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Big Tits

“Damn tire…” Kathy cursed at no one in particular cause no one was around. She walked back over the dirt covered “parking lot ” of the company where she worked to try to find help changing the flat. Why she wore High heeled opened toed sandals on a Friday was beyond her. But she thought she was going to happy hour at the bar after work. Since it was Friday after all.

All the doors of the building were locked. Everyone had gone home early. There was only one other vehicle on the lot and that belonged to Chris, the gorgeous guy who worked in receiving. She wondered where he was and walked all away around the building, her feet killing her and getting covered with dust from the unpaved ground.

She found him coming out of the back door in the rear of the building. He was carrying a jacket in one hand and a toolbox in the other . ” Just what I needed ” she cried. Chris could not help but notice her dust covered feet. “What’s wrong Kat? Why are you still out here all alone?” She explained her dilemma and although she didn’t know Chris very well she begged for his help. “No problem, take me to my victim” he laughed.

Barely 20 minutes later and the tire was changed. Kathy just sat in Chris’ truck while he did all the work. He had stripped down to just his t shirt and she could not help but notice his great build and tight firm ass. “wouldn’t I love to use my toy on that piece of work ” she pondered. But then she put the thought out of her mind, she was a fat chick. She didn’t even know where she got the nerve to dress like she did, short skirt, 4 buttons open on her blouse, high heeled shoes with thigh highs and garter. Someone as hot as Chris would never even look at her let alone let her do what she loved most 🙂

“How can I repay you ” she asked .”No payment needed” he said “just buy me a beer someday .” She explained she was on her way to a bar anyway why didn’t he come too? He took her offer. They agreed he would follow her to her complex so she could get her car home safe then go on to the bar in his truck.

The bar was pretty empty for a Friday. The weather was great out and lots of regulars had headed for the shore. Kathy introduced Chris to the people she knew and got some eye raises from her friends. She knew what they were thinking …..HOTTIE. They grabbed some drinks and headed for a corner table.

As they shared a basket of buffalo wings they laughed and talked and got to know each other better. It was Dollar Margarita night too so Kathy quickly became less inhibited. As they played pool Chris leaned over her to help with a shot and as he pressed up against her ass Kat had one thought “Oh My God I want him”. When they sat back down she put her feet on the chair next to her. Suddenly she was embarrassed by their dirty appearance. “OOps ” she said “guess I should have changed shoes when I dropped the car off.” “No, its fine really” he gasped and moved in his chair” I actually kind of like feet … like a lot really.” Now the conversation turned to sex and boy did it take off. Chris confessed his foot fetish. And feeling really brave Kat decided to reveal her downfall. “I like to strap on and fuck men. Show them what really getting fucked is like. I tell you Chris threes nothing like it in this world. No man I ever did was unhappy when it happened.”

“Oh I believe you ‘Chris replied “It has always been a fantasy of mine. Just never found a woman who was into it. Not one as beautiful as you at least.” She blushed when he said that. He reached over and pushed her hair out of her face. “But I am fat “she whispered “You are crazy “he replied “you are gorgeous. The way you carry yourself is SUCH a turn on. The way you dress makes me crazy sometimes. And your shoes are to die for. When I saw you outside today I didn’t know what to say. I was tongue tied. I have been watching you as long as we worked together “. She was spellbound and didn’t know what to say.

The jukebox was playing a slow song so she stood up and put her hand out to him. Eryaman Escort He followed her to the middle of the people that were already dancing. She melted into his arms and sighed. He wrapped his arms around her and let his hands fall to her round ass and pulled her closer. She put her arms around his neck and gently kissed his neck. As the song went on they grinded closer, Kat feeling his wonderful cock pressed against her, just the thought of what was going to happen started to make her wet. Chris reached up so no one could see and stroked Kats huge breasts, finding the nipple and rubbing thru her blouse. She gasped softly in his ear “Oh yeah ” he said “this is gonna be good.”

When the song ended they quickly grabbed their belongings and with hurried good-byes they were out the door. In the parking lot they quickly kissed and pushed up against the truck. Soon they were frantically sucking each others tongues and dry humping almost to the point of explosion.

They climbed into the truck and as Chris tried to drive back to her place Kat whispered hotly in his ear and stroked his bulging cock thru his pants “First I am gonna get me some of this fine bulge then I am gonna fuck that tight ass of yours.”

They pulled into Kats complex and quickly went to her townhouse. They ran up the stairs, Chris following her to the bedroom. He unbuttoned her blouse and started sucking all over her neck and chest. She pushed him back deftly and tore off his shirt, unbuttoned his jeans as he kicked off his boots and socks. Kat knelt down to pull his boxers off and let out a gasp as his cock was freed . It was gorgeous..perfect length for sucking and perfect width for fucking. She removed her blouse and dropped her skirt on the floor. She left on her bra, thong, garter, stockings and shoes feeling especially kinky. She got back on her knees and motioned for Chris to sit on the bed.

They kissed almost sucking the air out of each other. He cupped both her breasts at once as she stroked his throbbing shaft to bring the first drops of precum to the tip. She bent over to lick them off. Chris lay back and moaned softly as she licked him from the tip to the top of his balls. Her mouth got wetter and hotter as she slowly sucked it into her mouth and felt it thru her cheeks from the outside. She pulled off for a minute to lick and suck at his balls and his puckering anus, stroking as she did. “Oh baby that feels good” Chris let out “suck my cock some more.” She went back to his gorgeous organ but this time with more fever. Her tongue and throat worked together in unison as her head bobbed up and down.

Chris reached down and pinched her nipples encouraging her to go on at that pace. “Oh baby I wanna shoot in your throat” Kat looked up lustfully as if to say “you better!!!!” In short time Chris was thrusting his hips into Kats wet hot mouth. He was gasping and moaning. Knowing he was about to shoot his load Kat swiftly shot her finger up his ass and as she did Chris rewarded her with a load of sweet delicious candy cum. She swallowed almost all of it not spilling any but saving some on her tongue.

She quickly went up and Kissed Chris full on his mouth..mmmmmm ….”you taste so good baby” ” I bet you taste better … and now I am gonna find out .” He quickly flipped her on her back and was over her in a flash. He reached down and opened her bra clasp (easy cause it was in the front) and let her ample bosom free. Then he went down and unsnapped her thong at her hips and she lifted her ass so he could remove it. Her pussy was as bald as an egg and as soft as a baby’s behind 🙂 The garter and stocking and shoes still remained. Chris leaned over and starting kissing Kats neck .

His attention quickly turned to her DDs and he soon had her nipples in his mouth one then the other. She was moaning and gasping the whole time and now her hips were writhing. Chris reached down and fingered her clit, she was soaked just dripping Sincan Escort with juice. She was almost to the point of ecstasy when he stopped and quickly put his mouth where his hand had been. In seconds Kat was screaming “Oh god…don’t stop …I am cumming .. OHh yeah yeah ooooh”.

After a thorough lapping Chris continued down her legs to her thighs and finally to her dust covered feet and shoes, Kat watched in awe as he licked and sucked around her sandals. Normally she was horribly ticklish but now she was too aroused. Chris removed her sandals finally so he could get to her feet better and as he did his erection grew to incredible lengths. Kat positioned herself so that her ankles were on Chris’ shoulders and bent her knees so she could raise her hips and get that thing in her. Chris continued licking at the soles of her feet as she arched her back and started to pump up into him. Chris joined the rhythm and soon they were slamming into each other with scary force. Chris lowered himself so he could bite Kats nipples and that immediately sent her into an intense orgasm. She grinded into him and screamed “I am gonna fuck you just like you are fucking me….” Chris grasped her ankles and took long deep stokes, almost coming out then going as deep as he could in one stroke.

Kat played with her own nipples as she felt another orgasm coming on “Do it Chris ..make me cum ..fuck my pussy.” Chris threw his head back and moaned “Oh yeah, yes..” Wickedly Kat yelled out “Come on you foot lover ..cum for me ..I wanna feel it ..” Kats next orgasm forced Chris to his knees…as he did he pulled back and Kat put her feet to his cock to catch his cum on her toes and arches. She put them up to his mouth and Chris greedily sucked and licked them till every drop was gone……….and it was only now 8:00 🙂

Basking in the afterglow Chris dozed off. But Kat let him figuring he would need his rest for what was to come. She quietly slipped into the bathroom and got into the shower. Her slippery soapy hands felt good sliding over her tender nipples. She let the water hit her back as she rubbed both her breasts at the same time and let her eyes close and her thoughts drift. She bent to let the water go over and her ass and she parted her ass cheeks and let it hit her clit just a bit. Suddenly the shower door was opened …..

“Boo” Chris almost threw her off balance. She stood up noticing he had a raging hard on. She leaned over and kissed him hungrily and reached down to stroke his gorgeous cock. “Careful” he said “I gotta drain the main vein ” he laughed. “Oh really ” she chuckled” Come here then.” She pulled him into the steamy shower practically by his dick. She got on her knees quickly and sucked it a bit. Then she stood up and bent over in front of him. He aimed his cock at her from behind. They both gasped as it slid in. She tightened her box around his shaft and he moaned almost in pain as his bladder swelled. With a few hard thrusts and some quick clit stroking by Chris, Kat was twitching and milking his dick hard. “OH yeah now Chris ..let it go now…” He immediately starting peeing and the hot liquid made Kat scream.

Chris pulled out and continued his stream over her ass and on her legs. Kat caught her breath and turned so she could kiss him again and let the water wash her clean. She held his dick in her hand as it lost its “pee hardon” which was quickly replaced by an even better one. She reached back and gently fingered his asshole. “My turn now , ” she whispered ” You ready baby? ” ” Oh yeah I am ready ” he replied.

They got out and dried each other slowly. Touching and rubbing as they went. They went back to the bedroom and Chris lay on the bed as Kat got her stuff ready 🙂 She threw some jazzy CDs in the stereo and lit some candles. She reached under the bed and grabbed her box of magic tricks. Potions, lotions, dildos and vibrators in all sizes and most of all her favorite toy, A STRAP ON DILDO …more Etlik Escort like a latex panty really that had one beautiful cock on the outside and another on the inside so the giver got it too 🙂

“You have to listen to me ok. I don’t want to hurt you only give you ultimate pleasure.” Chris just nodded. She helped Chris lay with his lower back on her firmer pillows and put one under her head so that he was comfortable. She knelt over him and starting giving him a tongue bath …all around his cock and balls and asshole. He reached over and gently fingered her clit and hole. Kat stuck her tongue deeper into his ass. “How about a quick enema babe?” she asked. Again Chris just nodded. They returned quickly to the bathroom and Kat pulled an enema back and tubing out from under the sick . She filled the bag with nice warm water and lubed the tip with K Y jelly. Chris bent over in front of the toilet.

Kat lubed his asshole and then very gently inserted the tube into his ass. She released the valve and the water flowed into Chris. He couldn’t help but stroke himself it felt so good. Chris felt the pressure building. He groaned and Kat motioned for him to sit as she pulled the tube out. “Ahhhh” Chris let out as he released the water ..just a little more and he was thoroughly cleansed. Then they headed back to the bedroom.

Kat had Chris sit towards the edge of the bed. She spread his legs and started working with one of the smaller ass plug dildos . She strapped a velcro cock ring on the base of his dick before it got rock hard and stroked him as she pushed the toy in and out. Chris just threw his head back and enjoyed the dual sensations. In a few minutes Kat switched to a larger dildo that vibed too. As it buzzed away inside him Kat leaned down and sucked his cock till it was about to burst. She pulled off and removed the vibe and licked his ass again and sucked his cock. Chris was sweating so Kat got up and put the fan on. She went to the box and got her favorite toy ….”Help me with this.” she motioned.

Chris obeyed and got up as he was told. She opened the straps and he took it from her. He knelt down and licked her clit and fingered her already wet hole. He fucked her with the inside dildo till she was just about to climax. Then he inserted it in her and clipped the straps to her hips. She stroked the one that was for him “Suck it ” she commanded. Chris opened his lips and took the “dick” in his mouth. Kat thrust her hips, the movement causing the one inside and the built in clit tickler to stimulate her as well. She couldn’t take it anymore. She caught Chris offguard and knocked him half onto the bed “Bend over ” she barked.

She grabbed the tube of lube and coated the dick well. Then she pointed it at Chris’ asshole and lubed him up as well. Massaging his ass cheeks she entered him slowly. Chris gasped as she made it passed his tight rim into his ass. Slowly she pulled all the way out and then pushed back in again. She reached up and pinched both her nipples as she built a rhythm that would floor them both. Chris’ cock was jumping like crazy. He gathered his senses enough to balance his weight on arm and stroke himself with the other hand. “Let me do that for you ” Kat suggested. They quickly changed positions and now Chris was on his back, pillow under him and his feet on Kats shoulders.

Kat stroked and pumped till Chris’ was squeezing his own chest. Tears in his eyes and sweat pouring out of his body. Kat was close to cumming herself. She knew the cock ring was probably painful at this point so she reached down and snapped it off. Chris let out a gasp. Kat felt his load before he came. She firmly grasped the base as it shot out she aimed it at Chris’ face and since his mouth was open it landed square on his tongue. He licked around for what missed and the sight of him eating his own goo pushed Kat over the edge and she screamed and squeezed her own nipples as she came loudly.

Chris helped Kat out of the strap on. They lay on the bed spent and exhausted. The phone rang but Kat did not reach to answer it. The machine beeped and she heard her friend Michele….”hey Kat I am at the bar. Ernie told me you had a flat tire. Well, I guess you aren’t there. Who was the cute guy you had here huh? Tell me later ok? Hope everything is all right. Talk later. Bye.” They both just laughed 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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