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Ava Addams

These are true stories and the names have not been changed to protect the not so innocent. If you have read my first story you know that this involves my wife’s sisters and their husbands. Something I forgot to mention is that Patty and I were in our mid thirties and Julie and Pat were just four or five years younger. The first story involves her next youngest sister Julie and her husband Pat. We had participated in a “soft swing” with them and had made a date to see if a full swing might be something we, my wife Patty and I would like to do. It seems that Julie and Pat had been swinging for about a year before all of this happened. Patty and Julie had been in contact during the two weeks since we had first played with them and decided that the women would dress up to make it a more exciting evening.

We were to meet at Julie and Pat’s house and have dinner there and see where that might lead. As we pulled up in font of their house we saw Patty’s youngest sisters and brother-in-laws car parked in the driveway. Our first reaction was that there was to be no extra curricular activities tonight. This was a disappointment in some ways but also a relief in other ways.

We entered the house and said our “Hello’s” and set down to have a few drinks before dinner. There were some questioning looks from Patty and I that seemed to go unnoticed. As the alcohol flowed and the dinner was served it became more confusing as Patty’s youngest sister, Laura her husband Kenny, seemed to be very comfortable with the sexual innuendos that were being tossed around. After the sisters had served dinner and had cleaned up afterward the alcohol again began to flow. Everyone began to get buzzed. At this point Patty said she was kind of sorry that the original plans had been scrapped. Laura, at this point indicated that she knew what the rest of us were there for. Patty and I were shocked as we thought Julie and Pat had told them about us, which they had but what we didn’t know was that the four of them had been swinging for a long time. Laura and Kenny indicated they wanted to be part of our breaking in. Again, Patty and I were shocked and after looking at each other inquisitively I could tell that Patty was up for it and I knew I was because Laura was very easy on the eye and I had wanted to fuck her for some time. With this Pat suggested that we put some music on and dance.

We danced not only with our spouses but all of the other sisters. Each time we switched partners there was a lot of touching, rubbing and kissing. Pat said he had an idea on how to get things rolling. He said we should make sure we all had on the same number of pieces of clothing and that we would start out dancing with out spouses and at the end of each song our partners would remove a piece of cloths. The women all wanted to keep on their shoes and stockings leaving each of the four articles of clothing. Including their shoes and socks as one piece of clothing all of the guys also had four pieces of clothing.

“As I danced with Patty, I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go ahead with this and she answered by telling me that she was so wet just by the thought of what was going to happen, she didn’t think she could stand not to do it. Patty did indicate that she would like her first full swing to be with Pat and I quickly figured out that I would like to get into Laura’s pants. My next partner would be Laura and Patty’s would be Pat.

At this point the music ended and I grabbed Laura and Patty grabbed Pat, leaving Julie to dance with Kenny. I had removed Patty’s blouse leaving her in a new black pushup bra. It wasn’t very exciting for the women as they all took off their partner’s shoes and socks. The other guys had also taken off their wives blouses.

Laura was the youngest of the five sisters and had not had any kids so her belly was flatter and her breasts didn’t have as much sag as the other two women. yalova escort As I took her into may arms I held her away from my body so that I could look at her 34 D breasts and the rest of her curvaceous body. She too had on a pushup bra and I was definitely looking forward to seeing a lot more of her. As I pulled her to me she said she could tell I was glad to see her. I pulled my left hand and her right between us at chest level and I began to stoke the nipple of her right breast with my fingers Julie and Kenny were rubbing bodies and feeling and stroking each other and it was easy to tell that they had done this before. Pat and Patty were cuddling close and their bodies were molded together. I could tell that Patty was doing a good job of making Pat good and hard.

As the music ended the other guys took Pats and Julies skirts off leaving them in their thigh high stocking and panties and bras. I decided to be different. I went to my knees and raised Laura’s skirt and drew her panties down over her firm ass. I had raised the skirt high enough so that her pussy was even with my mouth. I could see that she had also been shaven and that her clit was standing out from between her lovely folds. I leaned in and ran my tongue the length of her slit and felt her knees buckle as I did. She tried to pull my head in farther but the others reminded that was not allowed.

Next in my arms was Julie. As I have said before she is Rubinesque. She is slightly heavier then Laura but just as seductive. We began to kiss with our tongues intertwined and I could feel my cock beginning to be even harder as Julie began to stroke it thru my pants. I could feel a wet spot developing at the end of my hard member. Julie had been reduced to wearing only her panties and bra and I could see a wet spot growing at the juncture of he thighs and I moved my hand down to see if I couldn’t make it grow even more.

Patty was dancing with Kenny and he was nuzzling her neck and she was also down to her bra and panties. He had a hand full of each of her ass cheeks and was pulling her against the growing bulge in the front of his slacks. Their crotches were grinding together with so much force that I thought that they were going to start a fire with all of the friction. Of course they were starting a fire but the flames were not as noticeable. . Patty was so hot her hips were making a fucking motion against he rock hard instrument of lust. The moisture from her cunt was making a sticky wet spot on the front of his pants.

Laura and Pat were going at it full force. His hands were up under her skirt and I could hear the sound of juices being stirred with eager fingers and she was breathing heavily and moaning so loudly you could tell that she was almost on the verge of coming. She had loosened his belt and stuck her hand down the front and had the head of his cock sticking over the waistband of his slacks. Her hand was wet and slippery with his pre come as she slid it up and down the shaft, stopping from time to time to rub her thumb over the slit to gather more of his moisture.

The music stopped again and Patty and Julie were left in their panties, Laura in her short skirt and each of us guys in our shorts. Kenny and Pat had on “tighty whities” and I had on my colored tented boxers. Laura, having had her juices well stirred had some of it running down the inside of her thigh and she tried to keep in from running any more by rubbing her thighs together and only achieved smearing all over both of the legs. We each went back to our spouses before we were all naked and starting to do what comes naturally.

Patty and I danced close with her hand in the fly of my boxers and me with my hand at her crotch pulling aside the gusset of her panties getting a handful of her overflowing juices. I asked her if she was ready for this and she ask if I couldn’t tell by the feel of her pussy. We again told zonguldak escort each other how much we loved each other just before the music stopped and slowly removed her soaking wet panties and put them to my nose to smell the beautiful scent of her cunt and she in returned removed my boxers and licked the sticky solution from the head of my cock.

Everyone was now naked. Julie went to Kenny; Patty to Pat and Laura came into to my arms. Part of the rules was that we had to dance one song with our naked partners before we were allowed to really get down to the real sucking and fucking. All of the women moved into their brother-in-laws arms and pushed the appendages up between their bellies. There was a lot of grinding of bellies, touching and sucking of breasts, touching of asses and fingering of cunts and deep soul kissing for the next three to four minutes as the music finished. The sisters all looked fantastic in their thigh high stockings and high-heeled shoes.

Laura and I took the couch, Patty and Pat the loveseat directly across from us and Julie and Kenny were already on the floor doing their 69 dance with her on top taking him into the back of her throat. He was pulling down on her hips running his tongue all the way from her clit across her labia and swampy love tunnel to her puckered anus where he stopped to push his pointed tongue into her smoky depths.

Patty had straddled Pat’s lap and was moving up and down with his oozing rod with her labia spread on each side of it. Pat knew that I wanted to see the first time Patty was stuffed full of another man’s cock and call to me as he notched his large hardness at the opening of her cunt. I watched as she lowered herself on to it, emitting a low moan as she slid down. She stopped with it about half way in and pulled back until just the head was inside her. Her juices were very evident because of the shininess of his cock. She again lowered herself and this time went all the way until he was buried balls deep in her. All Patty could do was to repeat Oh fuck, Oh fuck over and over again as Pat lay back and moaned, occasionally sucking and biting her nipples, which only seemed to increase her passion.

Laura had slid from the couch and had taken my cock into her mouth and was slowly moving her face up and down, giving me a chance to watch as my wife was fucked by another man for the first time since we had been married ten years ago. Watching Patty was almost as exciting as the exquisite blowjob I was receiving. You notice I said “almost”. Laura was sucking on the head of my dick and occasionally taking all of it into her mouth and tickling my balls with the tip of her tongue. I have never understood why they call it a blowjob when there is so much sucking going on. I told her to get up on the couch with her head in my lap and I reached down and started fingering her wet slit. My favorite thing to do with a soaking wet pussy is to slid my two middle fingers in and then withdraw them with a finger on each side of her pleasure button. This seems to cause double the stimulation. After several strokes like that Laura was moaning and humming around my cock. Man, if you have never had a woman with her mouth wrapped tightly around your cock and humming you haven’t ever lived.

Kenny had moved Julie around so that she was on her hands and knees watching the other four of us as he hammered into her doggie style. Each time he pounded into her it would cause her excess weight to giggle and her big tits to sway. This was a sight to behold. Kenny’s dick is a little longer then most and fairly slender. It is just made for ass fucking. Both of them were breathing heavily and Julie had started talking dirty telling Kenny to “fuck her harder and to rub her cervix with the head of his cock”. Kenny shoved his cock in as far as he could get it and held on to her hips as he emptied his ball deep inside of her. zonguldak escort When she felt the heat of his cum hit the opening of her womb this set her off. With a howl she jackhammered back against his loins and impaled herself even farther. As their climaxes subsided, they fell forward and rolled to their sides, still connected. They lay there together as he spooned her and they seemed to fall into a slumber.

Laura asked if I would like to watch Pat and Patty closer up and I said sure. Patty was still sliding up and down Pats cock but had turned to face away from him so she could take in what the rest of us had been doing. Laura crawled over to them with her ass waving in the air. She was leaning on the loveseat between Pat’s thighs watching as his dick was repeatedly buried balls deep in my wife’s pussy. Patty was so worked up that the juices were flowing out of her cunt and down over Pat’s balls. I decided I was going to fuck Laura from the rear and launched an attack on her love tunnel about the same time as she was getting close to watch my wife’s cunt engulfing Pat’s cock. With my forward motion it shoved her face into the juncture of Pat and Patty’s bodies. She inadvertently (?) licked her lips and seemed to decide that it tasted pretty good and she began to lick Patty’s juices from Pat’s balls. As I began to become more active in my fucking, it seemed to shove Laura’s mouth higher in the juncture and she was soon licking Patty’s clit. I saw Patty’s eyes get big as she realized Laura was stimulating her clit by licking it but soon her hand dropped from her breast to the back of Laura’s head to hold her in place.

As Laura licked and sucked on Patty’s clit I began to pound harder into Laura’s slit. With the extra stimulation, Patty was reaching a point or no return and she shoved Pat’s pleasure stick as far into her as possible as she came. The spasming of her cunt muscles around him set Pat off like a sky- rocket. His sperm flowed up his cock and into Patty’s pussy and leaked down and into Laura’s mouth. She greedily lapped their combined juices up and this seemed to set her off and then my balls exploded into the soft wetness of her love tunnel.

We all set back and talked about what had happened. Even though this had all been planned there were certain things that had happened that were not anticipated by us. We all agreed that this was a tremendous experience for us and that we had very much enjoyed it all. Patty voiced the opinion that she was very surprised by Laura not only licking Pats balls while they were fucking but also Laura having licked and sucked her. Patty indicated that she had very much enjoyed it but was not sure she would be willing to reciprocate. She was told that was ok and that perhaps at some point she would. The guys all indicated that they were not interested in guy, guy stuff but that from time to time they each had grabbed a cock to put it in somebody’s pussy or wife’s mouth etc. Julie asked if we had ever participated in any anal sex because she had found it to be uncomfortable and just plain painful. Patty and I had had anal intercourse many times and Patty was able to have orgasms almost every time we did it that way. Laura indicated that she and Kenny had done it that way once or twice but it wasn’t her favorite way. I mentioned that if Pat was the only one Julie had ever tried anal sex with she might want to find someone who had smaller equipment to try it with. I said that Kenny might be a good person to try it with, as he was long but not as big around as Pat. Patty agreed and added that there were some tricks like learning how to relax the muscles in the anus, using lots of lubricant and learning to focus on the pleasure and not the pain. She also indicated that it is a good idea to try to stretch the opening with the help of fingers and even plugs. Patty indicated that she would be willing to try to let Pat fuck ass just to see for she could. Laura indicated that she would like to try to learn to be more at ease and concentrate on the pleasure. Julie indicated that maybe a different dick might be the answer for her. It as all decided that our next party was going to be an ass fucking party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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