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Chapter One – A lover’s Memory

Abruptly, Madelyn awoke from her sleep to find herself covered in sweat. She’d been dreaming of her past lover again. The sheets of her bed were soaked and her short, almost see-through nightgown was drenched. How much longer was she going to be haunted with the memories of her former lover? How she still longed to feel that woman’s skin against her own once more.

The rising sun was shining through a sliver in the partially closed drapes and Madelyn sighed softly as she pushed the sheets aside. She slowly stood and pulled open the drapes, letting the sun in. She crossed the room and stopped before her mirror for a moment.

Long, wavy red hair framed a golden tanned, slender face that was mounted by a short, slightly tip-tilted nose and high but delicate cheeks. Between narrow lids, cat-green eyes seemed to reflect inner laughter, that inner laughter being reflected in the corners of her mouth in a faintly ironic smile that seemed to say, “I have known pain and more may come, but at this moment I am content.”

Her mouth seemed full of contradictions; her lips were full and looked as if they had been carved by a sculptor; sensitive, voluptuous, yet grave and sad; lips that were defenseless in their brooding sensuality, they seemed to be abandoned by her small, unassertive chin.

Her neck, long and finely molded, ended at her gently sloping shoulders, from where a short, white nightgown began. The gown ended just a few inches above her knees, her hourglass figure evident under the nearly transparent garment.

She quickly grabbed a bright green dress and changed. Just as the bottom of the dress reached her knees, the door opened and a man stepped in. It was Lucas, one of her troupe members.

“Madelyn, we’ve arrived.” He said softly.

Madelyn looked at him and she suddenly felt her stomach turn into a knot. They had arrived. Arrived in the city she had run from eighteen years ago. Madelyn nodded and quickly grabbed her brush, brushing her long red locks as he left. As she put the brush down, she felt the knot in her stomach tighten its hold. They had arrived in Linaru, the place, the city, the kingdom that she had lost Isabella to. Being back in the grand city reminded her of the dream she had just woken up from.

Madelyn’s long red hair laid out across the silk pillows, one hand above her head, the other between her legs. Her face was lightly flushed as her fingers only brought temporary relief, not quite sating her hunger. Her eyes had closed, silently fantasizing the young princess she was escorting, when bakire porno she felt something trailing down her left thigh, further igniting her already inflamed nerves and senses. She quickly looked to see what it was and saw Isabella’s smiling face. Her eyes grew as wide as saucers when she felt Isabella’s hand push her own away and moaned moments later when the the young princess pushed a finger into her already dripping sex.


“Yes Madelyn?” Isabella asked softly.

Madelyn felt her head spin and her heart pounding in her chest. She thought for a moment that she could be dreaming, but everything felt so real. Her arousal, the heat in the room, Isabella’s body next to hers, the young princess’s finger in her aching pussy. Her body screamed for more. The moment Isabella’s thumb brushed against her clit, Madelyn’s back arched just slightly. Her hips responded to Isabella’s finger as it move in then pulled out repeatedly. She vaguely remembered Isabella saying something to her but the blood pounding in her ears muted most of the noise around her

Isabella quickly latched onto one of Madelyn’s breasts, her tongue dancing across her already erect nipple, causing Madelyn to whimper and bite her lip to keep from screaming. Through the pounding in her ears she could hear the wet noises her pussy was making as she felt Isabella add a second finger. She needed so badly to cum and gripped the sheets as she tried to push against the princess’s hand, only for Isabella to pull back as Madelyn pushed forward.

“Please Isabella! Please! Oh god, don’t tease me!” Madelyn begged.

Isabella’s deep blue eyes took on a wicked look to them as she firmly bit down on Madelyn’s nipple, causing the red haired woman to cry out and arch. Isabella’s thumb would barely touch Madelyn’s clit, butterfly touches. The young red haired gypsy needed release, yet try as she might, she couldn’t quite get there. Isabella continuously brought her to the brink but would never let her go over that precipice.

“Tell me what you want mon amour.” Isabella whispered softly into Madelyn’s ear.

“I want…I want…”

Isabella smiled and her tongue traced Madelyn’s jaw.

“I want…Oh god! Mon dieu! Yes! Oui! Isabella!” Madelyn screamed as her back arched and her muscles tensed.

Isabella’s face was one of utter joy as she watched the woman beside her climax. She held her at that climax for several minutes before slowly bringing her back down to earth. Madelyn’s body fell limp, her chest rising and falling, gasping for air to sustain brazzers her orgasm. Her mind was still in that murky state before her eyes focused and she turned her head to Isabella. A small tremor ravaged her body as she watched Isabella lick her fingers clean. She looked at the beautiful brunette laying next to her, deep blue eyes meeting her bright green, and she smiled.

She didn’t speak that moment, but quickly pulled Isabella closer and pressed her lips firmly against the young princess’s. She was kissing the soon to be queen of Linaru. Kissing the lips which were forbidden to be kissed by anyone but her future husband. Lips parted and tongues dance, twisting, and entwining against each other.

Madelyn kissed her way down, her teeth grazing Isabella’s smooth, pale skin. She left butterfly kisses as she went till she met the swell of the young woman’s breasts. Though not as large as her own, Madelyn knew she would never be able to get enough of them. She ran her velvety soft tongue around the nipple of Isabella’s left breast, hearing a moan escape the young woman’s open lips. She covered the nipple with her warm mouth, her tongue caressing the sensitive flesh.

The already erect bud seemed to swell under Madelyn’s oral assault. She sucked harder on it, gently nibbling, making Isabella gasp and whimper, arching her back upwards. Madelyn cupped and massaged Isabella’s breasts, toying with the nipples, as she would switch back and forth between them, suckling, licking, and nibbling. She continued to massage Isabella’s breasts as she began to kiss her way further down the brunette’s body.

She paused whens she got to Isabella’s naval, licking around it, and pushing her tongue into the tiny, shallow hole, causing Isabella to squirm. She leaned down to place her head between Isabella’s thighs…………

Madelyn broke from her revere and stared at her reflection in the mirror. How many years had it been now? Eighteen? Time seemed to pass so slowly, like grains of sand in an hourglass. the words she muttered so long ago were on her lips, waiting to be spoken. That voice she longed to hear rang in her ears, making her tremble. Tears stung her eyes and she grabbed the closest heavy object, throwing it against the mirror. Glass shattered and Madelyn quickly stood, knocking her chair over in the process. Next flew pillows, the seams ripping. Soon the curtains ripped apart and bottles fell, shattering against the floor. Books smashed against the walls, jewelry fell from their places and onto the wood flooring.

A knock at the door suddenly dede porno awoke her from her rage and she turned to look at the wood separating her from the outside.

“Who is it?” She asked coldly.

“Madelyn Rengada?” A male voice asked.

Madelyn quickly moved to the door, pulling it open. She stood face to face with a soldier and instantly feared for her life.

“Yes?” she asked softly.

“A letter, from Queen Isabella.” the soldier said, holding out a folded piece of paper.

Madelyn stared at the paper in the man’s outstretched hand and felt her heart skip a beat.

“The queen wants to see you. Alone.” He said.

Madelyn suddenly felt as though a cold blade had pierced her heart. The color drained from her face and she quickly closed the door. She leaned against the wood, the only thing separating her from the man on the other side. The soldier knocked on the door again.

“She’s desperate to see you!” He shouted.

“Just leave me be!” Madelyn cried, on the verge of tears once more.

“She wants to see you.”

“Why? Why would she want to see me? She’s betrayed me once already, ripped my heart from my chest! Does she want to see me so she can do it once more?”

“She still loves you.”

Madelyn had to strain to hear those four words. Once she did, time seemed to stop and the words rang through her ears. She turned and slowly pulled the door open, looking at him.

“She’s also requested your appearance at the ball tonight, to celebrate her son, Rin’s, eighteenth birthday.” the man said.

“I see. You are….?” Madelyn began.

The soldier looked confused for a moment before a smile appeared on his face.

“I’m Nathan Minteza, Captain of the royal guard.” He said.

“Then tell her Nathan, that I accept her request.” Madelyn said, carefully choosing her words.

She didn’t yet know if what Nathan spoke of was true or a ruse to make her go to the palace and then be caught and tortured by Anthos once more.

“I’ll let her majesty know right away.” Nathan said.

He handed her the letter and Madelyn’s hand took hold of it, trembling slightly at the thought of what the words would be. Nathan then bowed and backed away, getting on his horse and riding off. Madelyn watched him leave then looked at the paper in her hand. She was shaking, trembling at the thought of what she might read.

“Madelyn! We need you out here!” A voice shouted.

It was Lucas. She knew from the sound of his voice that if she didn’t move quickly, he would raise hell later.

Madelyn quickly forgot the letter, the paper falling from her hand as she moved out the door toward her troupe. The letter went completely unnoticed, falling to the center of the floor atop a necklace with a sapphire ring attached to it’s chain. The ring was the one she’d had made for Isabella to wear.

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