed some leeway. At least on this one point. Marshall still had to toe the line in all other ways.

So Marshall had to content himself with studying the subject of male love on the Internet, while he waited—although somewhat impatiently—to come of age.

Lee kept telling him two years wasn’t forever, and he was right. As usual.

The night Marshall turned eighteen was the night his true education began—a night he’d never forget. Marshall’s sexual voyage was an ongoing project, one they both reveled in. Marshall prayed it would never end.

Marshall was much more adept at dealing with Lee’s girth than he had been before. He’d also learned what Lee liked, and how to please him, things the Internet couldn’t begin to teach. He still enjoyed watching other men fuck, too. Viewing porn with Lee sometimes gave them both interesting ideas, and often led to other things. Although Lee often had quite a few ideas of his own, having more experience with other men than bursa escort Marshall did. At least, before Marshall came back into his life. Then that all changed.

Marshall loved the way Lee tasted; that was something he never grew tired of. He could spend all day sucking on Lee’s cock and be content to do so. Lee once told him no one did it better than Marshall, and the words of praise were very pleasing indeed.

Marshall had worked at developing his ability to hold his breath—whether while sucking Lee’s cock, or being kissed senseless by him. Even so, he found breathing to still be a necessity. He pulled back, taking advantage of the pause to take a breath as he licked a trail along the underside of Lee’s erection, beginning at the root and traversing his pulsing vein. When he reached the head, Marshall swirled his tongue about the helmet and explored the slit, tasting the pre-cum that already oozed in a thin salty stream.

Goddamn, Lee tasted good.

When Lee shifted his weight from one leg to the other, Marshall looked up, meeting Lee’s dark blue eyes. He could see Lee’s love for him shining there, and he knew his own eyes reciprocated the same passion.

“Mind if we take this to the couch?” Marshall gave Lee a questioning look even as he made the request.

“Don’t tell me your knees can’t take it?” Lee teased, eliciting a grin from Marshall.

“Nope, that’s not it. There’s escort bayan just something I can’t do very well from this angle.”

“And what might that be?” Lee reached toward him, softly caressing Marshall’s jaw line with his fingertips. Marshall arched into his touch with a small moan.

“I want to tongue your hole,” Marshall said simply. He didn’t need to ask if Lee liked the idea—the shiver that coursed through Lee’s body was answer enough.

“Boy, I like the way you think. Best shed these clothes now, then.”

Marshall wholeheartedly agreed, but he wasn’t about to make a move without permission. He waited until Lee gave the word and then he proceeded to remove everything Lee wore, beginning with his shoes, not stopping until Lee was revealed in all his naked splendor.

And wasn’t that a sight calculated to make Marshall’s mouth water even more? Oh my…

“Your turn.” Lee’s voice melted Marshall’s insides. If he didn’t quickly clamp down on his libido, he was about to have an accident.

He kissed his way into a standing position, using lips and tongue to mark his territory. Lee was his as much as he was Lee’s—of that there was no question. Marshall gave himself freely and willingly, and in return he received everything from Lee—his love, his protection, his loyalty. Their relationship was complicated to the outside world, but to them it was simple—they loved one another.

Lee bursa escort didn’t rush Marshall as he worked his way up Lee’s body. He twined his fingers inside Marshall’s hair, and once Marshall had risen to his feet, Lee pressed their mouths together, never releasing his hold. By the time he did let go, Marshall was dizzy with lust.

He took a moment for his head to clear and his balance to be restored before he began to strip. Not hastily, but slowly, sensually. He knew Lee enjoyed watching him reveal his flesh, bit by bit, savoring every moment of the process. Lee didn’t have to say a word—his eyes spoke volumes.

Once Marshall was as naked as Lee, Lee turned and sauntered toward the family room. Marshall followed close behind, his eyes focused on Lee’s sexy ass in anticipation.

The plush red sofa was fairly new, only a couple of years old. They’d driven up to San Antonio to shop the bigger furniture stores. Prior to this sofa, Lee’d had a leather couch for a few years. They’d found out the hard way that leather was not conducive to lovemaking, being both slick and uncomfortably sticky when body fluids were involved. Once was more than enough. The sofa became a gift to Sheriff Landry, once the new one was delivered.

Lee took a seat in the middle of the couch, his hands laced behind his head, his weeping cock tall and proud. Slowly, he spread his legs, making room for Marshall between them.

“Like what you see?” He gave Marshall a slow, seductive smile that took his breath away every time he flashed it.

“You know I do,” Marshall breathily replied.

“Then come and get it,” Lee invited, and Marshall dropped to his knees, prepared to dine.

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