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My girlfriend Anne and I have been together for three years, during which time we have learned to be very open with each other about our respective sexual histories and fantasies. I ask her to relate to me any particularly horny experience she may have had in her past. We are now in our late 30,s so have had several previous relationships and one failed marriage each. I get pangs of jealousy, but also become very aroused, we also elaborate and embellish, often a favourite story gets relayed slightly differently, depending on the mood.

However one story is etched word for word on my memory and this is my account of her experience. She had often expressed an interest in the female form, admitting having fantasies of a bisexual nature, saying she found very few men’s bodies attractive, but many women’s quite appealing. Often catching herself staring in changing rooms or on beaches. Obviously, as it would be to most broadminded males, this was a side to her that I found to be very exciting and erotic. I pushed it at every opportunity, encouraging her to fantasise. She always insisted that she never had and never would actually carry any of them through. One late evening during a wonderfully sexual encounter, she spilled the beans. She was whispering in my ear about being touched and kissed by another woman whilst making love to me. About the soft touch of another womans lips on her sensitive nipples, slowly working her lips down to the soft skin of her stomach and beyond. Gently nibbling up the inside of her thighs, whilst stroking the folds of her pussy with the tips of her fingers. Before finally reaching Anne’s pussy with her mouth and teasing her clit to orgasm with the tip of our fantasy friends tongue.

She normally wouldn’t go into such detail and only then to tease and excite me, this time she was really living it and exploded into a very loud and large orgasm.

I waited until she had subsided, I hadn’t come yet and was still inside her, “that sounded very real, almost too real” I stated.

“What do you mean”?

“If I didn’t know you better, I would think that you haven’t been telling me the whole truth,” she didn’t respond, I sensed we were on the verge of something and if I didn’t press it, the opportunity may not arise again “ Tell Me,” I urged.

She paused, “I cant” she replied.

That was it, tantamount to a full confession, I would never let it go now and I told her.

“I have never told any one before and if you give me shit about it, I will never mention it again. When I said that I had never had any contact with another woman, that wasn’t strictly true”.

Yes, I thought,

“I want to know every detail,” I told her very excitedly.

“You might not like it” she replied.

“Every detail” I repeated .And to emphasise the point started to move inside her again.

“Ok, but you will have to pull out or I can’t concentrate”

I pulled out and lay beside her. She rested her fingers on my cock and began.

When I was 18 and still a student nurse, I was invited to a party with some of my girl friends, not your usual boozy bash, but pretty civilised, a few doctors and generally older crowd. I had a boyfriend at the time and we had had sex but he was my first. I was pretty naïve, I enjoyed sex but never orgasmed during lovemaking and only achieved completion when masturbating, something I had discovered when I was 15 and had been repeating fairly regularly ever since.

Later in the evening after a good few glasses of red wine I was introduced to a visiting female medical sales rep, by a doctor who worked on the ward where I was currently training. He was here with his wife, but unashamedly took every opportunity to touch my bottom, whilst introducing me around the room. I judged her to be in her mid to late thirties, very slim and attractive and very confidant. She probably had attracted the attention of most of the men in the room at some point and probably a little more from some of the single, braver men at the party.

Her name was Helen and I liked her instantly, she was intelligent, well travelled and made me laugh. Her confidence and general demeanour was exciting to me. She worked for a pharmaceutical company in London and was staying here at this house, she was also due to return the following day.

The three of us chatted for a while before she told me that she needed to sit for a while as she had been on her feet all day and asked me would I like to join her.

Her exact words were “Anne whilst it is a nice evening, would you like to join me on the patio for a quiet sit down and a chat, before I fall over, or would you prefer to remain seated on doctor Deans wandering hand”.

He coloured up instantly, mumbled an apology and scurried off to find his wife. We both burst out laughing, we were still laughing when we plonked down on very comfortable swinging chair on the patio right at the bottom of the garden.

We talked for a long while, she told me about some of the places she had worked and holidayed, she was not boastful and I listened intently.

She gölbaşı yeni escort had been married, but was not any more and had, she told me, no intentions of repeating the experience.

“Men, as a rule are selfish pigs and women allow them to be, don’t get me wrong, I like men, but only on a temporary basis”.

She asked about my boyfriend, did I love him, was I happy. It didn’t feel intrusive and I spoke openly, probably too openly. She also urged me to talk about my sex life, what there was of it.

“Do you enjoy it?” she asked.

“Yes” I replied honestly,

“Does he make you cum”?

I told her the truth, “does he go down on you?” she asked

He had done a couple of times, I enjoyed the sensation but still couldn’t cum, thinking there was something up with me. I told her this.

“Rubbish” she exclaimed, “if you can make yourself cum, he should be able to”

We continued with this topic for a while, I had never talked this openly about sex with anyone before and I found it very arousing, if I had been on my own right now, I would not hesitate to bring myself off.

The wine had had its effect, I told her my thoughts.

“Don’t let me stop you, nobody else can see you and I certainly don’t mind, in fact I might join you”. I laughed, a little nervously.

She clasped my hand and looked at me “I’m not joking, you are a young beautiful and obviously very sexual woman, don’t let others repress you, what you are feeling is normal, never be embarrassed, She reached up and stroked the side of my face with her other hand.

“You are very beautiful you know” she leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips, I was startled but not wanting to show it, nor my teenage naivety, so I gently kissed her back.

It was wonderfully sensitive, not the clumsy efforts of an in experienced young man. My eyes closed, my mouth opened slightly and accepted the tip of her wandering tongue.

I heard a noise from the top of the garden, voices, then the sound of the patio door closing as whoever it was returned back into the house, probably just put something in the waste bin. I opened my eyes and pulled away, the spell broken.

“ I think we should go in,” She said, probably a little embarrassed and possibly worried about my reaction. My heart was pounding like mad, partly at the thought of nearly being caught and partly from the sexual tension.

“Yes” I replied softly “ I think I need a top up”.

We both stood and wandered down the garden, arms linked, back towards the house. Once back inside, it was as though nothing had happened, we chatted as before, usually in company, so not being able to discuss it anyway. I concluded that I must have completely misunderstood the situation and it had been no more than an alcohol induced show of innocent affection.

Then why could I not stop thinking about it, I had never been kissed like that before and kept glancing towards Helen to see any reaction, there did not appear to be any. I don’t know what I wanted; I told myself that I definitely was not a lesbian and therefore had no intention of repeating the experience. The evening wore on; I was enjoying myself not wishing to leave, feeling comfortable with this older more worldly company. The guests thinned and I realised that my friends had also departed, along with my ride home.

“No problem” said our very tipsy lady hostess “stay in one of the spare rooms”.

“They’re all full dear,” said her equally tipsy spouse

“Oh bugger, never mind, bunk in with Helen, you two have been getting on famously, you don’t mind do you dear?”

“Not at all, there are two beds in there and our own bathroom, should be fun” she looked over at me and winked.

“Its OK” I stuttered, “I’m sure I can get a taxi”.

“Nonsense” exclaimed our hostess “Its sorted”

That was that, it seemed.

We drank and chatted into the early hours, until our hostess passed out around two in the morning.

“Come on, Ill show you our room” said Helen, gently guiding me by the arm, picking up an opened bottle of chardonnay and two glasses along the way. We linked arms whilst mounting the stairs, both a little drunk.

The room was gorgeous, a double bed to one side, a small single to the other and a good sized en suite. The room also had a balcony with large French doors. Helen opened both doors wide; it was a lovely night, clear sky and soft evening breeze. There was a small table and two chairs on the balcony, she placed the bottle and glasses on the table and gestured me to join her.

Instead I kicked off my shoes and sat at the end of the large double bed, feeling very woozy.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t drink another drop”. I was a little embarrassed and told her.

“Don’t be silly, get in bed, sleep in the big bed, I don’t mind, do you want to use the bathroom?”

“Its ok you go first” I replied.

She walked over to the wardrobe, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, she picked it up, placed it carefully on a gölbaşı otele gelen escort hanger and into the wardrobe. It looked very expensive; I wondered how much it cost. She had her back to me, I could not help staring as she slipped off her shoes and removed what looked like silk hold up stockings. She removed her bra and placed it on a shelf in the wardrobe, she turned round still with her panties on and walked towards me. I stood up and turned away conscious that I had been caught staring. I reached behind me to find my zip, missed by a mile. She stood behind me; placing a hand gently on my shoulder asked if I needed any help.

“Its ok” I replied.

“Don’t be silly” she remonstrated, a little sternly “I would hope you would do the same for me”. I did feel a little silly.

“I’m sorry, thank you”.

She reached up to the zip, pulled it all the way down to my bottom then slid the straps from my shoulders, letting my dress fall to rest on my hips. Without waiting for me to remove it myself, she squatted down on her haunches and pulled it over my bottom, both of her hands sliding over my hips. She touched my calves, encouraging me to step out of my crumpled dress. I stood wearing bra, panties and matching hold ups. She placed it on the bed without standing then reached up for my left stocking, sliding it slowly down my leg and pulling it off my foot. She repeated this with the other. Without standing, she reached up and gently ran both of her hands down over my hips.

“You have lovely skin,” she told me.

It was very sensual.

“Thank you”

“No problem” she replied, standing up, patting me on the bottom as she stood.

“You use the bathroom” the moment had passed.

I went into the bathroom closing the door behind me; I kicked off my panties whilst sat on the loo, also removing my bra. Then spent a little time rinsing my face and removing my make up. I didn’t feel great but did feel better, I was also confused, was I being seduced or was it in my imagination, was this normal behaviour in London. I was worried about walking back into the room naked, I have no problem with nudity, but wondered what signal I might send out. There was a knock on the door, it opened.

“You ok?” she asked, putting her head round the door. She stepped into the bathroom, now naked. I saw that she had only a tiny amount of pubic hair, noticing me looking she looked down and stroked the front of what was left of her pubic mound.

“Do you like it?” she asked “I always keep it short or shaved, you should try it, the boyfriend would love it, believe me”.

“I would be frightened of cutting myself” I replied.

“Let me do it for you, I don’t mind”.

She sat on the toilet, “you don’t mind do you?” she asked. Not sure whether she meant the offer of a pubic trim or the using the toilet in front of me, I muttered “of course not” and turned back towards the mirror to finish washing my face.

I couldn’t help watching her reflection in the mirror as she stood, then moved over to use the bidet. I watched her clean herself, wondering whether she was exposing herself to me on purpose. If she was, she never looked up at me to check if I was looking, which by now I was. She had a lovely figure, very slim and quite toned, not unlike my own shape. Her breasts were slightly larger than mine, probably a C cup, she looked up and caught me checking out her breasts, she smiled. I looked away.

She stood up, dried herself then rinsed her hands in the sink; I moved to give her room. She dried her hands and faced me, smiled again then reached down and ran her index finger through my rather large pubic bush,

“Come on” she said “lets get rid of this’.

She picked up a towel and walked back into the bedroom.

My head was spinning, at any other time there would have been no doubt that a touch like that was sexual, but I genuinely was not sure. I knew one thing I had no intentions of being unfaithful to my boyfriend and definitely not with another woman.

However a couple of hours earlier I had been so aroused that I had fleetingly contemplating masturbating in front of her and when she kissed me, my toes had curled. If we had not been disturbed, god knows what might have happened. Then thinking that perhaps I was flattering myself anyway, assuming that she was attracted to me.

I was very confused and still slightly aroused, but I wanted to appear confidant and worldly, not the shy and inexperienced young woman that I actually was. I walked into the bedroom, naked. Helen was sat on the bed; she had put on a very short satin night robe, loosely tied at the front.

It was quite flimsy, but it reassured me greatly. There was a towel placed on the bed, she gestured me over and bid me to lie on the towel. She had a small manicure set open at the side of the towel. I lay down, with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed; Helen kneeled on the floor in front of me. I felt her hands grip my thighs to spread my legs, I felt very exposed and wondered if she would be able to tell that I was aroused. The breeze from the open window was gorgeous and did not help.

I closed my eyes and gripped the blankets with my hands. She again ran her fingers through my pubic hair, “you will feel better after this” she promised.

She began to snip away with the small nail scissors, it took a small while but she gently removed nearly all my pubic hair, she had occasionally touched my flesh with her fingers and once I felt her finger against my slit, she held it there for several seconds, pressing against me softly, while she snipped away, but it was still not overtly sexual.

She stood up

“Don’t move, nearly finished” her robe was hanging loosely open and exposing most of her breasts, she didn’t appear to care. She turned and disappeared into the bathroom. I examined her handiwork, I must admit it looked better; I touched it with my fingers.

“Now now, not yet, you will have to do that later, still not finished,” she teased.

I flushed with embarrassment.

She had a beaker and razor in one hand and some shaving foam in the other. She had not re-tied the robe; in fact it was practically open all the way and wasn’t hiding anything now

“I think its short enough, don’t you” I asked nervously.

“Don’t be silly, lie back”

This time she got on the bed at the side of me; I moved my arm so she could move closer. She smeared foam on her fingers then proceeded to smear it between my legs, even between my bottom cheeks. The cool breeze on my wet pussy was now even nicer. I spread my legs wide to give access; I was enjoying this now and lifted my head to watch as she carefully removed every scrap of pubic hair. I turned to watch as she concentrated, she really was beautiful, her breathing was heavier now and there was a bead of sweat on her brow. I wondered if she was becoming turned on, or perhaps she was just struggling to hide it now. I was flattered; I was also aching to be touched. I told myself that as soon as I could be alone my bed I couldn’t wait to touch my newly shaved sex and bring myself off.

She wiped me off with the towel,

“What do you think?” she asked.

I closed my legs and looked down, I loved it and told her so

“I think it’s very sexy,” I also said.

She smiled, looking pleased, “just one more touch” she picked up a bottle of moisturiser from behind her and flipped the top open.

“Don’t want a shaving rash do we?”

She squirted it between my legs, it was cold. It also splashed onto her robe.

“Shit!” she exclaimed, I hadn’t heard her swear before. She undid the cord of her robe then looked at me.

“You don’t mind do you?”

I was passed caring “not at all” I replied.

She smiled and slipped it off her shoulders, then put the bottle down and started to smooth the lotion into my skin. I opened my legs and lay back, closing my eyes. She rubbed the palm of her hand down over my pubic bone and towards my bottom and back. Each time pressing against my clit until the third time as she dragged her hand back up, her index finger slid between the folds of my pussy. I tensed and gasped slightly, it felt wonderful. I opened my eyes part way, she was looking at me smiling.

“Nice?” She asked.

I smiled back “Oh god yes” I felt a finger enter me; I groaned then closed my eyes again. I reached out to stroke her bottom, just wanting to touch her. I felt her breath on my face, she kissed me softly on the lips, without opening my eyes I reached up behind her neck and pulled her towards me, we kissed again. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths hungrily. I shocked myself, but it seemed so natural and incredibly sexy. All the while she was using her fingers on all the right places, I had never been touched like that before. She would slide her index finger gently up and down, lightly stroking the sensitive spot between my anus and pussy, then upwards into my sex and up and over my clit, never missing. I was wet with lotion and my own juices, I was in heaven.

She broke the kiss and started to nibble down my neck very slowly, little bites and wet kisses driving me wild. She lingered for a while on my breasts, flicking my nipples with her tongue, whilst stroking my skin with her other hand. Planting little butterfly kisses on my stomach, she carried on down, kissing all around my pussy.

She sat up and removed her fingers; I opened my eyes and groaned in disappointment as she got off the bed, not to worry, she knelt on the floor between my thighs. Reaching up with both hands to caress my stomach and breasts, she began to nuzzle my pussy. She was now doing with her tongue what she had been doing with her fingers.

I had lost my previous inhibitions, I reached under my thighs, pulling my legs as wide as I could enabling her to flick her tongue between my pussy and anus, This had never been done to me before and I loved it. She could tell I loved it and alternated between this spot and my clit. I felt myself begin to come. My breathing quickened, my legs were trembling, she concentrated on my clit and slid her thumb inside me, pumping it in and out. This was too much; I shuddered to my first ever orgasm with a partner. She carried on licking my clit until I ceased shaking, I was spent and had to tell her to stop as I had become too sensitive.

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