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Hi again. It’s been a while since I last posted a story here, and for good reason. My stories here are a fair bit longer than the non-erotic stories I write elsewhere, largely owing to the sex scene. Also, a lot of things have changed since I last posted here — I finished college, got a job, planned a trip to Singapore, etc. Anyway, I have some time now, so I’ll try to update my pending story, as well as post some new ones.

About this one, it’s still a little story intensive. There is sex, but that might not entirely be the focus of this story. And I might continue this as a collection of one-shots based on the protagonist’s experiences; you’ll understand exactly in what context by the end. Let me know if I should go through with it in a comment. I really appreciate those.


Layla set aside the empty tray of food on the cart as she rejoined her best friend and fellow air hostess — Edie, at the back of the flight. Layla pulled her aside and ushered her into the corner.

“I think I’m going to do it.” She said excitedly.

“Layla, what? What do you mean you’re going to do it?” Edie questioned, perplexed at her friend’s surprising admission.

“I’m going to fuck the co-pilot when we land in Rome.” Layla announced. When Edie’s expression didn’t change, she explained. “He’s been giving me the eyes ever since he saw me at the gate, and he takes every opportunity to call me into the cockpit even though I have nothing to do there. He’s definitely into me, and I’m going to fuck him when we land.”

“Layla, no; you do not want to jeopardize your job for lousy fuck. It’s not worth it.” Edie asserted.

“E, have you seen that body?! How do you think it’s possible that he can have that good of a body, and not be a good fuck? Besides, this always happens in our line of work. You wouldn’t believe the number of times Vivian and Marissa come back after flights, and brag about their supposedly amazing fucks with the pilots and passengers.”

“Are you actually using Vivian’s word to justify something? Nothing that leaves that bitch’s mouth is ever true.” Edie reasoned.

“And Marissa’s word. Vivian might be a lying bitch, but you can trust Marissa.” Layla countered. “Besides, even Aunt Rosie said the same thing when I last talked to her, and she was an air hostess until the make-up artist could no longer hide the wrinkles on her face.”

“How old is she again?”

“She’s nearly a decade older than mum. Yeah, my grandparents really didn’t plan to have mum; she’s still kind of cross about that.” Layla added. “But really, that isn’t the point of this discussion. I have it on good authority that it’s fine to fuck the co-pilot, so I’m going to go do that when we land in Rome.”

Before Edie could say anything more, Layla pushed the food cart back into the aisle with a huge smile plastered on her face. Edie had no doubt that she was just using the cart as an excuse to get to the front of the plane without upsetting the chief airhostess.


The girls weren’t the best of friends back in high school, where they first met. They had run in completely different circles — Layla in the cheer squad, and Edie on the soccer team; it hadn’t been until they met each other again, at the airhostess training camp that they started to grow together as friends. Because of that, they had very different experiences when it came to relationships and sex — Layla, in no uncertain terms, had been wildly promiscuous as a teenager; while Edie had mostly stuck to practice and video games.

Truthfully, Edie had to thank her genes for getting her into this business; because until her career-ending accident near the end of high school, she had put absolutely no effort into her beauty or the career of an airhostess. She was lean and tall like both of her parents, and soccer practice had contributed a lot to her tight abs and perpetually tanned skin. Her hair — a dark black, now devoid of the red streak it had gained in her post-accident rebellious phase. Layla always claimed that she would’ve become a fitness model if she was as tall and as fit as Edie was, but the raven-haired girl always brushed her blonde-haired friend off.


Edie strolled down the darkened aisle of the flight; they had been flying for nearly six hours now, and most of the people were asleep as it was dark outside. The flight took nearly eight and half hours to reach, so they didn’t have to wait for much longer before they landed. Once there, Edie, Layla, and some of the others had a night in Rome before they had to fly back the following afternoon.

Walking past the sleeping passengers in the economy seating area, Edie reached the first-class seats. She was surprised to find someone still awake reading a book — a woman in a business suit. The woman looked a little older than Edie, possibly in her late 20s or early 30s; with brown hair pulled up in a bun, and clad in a dark black suit and matching trousers.

When Edie walked by, the woman waved at her, motioning for Edie to mecidiyeköy escort approach her. She was seated by the window and surprisingly, the seat next to her seemed empty.

“Yes, may I help you?” Edie asked in the familiar courteous and dignified tone.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Come on, have a seat.” The woman patted the empty seat next to her.

Surprised at the odd request, Edie quietly allowed the woman to pull her down into the seat.

“I presume everyone must be sleeping, you shouldn’t have too much work at the moment. Don’t worry, if anyone asks, I’ll tell them you were assisting me with something.” The woman reassured.

Finally, Edie managed to break out of her reverie and speak intelligible words out of her mouth. “I-Is there something I can help you with, ma’am?”

“Oh, call me Madeline. And no, not really; I’m just a little bored — six hours in a flight tends to do that to a person.” Madeline explained.

“We have a collection of movies on-” Edie started, but she was immediately cut off.

“I’ve already seen all of them, love. I’ve been flying thrice a week with you guys for the past seven months; I know exactly how frequently you update your movie playlist.”

“Your book-“

“That’s the sixth time I’m reading it from cover to cover.”

“Then can I offer you something to drink?” Edie asked.

“I’ve already had a few drinks on this flight. Any more and I’ll wake up with a hangover during my meeting tomorrow morning — no thank you, love; but you’re wonderful for offering.” Madeline placed her hand on Edie’s, causing the younger woman to blush. “What I really want is someone to talk to, can you help me with that?”

“I-I…” Edie turned around and scoured the aisle for any passengers who may require assistance. When she found none, she turned back to Madeline. “I think I can… Madeline.”

Madeline smiled at the sound of her name coming from Edie’s lips. Edie inexplicably felt herself blush at that — something she had never felt before.

The pair started to talk about their lives, their jobs and their past. Edie discovered that her full name was Madeline Everson, and she was the Vice-President at a New York-based marketing firm. The firm was currently in a project with an Italian bathing supplies company looking to expand to USA. She also discovered that the older woman was merely 27 years in age — just two years older than herself; a revelation that caused her much embarrassment when she had asked Madeline if her maturity came with age and experience.

Before the pair could continue with their discussion, Layla burst out of the cockpit door and rushed to a surprised Edie when she laid her eyes on her best friend.

“E, come on. I have something to tell you.” Layla grabbed Edie’s hand and dragged her towards the back of the flight. Before she disappeared behind the curtain, Edie shot Madeline an apologetic look, and promised herself that she would come back to apologize in person later.

Throughout Layla’s rant about, in her own words — the hunk of man-meat that was about to fuck her into oblivion, Edie couldn’t think of anything except for Madeline, her smooth voice, and her soft hands. It was a surprising feeling for Edie, the last thing she was this hung up about was her soccer career.


Unfortunately, Edie couldn’t find enough time in the final hour to visit the front of the plane, especially after the chief airhostess delegated her and Layla to assist the waking passengers at the back of the plane. Even once they landed, Edie couldn’t find a way back to the front of the plane — people at the back were asked to de-board from the door at the back and board a bus; while those at the front, which included the first-class passengers had to leave through the bridge. Even after all the passengers had left, Edie still had to hang back with the other airhostesses to check the plane and ensure everything was alright for the next flight.

As Edie reached for a pen to tick her checklist, she had all but given up hope on finding or meeting Madeline again, when she felt something in her pocket. It was a note scribbled in a messy, yet somehow elegant scrawl, that said:


6pm, Grand Hotel Palace

Ask for me at the reception

Wear something nice



Edie blushed at the note, then stuffed it back in her pocket before anyone else could notice. For the rest of the morning and afternoon, Edie walked around with a smile on her face.

Once they were done with their airhostess duties, both in-flight and at the airport, Layla had immediately disappeared to spend the entire day with the pilot, who’s name Edie didn’t bother remembering; leaving the raven-haired girl with an empty hotel room, and seven hours of time to buy a dress and get ready.

Unfortunately for her, she had absolutely no idea what to wear, in part because she had absolutely no idea what they’d be doing. “Madeline said she had wanted to talk, why would we need aksaray escort to meet at a hotel in the evening to talk?” Edie pondered aloud to the empty room.

She googled the hotel in her phone, and subsequently dropped the device when she realized that it was one of the costliest hotels in Rome. Immediately, the panic set in — she knew she had to buy a dress because even the nicest dress she had packed, hell even the nicest dress she owned at home, would seem too cheap at such a hotel. Layla’s clothes were of no use — she was a full six inches shorter than Edie. Besides, Edie would have to stuff her entire wardrobe in her dress to fit her barely B-cups into the bust of Layla’s D-cup dress. And Edie was far too shy to ask one of the other airhostesses.

So, Edie grabbed her purse and rushed out to the posher side of Rome’s shopping area.

Nearly four hours later, Edie traveled back to the hotel with an empty bank balance, and a deep indigo blue one-piece dress with a bare shoulder that extended down to her knees. It had been one of the few suggestions Edie remembered from Layla’s countless rants about Edie’s fashion sense, or lack thereof. She also got some black stockings and garter belt, and a pair of black high heeled shoes — she didn’t want to use her work clothes for this as they felt too cheap.

After a quick shower, dress up, and application of Layla’s non-work makeup, Edie mustered up the courage to go downstairs and catch a cab to the hotel.


At exactly 5:50pm, Edie stepped through the majestic entrance of the Grand Hotel Palace. After spending a moment to take everything in, Edie nervously advanced to the receptionist’s desk.

The receptionist glanced over Edie once, before asking her in English. “Hello ma’am, welcome to the Grand Hotel Palace; how may I help you?”

Edie almost wanted to point out the similarities between the sentences the both of them used in their respective professions, but decided against it; instead settling for “Hi… I’m looking for Madeline… Everson.”

After a moment, the receptionist pointed to the elevator on the far side of the room. “Room number 306, third floor.”

Relieved that this entire adventure wasn’t just some ploy to embarrass her, Edie strode over to the elevator.

Standing in front of the door, Edie reconsidered her decision one more time, before she knocked. After a moment, the door swung open to the woman who she had met on the plane; only now, she wasn’t clad in a formal suit. She was wearing what appeared to be a very expensive velvety brown dress that came down to her knees; and it was doing inexplicable things to Edie’s mind and body.

“Hi.” Madeline let out in a sultry tone.

“Hi.” Edie squeaked back. “I… W-What are we d-doing tonight?”

Madeline continued in her sultry tone as she slowly grabbed Edie’s hand. “I was… going to take you out for dinner but… you look… far too sexy for that.”

Edie’s stomach did backflips internally; what was going on with her tonight.

Madeline pulled Edie inside the room, closing the door behind her. As soon as the door shut, Madeline pushed the taller girl onto the wall and devoured her lips in her own.

Edie couldn’t believe what was happening — she had never been kissed by a girl before, and it certainly wasn’t what she had expecting to happen tonight. As soon as she could piece her thoughts together, Edie pushed Madeline away.

“I… uh… I thought you… wanted t-to… talk.”

Madeline’s eyes widened in surprise, and immediately she started apologizing. “Oh fuck… I’m sorry, I… thought this was what you wanted as well, since you were responding, at least I thought you were responding and I… I’m really… I…”

Meanwhile, Edie was in a world of her own, sorting out everything that had happened since this morning — how she had never felt like this with a man, and how her panties never seem to stay dry around the older woman. After a moments deliberation, Edie came to conclusion.

She reached out and grabbed Madeline’s cheeks, before pulling her in for a heated kiss. After a moment’s shock, Madeline started to participate in the kiss as well, slipping her arms around Edie’s slim waist.

Madeline pulled back for just second to ask her. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Edie replied urgently, prompting Madeline to pull her back into the kiss; this time, slipping her tongue inside Edie’s mouth. Their tongues danced around each other, colliding in the middle, and then intertwining. Madeline’s left reached up to the zip of Edie’s dress, pulling it down to release her from the dress.

Edie reached behind Madeline to do the same, when she found out that her dress was backless. Elated, Edie ran her hands over the soft smooth skin — her fingers trickling down from the neck to the top of her lover’s ass.

“Someone’s feisty.” Madeline mumbled as the pair separated from the kiss. The older woman dragged Edie inside towards the bed, before pulling the rest nişantaşı escort of Edie’s dress off her torso.

Embarrassed that she wore her work underwear — clearly from failing to understand the agenda for the night, Edie tried to cover herself up with arms. But Madeline held them back with her own while she stood staring at the taller woman, in a trance.

“I really need to check out the soccer club near my place in New York; if this is what the sport does to a woman’s body then they must make it mandatory for schoolgirls to partake in it.” Madeline reached over and traced Edie’s abs with her fingers, in awe of the firm and hard flesh she felt.

Edie placed her hand on Madeline’s shoulder as the older woman leaned down to take a closer look at her stomach. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do at the moment, but she was happy that Madeline seemed to like this; and that it wasn’t just her who was captivated by the other woman.

Suddenly, she felt something wet on her abs. Turning her head down, Edie found the older woman staring back up at her with a questioning glance; her tongue still touching Edie’s abdominal region.

“What? In my 27-year career as a lesbian, I’ve never once had the opportunity to lick a girl’s six pack; you can’t really blame me for going through with it when I finally get the chance.”

Edie just rolled her eyes in response, while Madeline reached around, pulled Edie’s panties down, and flung them across the room. When Edie reached down to help her with her stockings, Madeline stopped her.

“Leave them on for now, it’s sexy.”

As soon as she said that, Madeline dove tongue-first into Edie’s pussy, starting off with a slow lick before gradually picking up the pace. She maintained eye contact with the woman above her, making sure that she’s fine with it.

Edie gripped onto the table nearby for support — the few times she’d had sex with a boy had never felt as amazing as she felt in this moment; not even that time when Derek ate her out. And Madeline had barely started.

“Fuck! Madeline…”

Edie could barely hold herself steady as Madeline’s tongue picked up pace. She was standing on the tips of her toes; the muscles on her stomach protruding out because of the way her body was tightening them.

It all became too much for Edie when Madeline brought her thump onto Edie’s exposed clit, and she screamed as her body convulsed with the feeling of her orgasm. Her hands gripped the table even tighter, nails digging into the wood as she moaned out Madeline’s name in the throes of ecstasy.

She felt something wet dribble down the inside of her thighs and into her stockings, but she couldn’t care less in her heightened state.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Edie felt herself come down from her sexual high. She leaned against the wall behind her for support, before finally opening her eyes to meet those of Madeline.

She found Madeline gazing back up at her with wet disheveled hair, smudged make-up, and a contented smile dawning her face. Edie looked down at the wetness leaking from her pussy, and then shifted her eyes back to her soaked paramour. She covered her face with her hands to hide the deep red blush that formed when she finally pieced the puzzle together.

“No, no.” Madeline reached up and grasped Edie’s hands in her own. “I like it.”

“But your dress-“

“-was something I never intended to let survive the night. I’m fine with you ripping it off me if you so desire.” Madeline added, still maintaining her sultry tone and demeanor. Edie wondered if it was even possible for the older woman to not be sexy.

“Well… I-I wouldn’t want to destroy s-something like that.”

“Then why don’t you take it off for me.” Madeline stepped closer to Edie, rounding the younger woman’s arms around her torso.

Edie reached behind Madeline’s shoulders and slid the dress off her body, releasing her bountiful yet uncovered breasts. She wanted to spend some time fondling them, but before that she wanted to get rid of the dress entirely. Edie slid the dress down the rest of Madeline’s shapely legs, when she found something unexpected staring back it her.

“Y-You didn’t wear anything underneath?”

“Thought it would give you easy access.”

“But weren’t we supposed to go out for dinner?”

This time Madeline just smiled back in response; Edie felt the top of her stockings get even wetter than before — What was this woman doing to her?

Finally relieved of her dress, Madeline reached behind Edie and quickly undid her brassiere, tossing it aside, much like Edie’s panties. Madeline wrapped her arms around Edie’s stomach and guided her towards the bed; softly pushing the taller woman onto it when they were close enough, before laying herself on top of her.

Madeline placed her hands on top of Edie’s wrists, her knees on either side of the woman’s hips, pinning the younger woman beneath her. Like a vulture, she swooped in and captured Edie’s lips with her own; devouring them to the sound of their sensual moans.

Madeline reached down and placed her hand on Edie’s pussy; her thumb and index fingers circling the core of Edie’s pleasure spot. Involuntarily, Edie moved her hips upward to meet Madeline’s experienced fingers.

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