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[Author’s Note: I’m not sure about turning this into a series. Let me hear your feedback (thoughts or idea’s welcome), and I will take it from there. Thanks again MasterofControl2003 for the excellent editing!]

I knew his game from the first moment I saw him cruising the beach. I knew he was looking for a new Daddy and I was willing to fill that role for him, but I would make him beg me first.

His body was that of a man’s although his babyface made his age harder to determine. His dirty blonde hair fell across his face and I watched his eyes go crinkly with his smile. He was shaking out his towel, trying to catch anyone’s attention. His chest and body was slim and lean with just the hint of muscle development under his tanned skin. His bright blue board shorts accentuated his slim build as they clung to his hips exposing a faint trail of hair from his navel -downward into the waistband.

He looked my way, his eyes widening in surprise as we made eye contact. I gave him an appraising look up and down his body letting him know of my interest. My eyes lingered on his crotch, just to make sure he got the point, before I turned and walked up to the bar.

I motioned to the bartender, Ted. Ted knew me and quickly made a drink for me. I had a boat at this dock and had spent the morning cleaning it as I prepared it to go out this afternoon. Ted has been a guest on my boat on a few occasions. Well, it helped that I owned the restaurant as well.

I am in my late 30’s and had come down to the island after selling my business on the mainland and more or less retiring though I now own a few new businesses on the island and even do consulting from time to time. I am pretty average looking, though more fit than most guys my age from working on my boats. Now I was able to spend a large portion of my time relaxing and indulging my vices.

I watched the beach boy come in and look around the room. I turned my head away before he could see me but as I expected he came to sit by me just a moment later. He cleared his throat in nervousness.

Ted and I were having a conversation about the weather and where I might be boating today so I did not turn to the boy. I did, however, reach over and placed my hand on his leg at mid-thigh, causing him to jump slightly. I continued my conversation with Ted, occasionally moving my hand up and down in a caress, but nothing over the top. To his credit, the boy waited patiently if a little uncertainly.

I ended the conversation by telling Ted to give the boy whatever he wanted to drink. From the corner of my eyes, I saw the boy turn to look at me in question. I casually took a sip of my drink, still having not looked at him. He nervously cleared his throat and ordered a soda.

Once Ted walked away, I turned to face the boy who was staring at me curiously. “That’s what you want, isn’t it?” I asked. “Someone to take care of you?”

“Um, I guess. I mean, who doesn’t want that?” he joked, trying to lighten the mood and perhaps to make his intentions less obvious.

“Do you work?” I demanded.

“Uh, no, I’m not working right now.” He lowered his eyes for a moment in shame or at least to pretend shame. “I’m actually in kind of a bind right now.”

I said to myself, ‘Just as I thought.’ He would see his opportunity and take it if I responded. Now he would give me his sob story about how his mom died and his girlfriend kicked him out and he got fired and now he had no money and nowhere to go… or something like that.

I was in no mood to listen to his tale, so I didn’t take the bait and ask him the follow up question he hoped for. Instead, I changed the subject. Ted had just brought the boy’s drink, so I asked him about the lunch specials. I ordered the catch of the day for myself and a burger for the boy. When I finished I turned back to the boy with my eyebrow raised, daring him to change the order.

He smiled tentatively, “Thanks.” I could tell that he didn’t know what to make of me.

“Don’t thank me,” I said. “I left my wallet at home. I’ll have to put you to work to pay for the meal,” I said with a straight face. It was all true, but he didn’t need to know the particulars.

He studied me for a minute before laughing timidly, not sure if I was kidding. I smiled and he visibly relaxed. “How old are you?” I asked.

“24,” was his response after a couple of beats.

“No, you’re not. Why would you feel the need to lie to a total stranger?”

He didn’t answer but ducked his head down. I lifted it with a hand under his chin and repeated my question, looking him right in the eyes. “I’m 19,” he confessed. I studied him for a moment before releasing my grip on his chin. “What happened to your last Daddy?”

He looked at me with surprise, but I had decided I might as well be straightforward. I took another sip of my drink before turning back to face him.

He Escort bayan seemed unsure how to respond. I was glad he decided to be honest. “Um, his wife found out.”

I chuckled, “Well, I’m not married, so that solves that.”

I told Ted to call my cell phone when the food was ready. I stood then and, taking hold of the boy’s hand, I stepped toward the door. Again, he had a questioning look on his face, but he didn’t say anything as he followed me out the door, down the dock, and to my boat.

As we walked, still holding his hand with mine, I mused that neither of us knew the other’s name, but I decided that didn’t matter. I stepped onto the larger of my boats and helped him follow. I guided him down below into the air-conditioned cabin.

He was looking around appreciatively when I pulled him to my body and engulfed his mouth with my own. The kiss was rough and demanding and I was pleased how easily and willingly he gave up control. When I pulled back he gave a whimper. I pushed him away from me, a little roughly, and walked away. I turned on the stereo before sitting on the wide leather sofa.

“Alright,” I explained, “This is your audition. Dance for me, show me what I’d be getting.” I licked my lips, being both leering and demanding at the same time. He would submit to me; I knew he would.

Sure enough, after a short moment of thought, during which I think I heard his stomach growl in hunger, he began to sway with the music. I wasn’t really into it that much but wanted an easy demonstration of his submission to me… and he did have an awfully nice body.

He had put his shirt on before coming into the bar. This he now lifted teasingly while stroking his hand across his tight, barely defined abs. He turned around, bending over slightly, displaying his well-shaped ass pressed tightly against his shorts. Eventually he turned again, this time removing his shirt and dropping it to the floor.

His hands rubbed his chest and abdomen, grazing over his nipples. He slid his thumb into the waistband of his shorts. He pushed the shorts down his hips very slowly finally stopping with just a tantalizing strip of pubic hair peaking out of the top. He twisted with the music more, teasing me.

I was starting to get into the dance now just as my phone rang. Recognizing the number, I answered, instructing Ted to put the food into the to-go boxes. I snapped the phone closed, having barely taken my eyes off the hard, writhing body in front of me.

“Go get the food, then come straight back and finish your dance for me,” I ordered.

He paused in his dance, “Um, OK, but I don’t have any money.”

“Your answer should be ‘Yes Sir’ and you won’t need any money. Just go, quickly.”

“Yes Sir,” he responded before pulling his shorts back up and turning. During his absence I took the opportunity to adjust my growing hard on. It was a little uncomfortable the way it was situated and I was thinking that I didn’t want him to see the effect he had on me.

I was standing at the wet bar pouring myself a drink when he returned. I motioned for him to put the food on the table then strolled to meet him in the center of the room again. I kissed him deeply, and he moaned as I pinched a nipple on his still bare chest. Although I enjoyed hearing his moans, the true intent of this kiss was merely to ensure he hadn’t been eating without my permission. Satisfied that the taste in his mouth was all him, I returned to my seat on the couch.

I gestured to that he had the floor, indicating I wished him to resume his dance. A playful smile came across his face as his hips resumed their gyrations. He again tucked his thumbs under the waist band of his shorts but wanted to tease me some more before lowering them.

Feigning disinterest I pulled out my phone to call Angel, my live-in submissive. “Angel, I’m taking the boat out and there is someone new I’d want you to meet.”

I ignored Angel’s questions and watched as the beach boy turned in front of me, lowering his shorts, revealing his perfectly smooth ass. My mouth broke into a wide grin for a moment but I quickly recovered before the boy had a chance to see this effect.

Angel repeated a question I had missed, regaining my attention. “No, we don’t need anything. I’ll order food for you. You have 15 minutes.” I ended the call without waiting for his answer.

Angel would be hurt that I had another boy here but I liked keeping him on his toes. Angel was few years older than this boy but he was short and muscular rather than thin and lean. They would make an interesting pair for me to play with.

The boy turned now, slowly pulling his shorts down and eventually off, revealing a nice six inch cock and a pair of nearly hairless balls. For a moment my mind went blank and I forgot what I had been thinking about. Then, dialing Ted, I ordered food Escort for Angel before I forgot what I was doing again.

When I finished the call, I tossed the phone to the side and beckoned the boy forward. He danced closer before straddling my lap. I enjoyed the feel of his knees on either side of me as he continued dancing in my lap. His hard cock was quite obvious as he tried to rub against me as often as possible. I reached out and rubbed my hands down his trim chest, caressing and tweaking his stiff nipples. I enjoyed the way he ground his crotch down into mine, my hard-on again growing painful in my pants.

I wrapped a hand around his throat, firmly, but not cutting off his air supply. He stiffened slightly but still willingly submitted to my control. I breathed deeply, letting the feeling of my power and control wash over me. As much as I loved it, I was ready for the next step.

“Get down on your knees and suck my cock, you slut,” I whispered into his ear before biting his neck. I didn’t draw blood but I was quite firm none the less. I released him and he dutifully slid down to his knees while licking his lips in anticipation.

He reached for my fly, but I grabbed his wrists, stopping him. He looked up at me questioningly. “What do you want, boy?”

“I want to suck your cock, Sir,” he responded easily. I had known he would adjust to a submissive position easily.

“Ask me nicely, whore.” I released his hands and stood before him, rubbing my hard cock through the material of my pants.

“Please, Sir. Please let me suck you hard cock. Please let me taste you, Sir,” he whispered.

I slowly unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly. His eyes followed my hand down and every movement of my fingers. My waiting cock sprang forth from my pants, ready to be pleasured. I slowly stroked it up and down a few times, “Open your mouth, you fucking slut.”

He seemed to really get off on my degrading talk and eagerly opened his mouth while sticking his tongue out a little. I smacked his cheeks with my hard cock leaving a slimy trail of pre-come behind. My thick 8 inches was ready for him. I squeezed it tightly, milking a big drop of pre-come to the tip. “Lick it, slut. Show me how much you like the taste of my cock.”

He eagerly leaned forward, tongue extended, moaning as he tasted my liquid. He lapped at my cock head, licking all around, exactly as commanded, before continuing down the shaft. “Now suck it, boy.”

He slurped down my length, his lips caressing me, trying to get as much of my cock in his mouth as possible, but he was not able to swallow the whole thing. I decided to help him out. I grabbed his head with both of my hands and thrust deep into his mouth, feeling my prick hit the back of his throat as he gagged on my meat.

“Yeah, take it, you dirty whore,” I encouraged him. Tears were leaking from his eyes, but he made no move to stop me. He held onto my hips as I thrust deeper into his throat. I moaned out loud, loving the power, “Oh, yeah, baby, take it.”

He was slobbering all over my cock, his spittle dribbling down his chin and his tears flowing more freely. I thrust in deeply and held his face down on my crotch, blocking his breathing for about 10 seconds before releasing him. I did not let him all of the way off my cock, though, and thrust back in almost immediately.

I heard Angel gasp behind me as he walked in, and saw the boy. I wasn’t surprised to see the hurt expression on his face. “Put the food on the table and get over here,” I ordered, angry that he would think he could be possessive of me. He bowed his head and rushed to comply. He stripped his clothes as he crossed the room as he is not allowed to wear clothes indoors.

Angel knelt next to my beach boy with his head still bowed. Even with my cock still angrily banging in and out of the boy’s mouth, he was still trying to glance at Angel. I briefly admired the sight of the two of them together, next to each other, before pushing the boy’s face off of my cock.

I grabbed Angel’s hair and lifted his face from its bowed position, and immediately thrust deeply into his gorgeous mouth. I watched the boy bend over, coughing and panting, relieved to be rid of the intrusion to his throat. My Angel moaned as I slid fully in and out of his throat. I stopped thrusting and let him lick and suck me at his own pace. I was dangerously close to coming but didn’t want to do so yet.

Angel had an amazing mouth, with fully pouty lips that didn’t quite fit with his thick muscular physique. In fact, his lips are what first drew me to him. But it took me nearly a month of teasing and torturing before he was willing to submit to me and I was able to claim that amazing mouth.

The boy seemed to have recovered and was watching my Angel work his magic, his eyes occasionally checking out Angel’s erect cock. I walked backwards, Bayan escort my fist in Angel’s hair and cock still in his throat, bringing him along for the ride. He shuffled forward on his knees until I sat back on the couch. I slumped down, ass almost off the seat and pulled Angel up to sit next to me without letting him release my cock.

“Come here and work on my balls, slut,” I instructed the boy. I pushed Angel’s head down firmly onto my cock, burying myself deep in his throat. I marveled at how calmly he accepted this abuse, tongue licking around the base while waiting for me to release him.

The slut came crawling over and went joyously took to licking and sucking my balls. Despite myself, this attention made me moan. I pulled Angel all the way off my cock, his hand quickly replacing his mouth. He looked at me with lustily, his bright blue eyes half lidded. I put one hand on the boy’s head, encouraging him at his work, while the other brought Angel’s face to my own for a kiss.

Angel’s soft lips and amazing tongue, in addition to the boy’s nibbling on my balls, had me in exquisite agony. I moaned, my hips thrusting forward in Angel’s hand. I enjoyed his mouth briefly but again was getting close to coming and had to stop him.

I pushed him gently off the couch, and pointed to the boy at my feet, “Get his ass ready, Angel.”

I could tell by the slump of his shoulders that Angel was not happy to be given this task but he knew better than to object. Since I keep my boat well stocked for all my needs, it was easy for Angel to grab a tube of lube before kneeling behind the boy.

I pulled the boy off of my balls, wanting to watch his face as Angel prepared him. Angel pushed his middle finger into the boy’s asshole. Just as I imagined, the boy’s face was euphoric, his fluttering eyes closed as he let out a moan. “You like that, don’t you, slut?”

“Oh, yes Sir!” he moaned, opening his eyes to look at me. I responded by shoving him back down on my cock. He continued to moan as he sucked on my cock. I love the feel of moans vibrating around my cock, and wasn’t disappointed as Angel continued stretching his hole, adding a second and third finger.

I enjoyed the view for as long as I could take it, burying my cock deep in the slut’s throat, choking him, before pulling him off and standing up. “Stand up,” I directed him, “and lean your body over the couch.” He did as I instructed, “Now tell me what you want, you fucking whore.”

“Please, Sir, I want you to fuck me, Sir!”

I smacked my hand across his ass a few times, not verbally responding. I stood Angel up and wrapped his lubed hand around my hard cock. Angel pumped gently, sensing how close I was. I took the lube from him, squeezing some out, and began to stroke his fat cock with it.

Angel has a short cock, but it is so fat it has to be at least five inches around. While I am circumcised, he is not, and I never tire of playing with his soft brown foreskin. I stroked him now, squeezing his cock past his comfort level but not quite to the point of pain.

When I was satisfied with his hand job I stopped him and pointed to the boy. As he turned from me I slid one greased finger into Angel’s ass hole. “I know my Angel is nice and clean for me. I don’t like fucking dirty little sluts.”

With that, Angel pointed his now fully lubricated cock at the boy’s ass and began to thrust into the boy, forcing a whimper from him. I continued to finger Angel as he plunged deeper into the boy. When his cock was buried all the way I roughly bent him over the boy and shoved most of my cock into him in one deep thrust.

Within moments, the three of us had established a nice rhythm, Angel rocking between the boy and myself. We were moaning and groaning, my only regret was not being able to watch the boy’s face as he made his incredible noises. I leaned over and bit my Angel on the neck, finding that tender spot I love so much. He moaned out loud, sending shivers down my spine.

“Are you ready to come, slut?”

“Yes Sir, please, I NEED to come, Sir!” he answered me breathlessly.

“Stroke his cock Angel,” I kissed the neck in front of me. “You may come when he does.”

I watched Angel’s arm move from the boy’s hip to reach around the front. In almost no time at all, the boy was crying out and Angel increased his thrusting. When I felt Angel’s ass gripping my shaft with his orgasm, I lost it, spewing my white-hot come into my Angel.

The three of us collapsed onto the floor in a tangled, sweaty, panting heap. I chuckled at the look on the boy’s face; it was one of wonder and amazement. Angel sought my face and kissed me deeply, gently.

I left the two of them laying there while I went to the bathroom to clean up. They were sitting on the floor when I emerged, now clothed. I addressed the boy, “If you enjoyed that and think you can take more, then you may join us for our trip this afternoon. If you’re not interested, you have 30 seconds to take your food and get off my boat.”

With that I stepped outside to begin casting-off the lines. I didn’t wait for an answer. I knew he wasn’t going anywhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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