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Author’s Note: In response to my original story of a blended family’s incest (or thereabouts), a few readers asked for more. One reader, Ash, personally wrote to me asking for a continuation but as told from Peter’s point of view. I thought that this suggestion was an interesting one, and so this story was generated.

Oh, as was pointed out by another reader, technically this may not be “incest” since any “step-relationship” (e.g., step-father to step-daughter, step-brother to step-sister) ended with the death of Debby, Jan’s and Eve’s mother. However, in a small town, sex between former step-relatives would be taboo and subject to accusations of incest, whether real or not.

Also, if you’re expecting underage sex between the characters, forget it. Any sexual activity occurs after the two main characters, Peter and Jan, turn eighteen. It goes without saying that if you have not read the original story, you should. However, regardless, I hope you enjoy this telling as told by Peter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi! My name is Peter, and this is the story of my romance with my step-sister (or at least former), Jan. When I was ten my mother unexpectedly died. My Dad, Adam, and I were caught completely off-guard and struggled to deal with our grief, individually and together.

Dad is a great guy, and he tried his best to fill in for Mom, Until today, I still don’t know how he was always there for me while managing our home and his well-established insurance agency. He missed Mom terribly and I tried to be as much as possible not to stress him out. Fortunately, I had friends, school, and sports to occupy my time and life, and Dad took pride in my accomplishments as we grew close to each other. Yet, despite our tight father-son relationship, Dad, unfortunately, had no one ‘special’ for him… someone who could fill the void left by my departed mom.

That is until three years later Debby was hired for a receptionist/accounts-clerk position to help my father with his insurance agency that he had neglected to help me. As a normal thirteen-year-old boy, I immediately noticed that Debby was very busty, attractive, busty, short (a little over five feet tall), busty, caring, busty, charming in a southernly way, and, oh yeah, extremely busty. It went without saying that I instantly popped a boner (thank God my shirt wasn’t tucked in) once I laid eyes on Debby’s pronounced chest. Later that night I beat my meat and fantasized about spewing ropes of sticky jizz in Debby’s pretty face and on her magnificent creamy white big breasts.

Although the insurance business wasn’t my thing, I began stopping by my Dad’s office to be with my “hot older woman.” Debby’s appeal was enhanced when she nonchalantly mentioned that she was a recent divorcee (hmmm, sexually experienced) and mother of two teenage girls who were about my age (but she looked so young,… hmmm). Toss in casual glimpses of her well-defined cleavage, the jiggle and sway of her large boobs, the curve of her sweet ass, and her amply displayed legs, and Debby was a teenage boy’s walking wet-dream. Given how often I jerked off, it’s a wonder that I didn’t reduce my pecker to a stub and permanently shrivel my nuts.

I can still recall that day when I popped into my father’s office and ran smack dab into Debby’s daughters, Jan and Eve. They had stopped by to see their mom and get acquainted with my Dad, and now me.

“Peter, talk about a coincidence,” chirped Debby once I entered the office. “Come here, sweetie. I want you to meet my girls. Jan, here, is the same age as you and I guess when school starts in the Fall, the two of you will be classmates. Eve is one year younger and maybe in some of your classes too. I hope you’ll show them around and introduce them to your friends. I’ll deeply appreciate it if you could watch out for them.”

Both of Debby’s daughters were nice looking but in different ways. Jan was a virtual clone of her mother – nice boobs (for her age), platinum blond, boobs, short, boobs, extroverted, and oh yeah, boobs. She gave me a cursory look-over, smiled brightly, tweeted a cheerful “Hi!” and then promptly forgot that I was standing there. It was quite apparent by the way she looked at Dad that Jan was quite taken with her “older man” as her mother was my “older woman.” I had to stifle my snicker and hoped that I had not been so obvious in my adoration of Debby.

When I averted my eyes, I looked into those of Eve and instantly knew that she had guessed what my thoughts were. She rolled her eyes towards her sister and then up into the air as if to silently say, “Oh, look at her fawning over your dad…she’s so obvious.” We looked at each other and broke into a soft chuckle that no one, especially Jan, noticed.

Even though she was younger, Eve was slightly taller than Jan with a slender body and had wheat-colored hair. While she had the same sparkling blue eyes of her mother and sister, Eve’s were somehow more observant, thoughtful, and strangely cautious. Next to her other family members, she could easily bursa bayan eskort be thought of as introvert and shy, but I somehow knew that this was of Eve’s choosing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, to make a long story short, the school year began. Dad decided that we would pick up Debby and her girls daily, dropping us kids off at our K-12 school, and then he and Debby would head to work. The girls instantly made a hit among my friends and classmates, but each in her own way.

With her southern accent, bubbliness, outgoingness, and boobs (hey, what can I say – I was only thirteen at the time), Jan drew masculine attention like the way a magnet attracts iron. She easily found her way into the “it-girls” group made up of the pretty and extrovert middle school girls who knew that they were hot and desirable. Orbiting this feminine cluster were my friends – the athletes, class leaders, and usually good guys.

“Come, Pete, give. How come you show up at the start of the school years with two out of state chicks…especially that cute short stacked one?” drooled, Eddy, my best friend. “Man, look at the way her tits fill out her blouse…god, those buttons might bust off at any moment given the pressure put on them.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Jimmy, “and she’s pretty too…when I manage to tear my eyes away from her chest and legs. Tell us what’s going on. Have you been holding out on your buddies?”

“Nah, guys. Jan and her younger sister, Eve…yeah, the quiet slender who’s hanging out with the ‘nice but smart girls”…just move into town from out of state. Their mom is working for my Dad, and if you think Jan’s a looker, be waiting at the drop of point tomorrow morning to see their mother. God, she’s got the biggest pair of knockers you could ever imagine…and pretty…and charming…and is how Jan will look like when she grows up.”

“Jeez, Pete, it sounds like you’ve got a hard-on for an older woman,” snickered Sam who had been listening and decided to put in his two-cents. “What’s that? She’s ‘young’ and a divorcee too? Betcha she was fooling around at an early age. Hmmm, I wonder about her daughters?”

“Cut it out, Sam! Jan and Eve are really nice. Don’t be talking trash about them or their mother especially when you don’t even know them!”

“Okay, okay, Pete. Calm down. I was only thinking out loud about possibilities. Sheesh, there’s no need to get bent out of shape. Hey, it’s a horny guy’s right to think and say dirty thoughts, isn’t it? Isn’t it guaranteed somewhere in the fricking Constitution?”

Without hinting to my buddies at how often I had wanked my dick thinking downright lewd and lascivious thoughts about Debby, I chuckled and backed off by saying, “Sam, you’re a prime example that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just when things were falling into place, Dad and Debby sprung one hell of a surprise on us kids. “Kids, we have some good news,” announced my unusually nervous father. “Debby and I have fallen in love and decided to get married. We’re all going to live together as a blended family.” The ensuing silence was deafening.

With her eyes and mouth wide open, Jan had this incredible look of shock and disbelief on her pretty face. She struggled to overcome her paralysis but could only sputter, “But…I thought…oooh!” Then turning around, she childishly pouted with her arms tightly wrapped around herself.

Eve took one look at her older sister’s antics, rolled her eyes in disgust, before focusing on Debby and Dad. “I’m glad,” was her soft acceptance of the situation, “I know we’ll be happy together.” With that, she turned her head to me with her eyes saying, “Your turn, Peter.”

I wasn’t upset since I was beginning to realize that fantasies seldom become reality. Plus, since my mother’s death, Dad had been very lonely. It was only when Debby entered his life that he seemed to regain that certain bounce in his step, and I knew she would make him one hell of a happy man. And speaking of happiness, living with Debby and her two attractive daughters would give me continuous material for fresh masturbation fantasies (better buy another tube of lube…maybe two).

“Well,” I said with my brightest smile, “it’s about time. You know that there are only so many times that “I had to work late” excuse works. It’s a wonder you two didn’t set the office on fire…oh, that’s right, we have fire insurance.” While Jan was still childishly stewed, Eve laughed at my lame joke while nodding in total agreement.

After Eve and I hugged our parents (God, how I loved Debby’s bountiful chest squashing against me), Eve pulled me aside and whispered, “I’ll talk to Jan after Momma sets her straight in one of their patented ‘mother-eldest daughter’ talks. Jan is very much like Momma so Momma knows exactly what her oldest is thinking or feeling. She doesn’t stand a chance with Momma.

“Peter, since we will be living together as step-brother and step-sister, you should know bursa evi olan escort that although she is extroverted, Jan has a fragile pride. She was ‘interested’ your father and was always flirting with him. He, however, never paid her any mind because he was really into Momma. Besides me talking to her, some masculine interest might be needed to soothe her ruffled feathers.

“When Jan gets into one of her snits, would you take her with some of your friends to do something where she can be the center of attention? I’ll stay back with Momma to help her plan the wedding and suggest to Momma that she ask Jan to be her bridesmaid. It’ll make Jan feel extra special and I won’t mind at all.”

The following weeks were hectic. The wedding was two weeks away and was to be a simple backyard one with a few good friends of Dad. But before the nuptials could happen, we needed to move Dad’s den to the corner off the living room, then move me into his former den, and finally, the girls moving into my larger bedroom. However, Jan began having a meltdown with having so little space and this triggered a contingency plan that was agreed upon by Eve and myself.

“Hey, Jan, why don’t we take a break from all this moving and planning stuff? Eddy and the guys just called me to say that we should go swimming at the lake to take advantage of the last warm weather of this year’s Indian Summer. Do you want to come along? If you do, put on your bathing suit and get a beach towel. Jimmy’s old man will swing by with his pickup to give us a lift to the lake, and he’ll pick us up into the late afternoon. So, are you game for hanging with the guys?”

Jan squealed with delight and flung herself at me with joy, pressing her noticeable breasts against my beating chest (God, I loved how the women in this family express themselves). “Ooh, thank you, Pete! I would love to! Eve was saying that I was getting underfoot and Momma was getting a bit testy with me. However, I’m sure that if I ask nicely, Momma will let me go and will even make a light lunch for all of us.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To say that Jan was a hit with the guys would have been an understatement. Once she undid and dropped her short shorts and pulled off her loose t-shirt, all male breathing stopped dead. For a pretty thirteen-year-old girl who was still developing, Jan filled out her skimpy blue bikini mighty fine indeed.

For the first time since Dad hired Debby, all thoughts of my impending stepmother were replaced in my adolescent mind by those of my about-to-be stepsister. It dawned on me that I had been so captivated with Debby that I never took the time to check out her eldest daughter. Now, I took the time to appreciatively gaze at Jan and definitely liked what I saw.

However, I wasn’t the only one as Sam in his usual crude caveman persona blurted out to the utter amazement and the shame of all of us, “Jesus fucking Christ! Look at them titties!” Jan immediately gasped, turned a vivid red, covered herself with her arms, and with tears welling in her eyes, turned away in complete embarrassment.

“Sam, you mother-fucker! Will you shut your fucking mouth? I told you once before not to talk dirty about Jan and her sister! Didn’t I? Now, you may be my friend but if you don’t apologize – and sincerely too – to Jan, I am going to put my fist into your yapping cesspool of a mouth! Apologize, Sam! Do it!”

A cowered Sam held his hands in front of him, and hastily utter, “Okay, man, okay!” Then looking at Jan, he said in a humble apologetic voice, “Hey, Jan, forgive me for being such an a-hole. The guys are always telling me that I have constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth…and I guess they’re right. I’m sorry to have offended you. It’s just that you’re a lot more beautiful up close and personal – and at the risk of Pete punching me out, you are simply breathtaking in a bikini. Can you forgive a loudmouth idiot like me?”

Jan turned and with a step forward, hugged Sam before murmuring, “You’re forgiven, Sam.” With one arm around a blushing Sam’s neck, she opened her other arm to the rest of us guys who eagerly joined in for a group hug (and a few surreptitious rubs and touches of Jan in the process). The guys then turned and made this mad dash to the waiting water to hide their suddenly sprouted boners in their tented shorts.

“Peter,” Jan said as she took hold of my arm to stop me from joining the guys, “Thank you for standing up for me to your friend. I never had a guy do that for me.” With that, she pulled my head down to kiss me lightly on the lips. “Hmmm, that’s something I could get used to. Maybe living with you will be interesting…yes, very interesting.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The years spun by and our blended family settled into a comfortable lifestyle. Dad and Debby were madly in love and we kids left them to their own devices whenever they disappeared. I grew to over six feet in height and put on a solid muscle which helped as I started my senior year as bursa rus escort the school’s starting halfback and basketball forward. While I had my fair share of feminine interests and dates, I somehow never found that right girlfriend.

Jan grew to five-three and her boobs increased to a full 34C cup-size (judging from that little tag on her bra) and seemed to be increasing with every day. It never ceased to amaze me how her tits were firm enough to project from her chest and yet soft enough to jiggle and sway when she was braless (which meant that a lot of sperm would be shot down the drain of many cold showers).

Fortunately, she was well-proportioned and when combined with her beautiful face, peppy and infectious personality, and her need to be the center of attention, it made perfect sense that she became a cheerleader. It was odd, however, that despite her had many male fans and admirers, Jan’s multiple dates never got too hot and heavy, or for that matter, were long-lasting.

“Jan likes to flirt but is constantly warned by Momma to rein in her hormones,” shared Eve in a change of subject after we had discussed my lack of interest in Dad’s insurance business. “I do know, however, that Jan is ‘interested’ in someone and although she won’t admit it, I know who he is.”

“Well, don’t keep me in suspense, who is he, Eve?”

Eve looked at me in her unnervingly calm way as if weighing what to say next. “It’s you, Peter. Jan’s interest in you has grown with each passing year. It doesn’t hurt that the girls on the cheerleading squad think you hot…like a real stud…and envy her for living under the same roof with a hunk who is not even blood-related. When the two of you started your senior year…Jan’s interest in and flirting with you has become something mighty fierce. Haven’t you notice?

“And do you know what, Peter? I think you like Jan in more than just a stepsister kind of way. I’ve been watching since the two of you turned eighteen at the start of the year. You two are rather chummy, and while fooling around may not have crossed your mind, it certainly has been fluttering around in my sister’s horny brain and hormone-flooded body. Lately, Jan thinks that I sound asleep when she frigs herself off in bed at night, but I’m not. I’ve often heard her whimper, ‘Oh, Peter!’ into her pillow when she brings herself off.”

I was stunned speechless at Eve’s disclosure. Yet, upon greater reflection, I could see how clueless I had been to the subtle and the not so subtle hints of Jan’s growing affection and desire for me. There were those longing gazes and casual but all too familiar touches and hugs. Now I realized that those “unintentional” moments when Jan nonchalantly bent over to flash me her braless boobs, her tempting butt cheeks, or her lace-covered crotch were done on purpose.

I knew that my cheeks were burning as I groped for something to say. Finally, in a desperate attempt to shift the conversation away from me, I blurted, “And what about you, Eve? You’re slender but definitely attractive. How come I never see you with a guy? I know my buddies would love to take you out but they say that you gently but firmly decline them with the dreaded ‘Let’s be friends.'”

Once again, Eve paused to consider her response and then in a serious tone said, “Let me just say that I have my eye on someone. But unlike my sister, I am patient and willing to bide my time for the right moment. When it arrives, I will make my move. Oh, oh, here come Jan. I’ll leave the two of you alone…tell her I went to a business club meeting.”

“Hey, there stepbro! What were you and Eve talking about?”

“Oh, she was asking me why I didn’t want to take over my father’s insurance business when he retires years from now…and then dashed away for some meeting.”

“Must be the business club…boring…but that’s my younger sister…always planning and paying attention to details even if it may be years off. So, unlike your truly who lives for the moment and as Momma tells me all the time, rather impetuous to boot. With that said, what are we going to do this coming weekend?”

“Aah, Dad gave me the car for Saturday night, and I was thinking that we might catch a movie in the city if you’re open to the idea? Eve has already begged off saying something about helping Dad with some insurance special that he’s running.”

“Why, Peter, just the two of us alone? Are you asking me out on a date?” cooed Jan as she slipped her arm around my waist and pressed those damn boobs of hers into me.

“I’m not sure the two of us dating would be a good idea. It would be border-line incest or at least taboo since we’re stepsister and stepbrother and this is a small town.”

“Peter, the way I look at it, we’re not blood-related and if there is any kind of relationship, it’s only through marriage. Hey, we’re eighteen and considered adults who are capable of making their own decisions. Besides, you’ve got to keep in mind that in the city, no one knows that we’re stepsiblings…and what they don’t know, can’t hurt us.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The movie that Saturday night was a lousy horror film judging from the few people in the entire theater. It didn’t matter, however, because Jan and I… or more so Jan was intent on taking our relationship to the next level in the darkest section of the very last row.

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