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Double Penetration

It was early May and the Carter’s pool area became ‘nude only’ as dictated by Charlene and Tammy, so after the group finished the modeling session they all stripped off. Being the first time nude in front of the ladies at the pool the men had a hard problem and the ladies started harassing them.

“Tammy, look at the guys. I think they love us don’t you?” Charlene said as she pointed to the men’s erections.

This caused the men to become embarrassed and Tom said. “We are trying to be polite, but our organs have a mind of their own.”

The men jumped into the water laughing, but also to get control of their emotions and their peckers.

While in the pool a discussion was started:

“Tammy you’re going to be living here the rest of the year. I think it would be better if you slept in your room and not in Jamie’s room. We know you like each other, but if your mother asked me any questions I want to tell her the truth, seeing as she is so conservative the subject of where you’re sleeping may arise. I don’t want to alienate your parents, as we had a great time with them last visit.”

“I agree with Mom, Jamie do you understand us?” His father said knowing how the little head takes over for the big head, when a guy gets a hardon.

“Yes, we can live with the rules you’re imposing, isn’t that right Tammy?” Jamie said with both hands behind his back crossing his fingers.

“Yes, Mom you have been very kind to invite me to stay here, so I can live with any rules you want me to follow.” The young redhead stated.

The men exited the pool a while later their little head in a relaxed state and they laid out in the sun until supper time. The woman went into the house to prepare the meal and the men cooked hamburgers on the barbecue grill. The group didn’t bother to dress for the evening meal; they ate in the kitchen still nude. All relaxed in the family room watching TV until about eleven PM. The four individuals marveled at the ease in which they transformed into clothing optional mode in a few hours. All are comfortable in their nudity.

“We have to get up early for class tomorrow, so we are going to retire for the night.” Jamie said grabbing Tammy’s hand leading her to her room, while Jamie went to his room.

“I think it’s Time for us to go to bed, also.” Tom said and the older couple went to their room.

Charlene checked to make sure the young couple were in their assigned rooms, even though the older couple knows Jamie and Tammy have become intimate. The older couple didn’t want to have any problems with the Philips finding out their daughter was sleeping in the same room with their son.

The young couple is keeping their sexual activities private, as Tammy still has her conservative upbringing to contend with, so she didn’t want the whole college to know about her sexual activity with Jamie.


Monday morning Jamie and Tammy went to their classes. Mid – afternoon during a break in his classes, Jamie brought the photos; he copied to a flash drive of his mother and Tammy posing, to the professor.

“Here are photos I have taken over the weekend of two models.” Jamie said not mentioning the models names.

“That’s great Jamie I’ll look at them and let you know what I think of your effort.” The professor said, knowing he will not give Jamie the mark he needs to keep his scholarship, because the professor needs a model for the erotic classes to keep the course on the college curriculum. “Jamie, is your mother still interested in modeling?” The professor inquired.

“You’ll have to call her to find out?” Jamie said not wanting to make that decision for his mother.

“How about Miss Philips would she be willing to model?” The professor asked.

“How would I know Professor, you will have to ask her also?” Jamie said.

“Okay, I will call your mother, to tell her when I will need her to model.” The professor said as he turned to walk to his office.


Charlene just walked in the door after spending most of the day at the public employment office to apply for available jobs, when she heard the phone ringing.

She went to the phone saying. “Hello.” Thinking it was a robo call, she didn’t want to say anything more.

“I would like to speak to Mrs. Carter; this is Professor Beatty.”

“Hi Professor, you’re speaking to Charlene.” She said in a quivering voice, knowing why the professor is calling her.

“Hi Mrs. Carter, I am going to need a model next week starting Monday, for the erotic photo sessions. It will be six one hour classes a day with fifteen minutes between classes and a half hour break for lunch. This will be for a week. The rate is eight hundred dollars a day and it says on your application. You will model only if your husband attends your sessions. I have his schedule, it states, with a weeks’ notice he can be present for your modeling assignments.” The Professor stated.

“Did you look at the photos Jamie turned in for you to critique today?” Charlene asked hoping they will be good enough, Escort bayan so she wouldn’t have to model, doing a quick calculation in her head, thirty classes with twenty people in each that would be six hundred people that would be seeing her intimate lady bits.

“Yes I did Mrs. Carter, I am afraid they’re not good enough for me to give him the mark he needs to keep his scholarship” The professor lied, as he still had the flash drive in his pocket. He never looked at the photos. The professor continued to reinforce the need for her to model by saying. “He will get an ‘A’ in the course with your help and with your help it will guarantee the erotic photography class will continue as a college course, Mrs. Carter”

“Well in that case I will model. I would like you to call me Charlene or Char as you’re going to see as much of me as my husband has and more than my friends have.” Charlene said smiling as a way to ease the tension she is feeling.

“Make sure you tell your husband you’re modeling, so he can take the time off to be with you.” The professor said, continuing. “I will see you Monday morning at eight AM, Good day” The professor hung up the phone before Charlene had a chance to say anything else.


Charlene was a bundle of nerves when Jamie and Tammy arrived home. “The professor called today I have to model for a week, thirty classes. The whole city will be seeing me nude Jamie. I am so scared and nervous; I hope it won’t cause me problems finding a job because of modeling nude for the classes.” The older woman said almost in tears.

Feeling sorry for his mother’s predicament caused by him, he said. “I thought the photos I did of you and Tammy are excellent. Did the professor say he looked at them?”

“He said he did?” The upset mother answered.

Tammy knowing the course is in jeopardy of being canceled said in anger. “Jamie you gave the professor the zip drive on your break right?”

“Yes I did Tammy.”

“Mom when did you get the call from the professor?” Tammy asked Charlene.

“Just as I came in the door at about three thirty the phone was ringing.”

“Jamie, you gave him the zip drive just before the professor called your mother. There is no way he had time to look over your work. He needs a model for the course or they will shut it down next year. We should go see him and protest this.” Tammy said very angry with the Professor.

Jamie didn’t want to discuss this with her as he knew it wouldn’t go well, until she calmed down.

“I have to go back to class I will be home about seven.” Jamie said relieved he had a way out of the discussion.


Tammy and Charlene started the evening meal. Tammy was fuming and Charlene was very nervous.

Tom had a great day at work, but when he walked in the door he could see the two women were not very happy. Bracing himself for a confrontation he said cautiously with some comic relief. “Is it something I said?”

That is when the dam broke starting with Tammy. “That son of a Bitch didn’t even look at the photos. He needs mom to model to avert the cancellation of the erotic photography program.” She cursed taking out her anger on the lettuce she was chopping for supper.

“What are you talking about Tammy?” Tom said surprised to hear the language coming out of the young ladies mouth, as she usually talks very politely to everyone, she sounds like a truck driver presently.

“The professor wants me to model all next week thirty classes of erotic modeling for eight hundred dollars a day. You will have to take the week off or I will not model. Tammy thinks he never looked at the photos Jamie took this weekend, but he told me they were not good enough. She wants us to lodge a protest.” The stressed older woman spilled everything out, her comments were like a waterfalls.

“Charlene you remember when we were in college, you can’t call out a professor even if you’re right. It will reflect badly on your marks. I think you need to model for the classes as you agreed to. You don’t want Jamie to lose his scholarship do you? It will destroy us financially as you’re unemployed presently and the four thousand dollars you will make would give us money for a nice vacation and Jamie will not have to worry about losing his scholarship.” Tom said, presenting arguments to his wife as to the merits of her modeling and also he wants to see his wife exposed to groups of students.

“It’s not right Dad, the professor should be called out in this particular instance.” Tammy said her face red with anger.

“Tammy unfortunately Tom is right. We will only cause our son to lose his scholarship, even if we win the argument.” Charlene said resigned to the fact she will have no modesty left after she models for the class, but she is determined to have fun with the modeling assignment like she told Deloris to do to relieve the tension she will feel exposing her femininity. She will have to embrace her exposure and have fun modeling.


Tuesday Tom went into work told the owner he Bayan escort had to take care of some personal business the following week and would not be in, but could be reached by phone. His boss had no problem with Tom taking time off as he is a self-starter and conscientious worker over the years he has worked for the graphics firm.


Charlene was busy getting her hair done; she was working through her reluctance to expose herself nude and in explicit poses to the students.

When she arrived home from the beauticians she said. “I need to shave down there to make my kitty presentable for my debut. Would you want to help me?” The mature woman asked Tammy.

Tammy stated. “It would be my honor to help with your grooming Mom?”

“Thanks Tammy you’re the daughter I never had. If I ask Tom I know where that will lead and he doesn’t do a very good job of grooming me either.”

Both women laughed at Charlene’s comment.

Tammy had Charlene kneel on her bed after Charlene stripped, they put a towel down. The younger woman put shaving cream on the older woman’s bottom to remove any hair around her rectum and vaginal area from the back. Tammy put her fingers in the older woman’s vaginal opening holding her labia to shave her lady lips, marveling at the older woman’s scent and arousal. Charlene turned over, sat down, and leaned back, spreading her legs to give Tammy access to her pubic area to touch up the heart cut into her pubic hair.

Both women spent most of their time at home nude, and this was the case when the younger woman groomed Charlene. The reason for the nudity was so Charlene could become as comfortable as possible being exposed in public, to the enjoyment of both men all week.

Saturday and Sunday the women spent by the pool, nude and relaxing. The men had their usual weekend yard work to do. There was no sexual play as the participants were all stressed, as to what Charlene will have to go through the following week. Jamie’s mark in visual arts depended on his mother following the Professors directions. Steve hoping Charlene will not quit after the first modeling session, kept praising his wife for consenting to model. Tammy feels sorry for the older woman that has become her segregate mother, having to lose her modesty to public nudity to make sure her son gets a passing grade on his visual arts course. In the back of her mind Tammy knows the professor is using Jamie’s loss of scholarship as a way to coerce Charlene into modeling for the class.


Monday morning was a beautiful warm sunny day. Charlene and Tom awoke, they took a shower together, Tom wanted to play hide the salami, but his wife being very stressed thawed his attempts to become intimate. The older woman remembering what the professor directed her to do, she put on a dress that buttoned down the front with no undergarments and she was ready to leave with her husband at six thirty. Charlene felt naked only having the dress on. They went to breakfast at Friendlies. At seven thirty they were at the visual arts center. They went to the professor’s office as he was walking in.

“I like people that are prompt, Charlene.” The professor said with a shrewd smile that sent chills down the spine of the mature woman.

“Please follow me and I will show you to your dressing room, it is private, you can leave everything in here and I will give your husband a key to the room for the week.” The professor said as he led the couple to the room, handing the key to Steve. “Charlene take everything off, you are allowed to be nude in this entire building and the parking lot, so I don’t want you to worry about anyone telling you that you need a robe okay.” Letting the mature woman know that he expected her to be nude for the week to show the administration there are women who will model for the class.

“Yes professor I remember from the time I modeled here last you told me the same thing.” The older woman said waiting for the professor to leave before she removed her dress.

“I need to see you nude before I leave.” The professor said to establish his authority with a gleam in his eye knowing he will be seeing this woman nude all week.

Charlene stripped off her dress embarrassed to have to do this in front of the lascivious eye of the professor. She was beginning to hate him and her husband because he had the same expression on his face.

“Tom, you have better have a talk with your wife, I don’t want my models with the attitude she is portraying presently. The students will sense she is doing this under protest and their photos will reflect that. The administration is watching this course closely and giving me flak, because of the ‘Me Too’ movement. The women’s rights groups want to discontinue the program saying it is exploiting women. Charlene you may be contacted by the administration, please give them a favorable report about your experience modeling. Remember your son’s mark depends on it.” The professor said with a stern look at the older woman to drive home the importance of Escort his last remark. The professor handed the couple a schedule with the room number, and professor’s names for the week.


Meanwhile back to the younger couple at the Carter home:

Tammy and Jamie awoke late, took a shower together, dressed and left for classes at eight They went to the Visual Arts building to see how Jamie’s mother was doing, before they went to class. They found the older couple in the concourse walking to the first class Charlene was to model for, his mother was nude. Jamie could see by her body language, and facial expression she was in distress, as she was almost in tears with her arms covering her body, trying to keep her modesty.

“Mom, why don’t you have a robe?” Tammy said.

“The professor said I have to be nude to get paid, don’t you remember when you were modeling you had to remain nude also.” Charlene said.

“She needs to get used to being nude Tammy, so I think this is the best way. Charlene you will get used to being nude in public by the end of the first class, I bet.” Tom said wanting his wife to be nude as long as possible.

“I think Dad is right Mom. You will become used to being nude very shortly and we will have to remind you to dress, you mark my words.” Jamie said with a ‘thumbs up’ to his nude mother before they had to leave for their classes.

The couple was walking to the first class Charlene will be modeling for when a few of Jamie’s friends saw her.

“Hi Mr. Carter, Mrs. Carter are you going to be posing for our erotic modeling class?” One of Jamie’s friends asked.

“No I just came here because I can walk around this building with no clothes on. What do you think I’m doing here? I’m going to be your model, please call me Charlene, boys,” She gave them an embarrassed smile resigning herself to the fact that most of her son’s friends will see her nude before her modeling gig is done.

“Mrs… I mean Charlene we’re glad you’re modeling for the class as it is in jeopardy of being canceled if the professor can’t find models for the class. Thank you for your courage to show your intimate being to us.” Jamie’s friends said with heart felt admiration in their voice.

The older couple went to studio 2A to meet professor Madson who will be the instructor for the first class Charlene will be modeling for. Charlene was told by the professor 2A will be used for all her modeling sessions. The professors and the students will all use this classroom for the erotic modeling course.

“I am the model for your class today, my name is Charlene, this is my husband Tom, and he will be viewing my photo session.” The nude woman said to the professor.

“Nice to meet you Charlene and Tom my name is Ned” The professor said while shaking both the older couple’s hands. “We will start off with standing poses; I will be manually putting you in the poses I want you in. Tom you can stay and watch the modeling session, if you have a camera you can take photos as long as they are with available light, but if you interfere with the poses I will have to ask you to leave. Charlene you will be put in very exposed poses and I will direct the students to help you with the poses. The poses will require the students to touch you in intimate places at times. Both of you have been told this I hope by Professor Beatty?”

The older couple said. “Yes we understand.”

Charlene was escorted up onto the posing platform and her husband found a seat in the back of the room disappointed he didn’t borrow one of his son’s cameras. The students started to enter the room. There are twenty students, mostly men with three women. The men ranged in age from eighteen to about forty. The women are all in their twenties.

The mature woman was more embarrassed to see the women in the room than the men. She was concerned, what the women will think of her body and women touching her intimately during the modeling session. Charlene was becoming sexually aroused by the coming modeling session knowing she will be spread for the camera lenses at some time during this class.

“The way we are going to proceed with this class is I am going to give instructions to the model and students.” Ned said.

“Is everyone ready to start?” Ned asked.

He received a resounding, “YES!”, from the group of students. Charlene didn’t respond she just looked embarrassed.

“Okay then, Charlene stand, facing the photographers and move around slowly. Everyone taking photos walk around and shoot the model from different perspectives, start now you have five minutes. “

Charlene was looking straight ahead to begin with and started turning and moving. It was causing her to become sexually stimulated looking at all the people who are photographing her and the flashes from the strobe units. By the time the first five minutes of posing ended, she could feel her labia opening and feeling the wetness escaping her intimate opening.

“I need a break.” Charlene said urgently knowing she will have her excitement dripping on the floor and running down her legs, if she doesn’t go to the ladies room. She left the room with her husband trailing behind her. She found a private restroom and her husband went in with her locking the door behind him.

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