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Employee Discipline

Sooooooo… This is the first story I’ve ever really written. I just wanted to kinda try something new out. I dunno if it’s any good, but I figured I’d post it to see what others think. So… Enjoy, I guess!



Two hours. That’s how long Delilah had been waiting outside this conference room. Two hours. She had quietly cleared her throat and asked the receptionist a few times if the disciplinary board was running late, only to be assured they would get to her shortly. Nobody else had gone in or left, so it wasn’t apparent what was taking so long. One of the fluorescent bulbs flickered, with the receptionist glancing up and sighing. Delilah’s fingers wandered to her bag and started idly playing with the buckle, the sound of metal tapping against metal ringing out through the room. It took a moment before Delilah noticed the receptionist’s disapproving glare. She mouthed an apology and moved her hands back into her lap.

Delilah was dressed in a plain, black dress. Perhaps it was a bit excessive, but she had assumed something that looked humble and apologetic would help somewhat in the meeting. Truth be told, she had last worn this dress to a funeral. With the atmosphere in the lobby, it at least felt fitting. Her shoulder-length black hair just about tickled the top of the dress. Over the dress, she wore a similarly plain business jacket. While she had done her makeup this morning, Delilah had kept it plain – More than a ‘no-makeup’ look, but more restrained than usual. Perhaps I should have done more, Delilah thought to herself. Oh, what am I thinking? Nobody’s going to notic-

The piercing ring of the receptionist’s phone finally broke the silence, followed by a couple of “uh-huh”s and “I’ll send her in”. After glancing back over to Delilah, the woman rose to her feet and stood by the door. “Well?” She said, after a moment of waiting, sounding almost irritated. After all this time, Delilah hardly expected it to be for her.

“Oh. Thank you…” She mumbled, slowly approaching the door. Grabbing the handle, she opened it, though not without more effort than she had expected. Stepping through and letting go, the great chunk of oak slammed behind her, making her wince. At the very least, it blocked out the sound of that accursed clock, the TICK TOCK still ringing in Delilah’s ears after waiting for so long.


Looking around, the room couldn’t be more different from the dingy little lobby she had just been in. The tall, wide windows letting in plenty of natural light made her feel like she had just stepped out of a cave. Arranged around the room in a horseshoe shape was a long, continuous desk in front of a series of plush, luxurious office chairs, not at all like the uncomfortable ones Delilah was stuck sitting on in her lower-floor cubicle. In fact, looking to the middle, boxed in on three sides, she saw a chair just like that, evidently where she would be sitting. What caught her off-guard, however, was how otherwise empty the room was. She had been told she would be facing a disciplinary board, and yet nobody was there, save for one woman. Leaning back, with her behind on the desk, she peered over her glasses as she watched Delilah slowly approach.

“Welcome, Miss…?”

“Tilly.” Delilah mustered up all her courage, extending a hand before her. Her colleagues had told her a firm handshake would go a long way to asserting herself in a meeting like this. Instead, the tall woman simply gave a cold stare. After a few awkward moments, Delilah slowly lowered her hand, clearing her throat. “Delilah Tilly.”

“Yes, of course… Miss Tilly…” The tall woman sounded almost disinterested in this detail. “Please. Take a seat.” She raised her hand and motioned towards the chair in the centre of the room. Sitting down before her, Delilah took a moment to take in the appearance of the person standing before her. The phrase that sprung to mind was ‘tightly-wound’. Each movement she made came across as highly deliberate. Wearing a white blouse, with a black jacket and skirt, and with her blonde hair tied into a tight bun, she wouldn’t seem to be too out of place amongst all the other executive staff in the office – And why would it, for someone who enforced the company’s dress code? But the more Delilah lingered on her, the more she felt like something was slightly different about her… The clothes the woman wore were far nicer and fit her far better than Delilah’s cheap, outfit cobbled together from second-hand items, but that was hardly a surprise for someone with a salary far exceeding her own. No… It was the little details that mattered. One more button was undone than one might expect. Red lipstick that was far more vibrant than the neutral tones that others in the company wore. No Eryaman Escort tights under her skirt. Her heels were tall enough to ensure that she towered over even the tallest of employees. It wouldn’t be fair to say this was someone who openly flouted the rules… Rather, this was someone who stood slightly over them, and thus could bend them to her will.

“My name is Jessica Verity. I am head of employee discipline at Grandvale-Lilton Enterprises, and thus the chair of the disciplinary board. I don’t believe we’ve ever had reason to meet before, is that right?” She picked up a folder labelled ‘Tilly, D.’ from the desk behind her and rifled through it. The sound of paper brushing against paper filled the room, but after a moment, she stopped to peer at the woman in the chair before her.

“Oh, I-I… No, we haven’t.” Delilah stammered after a second of silence. “And, um… If I may? My understanding was that I was to appear before a disciplinary board.” Delilah looked around at the conspicuously empty chairs surrounding her. In fact, after glancing around, she realised that there were no other exits than the one she had just entered through. Strangely, she hadn’t noticed Ms. Verity enter the room while she was waiting.

“Ah, of course. Well, while you may have been informed as such, I tend to only use the full board in cases where the accused is likely to be troublesome. Why go to all that extra hassle when we can talk this out like equals? You’re not going to cause me trouble, are you, Miss Tilly?” The executive held her stare for a moment, and Delilah realised that none of these would be rhetorical questions.

“No, of course not, Jessic-“

“Ms. Verity.” She firmly interrupted. It certainly didn’t feel as if this were a conversation between equals, but Delilah supposed the upper echelons of the company didn’t have the same casual office atmosphere that floor three had.

Again, silence filled the room, until Delilah broke it once more. “Ms. Verity,” Delilah repeated. Ms. Verity’s stare lingered a moment longer before a slight, appeased smile grew from the corners of her mouth.

“See? I knew you were a good girl. I hope we can deal with this like reasonable people.” She returned to the folder, her eyes swiftly gliding over the page as she talks. “Now, I’ll give you the company’s understanding of the events that have placed you before me today. On Friday the 7th of April, the fire alarm went off at 12:53 pm here in the Grandvale-Lilton Building. The entire building of over two thousand employees was evacuated for two hours. An awfully long time to wait, isn’t it?” Her eyes flicked up to Delilah and then to the door separating the small lobby behind it.

Delilah followed Ms. Verity’s eyes over to the corner of the room. Her brow furrowed slightly, thinking back to the horrid sound of the clock above the receptionist’s desk ticking. “Hold on, did you make me wait…?”

“Miss Tilly, please do NOT interrupt me. You assured me you would be a good girl,” Ms. Verity cut her off, not with anger, but dismissal. Delilah blushed a little. What a strange turn of phrase to keep using in a professional setting, she thought. “It takes quite some time to get everyone out. Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to only have three flights of stairs to go down.” This jab felt somewhat more personal. “It was later determined that the cause of the alarm was a small fire in a trash can in the women’s bathroom on the third floor, caused by…” She lifted up a small bag with a crumpled and charred cigarette butt in it, holding it between her thumb and forefinger as if it were an object of disgust. “This.” Delilah squirmed in the uncomfortable chair. Of course, she already knew all this. Why else would she be in this meeting?

Was it getting hotter in here? She moved to remove her jacket, but that stern voice made her jump once again. “Your focus, please, Miss Tilly.” Delilah moved her hands back down, gripping the edge of the chair nervously. “While I am sure an intelligent young woman like you is more than capable of figuring out the findings of our investigation into how this happened, I must lay it out to you for absolute clarity.” Delilah once again shifted uncomfortably, and returned her hands to her lap, nervously shifting her thumbs. “From CCTV footage we were able to determine that you were smoking in the said bathroom during your break, blowing smoke into an air vent, after which you disposed of this…” She shook the bag. “…in said trash can. Do I have all the details correct?”

Delilah was sure there were no security cameras in that bathroom. Always the worrier, the same stress from her work that had led to her smoking that rare cigarette had made sure she was careful so she wouldn’t be caught. Her mind moved Sincan Escort back away from their thoughts, she looked up to suddenly see Ms. Verity standing over her, having put the folder back down on the desk. “I… Yes, that sounds about right…”

“Lovely.” Ms. Verity smiled down at her. It certainly didn’t feel like there was anything ‘lovely’ about it. She placed the folder down on the desk and took a few deliberate steps forward. As she reached the employee, she slowly lifted a finger to Delilah’s chin and raised it just a little higher. “Now, I’m sure none of this was on purpose. Until now, you’ve had a spotless record. Our records don’t even have you down as a smoker, so I’m sure this was just a one-off, a rare lapse in judgement. After all, you’re a terribly diligent little worker bee, aren’t you, Miss Tilly?”

“Yes?” Delilah replied with puzzlement, unsure of how to answer. Having which employees were regular smokers or not on record seemed a little invasive. Ms. Verity’s nail dug into her chin just a little.

“And yet… The boys in accounting are always pestering me about the numbers. They don’t care about how good and loyal our little worker bees are. They care about results.” She slowly stepped around behind Delilah, lowering her head until it nearly sat upon her shoulder. “Do you care to know how much money an entirely unnecessary, two-hour interruption to business in the middle of the day cost Grandvale-Linton?” Delilah opened her mouth to respond, but before she could say a word, Ms. Verity whispered it in her ear. “Thirty-three million dollars. Give or take.”

Delilah’s skin turned pale, and she felt lightheaded. She tried to conceptualise thirty-three million dollars but as she began to feel woozy, she decided against it. “I-I… I didn’t… My fault, but…” is all she could stammer out, as Ms. Verity slowly walked back around in front of her with the biggest grin she had seen on her yet. After waiting a moment, she continued.

“Now, I’m sure the boys in accounting would love to see that money returned, but I fear that would be like getting blood from a stone when it comes to our little worker bees, if you’ll allow me to mix a metaphor. And the boys in legal, well… I’m sure they would love to hash this out inside a courthouse. But that would be terribly messy, and I’m a reasonable woman. I think we can find a way forward without involving all of that, don’t you?”

“Yes! Of course!” Delilah nearly shouted. As much as this had felt like a one-woman inquisition, she now felt glad that those grand, empty chairs weren’t full of company lawyers.

“Good girl. We wouldn’t want to lose a loyal little drone like you, would we?” Ms. Verity stepped forward, removing her glasses and staring directly into Delilah’s eyes. “Why don’t we begin with you… Begging for your job?”

“Begging for my-,” Delilah started before yelping as Ms. Verity took a firm hold on her jaw. She bent down until her eyes were mere inches from Delilah’s own.

Delilah could feel her body quivering slightly but Ms. Verity gave no indication that this was some sort of joke. Through her slight grin, she simply repeated, “Beg. For. Your. Job.”

Delilah took a deep breath. “I… Please don’t fire me. It was an accident. I-I won’t do it again, I promise.” As much as she tried to project confidence, her voice was shaky and uncertain. She had expected to be demoted or have her pay docked or perhaps even be fired, not… whatever this was.

“Is that the best you can do?” Ms. Verity raised her eyebrow. Her fingers slowly trailed upwards beyond Delilah’s cheek and into her long, dark hair. Delilah shivered as she felt the gentle touch of the woman glide across her skin. “I know you can do better.” The sensation was abruptly cut off as Ms. Verity’s fingers tangled into Delilah’s hair to form a firm grip, dragging her off the chair and down to the floor. “Beg,” she commanded.

Delilah’s heart was pounding. A brief glance upwards showed the look on Ms. Verity’s face heading towards irritation. Before she even knew what she was doing, Delilah found herself prostrating herself before the woman towering over her. “Please, Ms. Verity. I’m so, so sorry for what happened, for what I did. Please forgive me. I-I… I’ll work twice as hard, I’ll make it up to the company, I’ll…”

As she spoke, she suddenly felt pressure on the back of her head. Ms. Verity placed the sole of her heel onto Delilah, a grin spreading across her face, though not one Delilah could see. “See? Was that so hard?” Her voice had taken on an almost comforting tone, one of praise. She pressed down until Delilah’s forehead was pressing into the carpet. It appeared that even in the executive conference rooms, the company wouldn’t shell out for anything more Etlik Escort than the same scratchy material used down on floor three.

Delilah, however, hardly noticed. Between the sound of her heart beating rapidly and the fluttering in her stomach, she paid no attention to the rough texture. Instead, she merely replied “No, Ms. Verity,” as if in a trance.

“My, my. I was right in thinking you would be a good girl.” She released Delilah’s head, though she lingered in position for a moment. “You may sit up.” Ms. Verity chuckled, bending back down and caressing Delilah’s cheek. “You certainly are a natural, even more so than most of the obedient little worker bees I deal with every day.” Once again, she spread her fingers through Delilah’s hair, though this time, her grip was less forceful and more guiding. Stepping backwards and leaning against the edge of the large, horseshoe desk, she lifted her skirt to reveal her wet slit, with nothing else covering it. “Go on. Show me just how much you want to make it up to me.” By this point, it was clear to Delilah that Ms. Verity already had a clear idea of just how this meeting would play out before she had even entered the room. At the same time, her own arousal drove her forward.

Soon after Delilah opened her mouth and started to slide her tongue over Ms. Verity’s lower lips, she heard a bemused chuckle. “Clumsy and amateurish. As expected.” Was Delilah’s inexperience that obvious? “Focus here.” She felt the grip on her hair guide her head upwards until her mouth rested just before the clit. Taking a moment to reorient herself, Delilah began to twirl her tongue around it, her eyes glancing up for approval. “Better,” Ms. Verity mumbled as she threw her head back slightly. Delilah kept her focus upward, gauging her performance based on the reaction she received. All the while, Ms. Verity kept a tight grip on her hair, holding Delilah against her nether regions. It wasn’t until she had settled into a rhythm that seemed to be eliciting some slight moans from Ms. Verity that Delilah’s situation fully registered – She had only kissed one other woman before, let alone eaten one out! The speed with which the executive had established her control over Delilah left the office worker feeling even more flustered.

She channelled this feeling into her ‘work’. Confidence growing from the guidance she was being given, she placed her hands on Ms. Verity’s thighs. She started to make her licks longer, slower, more deliberate. “Oh, think you can be a little tease, do you?” Ms. Verity moaned, pushing Delilah’s face deeper into her cunt. Delilah held her breath, giving a little whimper as Ms. Verity began to grind against her. Delilah’s senses overwhelmed, all else became secondary to pleasuring Ms. Verity. She felt the grip on her hair tightening as it became obvious that Ms. Verity’s climax was fast approaching. Delilah sought out her sensitive bud and swiftly flicked her tongue against it until she heard a sharp gasp followed by grateful moans. Ms. Verity arched her back, pushing Delilah firmly between her legs as she rode the climax until it gradually subsided.

With this, the grip on Delilah’s hair was released. Ms. Verity pulled back down her skirt and straightened it out. Replacing her glasses, she seemed perfectly presentable again as if nothing had ever happened. The same could not be said for Delilah, whose hair was tousled, and makeup smeared. Turning away from her, Ms. Verity placed various papers back into the folder she had brandished earlier. “Well. Despite your… unsophisticated technique, I can see from your enthusiasm that you’re quite apologetic for your little mishap,” she said without looking back. “I’m glad that both of us, as well as Grandvale-Lilton, can put this mess behind us. After all, we wouldn’t want a figure like $33 million hanging over your head, would we, now?” She gives a sinister glance back over her shoulder.

Delilah was still dazed, slowly standing and struggling to find her balance. In the heat of the moment, she hadn’t realised quite how slick her own thighs had grown. She pressed them together, having to consciously restrain her body’s instinct to let her hands wander down below. “O-of course not, Ms. Verity.” She stammered in agreement, though the shine in the executive’s eye left her feeling uneasy.

“Well, then. If all goes well, we hopefully won’t be seeing each other again.” Delilah felt conflicted hearing this. She opened her mouth to say something but could think of nothing. Ms. Verity gave a bemused look, waiting to see if Delilah could gather together any words, before shaking her head with a slight chuckle. “Of you go, then, Miss Tilly. There are still four hours left in the workday, and you promised you would continue to work hard.” She motioned to the door. Delilah walked towards it, the already-hefty door feeling even heavier while her body was so overwhelmed.

“Oh, and Miss Tilly?” Delilah froze, looking back at Ms. Verity. “Do clean yourself up in the restroom before returning to your desk. We wouldn’t want you getting in trouble for a dress code violation so soon after your previous incident, would we?”

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