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Our first day and night of camping had been a fun and interesting one. First, there was me taking a walk and spying on a man that was camped not too far from our campsite, and then him saying hello to me as I was headed back to my camper.

Trent was his name, and he was so damn sexy. When I had gotten back to my campsite, I found that I was excited just from meeting this man and I had actually gotten wet just thinking about him!!

Later that night, my husband Chris and I did some skinny-dipping in the lake and had awesome sex in the water. As we were walking up to shore, we were caught by Trent who had brought his wife by to meet us and so he could meet Chris, and he had heard our little escapade.

We ended up having a very interesting conversation where it was admitted that Trent and Kathy were swingers and they wanted to know if we had ever thought about it. I had said that, yes, we had discussed it before, but never that much to where it would become a reality.

So the evening ended with the possibility that Chris and I might get to experience this fantasy for real.

By the time Chris and I had said goodnight to one another, we had decided that we would keep the idea open and possibly give it a try. If anything, we agreed that we would at least hang out with Trent and Kathy and see where it went.

The next day, my grandparents happened to show up to see if our daughter wanted to go back home with them. This didn’t surprise me one bit, and it also didn’t surprise me that she wanted to go with them. She could only take one day at the lake and then she was bored.

They stuck around for a little bit, and then they took off. Our daughter was very happy that she was getting to go home with them. Secretly, Chris and I were happy as well. We now had the campsite to ourselves, and that meant that the chances of something happening were even better.

Chris and I had some lunch, and afterwards decided to take a stroll around the area. We had no destination in mind, just a nice walk around the lake.

How convenient it was that we just happened to walk by Trent and Kathy’s campsite. How convenient it was that they were there, lounging in the sun on their chairs. How convenient also, that Kathy spotted us and waved us over.

Chris smiled at the site of Kathy, and I can’t say I blamed him. She was beautiful. Glowing blonde hair, pretty face, nice body, tight ass, and tits to die for. Her breasts were just the right size, not too big and not too small, and they were all natural. That was a big thing with Chris and I. We liked them natural, couldn’t stand how the fake ones looked. Kathy had a bikini on, and I could just tell that her breasts would be wonderful to touch and suck on.

I spied Trent then, and a little smile crossed my own face. He looked so handsome as he turned and smiled at us. His body was well toned; he had a lovely chest, biceps and abs. I so wanted to see what was hiding under his swim trunks. Secret desires swam into my head as I thought about running my hands up his firm thighs and to that private area in between them.

We walked over to them. Trent got up and shook Chris’ hand saying hello to him; he was such a gentleman. Kathy nodded and smiled at me. She told us to grab a couple of spare chairs and to join them. Trent reached in their cooler and handed Chris a beer, while I opted for a soda.

“Where’s your daughter at?” Kathy asked me.

“Oh, my grandparents came out earlier and she went back home with them. She gets bored easily out here.” I answered.

Kathy’s smile got bigger. “So you two are out here by yourselves now?”

“Yes. We have the campsite all to ourselves.” I replied.

Kathy’s voice got a bit quieter, “So, what do you think of Trent?”

I smiled and said, “He’s very nice.”

“Do you find him sexy?” She asked me.

I blushed and looked down at the ground. I looked over at Trent then and saw that he was looking at me. He smiled at me and I looked away quickly.

I answered Kathy then, “Yes, I find him very attractive. You have a very sexy man.” She gave a little laugh, “He is, isn’t he?

“Chris is a very good-looking man too. You should feel lucky to have him.” Kathy said.

“Oh, I do! He’s a wonderful man.” I replied.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” I asked Kathy.

A smile crossed her face, “Oh, I imagine Trent is asking Chris if he finds me attractive, and I’m sure he’s trying to warm Chris up to the idea of swapping.”

I looked at her and asked in all seriousness, “That wouldn’t bother you? You’d be ok with it?”

She reached over and pat my leg. “Hon, it doesn’t bother me one bit. We’ve been in that lifestyle for some time now. I enjoy sharing my husband, and I enjoy it even more when he shares me.”

“Ah. Well, we’ve been thinking about it for quite a while now. I mean, trying that lifestyle and all. We just haven’t pursued it at all.” I explained to her.

“And do you think Trent is someone you could be with?” She asked me.

I looked at her and saw that şerifali escort she was smiling at me. She was being serious. I could see that in her eyes. I couldn’t believe I was having this discussion with someone I just met. About her own husband no less.

I know I was turning red in the face. I was so nervous, but I was curious too. What would it be like to be with Trent, to feel those powerful looking arms around me? To feel that massive body that could belong to a Greek god, so well formed and toned. How would it feel to lie next to his body?

Kathy laughed at me. I looked over at her and she raised her eyebrows at me. “Looks like you’re doing some serious thinking over there! What’s on your mind? You can tell me anything.”

I sighed and then said, “I have to admit, Ever since I saw Trent yesterday for the first time, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to be with him.”

“Maybe you should spend some time with him and find out.” She said to me.

“Are you serious?” I asked in shock.

She sighed this time, “Of course I am! I told you, we’ve been doing this for quite some time now. We love it! It doesn’t bother us at this point. In the very beginning, it did a little, with the jealousy thing, but we enjoyed it so much that we learned to work through it.”

“I don’t know if Chris would be willing to do anything like that though.” I told her.

Kathy looked over at Chris and Trent, and then said, “Trent has a way with opening people up to the whole idea of it. If he’s worked his magic on Chris as well as he has in the past with other people, then I’m sure Chris is at least interested in trying it out.

“You two need to just talk it over, and if you’re interested, great. If not, that’s fine also. There’s no pressure. You two do what is comfortable for you.” Kathy explained.

Trent spoke up then, “Would you two like to go for a boat ride? That’s our motorboat right over there.”

“Sure! That’d be great!” Chris answered.

We gathered up some food and sodas and headed out. We stayed out on the lake for a couple of hours. At one point, Trent stopped the boat in a secluded area and we all sat and just talked for a while.

When we got back to their campsite, Chris and I asked if they would like to come join us for dinner later that evening. They said they would love to and would see us later on.

Chris and I headed back to our camper then. We talked off and on for the rest of the afternoon about the possibilities of what could be with Trent and Kathy.

We went for a swim while we still had time before having to start dinner, and while playing around in the water; Chris grabbed me and kissed me. I asked him if he’d like to kiss Kathy like that. He said maybe, and then asked if I wanted to kiss Trent. I said to him that I was curious to know what it would be like. He told me that he felt the same about Kathy. Later when we were preparing dinner, we talked about it some more. We had decided that we would split up after dinner. He would stay at our camper and invite Kathy to stay, while I would head back to their camp with Trent.

Trent and Kathy showed up a little bit before dinner was ready and Kathy came into the camper to help me out with the rest of the preparations for dinner.

We made light conversation, and then she asked me, “Have you and Chris thought any more about our proposition?”

A smile crossed my face and I said, “Actually, we have.”

“Oh really?” She asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

We sat down at the table, and she asked, “What exactly did you two decide on?”

“Well…” I started, and then stopped.

“Go on.” She urged me.

I took a deep breath and let it out. Then answered her. “We decided to take you up on your offer.”

Kathy’s eyes widened and she asked, “Really?”

She seemed so happy and pleased.

“I should be more specific.” I said. Then, “We decided that I could go back to your camp with Trent, and if you liked, you could stay here with Chris. If that would be ok with you two, that is.”

“Are you kidding? That sounds wonderful!” She exclaimed.

I was relieved that she didn’t seem upset by what I said, and actually seemed excited by the whole idea.

“Well, we decided it wouldn’t hurt to at least spend some time alone separately. No harm in that, and if either one of us is not comfortable, we can end it there and then. “But, we also decided that if we are comfortable, we will be ok with the other going through with, well, with whatever should happen.”

Kathy reached across the table and took my hand in hers.

“I understand completely Emily.” She said to me. Then she said, “I think you’ll enjoy spending time with Trent. He’s taken by you, and I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I wouldn’t mind one bit having a night alone with Chris.”

A bit of jealousy started to rise up in me, but it disappeared when I reminded myself that I was going to get to spend the evening with her hunk of a husband.

“No. silivri escort That doesn’t bother me.” I said with a smile.

Dinner was good, and the conversation was even better. After finishing dinner and cleaning up, Chris and I said our goodbyes and said that we would see each other later, and if things went really well, we said maybe we wouldn’t see each other until the morning.

Trent held out his hand to me, and I accepted it. We started off towards their camp, while Chris led Kathy into our camper.

We were quiet on the walk over to the camp, when Trent asked, “Are you nervous?”

The question startled me but he did not see this. I answered, “A little.”

“Well, I suppose that’s only natural. There’s nothing to be nervous or afraid of though. I won’t bite, unless you want me to, of course.” He jokingly said.

A giggle escaped me when he said this, and he stopped and turned me to him.

His face had become serious and he said, “Seriously, if you are uncomfortable at any time, just tell me and we will stop this and I will take you back to your camper and take Kathy back with me.

“I only want you to experience pleasure and have fun with this. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. Ok?”

Wow. Was this man for real? I mean, not only was he sexy as hell, but he was sincere and sweet as well. I squeezed his hand and said, “I’m ok. Really. If that changes, I will let you know.”

“Good.” He said and squeezed my hand back.

When we got to his campsite, Trent started a little fire for us to sit next to, and so we could see one another as we talked, as it was dark by now.

I felt at total ease in his company. He had me in smiles and laughing the whole time. It wasn’t long before I was lusting for him and wondering when we might retire to the tent.

I think he eventually sensed this from me, and he stood and stretched and stifled a fake yawn. “Would you like to stay the whole night with me?” He asked me.

“Yes. I think I would.” I said in all seriousness to him.

“Well, Kathy hasn’t come back here, so I suppose that no matter what’s happening down there, she is probably staying for the whole night.

“Are you ok with that?” He asked.

“Yes. I don’t want to leave. And I am not worried about them. I sincerely hope they are enjoying one another, because I know that I am enjoying your company.” I said to him, and at the same time thinking to myself that I hope I get to enjoy even more of him.

“Would you like to retire to the tent then?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said, and I wondered if he could hear the hunger in my voice when I said that one word, the hunger that was beginning to course through my blood, hunger for him. I wondered if he could see the desire that had crept into my eyes. Surely he could.

I helped him pick up the few items that were lying about, and then we put the fire out and crawled inside the tent.

The tent had an opening on the top so that you could lie there and see the night sky. There was a full moon out, and it seemed all the stars were visible that night. After our eyes adjusted to the dark, we could see each other clearly by the light of the moon.

The lake was calm and the waves were gently lapping at the shore. It was so peaceful sounding. Trent and I had laid down on an open sleeping bag and we were both laying on our sides looking at each other. The night could not have been any more perfect, but it did become more perfect. The night became so much better the moment that Trent reached his hand out and lightly touched my face.

“Does your husband often tell you how sexy you are?” Trent asked as he lightly brushed my hair away from my face.

Although he couldn’t see it, my face just turned a shade redder and I giggled as I said, “Sometimes, yes, he does.”

Trent let his fingers linger in my hair and said, “Well, if I was him, I’d be telling you everyday, as often as I could.”

I looked down, feeling my face flush with heat. Trent moved his hand to my chin and raised my face up so that my eyes met his.

“I’m being serious Emily. You have nothing to be embarrassed of.” He said to me.

Then he was leaning forward, and I felt myself leaning towards him. The moment had come, and I was more than ready for it. Our lips touched, and at once I felt a spark ignite within me.

He pulled me closer to him, and I did not resist. I wanted to feel his arms around me, and I was not let down once they were around me. It was as good as I had thought it would be, and so much better than what I could have ever imagined. His hands were at once going up my shirt, his fingers caressing my back, and this was all it took for me to become liquid in his hands.

I could feel the fire rising up in me and trying to burst forth in a flame that would surely burn both of us to the core. I could not contain the little moans that I was trying, not so hard, to contain. I let them loose along with all the rest of the passion that was pent şirinevler escort up in me, and soon I was on top of him, my mouth devouring his.

He had removed my shirt and bra in a heartbeat, and his mouth moved to embrace a nipple with his lips. The touch of his tongue circling my nipple sent a shiver through me, and a sigh escaped me as my head tilted back. He held me tightly to him and then rolled me onto my back. He paused for a brief moment and looked deep into my eyes. I could see the desire was burning deep in him as much as it was in me.

“I want you badly Emily! I don’t think I can contain myself much longer.” Trent said to me.

“So then don’t.” I said in return.

Trent bent down then and gave me a deep kiss before moving slowly to my neck. Then he moved to one breast and slowly over to the other. His tongue, lips and teeth were sending shivering sensations all through my body, and it wasn’t long before my hips were grinding up, trying to rub my crotch into his.

He started to kiss his way down my body then, looking up at me the whole time, never taking his eyes from mine. Then he came to my shorts, and he paused with his kissing to slowly undo them and remove them. He was so gentle and caring the whole time, treating me as if I was a fragile piece of glass artwork. He slid my panties off with the same amount of care, and tossed them to the side with the rest of the clothing. He removed his shirt, and then he bent back down and his head became buried between my thighs.

He started with one thigh, lightly kissing and flicking his tongue over it, and then he moved to the other one, giving it just as much dedication as the other. He glanced up at me for a brief moment, the hunger in his eyes evident. Then his head was diving back down and I felt his tongue searching for the nectar that my body was already releasing in abundance.

He teased at first with his tongue, flicking it between my two openings. Chris had never spent as much attention as Trent was when it came to pleasing me there, and I was soon orbiting to new levels of pleasure that I had never experienced before.

Trents tongue was darting deep inside me then. Another thing that I was not accustomed to, as Chris’ tongue was not quite as long as Trents. He drove his tongue as deep as he could, making sure that he got every last drop. He had me so turned on though, that it seemed like I had a never-ending supply of juices for him.

I felt his tongue run up my slit then and dart across my clit. My breath caught in my throat for an instant as his tongue made contact with it. Then his mouth was covering my clit and gently sucking it in. My hands went to his hair, and as I began to tug at the softness of his hair, I felt him slide a finger slowly and smoothly into me. I let out a gasp and pulled a little harder on his hair.

He continued to run his tongue over my clit and suck it gently into his mouth, all the while his finger was making come hither motions inside me, and hitting my spot. At this point, I could not keep myself from bucking my hips up towards his face.

His other hand began to travel up my body, lightly caressing my skin. I moved one of my hands from his hair to his arm and grabbed hold tightly. Then my hand moved down to clasp his hand in mine.

Trent looked up at me then, and I looked deeply in his eyes.

“Trent, I want you. I need to feel you in me.” I whispered to him.

He didn’t need to ask me if I was sure about my decision. It was obvious to him by the look on my face and the tone that my voice carried.

He slowly removed his finger from me and sat back so that he could remove his shorts. I sat up and leaned forward so that I could help him undo them and slide them off him. His cock sprung forward as soon as it was released from its confines, and I could not help myself from taking it in hand at once. I bent forward and licked my tongue around the tip of his cock and down the length of his shaft. Then I wrapped my lips slowly and lovingly around the head of his cock and began a slow decent until I reached the base.

“Oh Emily!” Trent said as he reached out for my head and softly stroked my hair.

I continued to move down and back up with my mouth on his cock, my hand following closely behind each upward motion of my mouth. Trents head was tilted back, his hand remained on my head, and his hips were thrusting up to meet each downward stroke of my hand and mouth. His moans increased as my movements sped up a bit. My other hand had gone to his balls and were lightly fondling them as my hand and mouth continued working his cock over.

I reached the top of his cock with my mouth and I pulled away to look up at his face.

He looked down and met my gaze. “Do you really want this? I mean, are you completely sure?” He asked me.

“Yes. More than anything.” I answered him.

He gave a brief nod to me and then reached over to the side and brought a condom out. After I helped him put it on, he reached down and cupped my face lightly in his hands and brought me up towards his face. He kissed me deeply, and I kissed him back just as deep. He helped me when I moved up a bit so that I could straddle him. My arms were around his neck now, and our mouths stayed locked. I felt the tip of his cock at the opening of my pussy, and I could not hold back any longer. I had to feel him in me; I needed to feel him buried in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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