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Noah Prince was aware that he looked quite dashing, as befit the first day of the new semester, and of course his students did not fail to notice either.

Pleased, he tuned into their eager minds as he greeted and welcomed them to the program for the first time, marveling as he often did at the subtle differences in their perceptions. Most everybody agreed on the obvious basics about him: His approximate age, his sex, his hair and skin tone, the extravagance of his youthful clothes. But that was about where the similarities ended.

Most people, Noah knew, never got to look outside of their own picture. It was no wonder, really, that almost all of them fell prey to the illusion that reality was truly as they perceived it. They might stir once or twice in their lives, try to wrap their little minds around the idea that their husband, or their four-year-old, or that stranger on the street might see the world very differently than they did. But in the end, the concept eluded them. Only one such as Noah could truly appreciate the diversity of human realities.

And as far as he was aware, there were no others like him.

Thirty faces were turned towards him now, crowded together in the cool entrance hall of the university’s own geo-sciences museum. None of them had been there before – most had only moved to the city recently to take up their master’s studies here – and they were giving off waves of curiosity.

Overall, Noah was pleased with the first impressions he was making today. First impressions were one of his favorite things, each one a different challenge, and he could tell that he was having quite some success with this group.

Naturally, some students barely took note of him at all. Many years of experience had taught Noah that those were typically the distracted ones in a class, busy checking their phones or going over who said what last night in their mind, but of course there were also the nerds who wouldn’t know it if it were Bigfoot standing there talking to them. Their eyes were only for the exhibits, and all they wanted him for was explanations.

For all their academic value, the nerds tended to bore Noah even more than the dreamers, who could at least be amusing at times.

But fortunately, those were not the only students. There were always some who would actually look at him, not just as a professor, but as a man – and often, they would like what they saw. Especially the girls (not too many gay boys in the geo-sciences, sadly) tended to appreciate Noah’s relative youth, his shoulder-length rockstar hair, his rugged handsomeness, and his immaculate taste in leather jackets. They would go home later and tell their friends about their “hot” new professor, and at least once a semester he would turn a blind eye when one of them took a picture of him in class to show around.

Those were the students Noah went to class for.

There were several of that kind in the crowd now, and many others who simply found him intriguing. Their eyes were on him, painting his image in a dozen favorable variations inside their eager minds, ready for him to feed their admiration. Noah reveled in their collective attention as he started giving them the tour.

Even without checking, he could tell that he was in top form, all charm and flourish, practically bouncing on his feet: Noah was excited. The museum was his baby, his personal project, and he loved showing it off; but even more, he loved the luxury of those eyes on him, those ears tuned into every word he said.

He had missed this – craved it – over the summer, and being here again felt like finally stretching a muscle that hadn’t been put to work in too long a time. Of course, there had been other events to occupy him – research, colloquiums, the odd affair … but even so, the holidays were always the loneliest time of the year and he was more than happy to return to teaching.

The first exhibit was right behind him in the small lobby, hung on the wall opposite the heavy entrance doors: The very impressive cross section of an enormous sequoia tree. Along a silver timeline across the polished wood, significant events of human history had been matched to the tree’s respective rings: The birth of Jesus, the discovery of America, the World Wars …

It was one of Noah’s personal favorites. He had secured it for the university himself, and he delighted in the awed responses of the students. They were clearly getting it: The fascination of embodied history that had drawn him to paleontology all those years ago. And he hadn’t even gotten to the really old stuff yet.

Just as the real tour was about to start, however – he had led the group inside the main part of the building and everyone was gathered around the baby mammoth reconstruction – Noah was startled by a quiet voice.

“Oh, fuck me,” the voice said.

Noah was so surprised that he stopped speaking mid-sentence, looking around for the person who had spoken, but nobody Alanya Fetiş Escort else seemed at all startled. Clearly, the voice had been only in his mind.

Now, this was not, per se, a novelty to Noah. He had been reading minds for as long as he could remember. Neither did the vulgarity of this particular snippet surprise him – one of his favorite pastimes involved listening in on people’s sexual fantasies (particularly in boring meetings). He was quite an expert on the subject, and at this point in his life, no amount of vulgarity could make him so much as bat an eyelash.

What made this incident notable, however, was the exceptional clarity of the thought-voice. It really did sound almost like a real voice.

Most people’s minds were cloudy things; reading them required practice and concentration, both of which Noah had in ample stores. Still, incidents when another’s thoughts would intrude on him unprovoked were rare enough – and even among those, muffled, distant mumbling was the norm. A voice as loud and distinct as this was one in perhaps a million.

Intrigued, Noah kept his alertness up as he returned to his mammoth-related monologue. Having done this many times before, and knowing each exhibit better than most people knew their family, it didn’t take up much of his attention. So, he went through the motions, saying more or less what he always said, cracking more or less the same jokes while he was really trying to find that voice again. He could be more amusing than this, but these kids didn’t know that yet, and they wouldn’t know the difference.

Still, when the first image hit him, he forgot what he’d been saying.

He instantly knew that it was the same person again because this mental image, too, possessed a vividness that sought its rival. It was not uncommon for people’s non-verbal associations to be more distinctive than their verbal thoughts, but the detail and intensity in this one’s imagination was exceptional. Hell, there was even a sense of smell to the fantasy – a deep, manly scent that was not his deodorant but might as well be.

Noah did his best to cover up his slip-up, beginning his sentence again even though he would much rather concentrate on the unexpected, thrilling sensation of kissing himself, hands wound into his long brown hair and pulling him down by it. He could feel the coolness of his hair between his fingers, as well as the warmth of his mouth, and when the image faded, it left behind a lingering yearning for more, heavy in his stomach.

Noah felt the back of his neck beginning to prickle as the hairs there rose. He glanced at the students gathered around him with his heart suddenly pounding in his chest.

One of these kids wanted him. And whoever it was, they might be able to give Noah his favorite kind of treat.

Excitement surged through him. He had not expected this here or today, although in a way, it was what he ultimately strived for every time he dressed to impress in the morning. But it was too rare to expect on any given day – a special gift every time it happened. And coming from this remarkable mind, this gift would be even better than most.

Despite the giddiness that now filled his head, Noah managed to answer a handful of questions about the mammoth and steer the group towards the next star exhibit: A large piece of pale rock that bore the imprint of an enormous ammonite, as well as several interesting plant structures. The whole thing was easily as wide as he was tall, and rested on the ground, surrounded by barrier tape.

Noah was well into the anecdote of how he had gotten his hands on this darling when his sharpened telepathic sense picked up the fantasy image of his own naked body splayed backwards over the fossil.

She – from the quality of the arousal that accompanied her thoughts, much like the undertone to a melody, Noah guessed that she was a woman – had gotten several things wrong this time: Of course, she couldn’t know about the scars on his right thigh from his fall in Austria, and the tan skin tone she imagined under his clothes was flattering but incorrect. But he was still clearly himself, more handsome if anything, and he looked delightfully fuckable with his legs slightly spread like that.

Heat was gathering between real Noah’s legs, mingling with the shadow of the woman’s foreign, female desire to form a heady mixture of lust. And while his body reacted to the image that she had planted in his mind, Noah also felt that familiar, intoxicating cocktail of mischievousness, guilt, shame, and narcissistic pride rising in his chest, going straight to his head.

As much as he generally enjoyed other people’s erotic imaginations, this shit was by far his favorite: He loved it when they fantasized about him. Sharing those fantasies, seeing himself through their eyes, took Noah to a state of mind not otherwise attainable – and perhaps never attainable to anyone else in the world. A dark Alanya Gecelik Escort place of sin and total corruption, sweeter than anything else that he had ever known.

It was better than sex in that it was the best part of sex; whenever Noah banged anyone, he would spend as much time as he could hooked up to their side of the encounter, experiencing it through their body rather than his own. But during actual sex, his grasp on his telepathic powers would often slip, and he would be overwhelmed instead by his own sensations, losing out on the part that his twisted soul craved the most.

Noah was well aware of how depraved this was. How wrong on just about every level, even for one who invaded other people’s minds. And it wasn’t as if he didn’t care – he cared too much, if anything: It was that taboo, that wrongness, that sent sweet shivers down his spine any time he thought about himself that way. Thought about fucking himself. Even the bitterness – the loneliness and vanity inherent in the constellation – only made his head spin all the more, as though his incestuous fantasies were some sort of highly potent drug and he was well and truly hooked.

Noah found it difficult to concentrate on the story he was telling; his attention was all over the place, looking for more filth to dig up, anxious about missing out on anything she was thinking. Yet somehow he pushed on, leaving the fossil behind and moving his students along the tour.

He thought he was doing well enough, until she threw the next image at him and it washed over him like a vision.

He found himself in her position, looking up at a half-filled lecture hall over the shoulder of a naked, shaking Noah, who was also facing the crowd. Fantasy Noah’s hands were tied above his head to a chain that hung down from the lecture hall ceiling, and his heated skin pressed back against her … their … face and chest. They reached around his body and ran their hands over his stomach and thighs, with the class looking on. When they finally wrapped their hand around fantasy Noah’s hard and weeping cock – Noah could feel the smooth, hot shaft in his hand, perfect down to the wetness at the tip -, his head fell back onto their shoulder and he moaned loudly and desperately, baring his throat to the class.

‘Oh my god,’ Noah thought. He was as hard now as the woman was fantasizing him to be. For all he knew, it might even be showing through his dark green jeans.

Who was this woman? What a beautiful mind she had. Dark, twisted, dominant … and so powerful. He absolutely needed to meet her.

Not for the first time, Noah studied all the women in the crowd, trying to pick out the culprit, but she was hiding her desire with admirable skill. Two girls seemed bored and the rest adequately interested; none looked in the least as though she were entertaining vivid fantasies of publicly dominating her professor. And yet, Noah could feel her even now, emitting distinct waves of arousal clearly separate from his own …


Again, the vehemence of her thought made him jump. As if she were talking to him rather than herself, he too attempted to collect his thoughts and give some well-founded answers to student questions.

But – unfortunately, wonderfully – she wasn’t letting him escape. While she stood there, pretending to listen to his explanations on long-gone gingko families with the rest of them, she was really just staring hungrily at his body. Pride swelled in him as he whole-heartedly shared her admiration of his wavy hair, his lean, tall frame, his stubble-framed jaw, his flat stomach and his almost feminine, full lips. With a delicious, shameful pang in his loins, he noticed her staring at his crotch, wondering what all that fabric was hiding … She imagined covertly rubbing her hand over it as she walked next to him, asking questions … How he might look walking around the museum like that, with a certain stiffness to his gait and a flush to his cheeks …

‘Fucking shit, if you only knew’, Noah thought, a little worried about how to keep exactly those signs from showing … though not as much as he worried about how to identify her. How could she still look so innocent? If her fantasies were reducing him to a hot mess, they couldn’t possibly be leaving her cold.

Her next image showed him masturbating where he stood, right there in the middle of his arrangement of different volcanic rock types, and by God, Noah could have sworn that he felt his own hand twitch in response … but he cared more about the angle of the image. If he assumed correctly that she was building her fantasies on what she was really seeing, then that angle hinted that she must be standing somewhere to his right.

Some dude in the second row raised his hand and asked a question. He turned out to be a talker, one of those students who only pretended to ask something when really, they just wanted a chance to show how much Alanya Genç Escort they knew. Normally, that would annoy the hell out of Noah, but just now, he was happy to let the guy chatter on while he closely examined the four women to his right. One of them looked so thoroughly bored that she couldn’t possibly be the fantasizer; but of the other three, he had absolutely no idea which one might be her.

The question slash monologue ended; as gracefully as he could, Noah praised the student for his sound argumentation and agreed with everything he had said. The boy’s chest swelled visibly at that, but Noah was only focused on the plan that had just formed in his mind.

He deliberately changed up the tour to walk to an item at the far end of the museum; during the walk, he kept an eye on all three of the candidates. Two of them were chatting animatedly to each other while the third walked alone. She was small and brunette, on the curvy side, and she walked with confidence. Could she be the one?

With his heartbeat hammering in his ears, Noah sped up and passed her as closely as he could justify. For a moment, she was right next to him, easily within the reach of his arm …

… and his yearning to reach out was echoed, clearly and intensely, in her thoughts; reach out and grab him; reach out and kiss him; reach out and grab his crotch … and kneel … and pull down his pants …

Noah went into a fake coughing fit; he turned away and pretended to cough into a napkin, allowing several other students to move between him and her. Bloody shit. For a moment, he hadn’t been sure if he wouldn’t just do it. The urge to give in to her desire had been overwhelming.

But of course, he couldn’t. Not here or now, anyway. But maybe he could stage some other sort of encounter … invite her to his office … or follow her outside the museum, pretend to walk into her by chance and remember her … they did tend to be so flattered when he remembered them …

Every other student had become a mere distraction now, an obstacle between him and this delightfully dark-minded woman; he would love to swat them all away like flies to get to her. Why stand here and talk to them, pretend to listen to their stupid questions, when all he wanted to do was get this girl alone … to seduce her and pleasure her and pluck fantasy by wanton fantasy from her mind?

He only noticed that he had licked his lips when he saw the gesture mirrored in her mind; his professionality was clearly suffering, and if she was noticing his state of mind, then surely others must be seeing it too. But Noah couldn’t bring himself to care. Instead, he licked them again, treasuring the allure of the gesture as he watched it through the brunette woman’s eyes, and yearning to push his cock into that gorgeous mouth.

He met her gaze. For a brief moment, the connection between them flared with intensity before she looked hastily away and Noah remembered that she didn’t even know he was listening. She thought she was only imagining the desire in his eyes, but it affected her all the same.

“Fuck me,” he heard again, but this time it was his own voice, begging her, and then she made him talk some more. It was so hard to keep talking about age determination techniques, the risk too great that he would accidentally speak one of the words that she was making him say in her mind … Taking a deep breath, Noah ended his monologue early and ushered the group towards the end of the tour without taking any further questions.

There he was, tied, again, with his wrists over his head, but this time to a bedpost. His fantasy self was leaning back on a bed and a pile of pillows, his hips on the edge of the mattress, while they were standing naked in front of him, sliding their dripping sex slowly along his deliciously stiff penis while he whimpered and begged for them to take him …

Noah almost groaned out loud. He could feel it all, a ridiculously potent mixture: He could feel her wanting him, he could even feel his fantasy self’s need for her, and above all loomed his own narcissistic desire for himself. Impossibly, he was both man and woman at once, both hetero- and homosexual – and fully consumed by it all. Or, rather: Ready to be consumed by it, if he weren’t standing here trying to give a goddamn tour.

He knew that he was a mess, he must be; it was a miracle that he was still standing straight and words were still coming out of his mouth – which words, he dared not question. In a strike of clarity, Noah realized that even if he somehow hadn’t done any damage to his reputation yet, there was no way that he could finish this tour the way he had planned. Not when he didn’t have even a fraction of his attention left to apply to what he was saying.

So, he pulled the cheapest trick that he had probably ever pulled, and pretended to receive a “very important” text message on his phone that supposedly required his immediate presence in a colleague’s office. With all the charm he could still muster, he apologized to his students for cutting the tour short and promised to finish it some other time. Words, words, still more words; it took much too long to explain, but finally they all trickled out of the lobby and onto the yard to go their separate ways.

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