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Our story begins in a world much like our own. The United States thrives as a home to many of the world’s largest corporations and greatest innovators. The country is full of good consumers, heavily influenced by the media’s portrayal of an ideal life and an ideal body. However, this world’s media doesn’t have quite the same views as our own… and that has made all the difference.


I sat outside the classroom, waiting for the club to start. It was only 2:50, so I had a good 10 minutes to just chill and play on my phone. I looked around to see if anyone else was here early, and noticed a short brunette waddling down the hallway towards me. She couldn’t be taller than 5’2″, but she was easily 180 pounds. She was wearing a royal blue crop top and a cute pair of leggings. I smiled, hoping she was here for the Young Lesbians Club, too.

She came over and started to sit down.

“Hey,” I said. “I’m Amy!”

Out of breath, she panted out “Sam.”

I giggled a little bit as she lowered her bubble butt down into the chair. I gave her a minute to catch her breath. “You here for the club, too?” I asked

She smiled. “Yeah! It’s my first time coming.”

“You’re gonna love it,” I raved, “The girls here are super nice! Hey, what year are you?”

“Oh, I’m a freshman. How about you?”

I snickered. Freshmen were always so cute. “I’m a junior. Started coming to the YLC last year. It’s awesome.”

We made some absent minded small talk while we waited for the other girls to arrive. By 2:58 a few more girls had arrived, and we could see the teacher driving down the hall in her mobility scooter. “Hi, Miss Williams!!” I called from across the hall. Ms. Williams was a total sweetheart and had been running the YLC since before I joined. She had long black hair and pale skin. She was probably in her 40s, but her makeup was always so on fleek that it took bornova escort off at least 10 years.

“Hey, girls!” She beamed. Her voice had a musical quality to it, like she was always ready to burst with joy. “Let’s head into the classroom and start, shall we?”

Sam and I got out of our seats and followed Ms. Williams and the other girls through the door into the classroom. As we began to sit down at the cool steel desks, Ms. Williams noticed a new face in the crowd. “We’ve got a new member of our club, I see!” We all looked towards Sam, causing her to blush a little bit. Adorable.

We started off the meeting with a name game: going around in a circle saying our name, year, and favorite food. We started off with Sam, since she was new. “Hey, um, I’m Sam. I’m a freshman, and my favorite food is strawberry ice cream.” Next, I went. “Hii guys, I’m Amy. I’m a junior and my favorite food is deep dish pizza.” just talking about food made me feel hungry- I wasn’t starving or anything, but after this meeting I definitely wanted to get my hands on some pizza.

We went around the circle, every girl introducing herself. There was Kady, ginger girl who was lucky enough to wear most of her fat on her huge chest. Brooklyn was a black girl, and a senior. She was pretty fun but was known to gossip behind people’s backs from time to time. Sofia was a freshman not too much taller than Sam, but she easily had 25 pounds on her. She was one of the most social (and slutty) people I’ve ever met, and she was a blast to be around. I’d drunkenly kissed her at a few parties before, but to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the school shared that experience with me. Finally there was Amber.(Which, admittedly, was probably not her real name) She was a punk girl with crazy half-shaved green hair. She had tons of piercings, too: ears, nose, lip, and my favorite, two nipple piercings bostancı escort which poked out enough to see through her black tank top.

After the name game, Ms. Williams went to the fridge in the corner of the classroom to grab some snacks.She returned with arms full of plastic tupperware trays. “Today for snacks I’ve got some bite sized cake pieces,” She opened up the large plastic trays to unveil some delicious vanilla iced devil’s food cake, cut into bite sized pieces no bigger than a baseball. The girls all lurched forward to get a taste, laughing as we playfully pushed each other to get our first pieces. Ms. Williams also pulled out a plastic bowl and some knives. “I also got some butter if anyone wants to spread it on.” We thanked her and slathered some on their pieces of cake before shoving them into their mouths.

I think it’s kind of funny what “bite sized” is considered nowadays. If you can fit it in your mouth without spilling much, it’s bite sized… But we still made a mess as we stuffed the soft cake into our mouths. Within minutes, every girl had white frosting all over their mouth like it was lipstick. I laughed at sam, whose crop top was half covered in chocolate crumbs. “Looks like someone was hungry!” I teased. She giggled as she swallowed another bite of cake, flashing me a big chocolatey smile.

“Do we have any cream to drink or anything, Miss W?” Kady asked.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Ms. Williams drove back over to the fridge and brought two gallon jugs. “We’ve got cream, and half n half if anyone’s feeling light today.” I poured myself a glass of cream to go with my cake. I honestly love the taste of heavy cream – it’s thick and fatty but not as much as a milkshake or something like that. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to get my fix; the dining hall has a big machine that dispenses as much cream and half n half as you buca escort want.

The Young Lesbians Club is honestly pretty chill. When we meet every week we just snack on whatever Ms. Williams brings and talk about school, life, whatever. For the rest of the meeting we gossipped about our favorite and least favorite classes, who we thought was the cutest in school, and new menu options at the dining hall. Before soon, our one hour timeslot was up.

“I’ll see you girls next week. Be safe and eat well!” Ms. Williams called as we started to get up from our seats. She was fun, but she was such a typical adult- always worrying about us teens eating well. When I was younger my parents would always make sure I was eating enough. “You can’t leave the table until you finish dessert, Amy,” they would say. I smiled thinking about those days. They were a little overprotective, always comparing my sister and I to girls on TV and magazines, checking that we were the right weight for our age. But they cared about our happiness over all else- so they made sure we were always stuffed and growing into big beautiful young women.

I haven’t even mentioned my sister Ann yet, have I? We’re both dirty blonde with pale skin, but she’s a couple of years older than me. We’ve always been best friends. When we were kids, we used to make dinner a competition and see who could eat more slices of pizza, or whatever we were having. As you might guess, our parents were happy to encourage that sort of behavior, and would buy 4 pizzas just for the two of us, some nights. We rarely came close to finishing that much pizza, but the leftovers would be nice to keep us snacking before bed.

My daydream was interrupted by Sam pinching my love handles. We were still standing outside the classroom and it seemed that the other girls were already waddling away.

“Oh sorry,” I laughed, “zoned out a little”.

She giggled. “It’s fine, want to go get some food? She tried brushing the cake crumbs off of her top but ended rubbing them in more. She was so fucking cute.

“Let’s do it, girl, i’m starving!” I said giddily.

We waddled down the hall towards the elevator, excited to see what the dining hall had to offer today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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