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In the small town of Sutter’s Corner, Oklahoma, population 5,459, the young and glamorous Sung Li was a hot item. The wife of the town’s wealthiest resident, a natural flirt and showoff, she blossomed in her new hometown.

Being a forgotten middle child in a large family, the fifth oldest out of eleven children, Sung relished her new found celebratory status after her marriage to Phil Stone brought her from a small village in South Korea to America at a young age.

Things were basically good, except for one little blot on Sung’s happiness. The delivery of her first child, William, caused such severe complications the doctor recommended she not give birth again. Sung had desired a big family, but now she was forced to make due with just the single child. Her response, not surprisingly, was to spoil little Billy with all sorts of extra attention.

As Billy grew older, Sung’s marriage took a downward turn. Between caring for his sick, elderly parents and running the family business, Phil found it impossible to give his young wife the attention her narcissistic personality required, leaving it to Billy to try and fill the void created by his absence.

Still, even though she was lonely, Sung Li would never cheat on her husband no matter how bad it got. Although she dearly loved having sex, in fact she was a bit of a freak, a fanatic even, cheating for sex was just not her style. Nor would she cheat for love, as she had plenty of that in her life, if only in the form of the sweet innocent love a boy gives his mother.

As Billy got older he began to realize his mother was special in the looks department. She was both much younger and much prettier than all of his friends’ moms. With her flawless olive colored skin, beautiful dark hair that flowed to her shoulders, combined with a pair of pretty green eyes that one simply got lost in, Sung was exotic beauty personified.

Trying to add to her already striking looks, shortly after arriving in America, and comparing herself to other women, Sung Li really “got American” by talking her husband into getting her a boob job. Phil agreed for at this point in their young marriage Phil was still spoiling her rotten.

He took her to the best plastic surgeon in nearby Oklahoma City. Sung Li now possessed a pair of fantastic looking 34 DD breasts. On her trim 5′ 6″ inch, 115 pound frame her new tits looked bigger and nicer than ever.

As Billy got older, he often, shamefully, took notice of his mom’s killer body featuring that great set of tits. It was pretty easy as Sung stood out like a sparkling diamond in the rough in Sutter’s Corner. Billy friends all seemed to have mom’s that were a pale and sickly white, with drab hair, lifeless features, and most especially-old looking.

When Billy was in his teens, Sung was still only in her early thirties. Since they were the richest family in town, many of Billy’s friends, meeting his mom for the first time, mistook the youthful looking Sung Li as his nanny. Little things like that made Billy proud.

Billy loved his mother with a fierce determination that bordered on obsession. He had always been insanely jealous over her, even in regards to his father, so although he loved his grandparents, he was not so sad when they both took ill forcing his father to spend a lot of time away from home looking after them.

He knew this was selfish, but his intense feelings for his mother just could not be denied. Finally, Billy’s grandparents took a turn for the worse forcing both be placed in a nursing home.

His father was now home more and underfoot again. Billy did note with a slight touch of glee that somehow his parent’s relationship had soured to the point where they seemed distance to each other.

The sourness deepened as his Dad moved out of the house a few days after his seventeenth birthday. Knowing the only thing that mattered to Sung Li was Billy, Phil offered full custody to her with the attached condition she accept the terms of the divorce settlement laid out by his high priced lawyer.

His terms were simple: she would leave the marriage with full custody of Billy and little else. He would give her just enough money to move out and find a new place for her and Billy to live. She gladly accepted looking forward to starting a new life with just the two of them.

In the end, Sung Li left just not Sutter’s Corner, but Oklahoma altogether. They moved to Topeka, Kansas, home to her mom’s sister, her Aunt Taki, or as Sung Li called her, simply Auntie T.

“Sungy” was Aunt Taki’s favorite niece and she was delighted to have her living nearby. She immediately helped her get a job, as a cocktail server in a nightclub, and rented one of the five houses she owned with her boyfriend, to Sung.

The house was nice, as it had a backyard pool surrounded by a large grassy backyard, but its best feature, which Sung truly adored, was its huge master bedroom, with its attached bathroom and sunken tub, along with a real fireplace and its own little mini-bar.

For bayan esmer escort bursa the most part, things were good for the two of them, except Sung Li was beginning to hate her job at the club. The manager was a real jerk. He was constantly hitting on her, and when she did not respond to his flirtations, he started messing with her hours and shorting her pay.

Over lunch one day, Sung confided to her Auntie T. how miserable she was at her job, and her aunt, always so willing to help, arranged another job interview for her. At first, Sung Li considered not going as it was an interview for a dancer’s position at a nearby small strip club downtown. She was concerned what Billy would think of her being a stripper, but after she talked with her aunt her fears were relieved.

Her aunt’s advice was simple and straightforward. “Just tell him your problems at the nightclub and how miserable you are. Ask him his feelings about you dancing. Tell him, it’s only temporary.”

After sitting Billy down and explaining things to him Sung found him to be strangely silent about the whole situation. She took this as a good sign, but as it turned out she couldn’t have been more wrong.

The job interview went well and after the manager suggested how much Sung Li could expect to make with her exotic good looks, she accepted the position.

Things settled into a boring routine for the two of them over the course of the next six months until shortly before Billy’s eighteen birthday a tragedy of the worst kind struck. Billy had been feeling progressively worse over the course of the summer, so finally Sung Li took him to a doctor. After a series of tests it was determined Billy had a rare form of cancer.

The doctor’s started a series of treatments, but things were not looking good at all. The cancer simply had too much of a head start and was rapidly spreading with little hope of a cure.

Sung Li was devastated, while Billy handled the bad news with his usual modest dignity. The doctors gave him a broad range on how long he might live: could be as little as two months, or maybe as much as six to eight months, or if he was really lucky, a year.

Billy made his intentions clear to his mom after receiving the diagnosis. He insisted he would live out the rest of his brief life at home, as opposed to being surrounded in a sterile hospital environment by nurses and doctors who only pretended to care about him. After a brief argument, Sung Li concurred.

While at lunch one day with her Aunt, shortly after the horrible news, as they discussed what to do to make Billy’s short time left as pleasant as possible, Aunt Taki brought up a topic that nearly caused Sung Li to choke on her food.

“Has he been laid Sungy?”

“Jesus, Auntie T. what kinda question is that?”

“A valid one I would think as his time is limited.”

“I guess you’re right, maybe it is a valid question,” Sung Li replied as she picked distractedly at her food.

“Well, has he? You’re his mother and the two of you have no secrets . . . at least that is what you always tell me.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure. I mean he is a bit shy around girls.”

“He’s what, eighteen now?”

“Almost, his birthday is next week . . . Saturday.”

“Sad if he was to . . . well, you know, while never having experienced the joys of being with a woman.”

“Oh Jesus, you had to bring this up to me. Just another thing to worry about.”

“Well than do something about it.”

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend, or any prospects for one for that matter. So what? Hire some cheap hooker.”

“No, I was thinking more along the lines of throwing a small birthday party for him. Maybe you could invite one of your friends from the club, maybe they could do you a favor.”

“Really I would ask them to-”

“Not ask, just merely suggest. Tell them how you are worried, sad, that he-” Aunt T. let the thought dangle trying to gauge if she should continue.

Sung finished for her. “He will die a virgin. I get it.”

“Strippers have heart Sungy, some of them anyways. I’m sure one of them would like to hook up with a handsome boy like your son and relieve him of his virginity.”

“I do have one friend there. April, a gorgeous blond with a real nice body, and warm personality. We are getting pretty close and actually she has been over to the house a few times and even met Billy.”

“And what does Billy think of her.”

“When I introduced them she was wearing a super sexy string bikini. We were spending the afternoon out by the pool sipping Mia Tia’s and sunning ourselves, and Billy’s eyes, Jesus, I thought they would fall out of his head he was staring at her so hard.”

“I bet.”

“Did they hit it off?”

“No, I mean Billy fled to his room after a minute or two. But come to think of it, April did mention he was real cute.”

“There you go. Have a little talk with her and set things bursa ucuz eskort up.”

Sung Li only committed to thinking about it, but the more she thought about it the more the idea appealed to her. A few days later she had a long talk with April, and somehow managed to steer the conversation in the direction of maybe April doing her a huge favor.

Much to her surprise, April was eager to take on the task, although the thought of April fucking her son, and she had quite the reputation for fucking, surprisingly caused Sung to have some feelings of jealousy.

The day of the party came. Sung Li decided it best to make it a pool party, giving April an excuse to wear the same sexy bikini that so enthralled her son once before.

She would make it a fairly big party, inviting enough people hopefully to allow Billy and April the freedom to escape upstairs to his bedroom unnoticed and take care of business.

Everything was going perfectly. Billy really seemed to be eating up April, in her pink string bikini, flirting with him so outrageously. This left Sung with mixed emotions. For the party, she went out and bought herself a new white bikini, and so far, Billy had paid scant attention to her.

Sung Li had at least hoped Billy would maybe casually come by and mention how hot she looked in her new bikini. When they were alone he was prone to giving her flattery in spades, especially if she wore something a bit revealing.

Sung simply wasn’t used to competing for her son’s attentions, and it caused an intense feeling of jealousy to invade her heart like an unwanted guest. Said jealousy was being much fueled by the Mia Tia’s she had been sipping on all afternoon, and when Sung got drunk she got emotional and most especially- horny. The thought of Billy going upstairs and fucking April was becoming something she could barely think about.

Around four, Sung spied April leading Billy upstairs. About twenty minutes later, as Sung sat out by the pool in a corner, ignoring the rest of the guests, the jealousy/curiosity, was he really going to fuck her, finally became too much. She calmly made her way upstairs, and then down the hallway to her son’s room. The door was shut tight.

Afraid that she might chicken out if she considered her options, she impulsively pushed on the door and entered the room. April was sitting on the bed, holding a softly crying Billy.

“Jesus what is wrong?” she exclaimed rushing over to the bed.

“Mom, we were just talking,” Billy answered quickly after wiping a hand across his face. He didn’t want his mom to know he had been crying.

“What is going on? Why is so upset?” Sung demanded.

April hopped up from the bed, and swiftly led Sung out of the room. Billy fell back on the bed, suspecting his mother knew he was crying. He prayed April could keep a secret as he shut his eyes trying not to think too much.

Alone in her bedroom now, the impatient Sung wanted answers. “What the hell happened?” Sung snapped maybe a little too harshly.

“Nothing actually, Sung.”

“You didn’t fuck him.” The alcohol was making the usual taciturn Sung get straight to the point.

“No,” April sighed, “look I’m not supposed to say anything. I promised him.”

“But you are going to anyways right? I mean after I put myself out there and talked you into trying to . . . not let my son die a virgin and then I walk in to find him crying.”

“Yes, of course, no secrets, but if Billy finds out I told you he will hate me.”

“I promise I won’t let that happen April. Now tell me.”

“Billy doesn’t want to be fucked . . . by me anyways.”

“Wait, wait you . . . you’re not suggesting he doesn’t like girls?”

“Oh no, it’s not that at all. He likes girls all right. One in particular, but just not me. I mean he likes me . . . thinks I am hot, but he . . . well he wants his first and only to be someone else.”

“Really, I am supposed to believe that! What with the way you two flirted with each other all afternoon and then went running off to his bedroom. I mean why would he take you up there if not to fuck you?”

“It was all just a ploy to make someone jealous.”

“Oh come on, really? Who? There is no one else at this party I would guess he might be interested in. You are really the only good looking women I invited. I mean look around you, the rest of the guests are all friends of my Aunt, a couple of his school classmates and their not so attractive mom’s,” Sung exclaimed throwing her hands up exasperated.

OK Sung, brace yourself. I am just going to come out and say this . . . you.”


“Yes. It’s all he could talk about when he got me alone. His mom this, his mom that, how jealous he is of you taking off your clothes for strangers. How jealous he has been of his hot young mom flirting with his friends all the time whenever they come over.”

“Oh, that’s not true. I don’t flirt. I’m just friendly is all.”

“Well, bursa anal yapan escort he sees it differently. He sees you differently, much differently than you could ever imagine Sung. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“What else did he say?”

“He was upset.”

“Upset with me? Why?”

“Yeah, I think so. He seen past your little scheme to have me seduce him. He said he doesn’t want to lose his virginity to someone that doesn’t truly love him and then he got really angry for a minute and said he didn’t need anybody giving him a . . . what did he call it? Oh yeah . . . a ‘mercy fuck’.”

“But doesn’t he understand. He doesn’t have time to find true love. Can’t he see that?”

“I think he can. And that is what makes him so sad. He is a sweet romantic boy Sungy. He wants someone to make love to him, not fuck him. Plus, he wants to earn it, not have it given to him out of mercy.”

“Is there more?”

“Yes, but maybe I shouldn’t say . . . maybe I said too much already.” April reached out and grasped Sung’s hands in hers. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship. Really it means a lot to me. I don’t want to lose it by sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong.”

“April, you are my dearest and best friend. I have been meaning to tell you that for a while. Remember it was me that put you in this spot by suggesting, no begging, that you help him.”

April reached out and hugged her, bringing her mouth to Sung’s ear. “Thanks for telling me I’m your best friend because I feel the same about you. I really like you Sung and that is why I don’t want to screw things up between us.”

“You couldn’t. You . . . can’t.” Sung told her as they broke apart. “But I need to hear the truth. I think you are holding something back.”

“Well it’s just my opinion though. Not gospel truth.”

“So tell me. Please if it concerns Billy I need to know.”

“It concerns the both of you.”

“Tell me please.”

“Well, the way he talked about you, just leads me to believe it’s you, and only you that could . . . Could do what you wanted me to do.”

“What? You can’t be serious. He . . . with me . . . No.”

“Yes, Sung. He said flat out he would only give his virginity to someone who truly loved him. So who might that be, if not you?”

“How could he be attracted to me? I’m his mother. It would be so wrong.”

‘Wrong?” April scoffed, “fact check time, Sung. Him having cancer is wrong. You and him being together so he doesn’t die a virgin is not so very wrong I would think in comparison anyways.”

Sung was still trying to come to grips with this new unbelievable truth as she muttered under her breath. “Oh Jesus you must be mistaken. He can’t want me.”

“Really, why not? You are pretty, have a great body, and I noticed, even if you didn’t, how all afternoon he keep looking past me to stare at you.”


“The boy loves you deeply, Sung. Fiercely even, and yes, I truly think in that way.”

“He told you this?”

“In so many words, yes, and then he broke down and started crying because he thought I would think him awful for being attracted so deeply to his mother. But I think he was crying for maybe a deeper reason . . . like his dream of being with you will never be fulfilled.”

Lost in thought, Sung didn’t reply.

“I have one more thing Sung. If you care to hear it, but it’s only what I think . . . it’s not gospel truth.”

“Tell me . . . speculate if you need to.”

“OK, well, I think he would have much preferred instead of this big birthday party, Billy would have preferred a very private party, just the two of you, where you were the one that tried to seduce him, Sung.”

“Jesus.” It’s all Sung can think to say as her poor mind was whirling with all this incredible new information.

“Look I have to go, gotta work my shift tonight. I hope you aren’t mad.”

“Mad, no, but can I ask you something. Will you be honest?”

“Of course, you can ask me anything.”

“If you were in my shoes, what would you do?”

“If I was in your shoes and I had such a sweet, kind, loving son like you have in Billy and he was dying I think I would do most anything . . . including, yes seducing him, if I thought it would help ease his pain.”

“But isn’t it so wrong.”

“Wrong, right, again with that nonsense!!” April replied as she got to her feet. “Look Sung, the cancer . . . that is wrong, but what you do with Billy to make his last days on this earth as best as possible, as long as it’s done with love, there is no way that could ever be wrong.”

They hugged goodbye as Sung thanked April profusely for telling her the truth. After walking April out to her car, Sung hurried upstairs to check on Billy.

He was sleeping soundly. Her mind still spinning, she went to the guests, one by one, telling them Billy wasn’t feeling well. Less than ten minutes later, everyone had cleared out, and Sung began to clean up.

After cleaning up, she went to her room to slip a robe on over her bikini, and then headed down the hall. Taking a deep breath, she slipped into his room. His back was to her as she entered the room.

Moving silently, she sat down on the edge of the bed. Billy moved slightly, mumbling something unintelligible, before turning to face her.

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