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Author’s Note: This story is the second of a trilogy of tales as related to me by my wife, Marie. All names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. If you are offended by lesbianism, incest, group sex, or marital infidelity then this series is not for you.

Hi, My name is Marie. If you’ve never heard of me before then run right over to the lesbian section at Literotica and read “A Fantasy of Susan” to find out just what kind of girl I’ve been. The following story takes place some seven or eight years later. If you’re really interested in getting the whole story then read on. If you’re just here to jack off, then my advice is to move on to the next page.

Now let’s update those of you interested in the sexy going’s on in my life since my college days. Needless to say, I married my well-hung stud of a boyfriend, Craig. After all, thanks to him and some other friends I learned to explore and indulge my “wild side.”

Sex between Craig and I was great for our first year of marriage but as time went by I found things weren’t happening as frequently as I would have hoped. Life settled into a bit of a routine for the two of us. The love was still there but the lust had, as one comedian once put it, been replaced by a really good night’s sleep.

Four years into our marriage, Craig began going to some of the local bars with his buddies after work. I wasn’t sure how to feel at first. Craig was always honest with me, telling me if they went to bars where women danced, or if he tipped them or bought a dance. Part of me was feeling neglected. But again, he was home every night by one o’clock, two at the latest. He was sleeping in our bed. Over time he brought a lot of the guys over to watch football or pro-wrestling. They would cook out or eat whatever I prepared for them. They were fun to be around. Most of them were single and seemed to really envy the way Craig and I related to one another. It blew their minds to know that I was aware of Craig’s out of house partying. I often wondered what they would think if they knew how much I wanted to go on one of their “guy night” outings with them. Many times I mentally pictured the jaw-dropping image of myself and one of Craig’s stripper friends engaging in a private lap dance. Somehow, though, I could never muster the courage.

In time it wouldn’t matter. Finances grew tight for us and then Craig lost his job. Overnight, he seemed to change. He immediately redefined his priorities and happily I found myself at the top of that list. Strip bars were out, a new job was in. Sex was still not an everyday occurrence but overall things really improved.

One thing that really changed in my life over the years was the status of my two younger sisters, Susan and Erica. Susan, once the object of some pretty erzincan escort potent fantasies, was now a happily married woman and mother of one. About one year after Craig and I started dating, Susan, the wild party child of my youth, met the man of her dreams. Shortly thereafter she dropped out of college and their child was born. Of course, she and her man ran right out and eloped which meant she beat me to the altar. Yet another thing I had to be jealous of, go figure. Susan’s figure was changed by her pregnancy and though she’s never recaptured the physique she once had, she’s still pretty and always will be in my book.

If time changed Susan or me, then it really did a job on my baby sister, Erica. Erica was always the shy one, the bookworm, the girl next door. Dainty and quiet, she seemed like she was always destined to be a wallflower. Over the years, however, that flower had blossomed.

Though not as tall as Susan, she had really sprouted and was now a good two inches taller than me and our mom, who both measure in at about 5’2. Her once thin figure was bulging in all the places a woman’s should and her raven tresses were stunning against her pale ivory skin. While her demeanor remained much the same as always, her body became trim and athletic. Like Susan before her, she reminded me of Anya, the sweet foreign student who taught me that love (and lust) doesn’t recognize gender boundaries. Still, I could only think of her as the baby. That was, until Brad came around.

Like Susan’s husband, Mark, Brad was a local boy. The minute he and Erica met, they fell head over heels for each other. I still remember the first time that Craig met Brad. He tried to play the over-protective big brother to see if Brad would spook. To his credit, despite Craig’s staggering size advantage, Brad stood his ground. Over time we came to think of him as our little brother-in-law, though the happy couple was far from wanting to even discuss the “M” word. They were content to be in that initial stage of love. According to my sister, there was no lack of sex either.

Finding out that Brad and Erica had slept together wasn’t at all surprising. If anything, my reaction to the news was most surprising of all. To me, the idea of someone fucking my baby sister seemed as taboo as the thought of my own parents having sex. I knew it happened but didn’t want the gory details. What mattered most was that Erica was happy.

Three years ago Brad and Erica, announced their engagement. They both seemed happy, though Brad’s joy seemed to come as much from knowing that the Bride’s mother and father approved as it did from his love for my sister. Keeping one’s head on one’s neck is still a priority after all.

A year went by and the news of the engagement erzurum escort had settled in. Every family gathering brought up the questions, when, where, etc. Over time it appeared that the news was taking a toll on both of them. Brad’s seeming reluctance to surrender his bachelorhood at some predetermined date simply because everyone else was waiting was understandable. What seemed odd was that my sister, now 24, suffered the same lack of determination. Publicly her excuses seemed valid, lack of money, lack of job stability, yada, yada. Privately though, I had the feeling that there was more to the matter than met the eye.

So, as big sisters will, I made the overture of inviting Erica to stay with us for a four-day week-end. Officially it was called a “cooling off” period. Little did I know just how hot it would become. Craig and I were delighted when Erica arrived. In our opinion, we just don’t get enough time with family anymore. Besides, whereas Susan and I clashed heads often, Erica and I were more like sisters. If anything, the only difficulty in our relationship came when I “mothered” her too much. Likewise, Craig doted on Erica. He was an only child and never had a “baby sister” while growing up. He would alternate between teasing her and getting insufferably mushy with her, typical boy stuff.

From the moment she arrived we wined and dined my little sis to the point of exhaustion. First out to dinner, then to a movie. Off to bed everyone went, only to arise the next morning for a big home-cooked meal and a trip to the mall. Craig seemed to feel I was avoiding the real purpose of the visit. Men, I swear. I knew the time would come when I would get Erica alone and worn down enough to want to talk. And so it happened after dinner that Saturday night (but not before I had to very casually shoo my nosy husband upstairs to “make an early night of it.”)

Erica and I wound down by watching some TV and shooting the breeze. As usual there came a point when talk turned to “the boys” and we compared the habits of our men and how we had to baby them and often outright seduce them just to get simple things done. At some point Erica grew quiet and in that hesitant silence I sensed my opportunity.

“I’m surprised you haven’t dragged him to the altar yet.” I said.

“What makes you think I’m in a hurry to get married?”

“I don’t know. I just thought maybe you loved the guy or something.”

“I do love him. I just think there’s time, that’s all. I mean neither one of us is really happy with our job right now. Besides, we couldn’t afford to get married now even if we wanted to.”

“There’s ways around the money issue, Erica.”

“Like what?”

“Well you could slut yourself out.” I joked. “If that doesn’t work there’s bursa escort Mom and Dad.”

“I’d have better luck on the street. Mom still hasn’t forgiven me for moving out of the house to go to college yet. And I’m lucky Dad even likes Brad. I don’t want to impose on him.”

“Helping your baby get married is hardly an imposition, sis. Besides, they love Brad almost as much as you do.” That hadn’t always been true, but like the rest of us, Mom and Dad had grown used to the idea that Brad and Erica were meant to be together.

“Yeah, I guess.” My sister offered weakly.

“Erica, are you having doubts about Brad?”

“No. I think maybe he’s having doubts about me, though.”

I was stunned. I knew Brad seemed to be hanging onto his bachelorhood pretty tightly, but so do all impending grooms. They are like little kids being teased by the neighbor boy that their mother is going to come and take the keys to the candy store away. It’s an ego blow but they get over it in time. I just couldn’t imagine Brad thinking of being with anyone besides my sister. I had begun to doubt if he could find his socks or draw breath without her say so.

“Honey, he loves you! What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know if I’m making him happy anymore. You’ve seen how he is. He acts like marriage is as bad as haggling over a new car.”

“He’s just nervous!” I replied.

“I don’t know Marie. I’m just afraid we’re rushing into this.”

Rushing? They had known each other for three years, been dating and sleeping together for two of those, and engaged for one. No, rushing was something they were not doing.

“Bull! I think there’s something else that’s bothering you.”

Erica looked at me sheepishly, her thoughts obvious from the expression on her face. “Like what?”

“You tell me.”

“There is nothing else!”

“Erica Jane.” I said in my best motherly voice.

“He looks at other women, Marie.” Tears were welling in her eyes. “I mean, maybe I’m not the prettiest or sexiest girl in the world. Maybe I’m not what he wants.”

The rest of the conversation was a mixture of there, there’s and tissue blowing. I had hit pay-dirt and now it was just a lot of me giving her the “Of course you’re good enough” and “All men look, if they didn’t they would be corpses…” speech. Erica seemed to take it all in stride and the time dragged on. About 11 o’clock I found myself yawning. I tried to convince her to hit the hay as well but it was obvious she was too emotionally wound up to go to sleep just yet. So I excused myself, gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed up to bed.

I wasn’t at all surprised to find Craig lying in our bed completely awake waiting for the skinny. I politely gave him a kiss and told him we’d talk about it in the morning. I was tired and it had been too long an evening to rehash everything now. About half an hour later I was vaguely awake enough to register the sound of Craig getting out of bed. Figuring it for a bathroom trip, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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