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“Where one drop of blood drains a castle of life, so one kiss can bring it alive again.”
-Sleeping Beauty by The Brothers Grimm

She approaches him softly. Kneeling beside the chair where the master sits, she whispers her quote to him, never daring to look directly into his eyes. There is too much power within him for that and what would she see, but her soul reflected back at her from his depths.

“Well…in that case…” he tells her as he hears her quote and the rest of his words are lost as he lowers his mouth to hers and kisses her softly upon her lips. She feels the blood rush into her veins with a pounding force as her lips meet his, warm, soft, yet demanding.

His tongue seeks hers out, shyly at first, then with an increasing need for contact, as he runs his fingernails up her back, a jagged course along her spine, until one hand rests on the back of her neck, his fingers playing with her hair. She encircles his tongue with hers, increasing the passion between them and she runs a fingertip down his spine and then tucks her fingertips into his waistband, pulling him closer.

He breathes in the scent of her being as he breaks the kiss, his teeth gently tugging on her lower lip in playfulness, before letting go to give attention to her soft, warm, tender throat. She, in turn, tilts her head back as he melts at the sound of her breath mixed with his. She relishes the feel of his mouth at her throat – murmuring his name through her lips and sliding her nails up and across his back to tangle in his hair. He puts his arms around her as he kisses her back, his hands resting on the small of her back.

She presses her body to his, feeling the heat of him, breathing in his intoxicating scent, and she wraps her arms around him and draws him to her. He trembles at the sound of his name passing from her lips, drawing ecstasy from her seductive tone as her octaves wrap themselves around each letter, and he gently nips at her neck just before burying his teeth into her flesh, just deep enough to leave a mark on her lovely skin.

She bites her lip as she feels the intense combination of pleasure and pain and as her hands clench involuntarily, she trembles at his touch. He feels her body tremble, and he relaxes his mouth on her. His tongue circles the marks he has made. His lips suck on it until a more impressive mark is made on her flesh. She slides her hands down his arms. Her nails graze his skin and she moans in ecstasy. Her hand slips to the front of his body and cups his maleness in her hand.

Her touch on him makes his pulse quicken, his blood flow faster, and he knows he cannot hide his excitement from her now. He breaks contact from her neck and his mouth meets hers again in a longer, harder, deeper kiss than before. His hands fall down behind her to rest on her ass, and he squeezes her body even closer to his.

She moves her mouth to the spot where his shoulder and neck meet and as her hand is gently squeezing him, she lowers her lips to that spot, pausing 1080 porno only briefly to inhale his scent before opening her lips and sinking her teeth into his flesh, slowly and with accuracy. Her tongue moves to lick and caress the space between. She applies more gentle pressure until she feels his skin yield beneath her mouth and there she licks him, tasting the sweet and saltiness of him on her tongue.

His eyes involuntarily squeeze shut at the pain, but he does not pull away rather, he moves a hand to the back of her neck and holds her there as she tastes him, and he moans her name as he whispers, “Drink, and be filled up.” Her breathing quickens as she tastes him. She lowers her mouth to his torn skin and sucks him there, hungering for him, wanting him to be a part of her for all of time.

As she drinks of him, her hands rove his skin. Each inch becomes something new and exotic beneath her fingertips. She delights in his pain, not because he is hurting, but because he must surely know how much he means to her and her to him for him to make such a sacrifice on her behalf. So she submits herself to him for all of eternity, interlocking her fate with his. She moans incomprehensible words into his skin.

The master notes that dizziness sets in, and his legs give out from under him just as he manages to sit down, taking her with him. He sets her on his lap as she continues to drink from him. She moans those dark languages into him, and he knows it was not her drinking from him that sparked his dizzy spell, it was HER, her very being, which is almost more than his heart can withstand, but who is worth such a price to pay, and he would gladly pay one hundred times that amount if it meant one more minute with her. He has never been so fulfilled.

She runs her fingers through his hair and as her tongue dances across his skin, all the promises of the world come true for her and she laps at him. The taste lingers in her mouth, driving her frantic with desire. Yet, she knows she must force herself to be controlled, to give him only what he desires and needs, and so she lifts her mouth, not daring to look at the mark she has made upon her masters skin and moves her lips to his throat. She kissing him there softly – one, two, three times – and darting out her tongue and licking his collarbone and the hollow there at the base of his throat. Her nails rake into his skin along his shoulders and then his chest and she is consumed for him and with him and to him.

The mark she has left on him feels cold and empty without her lips there but he knows this is the way it must be, and there are so many other pleasures at his disposal during this particular moment. His hands run down her back, under her shirt, and his fingernails drag along her newly discovered skin as he kisses the top of his pets head, breathing in the sweet smell of her hair.

She slides her hands beneath his shirt and moves them up across his skin. Jolts of electricity are racing throughout her 2 k porno body and so she moves her mouth to his nipple, drawing it in with suctioning force. His hands move down to her legs, his fingernails marking a trail as they move, and he anticipates and prepares to welcome the feel of her teeth on his nipple.

She knows the master well enough by now to know what he will expect and so she parts her lips and sinks her teeth into the soft pink skin surrounding his nipple, flicking the very tip with her tongue as her other hand reaches out and grasps his other nipple with her thumb and forefinger, rolling it there between her fingertips. He moans her name in an exclamation of both pleasure and pain as his hands continue their exploration of the lower half of her body. One hand lingers between her legs for a moment, strokes her once, twice, three times before moving on.

She loosens her teeth and sucks of him greedily, relishing the taste of his skin in her mouth and the marks upon his skin and hers also. She licks her lips and slides out her tongue and licks a path down the center of his body, her tongue then trailing his waistband. With one motion, he pulls her shirt off over her head, and his fingernails dig into her shoulders as she descends along his torso with her tongue. She kneels between his thighs and uses only her teeth to unsnap and then unzip his jeans. A shiver runs down her spine as she hears the zip, and she knows what gratification lies before her with his permission, and so she looks up at him and whispers softly – “May I?”

He looks into her eyes, sees the fire behind her innocent-looking irises, and he feels the heat rise up out of every pore of his body as he whispers to her, “You may.” She slides his jeans down, off his hips and over his feet and moves up, tucking her fingertips into the waistband of his drawers, and slowly slides them down across his hips, past his legs, and off his body. She momentarily loses track of her breathing as she views his cock and breathes in his heady male scent. She tosses her hair over her shoulder so he can view her and she pauses to smile up at him.

His pulse quickens, and he trembles in anticipation. He smiles at her as she looks at him with that smile on her face, and he slowly realizes during those few seconds that he will never be the same because of her and he is happy because of it. She bites her lip briefly and slides one hand under his sac, cupping it and rolling it carefully in the palm of her hand. Then, without warning, she lower her mouth to the head of his cock and darts out her tongue and swirls it in graceful circles. The taste is pure sugar in her mouth and she growls softly in the back of her throat.

He draws in a sharp breath at her touch, his fingernails digging into her shoulders again at the feel of her tongue on him, intoxicating, to say the least and he tries to quickly catch his breath as he realizes this is but the beginning. He wants these feelings to last. She nips him just at 3 k porno the tip and hopes she wont be punished as she deftly slides her mouth down onto the length of him, relaxing her throat and caressing him with her tongue. She uses her other hand to reach up and encircle the base of his cock, applying pressure there as she sucks him greedily and fondles his sac with her other hand.

He winces at the little nip she gives him, reminds himself to punish her for that later (he grins to himself as he thinks this)and is again in rapture as her mouth engulfs him. Her hands quickening his breathing again as he tries not to lose himself to the feelings that threaten to overwhelm him. She delights in the feel and taste of him in her mouth and slurps at his skin, taking him all into her and burying her face in the tangle of hair there beneath. She maneuvers her tongue in spirals around his hardened cock and then moves her mouth up and down, scraping him occasionally lightly with her teeth as she ascends and descends.

The vision of her face buried in his hair alone sends electricity coursing through him…but her mouth, he teeth, her tongue. He draws upon unknown reserves to keep his feeling from spinning out of control, his hands running through her hair, urging her on. She dares to make him feed her in this way and sucks of him with wanton lust and pure passion coursing through her veins. She intensifies her efforts, her mouth moving on him, her tongue darting out to lick the tip and poke into the space there, caressing the veins under it, the skin on it, and moaning his name into his skin. His hands clench her hair involuntarily, and he moans her name over and over as he feels his control beginning to crack under the pressure of her tongue.

She encircles him with her tongue and removes her hands from him and digs her nails into the skin on his hips, begging him to be pleased with her touch, wanting to taste him, to swallow him, to drink every last drop. She slides her mouth down on him, taking him all in, burying him in the back of her throat and her face in his lap. As his hands close over hers, he knows it is her touch that finally cracks his control, and he begins to feel the pressure slowly build up inside of him…aching for release. Her heart pounds and her blood quickens as she awaits this moment in time – the moment when she will again drink of him and his taste will be in her mouth and her heart and her mind.

“Never”, he manages to coherently think as the pressure reaches the breaking point, “has a woman had this effect on me.” He edges closer and closer to blissful release. She wishes for him to be insane, without coherence. She wishes to absolve his past and create a future for him and so she laps at him greedily. Her mouth moving against him, wanting him more and more.

At long last, he reaches the point where there is no thought, only instinct and the instinct tells him to let go, and he does with a shockwave that sends him into a full-body spasm, brings tears to his eyes, brings her name in loud gasps from his mouth, and he holds onto her–his lifeline–to keep from falling off the face of his world as he explodes inside her waiting mouth. She drinks of him, milking him of every last drop, wanting to leave him completely dry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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