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Have you ever had those times when you just desire more than the everyday stuff that you usually get off on? That everything you read or see is more erotic than usual? Every touch or movement you do is more intense? Basically, your feeling nasty. Well that is where my head is at tonight.

Actually I’m feeling HELLA nasty. I had taken a few pictures earlier and I was downloading them on to the computer. I brought up the picture of my pussy and it looked so smooth ‘n plump I just wanted to grab it with my hand. I felt like I wanted to shove my mouth right between the lips and suck on the fat, juicy clit that was hidden beneath those plump folds. I love my pussy, it gives me so much pleasure. I love how it feels when I put the egg shaped vibrator up against my clit, then I wrap the lips around it. I grab my pussy tight with my hand and turn the vibrator on. Immediately my hip start rotating, my ass starts pushing my pussy harder into my hand. My clit starts to tingle from the vibrations of the vibrator and the pressure of the uncontrollable reaction my body is having. With my hand I can feel how the hard vibrating egg buried in my pussy is teasing my clit. Rolling from side to side and up and down as I push with bahis firmaları my ass and squeeze my thighs. I could of cum a million times by now but I don’t want to. This feels out of this world, I love being on the edge and staying there for as long as I can. I get just as turned on from my hand grabbing my pussy, kneading and squeezing my smooth plump lips and as I do from each spasm I’m getting from the vibrating ball going over and over and over and over my clit. Oh but the combination of the two, Wow what a feeling!

When I see a guy jacking off and he is really into it, I try to imagine what is going through his mind. That’s why it turns me on so much. Cause I know how I feel with what I do to myself, I would only hope that they would feel the same. How he enjoys making his cock hard, stroking it fast and hard, twisting and twirling it. Grabbing it with both hands. Watching it closely as it grows, playing with the pre cum at the tip. Waiting for it to explode, shooting his load all over. God I love to watch a hot jack off session.

It hard typing with one hand. Even to be able to concentrate enough to write this is almost impossible. I hope that it makes sense when I’m done. When I am doing kaçak iddaa something that feels so good, I get distracted. Like right now, I had changed positions from leaning forward on my chair humping and grinding down on my hand that has been busy between my legs to leaning back. I have my legs spread apart and I have put the tip of the vibrating egg right under the tip of my clit. It’s so hot and swollen that even if my legs were closed my clit would be sticking out from between my pussy’s lips. Oh speaking of that, I love going down on a women when she has a pussy like that. I love to bury my mouth into her pussy and suck her swollen clit in between my lips into my mouth. Sucking it in and out my lips securely wrapped around her clit. I’ll slowly let it slide out of my lips, when her head of her clit is at the tip of my tongue I’d suck it right back in my mouth. Over and over increasing the amount of suction until… Boy there I go, I told you I’m getting distracted.

So where was I, oh yeah, I have the tip of the vibrator right under the head of my clit. I have my hand palm down on the other end. Keeping the tip right under my clit I roll it all around my pussy. Pleasure pulses everywhere. Now I’m taking the kaçak bahis egg and laying it long ways, right down the slit. I’ve got two fingers, one at each side applying pressure. As soon as I started doing that my hips and ass go back in motion. Now I put my little finger and index finger on the outside of my smooth lips. Then I squeeze my fingers around my pussy. Oh my, I just had the most intense spasms It was hard not to cum. Now I have the tip on the head of my clit. Pressing down I roll it around in circles. The feeling is so intense my hand has latched back onto my pussy and my legs squeezed closed again. My hips, ass and thighs are back at it, grinding away.

I could do this for hours, shit I have done it for hours. Day’s even, I love feeling turned on. Every inch of my body is turned on. I have my favorite bra on, the one with the nipple area removed so they can stick out. So even when I’m not sucking my nipples or tweaking them with my fingers or pumping them with nipple pump, they get attention. Something will brush against them or I will rub them up on something. They are so sensitive that given the right set of circumstances I can cum by nipple stimulation only.

Well I think its about time that I stop writing this story cause I’m just kind of rambling on and I sure could use this hand to surf around the net and see what I can find to feed my hunger. Like I said in the beginning, I’m feeling H E L L A Nasty!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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