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“Shhh. It’s O.K Jane. Please understand it’s going to be fine.” Amber was comforting her best friend as they sat on last step of the north wing stairs. Jane had just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and had burst into tears in English class. She had stormed out and Amber had followed her. She knew that cranky Mr. Johnston would get mad, but she didn’t care. She knew that Jane rarely cried so this was traumatic.

“I hate him. How dare he write me a fucking note and tell Tiffany to give it to me. Fuck, I hate her.”

“Jane, listen to me. He’s not worth it O.K. You need to move on.” Amber was trying to calm her best friend down and she was thankful that the heaving sobs had slowed to soft hiccups.

Jane sat up and wiped her eyes. “O.K. I’ll be fine. I just needed a good cry. Thank you. You are a great friend.”

“Ms. Brown and Ms. Dinelle. My office. Now.”

Both girls looked up and saw Mr. McNamara standing at the top of the stairs. The principal wasn’t looking impressed and the girls knew to just nod and obey him. They followed him quickly to the office and pouted as they were told to sit in the office and wait. Both girls said nothing. They knew that their cranky English teacher had called the office to report them and now there was going to be consequences. It seemed like forever, but finally both girls were called into the principal’s office.

“Alright ladies. I reviewed your files and neither of you have been in any trouble the last three years. Since this is the first time I’ve met both of you this is a good thing. I really do not care why you chose kocaeli escort to walk out on Mr. Johnston’s lesson on ‘Hamlet’. However, he did not appreciate your actions. I will be watching both of you. Go back to class.”

Jane and Amber nodded and rushed back to class. By this time, the bell had rung so they entered and both apologized to their teacher.

“How is my cute trouble maker neighbor doing? Is my dad going to get mad at me for wanting to each lunch with you?” Quinn was grinning from ear to ear.

“What? Your dad?” Amber and Quinn had walked the short distance to Amber’s next class.

“My dad’s the principal. You know that. My mom must have blurted that out to your mother at least ten times. It’s a big deal since we’re super Catholic and here my dad is working at the evil public school.”

“Oh. O.K. No we didn’t get in trouble. He just told us not to do it again. He was pretty nice about it. The only reason I left was because Brad broke up with Jane by making Tiffany give her a note. She freaked.”

“Well aren’t you glad that since we’re not dating in the first place I won’t ever do that to you.”

“Same time tonight?”

“You bet.”

Amber watched as Quinn ran down the hall so he wouldn’t be late for his next class. Amber grinned and daydreamed of what they would be doing tonight.


“Can I?” Quinn was panting hard as his hand rested against Amber’s hip. The two of them had been kissing the last hour and Quinn was desperate to touch her under her shirt. They were lying on their sides on the swing with their legs tangled together.

“Yes.” kocaeli escort bayan Amber’s voice was soft and quiet. She was so turned on and wanted more. Quinn slid his hand up her shirt and felt the edge of her bra. He moved his hand up higher and cupped her large breast. It overflowed in his hand and he felt her nipple harden immediately. He rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him. Quinn gasped as Amber pulled off her shirt and quickly undid her bra.

“This is what you wanted right?”

Quinn could only nod and when she leaned forward and guided her left nipple into his mouth he just sucked hard. He felt the pressure of her breast against his face and loved the feeling of the hard nub between his teeth. He sucked and then stopped. He continued this rhythm until he felt her hand tugging on his jeans. He didn’t say a word. Quinn switched to her right breast and did the same thing. He first sucked lightly and then sucked harder, trying to get as much of her nipple into his mouth as he could. He was so aroused and loved how large and warm and soft her breasts were. He knew his cock was throbbing, but wasn’t concentrating on anything except Amber.

“God!” Quinn cried out and felt his cock spasm, shooting cum in his pants. He had orgasmed without realizing it. He looked down and saw that Amber had wrapped her hand tightly around his cock. She was just smiling as her hand and the edge of his jeans were covered in his cum.

“You always take the Lord’s name in vain? It’s O.K. I know teenage boys can’t control themselves sexually.” kocaeli escort Amber was smiling wide. She had stroked his cock only three times and then he had cum.

“No. Damn it. I’m sorry. I came all over your hand.” Quinn had sat up and was blushing bright red. He was so embarrassed and was trying to clean himself up. “I didn’t even realize you were touching me. Damn it!”

Amber watched as Quinn fumbled to clean her hand up. He was squirming around, trying to tuck his cock back into his pants.

“It’s fine. Better you do that with me than with your wife on your wedding night.”

Quinn blinked. Was Amber for real? Here he had just spewed sticky liquid all over her hand and now she was making a joke. She wasn’t mad or anything.

“Are you serious?”

“Yep. Remember the deal. No emotional crap. We’re each other’s firsts.”

Quinn sat up completely and finally tucked his cock back into his jeans. He had wiped her hand on his jeans and was handing Amber her bra and shirt.

“Did it feel good?”

“Yeah. It was amazing. Such a release. Normally I know right before I’m going to cum, but you totally caught me off guard. I was completely obsessed with your breasts. They’re amazing you know.”

“No they’re not. They’re huge and saggy and uncomfortable. I hate how big they are. Guys think that big breasts mean I’m easy and will fuck them. That’s why I’ve never had a boyfriend and that’s why I refuse to go on dates.”

Quinn saw the sadness in Amber’s face. He had wanted to ask why she was single and now he knew why. He was about to open his mouth to say something, but she spoke first.

“I need to go. Good night Quinn.” And with that, Amber ran into her house. Quinn waited until she was upstairs before jumping the fence and going into his house. Things were getting complicated and he didn’t know what to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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