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Nandita Dey was moaning and panting on the low bamboo bed. Her fat thighs were spread wide and her hands placed above her head, grabbing tight hold of her pillow. She looked down between her legs, watching as her completely naked friend Usha Das gently licked her vulva. Curtains on the windows blocked the heat from entering the room. Yet, sufficient light entered to lighten up the bright orange complexion of the two Western Bengali girls, emphasising their heaving hips and bulging breasts. The girls’ light red complexions were prized in Paschim Bangla because it gave the appearance of ripe fruits just waiting to be eaten, and such skin tones were common amongst the Pashim Bengali women. Many rajas would have readily laid down fortunes to be with either of the two exquisite beauties toying with each other.

Usha loved to lick vaginas, an occurrence proven by the intensity and passion with which she was showing on Nandita’s bushy organ. Usha was so absorbed in her pleasuring her friend that she did not even notice Nandita watching her. Nandita usually closed her eyes when she made love with her friend. That was because Nandita was not a real lesbian and had only recently agreed to Usha’s advances. Her agreement came only after Usha promised that she would chod Nandita like a man with a full-sized artificial black phallus. In exchange, Nandita would let Usha lick her vagina as much as she wanted.

Of course both agreed to keep their trysts a secret, above all from their suspicious parents. Yet today, Nandita’s parents were away at a relative’s escort bayan kağıthane house, so she was free to enjoy her pretty friend. Although she hated to admit it, Nandita was now beginning to get aroused when her friend licked her private parts. Because of her initial shame, she usually closed her eyes, but today was different. She openly stared while Usha’s mouth sucked first on her left vaginal lip, and then on her right one. It was a new sensation for Nandita to look at her own vulva while it was being licked. Usha had been with all castes of women before, but preferred kindred Bengali women because her experience revealed that they generally produced more juices than other women.

Nandita was queen of Bengali women in this regard, and Usha had never met another woman who produced so much flow of vaginal excretions. She eagerly drank all the nectar exuding from Nandita’s deep hole. Nandita buckled as Usha’s tongue flicked across her sensitive clitoris. She held her breath as Usha started taking it into her mouth, gently sucking on the strilinga and pulling it till it stretched and swelled. A groan came out of Nandita’s mouth as Usha inserted a long index finger into her gud. Usha continued to suck her clitoris as her finger probed her deep interiors. Nandita could not take it any more. She needed the real thing. “Oh, Usha. Please chood me now,” Nandita moaned. “You dirty Shudra-chood khanki, you just want that big kala dhon, don’t you? You just want that big black dick!” Usha quipped. “If I don’t say escort bayan beyoğlu anything, you will chata me all day. You have had enough of my gud-pani, you filthy maggi. You must chood me now, you dirty lora-aga.” Nandita replied.

It had been an incredibly long time that Usha had been drinking her friend’s nectar. She got up and picked up Nandita’s favourite dildo and returned between her friend’s legs. Made of imported Portuguese rubber, the artificial phallus was black and shaped as an exact replica of the penis of a well-endowed Sudra male. It was twelve angulis (fingerwidths), or nine inches, long with a very big head and a thick shaft criss-crossed with realistic veins. Most men would kill to have a penis like that. Usha rubbed this dildo up and down against the opening of Nandita’s gud. Slowly inserting the head of the dildo, Nandita spread her legs a little wider and lifted her hips as if to say, “Deeper, chood it deeper into me.” Usha realised she wanted all of this lifelike penis inside of her but simply continued to tease Nandita with it. She could see the end glistening with Nandita’s juices. She slowly inserted another part of it. By now Nandita had one-third of the black behemoth inside her. “Stop it, you haramjadi. Chod me with it like a man would, you khanki. Chod me like a Sudra man with his maha kala Shudra-dhon, ha, like a black man with a big black cock,” shouted Nandita.

Usha stopped and got up onto her knees, tying the dildo around her waist. Seating herself between her friend’s legs, she rubbed the black phallus around Nandita’s bushy vulva. “This is what you wanted so bad, you dirty maggi. I am going to chood you with my big Kaloo-dhon, you dirty khanki” Usha hissed. “Yes, please chood me with your big Sudra-linga. Chood me like a cheap khanki,” Nandita begged, holding her legs wide open. Usha slowly inserted the dildo into her friend. She watched as the big black cock disappeared inside of Nandita’s hot red vagina. “Shala! That feels so good!” Nandita cried as she felt the dildo enter her. Usha pumped it in and out while Nandita squealed in delight. “My big kala Sudra-lund choods your juicy gud, you khanki. My big, fat, hard Sudra-dhon is going in – and out – in – and out,” she repeated with each thrust. Each thrust elicited a groan from Nandita, who had moved one hand to her vulva, starting to rub her little clitoris. Usha continued to pump the black behemoth into her friend. Picking up speed, she pumped faster and faster. She knew that Nandita was coming to orgasm.

Finally, she thrust the black dildo as deep as she could. Nandita cried out in passion as the hard wet dildo found the bottom of her vagina. She felt so open, so stretched, something she never felt with other boys. She was grinding her hips against Usha as she felt a hot tingling throughout her entire body before she erupted into orgasm. Usha drove deeper and faster till Nandita screamed in passion. Her orgasm was long and slow, leaving her completely drained of energy. Usha lay on the bed beside Nandita. In a short while, after some rest, Nandita would again let Usha suck her vagina. Then Usha would again chood her with that black phallus. That is how their whole day continued till, by dusk, they were both exhausted and sore. Both naked girls fell asleep on the same bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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