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It was summertime and it seemed that there was never anything to do in the suburbs except hang out with friends. Whoever got bored first would find out who else was around and then together, they would find somewhere to go and do nothing. Today started out as one of those days.

Val was headed over to his best friend Steve’s house. He wasn’t expected, but that’s just what they did. At some point one of them would head out and just show up at the other one’s house and they’d go do something. He was walking down the road, not having a car yet and at eighteen feeling too grown up to be riding a bike. It wasn’t an arduous journey but the hot, humid day had him sweating.

Finding the front door closed, Val rang the bell and waited. When no one answered he rang it again and peered through the small window in the door. There were lights on and the back door was open. He figured everyone must be out enjoying the pool on such a hot day so he headed around to the back of the house.

“Hello?” he yelled. “Anyone home? Steve?”

“Back here!” a woman’s voice replied.

Val opened the gate and swung around the corner expecting to find the whole family lounging around the large in-ground pool. To his surprise the only one in the yard was Erin, Steve’s older sister. She was laying out on a chaise lounge sunning herself in a very small swimsuit. A very, very small swimsuit. She looked up lazily at him coming over and gifted him with a welcoming smile. Val and Erin had known each other for years. He and Steve had practically grown up together, so they were always comfortable around each other. However since the onset of puberty, Val had been looking at her in a completely different way. Gone were the innocent days of youth when they would all play ball together or just run around acting silly. Whereas the boys remained awkward and gawky, she seemed to have sprouted overnight and had become a graceful, stunningly beautiful woman.

Erin wasn’t that tall, a little over five feet, but she radiated her Norwegian heritage. She had light blonde hair and pale blue eyes that seemed to look right through you. Her breasts were a perfectly perky C cup and Val found that it took all of his willpower not to simply stare at them every time he talked to her. Her body was tight and curved perfectly in all the right places. Her legs looked like they were sculpted by an artist and seemed to go on forever. The dark blue bikini she was wearing managed to accentuate everything she was blessed with before disappearing deep into the crack of her perfect ass and under the curves of her magnificent breasts.

“Hi Val,” she cooed up at him, taking off her sunglasses and stopping him in his tracks with those eyes.

“Hey Erin,” he managed after only a slight and hopefully unnoticeable pause.

“Steve’s not here,” she stated simply.

“Oh. Do you know when he’s coming back?”

“Not for a while actually. He had to go to Jersey with our parents. Uncle Jack fell and broke his ankle. He needs a hand getting things set up for a day or two so they went to help and took Steve for some of the heavy lifting.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Val said, thanking God for the dark sunglasses he was wearing. He let his eyes wander over every inch of her exposed body and found himself imagining, in great detail, the parts that were still hidden. He was also very glad for the baggy shorts he was wearing.

“What were you guys supposed to do today?” she asked.

“Oh nothing really. Just hang out somewhere and do nothing. I guess I’ll just catch up with him when he gets back.”

“You can hang out here and do nothing with me you know. We used to hang out all the time.”

“Sure,” he said a little too quickly. He caught himself and added “That sounds cool,” with as much nonchalance as he could muster. He settled tentatively on the empty lounge chair next to hers.

She rolled casually onto her side so she could look at him while they talked and Val had to shift quickly when his cock sprang immediately to full attention. Her luscious breasts hung down only slightly under their own weight and were less then an inch from popping out of her bikini top. For some reason her nipples were already hard and fighting against the thin fabric concealing them. In fact, her hard nipples seemed to be the only thing holding her tiny top in place right now. Her long legs we stacked casually on top of each other and Val found his eyes locked onto that beautiful, lustful place where they met. If he had thought that the back of her bikini bottoms were small, he was amazed that the front was less then half the size and pulled tight against her soft young mound. He could almost make out everything, down to the beautiful little shadowed line running right down the middle of the cloth.

“You want to jump in the pool real quick?” she asked with a slight smile. “You look like you’re getting a little overheated.”

A very embarrassed “Huh?” was all he could muster. Was it that obvious?

“From kocaeli escort bayan the walk over,” she continued. “Looks like you worked up a sweat.”

“Oh no,” he smiled back, relieved. “I’m fine. Unless I offend the lady,” he added, lifting his arm and giving himself a comical sniff. He was rewarded with a laugh and a smile that thrilled his soul. God, he loved making her laugh.

“Not at all,” she assured him. “In fact, a good sweat on a man can be a very sexy thing.”

She kept smiling and chewed on the end of her sunglasses a little before she continued.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything,” he told her.

“Why did we stop hanging out? You, me and Steve were inseparable for years.”

“Yeah, I remember,” he smiled again at the memory. “The three Musketeers. I guess it was just a growing up thing. Boys and girls and such. And, when you’re younger, three years age difference can be a lot.”

“But that was such a long time ago. Those three years aren’t such a big deal now are they?”

No, Val thought to himself. Those three years were now absolutely amazing. But boy, were there other issues he was dealing with. “Not really,” was all he could safely say.

“So, I’ll be home for a few months now. We can hang out again?”

“Of course. We’re hanging out right now aren’t we?” he asked her and she smiled for him again.

“Yes we are. Lay back then. Relax and get some sun with me.”

“I’m okay here,” he answered quickly. If he laid down on his back now, he’d look like a sundial at high noon.

“Well, at least take your shirt off and get some sun. You’re making me feel terribly underdressed.” He thought her smile seemed to turn a little seductive now, but that had to be in his head. There’s no way that this goddess of a woman would want him like that. She was a twenty one year old college girl and his best friend’s sister who he had known his whole life. And, to put it plainly, he wasn’t that lucky. Was he?

Val pulled off his shirt and tossed it at her playfully. “There, happy?”

“Very,” she said as she caught it up. She crunched it up into a ball and held it up to her nose. She took a long, slow sniff and gave him a coy look. “The smell of a real man.”

They both laughed this time and Val held his hand out for her to give back the shirt. Instead, she balled it up and tucked it under her head.

“No, I’m keeping it,” she purred. “I forgot a pillow.”


“If you’re not going to make yourself comfortable, you can at least make yourself useful.”

She picked up her bottle of suntan lotion and held it out to him. Again, a flurry of thoughts raced through his mind. She’s hot. She’s smart. She’s funny and fun to be with. She’s perfect. She’s totally not hitting on me. I’m not that lucky.

“Are you sure?” he chanced. “I’ve seen movies that start like this.”

“I’ve seen the same movies,” she answered while turning back onto her stomach. “Usually you have a pizza though. We’ll see how you do with the lotion.”

She put her sunglasses back on and waited. Val moved slowly down to the foot of her lounge chair and tried to control his nervousness. He was almost shaking. This was really happening. He decided to start with her feet and legs. He didn’t want to be a cliché and go right to her back. Plus, it gave him a chance to feel her out, as it were. Just in case he was way off about this.

As soon as he straddled the end of the chair, she brought her legs down on top of his, hooking her feet over the top of his thighs. He took a bit of lotion and began to rub it over her tight calves. She made a small, almost inaudible purring noise in her throat as he moved his hands up and down along her perfect legs. He could feel her long lean muscles reacting to his touch. The top of her feet were pressing against his legs and then relaxing in answer to each of his long strokes, almost pulling him forward, closer to her.

With each stroke, Val moved his hands up a little more. First he moved up from her calves to the backs of her knees, letting his thumbs caress the soft flesh there in little circles. Then he slowly moved up into long, smooth strokes that went all the way from her calves up to the middle of her silky smooth thighs. Val was in heaven and his hands were rubbing the legs of the most beautiful girl he had ever known. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take. He was rock hard already and could feel the dampness collecting in a warm spot at the front of his shorts. But he was committed now. He knew he had to keep going.

It was like he was hypnotized with lust. He picked up the suntan lotion, took another handful and slid himself forward on the lounge chair. Erin barely reacted, she just relaxed a little and shifted her legs to let him get closer. He started at the base of her thighs now and slowly ran his hands up to the base of her perfectly sculpted ass. He widened his fingers out as he slid his hands back down, gently pulling her legs back izmit escort bayan to him. She let out a soft throaty breath, and Val felt her legs tighten around him a little more. He did that a few more times, up and back, up and back, shifting from sliding his thumbs up the inside of her thighs to long strokes with his fingers down the outside on the way back. His heart was pounding so hard he worried that Erin would hear it if she couldn’t feel it shaking his body already. He didn’t care. All he cared about was the feeling of her long, smooth legs lying on top of his own and her soft, smooth skin growing warmer as he kept going.

Val prepared to shift forward one final time. This was the big one. This was all in. He lifted himself up and slid up closer behind her. If she was going to protest, this was when it was going to happen. His hips slid all the way up between her thighs and he reached out to guide her legs into a comfortable position. Her body responded to his touch and she silently shifted to let him get as close as possible. She bent her knees and locked her ankles behind his back and held him there. His breath caught in his throat and he froze for a second. He actually couldn’t breathe.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. That was all she had to say. Val picked up the suntan lotion and spilled some more into the palm of his shaking hand.

He spread it slowly onto her back, starting at the small and sliding up either side of her spine in one long smooth stroke. He was breathing hard now, trying to think of anything to slow him down, but it was no use. He could feel his dick jumping with a life of its own, slick with pre-cum. Val looked directly down for the first time and saw her legs wrapped around him, her pussy was inches from his hard, pulsing cock with only his thin shorts and her flimsy bikini bottoms separating them. He didn’t know what to do. He just kept moving his hands.

Val moved his hands up her back a second time. He slowly pulled them back again, feeling the play of her muscles under his oil soaked fingers and heard her breathing change. She began to pant a little. She had her face buried in his shirt and slowly reached up to grab the top bar of the chair. Val wasn’t sure what she was going to do until he felt her slide back an inch. He felt the damp heat of her pussy right through what little clothes they were wearing as she pressed back hard against his cock and moved her hips, just a little. He responded by massaging her harder. He kneaded her back muscles deeply as he pushed out and up and used a tighter grip on the way back, pulling her harder against him, grinding them together.

They were both breathing hard now as he changed his path. The thought of those luscious breasts filled his mind and he slid his hands up her sides now. Over the soft bumps of her ribs and grazing the base of her soft mounds. Then, completing the path, he pulled his hands back down low and slipped them under the top of her skimpy bottoms letting his hands finally feel the hot skin of her perfect ass.

“Wait,” she whispered and Val froze, terrified he went too far.

“What is it?” he managed to stammer, catching his breath.

She didn’t say a word, she just held him there for the longest second of his life. She shifted her body and pushed herself up off the chair. Oh God. He could only imagine what he was going to look like to her. Sitting there with a huge bulge in the font of his shorts and what was sure to be a huge wet spot. He tried to say something but his mind went blank.

As soon as she turned around he relaxed a little. He saw the same wet spot on the front of her bottoms as well. She quickly sat back down, only this time she was facing him. She locked her legs back around his waist and draped her arms around his shoulders. He could feel the heat of her pussy pressed against his throbbing shaft again as she pulled her face close and pressed her lips hard against his. He kissed her back and their tongues danced around each other passionately for a long moment. Their bodies pressed together tightly like they were trying to climb inside each other.

She broke the kiss first. She leaned back a little and took her sun glasses off, then took Val’s off. Her ice blue eyes held him there as she whispered to him. “I’ve been thinking about this since I got home last week.”

“You have?” he answered back, stunned.

“Yes,” she said, giving her hips a little twirl and sending a jolt through his body. “Have you ever thought about it?”

“Only since the day I hit puberty,” he admitted to her with a sheepish grin. He rocked his hips back at her and felt her jump as they rubbed together.

“Then no more waiting,” she finished.

With that, she reached behind her and tugged at the knot holding her top on. It came undone easily and she slipped it off in one motion. Val gazed down at her beautiful, milky-white breasts, naked between them now, and slowly slid his hands up to cup them. They were gebze escort as perfect as he had pictured them and he just stared, memorizing every inch of their pale white magnificence. He grazed her hard nipples with his thumbs and he felt a shiver shoot through her body. Her legs tightened around his waist and she ground her body into his. They kissed again, passionately, their arms wrapped tightly around each other. The heat from their bodies burned together as his marble hard cock ground against her soaking wet pussy.

She pulled him down on top of her, holding onto him tightly. He lifted his legs up as he leaned down and laid his weight gently on top of her. He broke his mouth free of hers and kissed down her chest. Her ragged breath streamed hotly across his ear as he filled his hands with her heaving breasts and softly pulled her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked it gently, enjoying the feel of her, the taste of her. Her body relaxed and her legs unlocked. She slid them up and down against his as he suckled softly on her full left breast, then kissed his way over to her right.

She ran her fingers through his hair and he began to kiss up her chest and back to her mouth. Their lips found each other a third time. He felt her hands slide down his back and slip softly over his hips. She hooked her fingers under the waistband of his shorts and slid them down as far as she could. His turgid cock, slick with lust sprang free and pressed back against her hungry pussy. He reached down to pull off her bikini bottoms, now soaked through with both their juices, but she wouldn’t release her legs so he could slide them off.

“Rip them off,” she growled lustily into his ear with hot breath.

Without a second thought he wrapped his hand around them and pulled fiercely. The flimsy fabric gave way instantly and he threw the cloth aside, pressing back into her. Her slick pussy lips slid maddeningly against his hard shaft, up and down, up and down as he shifted back and forth; tasting every inch of her he could get in his mouth.

“Fuck me,” she demanded. “Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me now!”

“Yes,” was all he could get out as he pistoned his hips back, giving them room.

Her small hand shot down and grabbed him tightly. Her hot fingers felt cold compared to the heat coming off his purple swollen head. She guided him to her wet, waiting hole. She pressed down gently with her hips, holding him there, but waiting for him to enter her. Their eyes locked and they held them there, both wanting to be looking into each others eyes when it happened. Slowly Val pushed back against her, sliding into her, deeper and deeper. He felt her tightness gripping him harder and harder while at the same time, pulling him deeper inside.

“Yes!” she moaned from deep in her throat. “Don’t stop!”

He slid back with one long, luxurious stroke until just the tip of his cock was still inside her and then pushed back in all the way, grinding their bodies together, and kept going. Again and again, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, trying to give her as much of him as he could. Her hands danced across his skin, clawing and pulling. She dug her nails into his back and then his ass, driving him over the edge. She clung to him for support and moved her body to his rhythm. Her hips came up off the chair, bucking wildly.

She was panting out short little moans each time he drove into her. Her breath kept time as they built to their crescendo. He felt his load boiling up from deep inside of him and there was no stopping it. He felt the heat from his belly radiating to his chest and filling him up and the first wave of spasm ripped through him.

“Oh God, I’m cumming,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Cum inside me!” she demanded. “Fill me with your hot cum!”

Val came with an intensity he had never felt before. Wave after wave ripped through him. Rope after rope of hot cum shot through him and deep into her waiting womb. Just as he thought he was almost done, her legs tightened and her body went rigid. She gasped and grabbed his ass with both hands pulling him against her with a strength he didn’t know she had. He felt her pussy clamp down and her whole body shook as she came. She bucked against him again, and pulled him down on top of her. She seemed to wrap her entire body around his as the waves of pleasure swept through both of them for what seemed like an unending moment of perfect pleasure.

Neither of them knew how long they laid there panting, still locked together with him inside her. Neither of them cared about the time. Val just laid on top of her, kissing the beads of sweat off her lips, her neck, her shoulders. The slightly salty taste filled his mouth and nose along with the perfume of her skin. She kissed him back the same way, twirling her fingers trough his sweat soaked hair. Her long graceful thighs twitching randomly in the aftermath of the waves of pleasure they just shared.

Val finally laid his head down on her bosom and she whispered “That was amazing.”

“I know,” he whispered back. “I never thought that would happen.”

“Ever?” she questioned as she stroked his hair playfully. “That wasn’t your first time was it?”

“No, I meant with you. I never imagined you thought about me like that.”

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